A/N: This story was inspired by Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me, check it out it's a really cute song. I changed a few things from the original MV to fit my ideas. I also have nothing against Sakura…I just needed a villain! So please enjoy and review!

You Belong With Me

It was the Monday after the dance and people were gossiping right and left about the events of the dance. The main events being the arrival of a group of unknown girls and the crazy drama in the parking lot involving the captain of the soccer team, the captain of the cheerleading squad and a pretty blonde girl with whiskers on her face! Not only that but today would be the day that the students involved in the bus accident would be officially back in school. No one really knew who was who at the dance so many thought that they hadn't shown up to it.

It was finally lunch time and there was a buzz around the entire cafeteria. Many had heard that some of the students had been damaged physically so they were all excited to get to see some major damage.

Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of the people they wanted to see! Only a few of the students in the band were in the cafeteria itself. But just as the student body was loosing hope the doors to the building opened and in walked Shikamaru followed by Sasuke and Gaara.

Shikamaru ignored the looks he was getting. It was obvious they were looking for some kind of sign of irreversible damage on his person, but they would find no such thing. All three boys walked to the lunch line, grabbed food items and promptly left the building. After they left Sasori and Kankuro walked in with Itachi in the lead. They too grabbed some food then turned and left the building.

"Hey Ino," Temari said.


"Did you notice all six of them get more food than usual? Like it was for more than one person?"

Sakura snorted as she heard her friends talk about the men that had just walked by. She had had a horrible weekend and frankly all she was looking forward to was seeing Naruto and the rest of the geek squad looking like relatives of Freddy Cougar.

Then an idea hit her…as do many things…

"You guys listen," She ordered. All the girls turned and faced her.

"What if the guys are taking food to the deformed twits? that's why they haven't walked into the lunch room?" she said

"It cant be," Temari said, "I saw Shikamaru at the dance and just now as you all saw, he was fine!"

"No shit dumbass," Sakura sneered, "but what about the others? No one has actually seen any of them properly!"

"So what are you thinking?" Ten -ten asked

"We follow them and find out what they are hiding!" Sakura proclaimed and lead her squad out the double doors.

Sasuke nearly laughed at the sight in front of him. Sure maybe he should feel slightly guilty at the fact that he was the cause of his dobe's current discomfort, but the cute little minx had asked for it! Similar thoughts of their respective lovers went through the other five boy's next to him.

The new love birds, some old, decided to have lunch outside on this day due to the constant limp in all of their lover's steps. Therefore, as it was the dominates of the relationships' fault that the submissive party could not move properly, it was unanimously decided that they would get lunch while the others tried to sit on the floor or bench.

Deidara was face now on the ground catching some z's on top of Itachi's jacket. Lee was leaning against a tree reading a book and sitting on his back pack. Shino was on his side poking a bug he had found on the floor. Kiba was sprawled on top of the table trying to concentrate on something other than the sting at his lower back. Neji was laying face down on the bench of the table playing with a loose strand of his own hair. Naruto was on the other bench of the table taking a nap as well. The Uchiha's were monsters!

As the boys approached their lovers with food they got the odd sensation that someone was watching…being the evil geniuses they are they decided to give their spectators a very good show.

Itachi walked over to Deidara and placed the food on floor. He then prodded the young man so he may awaken. As Dei slowly stood up Itachi grabbed him and placed the protesting boy on his lap, then he proceeded to feed the boy while kissing him sweetly on the cheek were his hair fell over the damaged eye. Deidara smiled at the gesture.

Shikamaru leaned over and picked Neji up like a sack of potatoes while handing the boy the tray of food. He then placed the boy down on the softest spot of the grass and planted a sweet kiss on his lips and moved along with lunch. Neji let his head fall on the taller boy's shoulder and ate the food Shikamaru was feeding him.

Kankuro laid down next to Shino and brought his lover closer him. Shino smiled and placed a kiss on Kankuro's nose. They both began to eat and chat comfortably.

Lee placed his book aside as Sasori approached him with food. Said boy sat in front Lee and leaned in taking the green loving boy's lips into a slow sensual kiss.

Kiba lifted himself and sat on the table top with a slight wince as he moved. Gaara placed the food next to Kiba. He then sat on the bench between Kiba's legs and brought the boy down from the table sitting him on his lap. Kiba brought his arms around Gaara's neck and kissed the red heads lips.

"This is my favorite plate you know." Kiba said as he titled his head and winked.

"Funny you should say that," Gaara whispered, "You're my favorite buffet."

Kiba giggled and brought the food between them and he began to feed Gaara and himself

Sasuke walked over to Naruto after he had placed their food under a tree near the others. He picked up the napping blonde who instantly snuggled into the familiar warmth of his lover. Sasuke smiled and sat down with back against the tree and Naruto securely placed between his legs. He kissed the back of the boys neck effectively waking him up. Naruto smiled up at Sasuke and placed his hand behind the boys head and brought him down for a kiss.

"Hello there," Sasuke said

Naruto smiled again and whispered hello back. They then brought the food closer to themselves and they began to feed each other.

The cheerleaders stared in shock as they watch the scene unfold in front of them. Ino turned to the pale looking Sakura and snorted.

"Looks like you lost the jackpot forehead girl." with that she flipped her hair and walked away. The other girls dragged Sakura from her rooted spot and followed behind Ino.

Deidara was making his way to Itachi's car. It was after school and frankly he was getting tired of all the questions and sympathy looks he was getting from everyone! The worst part is that it wasn't for his eye! It was because of the stupid limp he had BECAUSE OF STUPID ITACHI:S UNCONTROLABLE LUMBIDO! He was seriously thinking of getting the man neutered.

"Hey Deidara sempai!"

Deidara turned around coming face to face with Choji, Shikamaru, and Hinata. He smiled and "walked" over to his three kohai.

"Hey guys, how did class treat you?" he asked

"It was alright sempai, I think we failed to give them what they wanted though." Hinata answered.

"tell me about it I've been getting shit all day!"

"Sempai, why are you limping? Did you trip somewhere? Because you were walking fine all last week…" Choji asked genuinely curious.

Shikamaru snorted and patted Choji on back. Deidara turned an interesting shade of red and stuttered something about a misstep on the stairs at his house. Then as if the powers of gray skull had summond him Itachi came out of nowhere.

"Dei-chan what have I said about lying?" Itachi reprimanded as he gripped the boys waist, "The reason, my dear Choji, that Dei-po is walking in such a way is that we spent all weekend trying to make a companion for Shikamaru and Neji's love child! In fact we are gonna go give it another try right now! COME LOVE!" and with that he took off with a half dead Deidara.

Choji turned to Shikamaru who was trying to unsuccessfully stifle his laughter.

"You got Neji pregnant?" He asked with an amused smile.

Shikamaru laughed at the memory of his enraged lover and nodded, "Apparently so, I'm that good."

And with that the three friends said their goodbyes and went off. Choji was dropping off Hinata and Shikamaru was off to pick up Neji from his last class…they were working on a twin for their already conceived child…what anything was possible for this couple now!

Sasuke was happy no he was beyond happy! He had his dobe and that's all he could ever ask for. He walked hand in hand with the blonde and kissed him tenderly as he dropped him off at his house. He made his way up to his room and dropped off his stuff before heading downstairs for diner.

When he came back up he saw Naruto sitting on his desk reading what appeared to be a book.

Naruto looked up and saw that Sasuke had written him another note.

What are you reading?

Naruto quickly wrote down his answer

A book on pregnancies

He laughed at Sasuke's face


Naruto bit his lip

I think I might be pregnant…

Sasuke's jaw dropped

You've been hanging out with Neji too much!

Naruto dropped his marker in laughter and showed Sasuke the book he was really reading.

Good Night Dobe, I love you

I love you more!

Both boys then turned off their lamps and fell asleep. Both dreaming of the day when they would both be sleeping in the same room, in the same bed, and at the same time.

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