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Chapter 15 – Alliance

Mei was running as quickly as her strong legs could. Running at this speed with my weight and my other luggage was impressive, but I had no time to think about that now. At the moment, I was being chased by a pack of Bulblins! I turned to see how many there were, thinking and hoped that there would not be so many. To my dismay, there were three boars, each holding two Bulblins on top of their backs. The riders each had clubs equipped on their backs, ready to withdraw and smash anything in their way. The ones behind them were archers, who already had new arrows to shoot at me. I widened my eyes and turned back to the road, kicking Mei's sides desperately.

As tiny as those boars' legs looked, they were surprisingly fast enough to keep up with me! And unfortunately for me, in my desperation I forgot that horses in Hyrule had a limit. You know, with the five spurs? No matter how many times I kicked Mei, she just wouldn't go faster. My fear was rising by the second, especially when I began to hear a boar's heavy breathing come closer and closer to my right. I immediately unsheathed my short sword and swung to my right.

I hit wood. I looked to see that I had cut off an arrowhead from an archer's bow. I took this opportunity to slash at the rider's and archer's chests, making them fly off of their boar and land on the ground. They never stood again. The boar next to Mei slowed down since there was no more rider commanding it, and I turned my attention to the other ones. Two fire arrows shot past me continuously as I attempted to flee. They refused to let me go.

Soon enough, another one came to my left side, but they didn't take their time like the other ones did. This time, the rider quickly withdrew his club and swung at me. I ducked just in time, so it didn't hit me. However, as soon as I came up again, the Bulblin swung the other way and hit my chest. I screamed at the sudden pain and let go of the reins, thus causing me to fall down behind Mei and on to the soft grass of Hyrule Field.

I didn't fall on my back, though. I prepared for something like that since I figured I couldn't dodge forever, and rolled back to a standing position. With my short sword in both hands and the momentum I gained from the roll, I located the boar trailing behind and slashed at its master. The Bulblin flew back and caused the archer behind it to fall off, and the boar ran away, confused. I took this opportunity to stab the rider while it was down. Of course, it had no blood since it was never shown in the game, but I was never able to see it explode.

An arrow shot threw the air and caught my sleeve, slightly cutting my right arm. It didn't completely break through the chainmail, however, so it caused my sleeve to get caught at a tree behind me. Startled, I dropped my sword before my arm got to the tree, so I was unable to reach out and grab it. Oh, that's just frickin' convenient! I tried to pull at it, but it was when it connected through the tree that the arrow split in between the chainmail. I can't escape!

The Bulblin held its arrow in its place, ready to kill me any second. Mei ran off somewhere, but the Bulblins that were originally chasing her returned to me instead. Now, three Bulblins were ready to attack me, and I was trembling greatly in fear.

"Niro!" I called. Nothing came out. My anxiety sharply rose. "K-Kappa!" Still, nothing came out of my body. "I-I used up all my magic?" That's right. I used it all about ten minutes or so ago in order to find the Third Gate. I pulled at the arrow, but it refused to budge. I broke off the shaft, but that only made it worse; the arrowhead and about one inch of the shaft remained. Crap... I continued to tremble as I looked at the Bulblins coming closer to me, each with their own way of killing me.

"H-Help..." I murmured. Just then, Sepherene and Dyten came out flying. They both soared around the Bulblins, confusing them and forcing their attention to the two of them. Of course, they weren't solid, so they were unable to do any real damage.

"Hurry!" cried Sepherene. "Take this time to escape!" I began to pull my right arm so I could rip the sleeve off. I began to hear tearing noises, but it was the chainmail that kept me from escaping. Soon enough, the Bulblins figured out they were like illusions, mere ghosts, in fact. Their attacks would not connect against Sepherene or Dyten, and vice versa. With that realization, one of the archers turned to me and pulled a new arrrow into its bow. I gasped, closed my eyes, and hoped for the worst.

Suddenly, I heard a disgusting shriek come out from the very same Bulblin. I opened them and saw a terrible sight: an arrow stuck out from its neck. I turned to see something I didn't expect to see: Link riding atop Epona at top speed. In his hands were a bow and another arrow nocked in place. I couldn't see it, but another arrow sped through the air and buried itself into the forehead of the other archer. As Epona passed, he expertly backflipped off of the saddle and unsheathed the Master Sword. As he landed perfectly off the ground, he also equipped his Hylian Shield.

His eyes were frighteningly full of rage.

"About time you showed up." Dyten spat. Despite his words sounding harsh, I was able to tell some sort of relief. Link didn't flinch at his words at all, but his eyes were still focused on the Bulblin with the club. "We leave the rest to you, then..." With that said, he and Sepherene returned to my body. I watched the two opponents in silence.

The Bulblin charged at Link, ready to swing towards his head for a killing blow. However, he evaded the attack and sliced the club in two. While the Bulblin stared at the mid-air half in shock, Link hit it over the head with his shield, stunning it. Afterwards, he flipped over the paralyzed enemy, cutting its back in the middle of his flip, and thus knocking it forward. It spun in mid-air from the force of the attack, and landed on its back, unable to move. Link wasted no time in finishing it off.

He jumped in the air again, yelled his battle cry, and landed right over the Bulblin, stabbing it right in the stomach in the process. My eyes shut as I flinched and felt a sharp pain in my own stomach. I've always had that habit of feeling the same pain as someone else if I see it, but this time, it really hurt! In fact, it felt almost like I was stabbed instead of the Bulblin, and for a second, I could hear my heart pumping in my ears, and my vision blurring a few times. What was going on...?

"...a... esa... Theresa!" I gasped as I realized I was being shaken roughly, and I looked up to see Link staring at me sternly with his hands on my shoulders. I looked around. I was still in Hyrule Field. What was with that moment of confusion? Was I feeling traumatized seeing Link kill another creature? "Theresa, look at me..." I heard. I slowly looked at Link in the eyes. For a moment, Link kept his stern face, but then he turned to the arrowhead in my sleeve. He pulled it out easily, almost like it was nothing! My arm drooped to my side as I kneeled down, making him alarmed as he kneeled beside me.

"Are you okay? Did they hurt you anywhere?" I remained silent for a while, and I didn't look at him.

"Why are you here?" I asked, my eyes still towards the ground. I heard a sigh escape his lips.

"You know why I'm here..." he started, "I need to get you home..." Again, there was some silence for some time.

"Why do you go through all this trouble to help me? You barely even know me and yet..." I lowered my head. I couldn't speak anymore for fear of crying. I heard a thud next to me. He must've sat down. I looked at him, expecting an answer. He was looking at the sky with a serious, yet thoughtful expression.

"I'm not so sure myself... I... guess I feel obligated to help the people of Hyrule-"

"But I'm not from here. You know that! Tell me the real reason why you're doing this..." He looked away for a few seconds. Was it too personal? Link turned to me again, chuckling a bit.

"Fine. You caught me. Well... This might sound strange, or even terrible, but..." He paused before looking up at the sky again. "I guess I just want adventure. Something out of the ordinary... It's not that I'm unthankful for my life at Ordon Village... But I guess... Ever since I went on that journey six months ago, I haven't been able to forget that independent feeling. That freedom." He looked at his hand and slowly clenched it into a fist as he continued, "And although I have the responsibility to protect Hyrule... I don't mind. Sometimes, I feel like this life would be much better than living the life of a goat herder."

My eyes enlarged slightly. Link looked at me. "So when you appeared, the opportunity presented itself. No doubt, I enjoyed the peace, but life in Ordon Village was like a routine. Out here, it's like there are surprises everywhere. In a way, I used you, and for that, I'm sorry..." He looked down at the ground afterwards, obviously not needing to say anything more.

My mouth hung in a blank and slightly surprised expression. "He..." I thought, putting a hand to my chest, "He's just like me..." So I wasn't the only one who wanted a different lifestyle. Even Link felt trapped by a planned life. And he just couldn't bring himself to forget the excitement of adventure, despite it sometimes being extremely dangerous. Even so, he missed it...

"So I guess we're the same, huh?" Link looked at me with astonished eyes. He probably didn't expect that since I seemed so desperate to return home. Even if he said he was only using me to find adventure, I didn't mind. At least I would spend that whole, if not almost all of that adventure with him. I smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I don't want to keep my family worried. I'll find a way to return home... But it's nice to experience everything on the way, y'know?" That was slightly hypocritical, though, since I didn't want to feel those near-death experiences constantly. I'm sure Link felt that way, too, since he's been through so much more than me. I stopped smiling, though, as a question came to mind.

"But what about Ilia? It's because of me that you two started fighting..."

Link shook his head. "Don't put the blame on yourself. Like I said, I feel more in place having an adventure than being a goat herder. So it's my fault. Plus, I was called upon by the Princess, so that guarantees and perfectly justifies my leaving." He looked a little more serious as he added, "Besides, Ilia can't tell me what I can and can't do. I understand her concern, but that time, she seemed rather selfish since she began to blame you. It's difficult for me to forgive her for doing that..."

"... I see..." I still felt a bit responsible, but he insisted he felt that way, so that was alright with me. Link smirked.

"Don't worry, we made up after I calmed her down. It's a good thing I was able to do it quickly, otherwise I probably wouldn't have made it in time." I grinned at him to show how much I appreciated his interference. Soon after, he punched me in the arm, and I looked at him, puzzled. "Now, you see what trouble you put me through?" I smirked as well at him quoting me. Well, he got me there. That's karma, I suppose.

He stood up and held his hand towards me. "So... Mind if I help you on your journey?" I gave him a confident, unhesitant look. I took his hand, and he easily pulled me up like a doll.

"Only if you're up to it." I teased. We both held our happy expressions. After finding Mei and Epona by some tiny puddle in Hyrule Field, we both traveled towards the Lanayru Province to find Zora's Domain. Now that I thought about it, I was much happier with Link by my side. I now knew that we both shared similar thoughts. I knew now that I would never leave his side until the end of our journey, and he felt the same way. At least now, I guaranteed spending my whole adventure with him, and that made me feel overjoyed.

Still, I wondered to myself if his mission with the Princess had anything to do with my own. It seemed unlikely from a first glance, but my interacting with the main character has already intertwined my future with his. Along with that comes danger, and I had to be ready for the worst. Just what will happen to the two of us?

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