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"Leroy, I need your help." Tony yelled in the direction of the basement stairs.

Gibbs came rushing into the kitchen having to laugh at the sight before him. When he had gone down to work on the boat Erik was asleep in the living room and Tony was going to start working on Dinner. Apparently Erik had decided he didn't like that arrangement when he woke up.

Tony was now trying to calm a crying Erik and not let dinner burn. Gibbs pulled Erik out of Tony's arms with some difficulty only for the child to cry harder flinging himself towards Tony.

"You take him and I'll make dinner," Gibbs said handing Erik back to Tony. The sobs lessened slightly as Gibbs took up position in front of the stove.

"But you don't know how to make it," Tony said as he bounced Erik up and down gently rubbing his back trying to calm him down.

"So tell me, your voice might help calm him down." Gibbs said nodding towards Erik.


"He has to be teething," Gibbs said as Tony rocked Erik.

The child had eventually cried himself out falling asleep. But it wasn't a very easy sleep and both men could tell that if Tony stopped his rocking the child might wake right back up.

"Yeah, I hate seeing him like this." Tony sighed stroking his son's cheek gently.

"I know," Gibbs said running a hand through Tony's Hair.

"It's worse than when he just wanted me near. Now he's in pain and he wants me and there isn't anything I can do to make him feel better." Tony said sounding close to tears.

"Why don't you give me Erik and you can go ahead and take a shower. He'll be fine for a few minutes while you're upstairs." Gibbs said easing Erik out of Tony's arms taking care not to wake him in the process.

"I don't know what I would do without you," Tony said pressing a kiss to Gibbs' lips before heading upstairs to take his shower.

Gibbs smiled as he watched Tony walk away. Rocking Erik calmly as he waited for Tony to get back, he went to the kitchen and filled a Sippy cup with some juice so it would be ready when the child woke up.

"You are a genius," Tony said from the doorway as he watched Gibbs move about the kitchen.

"No I'm a papa. We think of everything daddy's forget when they get too tired."Gibbs said with a smile as he pressed a kiss to Tony's cheek.

"I love you," Tony said as Erik was eased back into his arms.

"I know," Gibbs said eyes shining with laughter.

Tony rolled his eyes at the man and headed to sit down. He managed to get laid out on the couch with Erik on his chest and the blanket off the back of the couch covering them. He had fallen asleep by the time Gibbs entered the room. The older man smiled and dropped a kiss to Tony's head and sat himself in the recliner, stretching out with another throw blanket that was in the room.


Tony bounced Erik as he ran the washcloth under cool water. A trick he'd picked up from Ducky. They man had suggested it going into some long winded story going deep into detail on how well it worked for teething babies.

Honestly the young agent didn't care how or why it worked as long as it did, he handed it back to the child who took it eagerly holding it in his mouth.

"Shh, it's okay buddy. I've got you," Tony said rubbing his back as he paced keeping him calm. He knew Erik was in pain and he was honestly doing all he could for him.

"Lub you daddy," Erik mumbled snuggling into the man's arms.

"I love you too buddy," Tony said leaning into Gibbs for support as he continued soothing his little boy…


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