Tergum Vicis

Summary: Dumbledore gives Harry a chance to go back in time to when his parents were alive, a few hours before they were murdered. He gets the chance to save his parents, and Sirius, but there are a few consequences to his actions.

A/N: This is a time-travel based fic, and my first try at something like this. Picture Perfect has been discontinued, and will be deleted, and with this in it's place. Enjoy! Also, the title roughly means "Back in time" in Latin.

Warnings: Slash/yaoi, which means boy x boy relationships. Also there is cursing, sexiness, AUness and OOCness, cause it's a FANfic!

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Chapter One: Back In Time


Harry groaned and opened his eyes, looking around. He was in an unfamiliar yet somehow familiar place. The room was white, it had a crib in the corner, along with a wooden desk and drawers all along the room, and pictures everywhere.

One picture in particular caught his eye, and he frowned, standing up and walking over to it. In it was a picture of a man with short brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing glasses and black robes. He was holding a woman's hand and they were both smiling at the camera. The woman had long firey red hair and a pair of familiar emerald green eyes. The woman had a bulging stomach in the picture as she wore a white gown, showing her pregnancy.

The picture made Harry's eyes sting, but he continued looking around. The crib was empty, but only recently used. He could tell this because the blankets in the crib were all messed up, but there was no baby in sight. Whether that was a good or bad thing, he wasn't sure.

He walked around some more until he heard some footsteps approaching. His heart pounding in his chest, he looked around until he found the closet, took the chance and hid inside, leaving the door just a little bit ajar so he could see.

What he saw wasn't what he expected to see it all. It wasn't his parents, but a much younger, and rather good looking Sirius Black before he set foot in Azkaban. His hair was shorter, and his face didn't look as ghostly, he actually looked as if he got a bit of a tan over the summer vacation. But what nearly made his heart stop was the baby he carried in his arms.

The only differences between himself and the baby was there was no lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and the fact that he was a baby, and present Harry was sixteen, and just getting over the death of his godfather in his own time. To see him alive in this one again, not to mention carrying an infant version of himself, made his heart clench with sadness.

He noticed that the infant in Sirius' arms was sleep, and Sirius was walking over to the crib, placing him gently inside and tucking the covers up to his chin. Harry smiled as he watched, though froze when he saw Sirius turn his head towards the closet.

"I could've sworn I left that closed when I was last in here, and James and Lily aren't here..." Sirius said to himself, peering down at the infant in the crib for a moment before walking over to the closet. Harry's breath caught in his throat. Most of his body wasn't visible, it hid in with the rest of the clothes because he was short and thin, but the feet sticking out at the ground of the closet among the clothes was a big giveaway that someone was hiding, and when Sirius opened the door, that's what he found.

The new godfather narrowed his eyes, not seeing Harry's face just yet, and got his wand at the ready. "Who's there?" he pointed his wand at the clothes that went across the closet, more importantly where the figure was, but nearly dropped it when he saw who stepped out from behind it.

A young boy, no more older than sixteen could be seen standing in front of him, with unruly black hair and a pair of emerald green eyes, being covered by glasses. He wore Gryffindor school robes from Hogwarts, and a wand was in his own hand. The boy's skin was awfully pale, and he looked rather skinny, like he hadn't been fed much in a while. But what caught Sirius' eye, more so than the emerald green eyes, was the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Sirius frowned and took a step back, but still kept his wand aimed at Harry. "Prongs, I swear, if this you pulling a prank on me I'll-"

"I'm not James," Harry said, only keeping out his wand because Sirius did with his own. "And be quiet, you don't want to wake Harry."

Sirius narrowed his eyes. "How in the world do you know my godson's name?" Even now he showed his protectiveness of Harry, and he felt the tears stinging in his eyes a bit.

"Because I'm..." he took a deep breath. "I'm Harry. Harry James Potter, from the future."


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