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Pairings: Future Sasu/Naru Short lived Saku/Sasu Itachi/Deidara and others reviled later on.

A/N: This is your may not be so typical high school comedy with a twist inspired by Taylor Swift's: You Belong With Me. As you might have noticed I creatively borrowed the name so no the title isn't one hundred percent creative brain work but the story is so please enjoy!

Summary: Sasuke and Naruto have been neighbors for as long as they could remember, but one has always wanted to be more than that. They greeted each other and talked casually, but belonged to different social groups at school. Will Sasuke the sports king and Naruto the not so nerdy music nerd find love or will they go their separate ways forever?

You Belong With Me.

An alarm went off as a half asleep blonde shot up from his bed and hit the floor with a loud thud. As he struggled to rid himself of the tangle of blankets and random clothing items he peered out his window as he always did. Sure enough there was his neighbor and sort of best friend shaking his head in defeat while sporting a small smile on his flawless features.

It had become a sort of ritual to both teens to greet each other every morning through their room windows. Not in a creepy sort of way but just a hey what's up kind of manner. The blonde stuck his tongue out at the other boy as he finally managed to free himself of his linen based confinement. He waved at the slightly older teen and proceeded to run around his room looking for his glasses and other things that may be of use to him as the day progressed.

Across the yard the other boy looked away from his friend's window and made his way down stairs. He grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out the door. Sure enough, just like clock work, his goofy neighbor sprung out of his house running towards the bus stop.

"Hi Teme! Bye Teme!" the blonde yelled out as he ran like a mad man being chased by the devil himself with his back pack and instrument case flying around as he rushed by.

"Morning Dobe," the boy responded as he got into his older brother's car and sure enough just like clock work he heard a disembodied "SASUKE TEME DON'T CALL ME THAT!" from the bus stop around the corner. He smirked and waited as his overly confident brother stepped out of their house looking like a fashion show model…nails done and all.

"Was that Naru-chan I heard?" Itachi asked as he turned his car on and backed it out of the drive way.

"Yeah, who else would have the balls to call me Teme besides that brainless twit?" Sasuke said with a small smile in place.

Itachi smirked at his little brother's response, "So when do you two have your first date?"

"DATE? We're just friends Itachi you perverted weasel!" Sasuke fumed.

"Oh please little bro! That's exactly what Dei-dei use to say about me and him but look at us now! We cant keep our hands off each other for a second!" Itachi clapped his hands together in glee as the car swerved on the road. Sasuke lunged forward and grabbed hold of the wheel.

"ITACHI KEEP THE HANDS ON THE FUCKING WHEEL!" Sasuke yelled as his brother took control of the car again looking positively giddy. Sasuke sighed and continued the previous conversation, "For starters what you do to Deidara is considered rape, second Naruto is my friend and that is the end of that discussion!" Sasuke glared at his elder brother and looked out the window as Itachi chuckled at the memories of his beloved Deidara.

"Oh little brother rape would require a form of struggle from Dei-dei, he just willingly accepts me now! Ahhh our moments of love are unquestionable!"

Sasuke stared at his delusional brother and prayed for Deidara as he would be forever branded property of one Itachi Uchiha.

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