Hands trembling, her heart shaking and a pillow muffling her cries. She felt her heart breaking as the flashes deep in her skull moved by. The dream was blurry, but parts were clear, as she saw the man she held hatred for in her soul whom held a knife to her throat. And the flashes stopped and she was awoken. Her finger nails gripped the pillow hard, clawing the fabric.

Tears caressed her swollen cheeks and sweat clamped the back of her neck. A gash held in her broken heart where that monster shook her world. She peeled her eyes open and looked all around, tears brimmed from the corner of her eyes; again. The happy world she once lived was evident it was gone. The invisible finger print on her soul from the devil's child, Justin; was there for as long as it would take to heal. And there was only one person who could fix her confused, terrified and dissolved world. His name is Nicholas Grey.

Nick was the person that stood in the door way watching with pained eyes. And Miley Stewart was the girl who hid herself from those who cared most about her. She was timid, helpless and confused. She was scared to know what would happen if someone tried to fix her. She was timid about letting people in; afraid they would only break her.

She was helpless and alone from what that villain did to her. She was scared to know what would to be done if he came back; and she didn't want to know.

She was confused about the sunlight and the warmth of the outer world. She wanted to know what the bright colors of rainbows looked like and why they looked so dull through he eyes.

She was alone. At least, that's what she thought. She wouldn't know; because she was scared to know what those flashy bright colors would do to her. She didn't want to feel alive; she wanted to stay in the dark and to feel what she couldn't see.

Ever since those horrid days in the attic, she hates the sun because it proves she's not alone in the world and there is those out there that want to help her and understand what goes on in her mind. The sky tells her that there is other things in the world and it shows her something she doesn't want to discover and to find out; that is behind closed doors.

It frightens her to know what's out in that big old world. Things that are able to harm her and to alarm her that there is amazing things to be found when she explores. The things she is afraid to uncover and to know about. Things and people that can help her; make everything vanish.

Nick came out behind the shadow. He startled Miley as she quickly pushed her hands in front of her eyes shuttering Nick.

His voice came out in a velvety whisper, it was a windy sound and it sent a chill down her spine as he approached," it's Me,"

She shortly looked up to meet his gaze, her eyes shined bright and she felt vulnerable and very small," Go away!" She muttered as she knelt and hid her face from him.
He sat on the edge of her bed and grabbed her in his arms bringing her close to his chest. She weakened and he breathed a few words in her ear," Please let me in, I'm here to help,"

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