The Family is Complete

Chapter 1: The Meeting

The morning came as most days since they had move a few days ago to Forks, Washington, grey and overcast. As Luna gathered her book bag she looked around the house to see if she had missed anything. The house was nice it had been built in the 1950's and was part of the Black properties that Harry had inherited, it was large and had an open floor plan, five bedrooms and baths but best of all it had a six car garage. Looking up at the ceiling with a smile, she could hear them running around getting ready. Continuing to watch the ceiling Luna yelled "We're going to be late on the first day!"

This was followed by the thundering of footsteps as they descended the stairs. Draco came around the corner into the kitchen area first. He looked every inch the aristocrat that he had been, 6' tall with a swimmers build, his long white blond hair flowing as he glided into the room. He had on tight black jeans on with a Slytherin green silk shirt with the last couple of buttons open giving just a glimpse of smooth chest. His skin was white porcelain and his eyes the silver of liquid mercury.

Following shortly after came Harry. The years that he had been neglected and malnourished and left him shorter than the others at 5'8"while the years of hard labor, Quidditch and training and left him with the lithe build of a runner. His black hair that had always been unruly now tamed by its length as it flowed to the middle of his back. He wore tight black jeans and a silver silk shirt that highlighted his emerald eyes.

The last one in was Ron, who could only be described as HUGE. He towered over Harry and Luna at 6'4" and was massively build, like a weight lifter. He wore a tight red t-shirt and blue jeans that almost looked to be painted on. Flaming red hair circled his head making his deep blue eyes standout.

They all smiled a Luna; she had toned down some since the war. She was wearing a yellow top with big white swirls on it and blue jeans that hugged her figure. Her white blond hear falling to her waist and her blue eye sparking with laughter. She had curves in all the right places, and had truly turned out to be a beautiful woman. Shaking her head Luna said "I can't believe you all are still rushed in the morning."

"Perfection takes time" Draco answered defending himself.

Laughing all four headed out to the garage, as they looked at the cars Draco asked "Well, what are we taking? Or should I say how much of an impression are we trying to make?"

Luna smiled her dreamy smile before answering "We should all ride together; it will make things easier later."

All the guys shrugged they had learned to just accept what Luna said when she got that look. So they all started piling into Ron's Gryffindor Red Hummer H2, it being the only car with room for all of them.

A short time later, well shorter than it would have been if Ron followed the speed limit, the group pulled up in front of Forks High School which really was a collection of smaller buildings. Stopping in front of the building marked "Office" they all headed inside. The lady behind the desk looked frazzled and reminded them all of Molly Weasley. She finally looked up saying "Hello I am Ms. Jess can I help you?"

Draco smiled one of his patented "Malfoy" smiles and replyed "Yes we are new students and we were told to pick up our timetables here."

Ms. Jess blushed as started looking through the paperwork on her desk as she spoke "Oh yes, only hear they are call schedules. Can I have your names and grades please?"

Draco smirked as he gave the information "Draco Evans and I will be a senior. This is my brother Harrison Evans, but he likes to be called Harry and he will be a junior. This Mountain behind me is Ronald Evans he too will be a junior. As will my lovely sister Luna Evans. "

The administrated nodded to all of them as she handed out their schedules and maps of the school. As they were walking out the door she asked "out of curiosity are you related to the Cullens?"

Ron looked confused as he answered "Not that we know."

Smiling Luna thought not yet. They moved on comparing schedules and checking their maps, when Luna stilled. When her eyes cleared she looked at her siblings and announced "Make no rash decisions; questions will start to be worked out at lunch and the rest will follow."

The boys all nodded, Rule #1: Always believe Luna's sight."

Leaving for their first class and making it just before the bell. As Draco slide into his seat he suddenly went rigid and looked to his right growling "You..."

Rosalie's head snapped to the left as he hissed "What are…?"

The teacher looked up… "Mr. Evans and Ms. Hale is there something you would like to share with the class." They both shook their heads not looking away from the other.

But spoke to softly for humans to hear Rosalie informed Draco "You had better not be here to cause problems."

Rolling his eyes Draco answered "We are not."

Rosalie gave a slight nod of her head saying "Then we will wait till lunch to start this and finish after school."

Thinking of Luna's words Draco tilted his head slightly thinking 'how odd that she used the same words as Luna'. Draco decided to ask "Do you by chance have a seer that told you that?"

Rosalie stiffened and gave a curt reply "Maybe."

Draco tried to keep from rolling his eyes as he said "Us also."

With that they turned to the front and began paying some attention to the lesson. The remainder of the morning classes passed this way with the two groups not interacting much. When the bell for lunch sounded Draco was very antsy he wanted answers.

Meeting up with Harry and Ron on the way to the cafeteria he asked how their morning was and both answered fine. They made their way past the lunch line not needing to eat and too nervous to pretend. They spotted Luna setting at a table off to the side. Draco noticed the girl from first period was there also as they went over. Luna looked up at them and smiled saying "Set down no one is going to bite you."

Harry looked around cautiously as he replyed "Are you sure?"

They sat Ron and Draco taking defensive positions on either side of Harry.

Alice smiled brightly at them as she spoke "I think introductions are the best place to start. My name is Alice Cullen.

She was small and pixy like with black hair and topaz eyes. She seemed nice to Harry if a bit bubbly... Ah he though she is the seer. She then pointed to the blond next to her how looked stiff like he was in pain.

Alice gestured to each of her siblings as she continued "This is my boyfriend Jasper Hale and his sister Rosalie Hale." As she pointed to the curvy blond Draco had meet in his first class. Then nodding towards the last one who was as huge as Ron she said "This is Emmett, Rosalie's boyfriend and my brother."

Emmett nodded with a smile that screamed of mischief. Harry thought he looked like he would be fun to be around. Of course, after you got to know him now he was just intimidating.

Luna took up the introductions of herself and her siblings saying "My name is Luna Evans and these are my brothers, Draco, Harry and Ron." Luna indicated each as she introduced them, and in turn they nodded to the others.

Rosalie having enough of the pleasantries spoke up "Now that introductions are finished…why are you here?"

Draco also getting down to business answered "We wanted a quite place to live; we did not know there was a coven here. I see by your topaz eyes that you are "vegetarians" as are we. I hope that there will not be any trouble."

Emmett looked curiously at them as he asked "Why are your eyes like that?" Even though he thought he knew the answer, he wanted to know if they would tell him.

Harry looked to Luna who nodded that it was okay to tell before he replyed "We were wizards; we keep our eye color in the change. Though if you look closely enough you will see the topaz flakes in our eyes."

Harry looked at Jasper finally the strain he was under snapped in his head and he reached into his bag and pulled out a bloodpop and handed it to him. This of course caused him to stiffen more. Harry smiled saying "It is okay, these are bloodpops."

Emmett looked shocked as he asked "Are they made with real blood?"

Harry shrugged and answered "Yeah, llama I think. Do you want one?"

Emmett got a huge grin on his face saying "Sure I'll give it a try."

Harry dug out another one and handed it to Emmett. He and Jasper tried them and moan lowly at the taste.

Ron having questions of his own said "Too many people around to do more, that will have to hold you. You don't seem surprised by the wizard thing?"

Alice shrugged leaning into Jasper as she answered "We're not, one of our brothers was one too."

Rosalie wanted more answers to determine if they were a treat so she questioned "How many of you are there?"

Harry didn't see any harm in answering, as they would find out anyway, replied "Just us four…and you?"

Emmet excited about the chance to hang out with and make new friends answered "Eight including our parents and two more brothers."

Luna smiled as she spoke to Alice "So, we will meet at your house after school and all the rest of our questions will be answered."

Alice nodded answering "Yes, everyone will be there and we will only have to go through this once.

Harry looked around the cafeteria nervously as he commented "Why is everyone staring at us?"

Rosalie shrugged saying "We normally keep to our selves; they are probably shocked that you are sitting here."

Harry looked down at the table as he grumbled "I hate when people star."

Luna patted him on the shoulder as she reminded him "That's why we started school on a Friday, this way we are the novelty today and they have all weekend to talk to their friends and get all the gossip out of their system."

Harry looked at her curiously as he asked "Think that will work?"

Luna smiled saying "Of course." With a knowing smile Luna thought but then Monday they will have something else to gossip about.

The rest of lunch passed with small talk and soon it was time to go back to class. Afternoon classes flew by and soon the Evans' were making their way to the student parking lot. Most of the cars were late models with faded paint except for the large silver Hummer that the Cullens' where gathered by.

Emmett whistled as they approached and told Ron, "Nice ride."

Ron smiled as he eyed what was obviously Emmett's Hummer replying "Yeah you too."

Rosalie wanting answers stated "You'll follow us the others know you're coming."

With that they all piled into their vehicles and speed off. Ron had no trouble keeping up with Emmett which just made the big guy smile. As they pulled up the private drive they all were in awe of the House, it was very modern and enormous. The Evans family got out and followed the Cullens into the house. Where they meet a beautiful woman with an almond shaped face and bouncy brown hair. She was standing next to a handsome man with blond hair.

Alice began the introductions saying "These are our parents Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen. This is Draco, Harry, Luna and Ron Evans."

Carlisle stepped forward to shake hands saying "It is nice to meet you."

Esme said "Oh, aren't you all adorable" as she moved to hug them all.

She was defiantly the mothering type they all thought. Then they heard a box drop to the floor and turned to look at the bottom of the stairway.

There they saw a handsome and familiar young man who whispered "Harry?"

Harry nodded before finally breathing the name "Cedric?"

He nodded his head. And instantly Harry flew across the room and into his arms.

Harry mumbled into Cedric's chest "I'm sorry, I'm sorry so sorry."

Cedric looked down at Harry he was shaking and they all knew that if he could he would be sobbing. Cedric looked at his parents with questioning eyes as he rubbed Harry's back and shushed him.

Looking around at the Evans family Carlisle asked "I take it that you know our son Cedric Cullen?"

Draco answered stiffly "Of course we do."

Cedric put his hand under Harry's chin and made him look up at him. Before asking "Harry what are you sorry for?"

Harry looked down at the floor as he answered "I…I killed you."

All the Cullens gasp at this. Even Edward who had entered from the other side of the room and whom was watching his brother with curiosity. They passed as twins the two looking alike except for hair and eye color, Edward having bronze hair and topaz eyes while Cedric had brown hair and hazel eyes.

Well, this was just too much, Carlisle asked in a voice slightly raised "Could someone tell me how you know my son and why this boy thinks he killed him?"

Draco piped up saying "Everyone in the wizarding world knows Cedric Cullen…then Diggory. He was the first casualty of the Dark Lord's second war of terror."

Cedric looked up as everyone gasp again.

Ron nodding his head as he spoke; "He was the Hogwarts Champion in the Triwizard Tournament, the best and the brightest in wizarding Britain. During the third challenge Harry and Cedric were taken by the Dark Lord's followers who were trying to give him a body."

Luna decided to continue from there said "Cedric Diggory the loyal Hufflepuff who fought with the knowledge of a Ravenclaw, the cunning of a Slytherin and the courage of a Gryffindor. Standing alone to face a dozen deatheathers and the Dark Lord himself to protect a younger student."

Draco finished saying "Diggory was bit by a vampire and died."

The Cullen women all had their hands over their mouths in shock, though Esme's eyes also shined with pride.

As Emmett gave his brother a pointed look saying "I take it you have all heard the story, which I might add we had not."

They turned to Ron who laughed at what Emmett had said. When Ron calmed he shrugged his shoulders and said "Everyone has heard the story; Harry would never let anyone forget."

Luna looked at Cedric as she spoke; "Your birth father was so proud. His son was gone but he died like a man in defense of the light. And his name would be remembered for all time a wizard to be honored having represented all the best of Hogwarts and our world, Harry saw to that."

Cedric looked down at Harry as he said "Harry it wasn't your fault. It was Voldermont's fault you didn't have to do all that."

Harry collapsed to floor still in Cedric's arms the dry sobs racking his body.

Luna said with a sad smile, "Yes he did, you were a hero you saved the boy-who-lived to become the victor."

Cedric looked up shocked as he asked "Is it over? Is he dead?"

Harry nodded against his chest. And Ron stepped forward shaking Draco then noticed he had been for a while, and Luna smiled knowingly.

Ron tried to explain "V…Voldermont had brought vampires to the final battle, along with giants, dementors and werewolves. We stood by Harry fighting our way to Voldermont. And when he was destroyed, we were taken from behind and bitten. Professor Snape got us all to the shrieking shack, an abandoned house outside of town. And helped us through the change, we have none of us ever tasted human blood."

Cedric finally got Harry calmed down and stood him up when he raised his eyes and looked at Ron he began shaking the same as Ron. Letting go of Harry, Cedric and Ron moved to each other when they met the held each other and breathed the others scent in deeply. Alice and Luna started giggling. Alice stated "Took them long enough." Luna said in agreement "I didn't think they would ever look at each other."

Esme looked shocked and asked "Does this mean?"

Alice smiled and nodded as she answered "Yes Ron is Cedric's mate."

Carlisle finally recovering from his shock said, "Well, perhaps we should take this into the living room and get to know each other better."

Edward moved into the room to where Harry was standing still looking at the ground. Edward found him intriguing, he was the only one that Edward couldn't read. He didn't hear it in their heads or see it when Alice and Luna raised their hands for everyone to wait. As Edward reached Harry he said "Here let me show you the way."

When Harry looked up Edward was lost in those green eyes and they too began to shake. Soon they were clinging to each other their nose against the others neck, just like Cedric and Ron.

Alice and Luna both cheered "YES!"

Everyone turned to see them giving each other a high five. Draco looked at Luna and questioned "Is…"

Luna bouncing up and down answered before he could finish "Yes Edward is Harry's mate!"

Draco flopped down in a chair pouting "This is so unfair they both get their mate and I have to wait."

Smiling Carlisle informed him "Cedric and Edward have both waited for this, though Edward has waited a great deal longer."

"Don't worry Draco, he is close", Luna tried to reassure him.

Alice nodded adding "And you will see him soon."

Having a sinking feeling about what was going on Rosalie asked "So what does all this mean?"

Luna and Alice spoke in unison "First there were four. Across the sea were eight more. Then twelve to make the new core. But, soon there will be six more."