Title: Tony's Little Boy

Author: Emily Rai

Summary: Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has never felt so shocked. Ziva's catty as ever, Gibb's is well really weird and McGee has been totally grr now that he's got a deadline for his latest book. But what's worse is that Jeanne just randomly showed up on his doorstep after nine months and dropped off his son Erik only three weeks old. Will Jethro be able to help him or will he too give up like everyone else seems to?

Rating: M just to be safe never know what I'll do…

Heads up: Tibbs, adult language, possible lemon, grr McGee, oh and did I mention that Fornell's the director?

Disclaimer: Um yeah I only wish I could own something as awesome as NCIS I'm just playing with the characters, I'll return them all in good time.