Warning: Slash, drabble, spoilers (sorta)

Disclaimers: Fujoshi Rumi: Mousou Shoujo Otakukei belongs to Konjoh Natsumi, who is pretty much god as far as I'm concerned.


She was the first one who ever noticed; we were so sure that we were safe. Ever since our second year of middle school, no one ever caught on to the fact that he and I were dating. He was always such a lady killer, and I got mad whenever he got a love letter or was confessed to, but he always made it up to me. His pale skin was something only I would see, his helpless whines and moans were only mine to hear. No one saw our secret kisses, nor his attempts at doing things where we shouldn't be doing them.

He had a sense of adventure, and he still does, but now I'm not the only person who sees that.

Because of her. Asai Rumi was in our homeroom class; just a regular girl with glasses. One day Chiba was trying to do some foreplay after school - I told him to wait 'til we got to his house, but he's always been impatient - and she saw. I accidentally kneed her in the face.

If I hadn't agreed to model for her, none of it would have happened... so I'm glad it did, I guess, but also I'm not. I'd never been hard for a girl before, but Asai was different. Well, anyone who heard her talk for five minutes knew she was different because she was a fujoshi, but I hadn't figured she was so different... I latched on to her on accident, like I always did with Chiba.

I felt like such an ass... but around her I felt something akin to what I felt with Chiba. I confessed that to him immediately, but he just laughed it off.

"It doesn't matter to me, Abe-chi," he tweaks my nose. "You're still mine, but I don't mind if you like that girl too."

Looking back on it, he pressed me into it. I think from the start he felt we should each have our own special relationships outside of each other. Him with Matsui Yoko, and me with Asai. Maybe I should hate him for wanting us to be polyamorous, but it doesn't matter. Even though he got his girl, I didn't get mine anyway.

I don't mind it. Really. Yoko can't make him arch and moan like I can. She can't bring out his submissive nature from under that tough shell. She can't make him hard just by whispering his name in a certain tone or have him begging after just one touch.

So even though I have to share him, it's fine. I don't mind that the person he would have willingly shared me with denied my attention. It means that he's the only person who can make me howl, the only person I will wrap my limbs around, the only name on my lips, the only taste in my mouth.

Because he's mine.

Author's Note: Yeah, just a drabble... kinda dirty too X3 Um... yeah. Just an idea that popped into my head (basically, if Abe and Chiba really were gay) while I was writing Fujoshi Harry with Marauder Heir (you should read it; it's posted on her account and it is both hilarious and sexy)... decided that I might as well write it up and toss add to the minuscule Fujoshi Rumi archive. I've got another idea - one for a nice long one-shot or perhaps a mini-series - that I'm going to start writing soon too. Gah, but it's been forever since I've written in first person! More than a year, definitely.