I know that I said I wasn't going to make a sequel to Our Forgotten Promise. But this one isn't a sequel it's more of a what-happened-quel. See this is if Riku stayed with Xemnas instead of going back to Sora. Someone (CupCake-SweetTreats) really made me think about it. So this one is more for CupCake than me just putting something up for the hell of it (like I usually do). This chapter was written to The Other Promise off Yoko Shimomura's Drammactica album. Brilliant song and it fits so much really. So if you hate this, then go to hell (I'm kidding just push the back button). Review if you want too, have fun reading this, and of course I don't own anything. Man I am going to own this one of these days.

Warnings include yaoi a lot of yaoi. Tidus is in this chapter as our favorite little cussing machine, because he's just like that ok. There's some fighting against lesser Nobodies (Dusks, Sorcerers, Dragoons, ect.) Riku still bashes Kairi (as said before I like Kairi, but Riku doesn't because she has Sora and he doesn't. So sorry to all Kairi fans and even to myself) Umm I think that there's more but I don't remember. Just know that I warned you ok.

Couples in this chapter includes Demyx and Zexion, Xemnas and Riku, Axel and Roxas, Tidus and Wakka, and one-sided Sora and Riku. The setting is in Castle Oblivion. (This is starting at Riku's second POV of chapter 3 of Our Forgotten Promise. Read the first half of that before this one if you have never read it before. Plus it has more warnings in case I really did forget any)


(Riku's POV)

I woke up in a completely white bedroom on a bed of all white. I didn't even remember falling asleep. I just remember a day/night full of passion. My first kiss and my virginity was taken away by him, by my Xemnas. I was beginning to wonder if Xemnas really was the love of my life. The one who I was supposed to spend an eternity with. Maybe he could be. Or maybe it really was Sora. I kept thinking about him since I woke up. I had only been up for two whole minutes. That's messed up.

I tried to sit up straight but I felt something against my stomach. I removed some of the blanket to see that his hand was on me. I smiled. How could I not. I finally felt the love I always wanted. Too bad it was sixteen years too late. Sora, okasan, and tousan(1&2) they never cared about me. They only cared about themselves. Now I had Xemnas. I never had to be lonely ever again.

I grabbed his hand that was wrapping around my stomach. I brought it up to my lips for a slight kiss. I felt and heard him groan in a response. This guy didn't know what was going to happen when he finally woke up. I would kiss him forever. I had to. He made me happy. I always wanted that feeling.

As he continued to sleep, I began to sing. That song, it always meant a lot to me. I used to sing it because it reminded me of the relationship I had with Sora. Now, I really don't know. I just know that I love the song almost as much as I love him. I don't think those feelings of love will ever go away. I love him and I really don't want them to go away. I had to sing that song. If I didn't I would seriously think that I had gone even more crazy than I was when I welcomed the darkness The song is called Hikari.

Xemnas woke up as I finished the last part of the song. He pulled me closer to him, his beautiful tan lips was touching my chest ever so lightly. I giggled like a little schoolgirl that was standing besides the boy she had a huge crush on and he was talking to her about what color the sky was. I am so in love. My love for Sora does not have a thing on the love I have for him. There was no love better than the one I had for him. You all understand, right.

"Riku, are you ok?" he asked me.

"Of course I am. I'm here with you. And I love you more than anything else," I answered him.


"Uh huh."

"Are you hungry?"

"A little bit...Ok I'm seriously hungry."

"Ok. Ok. I'll have Zexion bring us something up."

I couldn't help but smile at him with the thought of food going into my empty stomach that was growling more than Sora when we played tug-o'-war. Our childhood...no can't think about that. My past is the only good thing I have about Sora. That bitch, Kairi, is what ruined the past and our future. Those days before her were so much fun, filled with so much happiness, and even filled with love from both of us. Why do I drift off from the story, I don't know. Just bear with me please.

Within minutes two portals opened up right in front of us. I pulled the blanket right above my chest. Like hell I was going to let them see me without my shirt lying\cuddled right next to Xemnas. So I did want them to see me like that, it just felt so right for me to be right there with him. Then again everything about him felt right for me. He was just right for me. (There I go again. Maybe I should use parenthesis instead of talking out loud).

"You called, Superior?" the boy with awkward colored hair said.

"Yeah, boss, you called," the cute guy from before.

"I called for Zexion. Not you, Demyx," Xemnas said.

"So you don't need me anymore?" (hella' tears starting to fall)

"Demyx, I did not mean it like that. I meant that I asked Zexion to make us something to eat and nothing more or less."

"Oh. Well Zexy, we're gonna' cook something!!"

"No Demy. We are not cooking anything. I am cooking something for the Superior and his new...mistress?"

"Mistress!!" of course I yelled.

I stood up on the bed, everything showing. I am modest, but at the moment I am not. No one calls me a woman and gets away with it...except that time Sora said I would be his wife. Well this guy didn't know me. Wait...maybe Zexion did know me. His name seemed familiar and so did his looks. If I knew him, how could I forget that beautiful face and hair style of his. There went my little mind again. Then again you guys are all staying with me so I guess it's ok.

"I'm so sorry. I just didn't know what to call you. My sincerest apologies."


"Please excuse Riku. He's not thinking straight."

"He can't think straight. He's gay like the rest of us."

Could I have helped but laugh at the joke little Demyx made? He was naive as anyone could tell, but some of the things he said were so true and yet funny. Who can think straight when they're gay? We think gay...see I suck at that unlike Demyx.

The two left us shortly. I cuddled up in my spot right next to my dear sweet Xemnas, holding him like he was my life support in an ocean of darkness. He wasn't dark and neither was his scent, this world that we're at is dark. It's a bitter darkness that hurts my nose and makes me wonder if I will go back to that darkness. No. I had some one else in this twilight that was besides me. I would never ever feel alone in this twilight as long as I had Xemnas.



(Sora's POV)

We were walking in a castle that felt oddly familiar. I couldn't place it anywhere. My memories. I wish that I knew why they were messed up like they were. With all this walking, the only thing I could think about was Riku. What it would be like to see the look on his face when he realizes that I was looking for him. The way his skin would feel on my lips. The way he would look when we finally kissed. How he would feel when I hold him tightly in my arms. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!!! These thoughts should not be coming from me. Those thoughts should have been from Roxas, Tidus, Wakka, or Axel. I was not gay. I was straight and in love with a girl.

My thoughts were interrupted by some weird memory. It had me and Riku together. He was holding something. I had saw that before. It was a Paopu fruit. A Paopu? Was this the memory of when we made that bet for the race? No. We look a lot younger. Why was he holding the Paopu? The rain. I remember it raining one day when we were outside. I remember how slow the people were walking that day. Wait. Why was it coming back now? Was that a blush? Riku could actually blush? He gave me half the Paopu. We made a promise that day. We were going to get married. We had our destinies intertwined from the legend. Did that mean these feelings of love for him were more than love for a friend? It had to be.

My mind went to a song that he had taught me when were a lot younger. I don't even think Kairi had come to the island when he taught it to me. He was always trying his hardest to pound it in English and Japanese in my head. But in the end I ended up remembering the English part. Ask him for the Japanese. I began to sing it. Sure I had some weird stares from my companions (Axel, Roxas, Wakka, and Tidus). I didn't care. I was going to sing it. It meant a lot to Riku. Trust me. He sung at least once a day. So I was going to sing it. Hopefully he would hear it in his heart like I could finally hear the promise we made back then. The song is translated to Light. I think the Japanese name for it was Hikaru...Hikari. Something like that.

I stopped singing. That song. It was about me and Riku. I know, I know. You guys are all "how the heck can you think you're in love because of a memory?" Well I'm not sure. I just know that I am. It's like this. That memory brought back all feelings that I had of Riku. I don't know why it went away. I just know this: my determination to get him back was stronger than ever. I was going to get him back. I really was. And no one was going to stop me. Not Xemnas, not the Organization, and not even you readers. I have to get him back ok. It's out of love. I have to be there with him and let him know that he's not alone.

Roxas wrapped his arms around Axel's waist as he looked over at me with those darling semi-light blue eyes of his. They look nothing at all like the blue ones that I have. I wondered whether or not to say something to him about all of this, but he probably knew. He knew so much about me that I was shocked sometimes. I guess that was part of being an Other. Didn't seem fair that I didn't understand anything about him like he did about me.

What's up, Sora? was that Roxas's voice?

I let up a loud yelp as I heard his voice in my head. This was Roxas, so this must be something about us being one part of the same person or whatever.

I swear you have a tendency to be slow sometimes, Sora.

I do not!! I had to retaliate from that.

Anyway, what do you want?

If I said that I was in love with Riku, what would you do?

"Say what?" he yelled.

I gave him a glare like Riku used do me when we were in third grade and we'd be talking when I suddenly yell out getting us in trouble by our teacher. I can't give intimidating stares like he could, so I was looking like a child that had ate too much chocolate. Curse my childlike innocent face that makes everything look adorable. So all I could was just stare at Roxas as we continued walking. I felt like saying something so he wouldn't talk to Axel, but I didn't.

You see a bunch of Dusk and Creeper Nobodies appeared out of nowhere. Was there any reason for me to trust those things after all that had happened to me? They attacked even when Axel was with me before. That so reminds me that I need to ask him about how he and the other Nobodies. They all died and now they're back. Nobodies are so weird.

I whipped out my Keyblade looking all super cool. This was a much needed battle. After all I needed to get rid of all this frustration about liking Riku, finding Riku, and being here period. Charging in head first like always, I was slashing them down in one hit. The light that I was infused with had to be getting stronger since I was killing them like that. I was gripping my Kingdom Key so hard because of my frustrations that I swear my hand felt like it would fall off. But I couldn't stop. I had to keep going. No one else could stop them from harming anyone else. It was my job because I am the Light Keyblade Master.

Slashing and destroying all things that weren't humans in my sight, I heard Axel's voice. I paid it no attention as I continued striking them down. One by one they fell. How can I describe how good it felt to see them fall like that? How can I describe the sight there was when I slashed right through them? It was so beautiful to me. Yes I can be a little sadistic...I think that's the word. Anyway I wished that I never had to stop. But they were all gone, so I actually had to.

Axel placed his hand on my shoulder. I turned around quickly looking at him like I wanted to kill him just for touching me. I have never felt that way about any human being or Nobody in my life. I guess that being in this place of darkness was actually getting to me. Nope that was not happening. His eyes were like the ocean or the sea as they seemed to sparkle and show emotions that I never thought I would ever see in my life from a Nobody other than Roxas. This was one of those times where it isn't hard to see how Roxas can love him. He had beautiful eyes, hair that was like fire, lips that seemed to make anyone want to kiss them, and his voice was unbelievable...I do not and will not ever like him in all of eternity.

"Dude, it's dead. They're all dead. There's nothing left to fight besides all of us," Axel shook his head.

"Yeah dude. And if you fucking turn on us I will cut you head clean off your shoulders. So think about that, damn Keyblade wielder," Tidus was once again pissed off.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Oh boy. Maybe the darkness really was coming into me. Maybe I was in the same boat that Riku was on when we first left our island. Riku. Did you feel this way when the darkness first consumed you back when we were on the islands trying to escape? Whatever you felt back then, I want to feel so I know why you were the way that you were so maybe I can understand you even better than I do now. God do I love you, Riku, and yet I understand nothing about you.

Roxas held me as tight as he could without trying to look as sad as he was feeling on the inside. I knew him way too well. He wanted to say something to comfort me as these thoughts of darkness ran through my mind. He is so kind and so naive, maybe that's why we are connected the way that we are. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are Nobody and Somebody, but that we are so much alike that we might as well have two halves of the same whole. I know that sometimes I may seem stupid and stuff, but I am much deeper than that.

Wakka, poor Wakka, he looked so confused about everything. Unlike Tidus, who would follow the crowd and pretend to know what he is talking about, Wakka is more of the type to try to figure things out. Right now however, even I couldn't figure it all out. I was just fine before I was slashing down numerous of lower Nobodies but afterwards I was filled with this sudden guilt and pleasure. He, like so many other people that I have met in my journeys, wanted to understand me and everything that I did. Maybe I really was becoming someone that my friends would never understand again seeing how Wakka seems so confused about me now.

I don't remember my feet moving at all, but they were and they were moving me over to Tidus, my former best friend. Everyone thought that Riku was my first friend when it was indeed Tidus. I know that it seems hard to believe since we're always fighting now, but he was my very first and so very dear friend from before Riku came to our island. Anyway, I held him in a hug similar to the way we used to do when we were small children. However I pulled out my Kingdom Key and held it to the back of his throat. No one threatned to kill me without having to face the wrath of my Keyblade and myself. No matter how much of a friend he was to me back when we were children, we've changed a lot since those days apparently.

"So you are turning on me, Sora," Tidus scoffed.

"I'm not turning. I'm just trying to prove a point. I will not allow you to say things like that. I won't die before I tell Riku something very important to the both of us. And I certainly will not die by the hands of you or anyone else around here," I tightened my grip on my Keyblade.

"So you were telling the truth, Sora? You really love him?" Roxas's eyes began that sparkle thing.

"Yeah. I remember everything now. The feelings of butterflies in my stomach came from my love for him. I never knew that until I remembered that night ten years ago...this exact day ten years ago...Axel!!!"

"What is it, Keyblade Master?" Axel held Roxas once again.

"Can you teleport me to where Riku is? I have to tell him today or else the Paopu fruit promise will not work."

"What?" Wakka looked even more confused.

"Just trust me on this. If I don't tell Riku that I love him today, the Paopu promise will not work. I told him exactly ten years ago today that I wanted to be with him forever. He needs to know that I love him."

"I'll try, Sora. But don't expect to see anything pretty."

Axel created a portal with the help of what was left of the Nobody powers within Roxas. I'm still not entirely sure why we didn't do that in the first place, but it's like whatever right now. My hands quickly flew to my chest as I felt the tears slowly come down my cheeks because I knew that Riku was not going to come back to me. He was in love with someone else now, and I highly doubt that me telling him about the Paopu fruit was going to help out at all.



Normal PV

A portal arrived in the room of Xemnas that was being shared with his now lover, Riku. The younger one held his stomach as he anticipated the food that he was going to receive since he was so hungry at the moment. All he wanted was to stay cuddled up next to Xemnas, eat, and wish that he never had to feel unloved once again. Of course he knew that it was going to happen that way any way. This wasn't Sora he was with. It was not the boy who had forgotten their promise made with the Paopu fruit or even forgot that they meant something to each other. He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts that he had of Sora. The past was not going to come back to him now that he actually found someone that would love him, he had people around that would accept him, and he was happy. All of those happy thoughts came crashing down like a plane as he saw the people exiting out of the portal.

Xemnas immediately got out of the bed. His cloak instantly came on as he stared at the five people that were now in his room, two of which knew better than to come in uninvited like they had just done. His eyes went directly to the brown haired, blue eyed teen that he had wanted to kill for oh so long. He could kill that boy now that he had things going his own way finally. There was only one reason that he was here and he would be damned before he let that brat take away the teen that he loved so much even if he didn't have a heart. He summoned his aerial blades into his hands, already trying to kill the only obstacle in his way. He was getting ready to attack when he felt Riku's gentle hands on his arms. He looked back at him to only see those aqua orbs that caused him to fall in love with him in the beginning show some kind of plea. It had to be a plea for Sora's life.

"Consider yourself lucky, Sora," he dispersed his aerial blades.

"Whatever, Xemnas. I'm not here to fight you anyway. I'm here for Riku," Sora said.

"Why? Are you here to say that you are getting married to that bitch now?" the hiss in Riku's voice was deadly.

"When did Riku cuss like that?" Axel whispered to Roxas.

"I don't know," came the answer.

Sora walked over to the bed where Riku was sitting up. He touched the boy's face lightly with the back of his hand only wishing that he had done so a lot earlier than now. He remembered what Axel said about it not being a pretty sight right before he made the portal to take them there. It was so strange. Before he felt invincible as he remembered that he was supposed to be besides Riku at all times, but now as he looked into the eyes that he loved he couldn't help but feel afraid. How could he tell Riku after all this time that he was in love with him and never understood those awkward feelings he had been having until just recently? Riku could never forgive him for something like that, but it wasn't his fault that he had forgotten was it? It couldn't have been since he had forgotten a lot of things in their past together.

"Sora, what do you want?" Riku turned his head.

"Riku. Riku, I love you. I love you so much, Riku," Sora said sadly.

"Liar. You're only saying that. If you loved me then you would have stopped me from coming. But that's why you're here right? You want my life to be even more miserable back on the islands with you and Kairi. I want to stay here. I want to be with the man that I love and know that he loves me back with all of his heart even if it is missing."

"But Riku..."

"But nothing, Sora. When we were younger maybe we were meant to be. But I've grown up quicker in these last two months than I ever have in my whole entire life. I know now that I am not to be with you the way I had hoped ten years ago when I handed you that half of the Paopu fruit. I'm not the most important person in your life anymore, it's Kairi now and I respect that more than anything. You and I cannot coexist in the islands anymore. My dawn was broken. It's nonexistent is because your light has gone away from me. I could wander the darkness like I had before when I was trying to return Kairi to you in order for you to be happy. But I can't live with that so strongly in me anymore. I need a path that I can walk down without worrying about being suckered into the darkness again. The path of twilight goes two ways; the path of dawn, the path you had made for me so long ago and the path of dusk the one I want to follow now with Xemnas by my side. I know maybe I should have given up on you a long time ago, when I first realized how important Kairi was to you, but I couldn't. I loved you way too much to even think about letting go, to push you out of my heart for good, or to even think about finding someone new to love. Yet here I am. I'm here with someone who loves me. He needs me the way I once needed you."

"Riku. I'm sorry that I hurt so much, but I never knew you were suffering the way that you were when I was with Kairi all the time. But I promise you, that I have changed. I remember the promise with the Paopu fruit. I remember laughing with you all the way home after you gave it to me. I was so impatient. I wanted to eat it right there because you said we could be together forever and that was all I ever wanted and I still want that to this very day. How can I describe the way you make me feel when I don't exactly know myself? You make me so happy all the time and when you're sad i just want to be the one to take away that pain that you feel. You remember right? The first time you ran over to my house in the pouring rain because your parents had hit you so much that you were bruising quickly. That day was also the day I had vowed silently to myself that I would always protect you from whatever danger you were going to get into as we got older. I know I failed miserably at that and I know that most of your pain has been because of me, but I never stopped trying to protect you, to keep you close to me. I need you, Riku. I need you more now than I ever have in my entire life. I need you now because in exactly three minutes it will have been ten years since we ate the Paopu fruit that we had made a promise to get married to each other during that rainy sunset as the people were slowly walking to wherever they were going. We need each other now to make this promise become true; for our dream to become that reality that you wanted so much for so long. You understand me, right Riku?"

"Sora. Back then for watashi koi no ochiru omae(3) and for watashi koisuru omae(4) was the best thing in my short life. I felt like I had someone to truly care for me the way I wanted my parents to do. But like I said, I've grown up and I know now that it was all a delusion that I made up so I wouldn't feel so alone in the worlds. Of course I had Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie, but they were my friends. I wanted someone that could be more than that and I wanted that person to be you. But you never saw that. And with kurayami(5) telling me that you would rather see me in jigoku(6) than alive, I still believed that you loved me the same way that I did. But now you realize that you do? It's a little too late for that. You wait until I want to be with someone else to confirm your feelings for me? Baka(7). You are so pathetic. I love Xemnas now and anything and everything that you do from now on will have nothing to do with me. Omae umei(8) has nothing to do with ore(9). So leave. You have no real business here."

The clock on the wall had finally turned to the time when they made their promise to one another that exact day ten years ago. Riku turned Xemnas around and kissed him as Sora watched with tears in the eyes that made him fall in love in the beginning. But now it meant nothing as he kissed the man whom he knew loved him and would always protect him from anything that would harm him in anyway. He would finally have that love that he had longed since he was a small child. Never again would he have to feel that sadness that he had always felt when he was on Destiny Islands looking at Sora and Kairi in the distance. He closed his eyes allowing the pleasure of being dominated by the man he wanted so badly. No one else was in that room as far as he was concerned. There was nothing else that even mattered to him now.

Sora turned to his Other trying not to cry as he watched the minute go by in what seemed like forever to him. He felt the blond wrap his small arms around him in a sense of security. It really wasn't working as he started crying his eyes out. He knew that it wasn't going to go the way that he wanted the moment he walked through that portal and into the room. He just never thought that it was going to hurt so freaking much. Was this the pain that Riku had endured day after day watching him be beside Kairi when it was supposed to be him that he was with? If it was then he understood that pain for the first time in his life. He could see why he would leave him. Yet he didn't understand how he could stay that long feeling that pain. Was his love for him so strong that even the sharpest pain feel so dull and nonexistent?

He felt the tears streaming down Roxas's face as the grip he had on him grew tighter even as his tears and sobbing had started to die down. He just wanted to go away somewhere and never come back. He wished that he never saw the seen that had just played out in front of him between the boy he loved so much and the man that they had killed only two months ago. This was all just too much for him to handle right now. He let out more sobs as he felt Roxas begin to pet his hair the exact same way he remembered Riku doing it when they were still children. He only wanted him to be like that with him once again, but it was all too late now.

Tidus, who was quiet up until now, got fed up with everything that was going on around him. He pulled out his Brotherhood and walked closer to Riku and Xemnas with the most serious look that anyone had ever seen on his face. He loved Riku like one did an older brother, but what he was doing to Sora was so wrong even if the boy had forgotten about the promise they had made. He should have been thrilled after everything that they had talked about that had to do with his love for the young boy who was now crying. The person in front of him was a monster that needed to be beaten down until he got the real Riku back. He would have never believed that he could do something like that in all of his life.

"Riku," he growled.

Breaking his kiss with Xemnas, Riku looked directly into Tidu's eyes and said, "What is it, Tye-dye?"

"You have no reason to call me that name anymore."

"Why not?"

"Because you aren't Riku. Riku would never harm Sora even after all the stuff he had pulled because he loved him more than he loved looking into the moonlit sky when he was standing on the beach."

"I am Riku."

"No you're fucking not. Riku would be on the floor holding onto Sora as they both cried for their love."

"Then you do not know me at all, Tidus."

"That's right, I don't know you. I know the guy that you want to be so badly but cannot be because you don't have his heart. You claimed for so long to be so in love with Sora that you would die just to see him completely happy but here you are kissing another man when he clearly stated that he loves you just as much as you love him. I know that I may seem like that dumb blond that everyone believe that I am because I tend to not really give a damn about anything and I just act a little immature at times, but I am not like that at all. I know shit that you would never believe in your life, honestly. I know that you are only trying to pretend to be Riku and that the real Riku has been placed in a dungeon or something like that. I advise you to bring him here because I want to see him and I want him and Sora to be together. And if you do not comply with my fucking demand, I will slit your throat and feed you to those monsters that we saw outside."

"Tidus, my best friend, why can't you see that I'm over him? It's been eight long and painful years since Kairi entered his life and two years since I realized that he cares only about her and not me. I know for certain that my love has died out for him because of that fact. I love Xemnas and he loves me simple as that. If you understand that then you cannot be my fucking friend any longer!"

"Then I won't be, bitch. I'll be Sora's best friend again. I will be to him what I once was to you."

Tidus thrust his sword at Riku only to have it blocked by an aerial blade that Xemnas had summoned. He stared with disbelief at the man who was now smirking at him like he had actually beaten him or something like that. He brought his sword back to his side growling at the way that guy smirking at him. He wanted to use Haste so badly on himself in order to attack Riku that way, but he knew that Sora would be upset at seeing something bad happening to the boy he was in love with. So the most he could do for now was growl and stare at the one he had considered his older brother since they were small children. He was not going to allow everything that he had wished for play out all wrong. He had to do something for the two of them.

Wakka held him tightly from behind as he saw the trembles of anger come from his boyfriend once again. He could say nothing to his friend as he watched everything unfold like a love novel gone bad. Was there anything he could to change his mind about Sora? He thought that he could do something to change how everything was going, but when Tidus failed miserably he knew that nothing could be done at all. He always had his doubts about the love that Riku always confessed about, but he never thought that it would be him that would make the relationship not happen at all. The days on the islands as children were really seeming to be what he wanted now. At least then he never had to worry about the two of them being like this.

Axel felt as useless as he has ever felt in his living and Nobody lives. His lover was crying his eyes out as was his Somebody because of Riku and Xemnas's love for one another. He was actually expecting Sora to be happy that Riku had found love because of the fact that he loved Kairi and he found someone to make him happy. But he understood completely where he was coming from with that sadness that he was feeling. If he ever saw that Roxas was happy being in love with another man instead of himself, he would break down into a serious depression well if he had a heart he would have. Love really was a powerful emotion that he felt people should be grateful and yet upset to have. Love brought around happiness, light, and other things; but it could also bring pain, darkness, depression, hatred, sadness, and so many othe things that no one wanted.

"Xemnas, can't you make Riku change his mind?" asked Axel.

"I can't make him do anything. He does what he wants on his own accord," Xemnas said.

"He's not just hurting Sora. He's hurting Roxas too. And you know I will not stand for anything that will hurt him without hesitation. He's my world and my everything and if Sora's hurting, I will protect him too."

"Oh shut-up!!" Riku yelled. "You're only saying this because you see that Roxas is in pain because Sora is. If they weren't connected in any way you could care less."

"That's a lie, Riku! I care for Sora as much as I care for my friends. I love Roxas true enough and I do hate for him to be in pain because of someone else's stupidity, but Sora...I do care about him. He doesn't deserve to be crying in pain because of you being a complete asshole. I thought that you coming here would help the two of you become a couple and as close as Roxas and I. It backfired like hell as I can tell now."

"All you did was peaked my curiosity about who would love me even after I knew that no one else did. I left the island and found him which helped me realize even more that I really could do better than continue to stalk in the shadows watching Sora with Kairi. All I want is to find love and I found it within Xemnas. Why the hell can't you all understand that?"

"Because Riku, I love you. I want you with me back at home," Sora cried.

Riku got up and walked over to where Sora was holding onto Roxas. He summoned Way to the Dawn and held close to the young brunet's throat. He dared Sora to ever talk like that to him after all that he had done for him and all the love that he once showed him. There was only reason why he would not kill him and that was because of Roxas and how he knew of the love that he and Axel shared. That was the love that he was going to share with Xemnas and the love he was going to leave behind for Sora.

Sora stopped holding onto Roxas to summon his Kingdom Key. He held it against Riku's neck daring him to even try to kill him with his keyblade. He would love for him to kill him because he would kill him as well and they could live their eternity together forever. That was the only thing that he would truly want right at that moment. He really wanted to be with Riku now that he knew the truth, but he also knew that the only way to be with him was in death which he was going to do.

Before either of them attacked the other, Roxas and Xemnas grabbed the two in order to keep them seperated from each other. Roxas held his Other as tight as he could trying his hardest to keep him safe and to make him feel happy again. Comforting him was all that was on his mind at the moment and making sure that he wouldn't kill each other was something completely different. Xemnas kept his boyfriend close as he ran his hands up and down his arms. As much as he wanted Sora dead at the moment, he had to keep Riku safe and as happy as much as he can be.

"Riku, it is alright. Calm down," Xemnas said.

"Stop it! I have to kill Sora!!" Riku screamed.

"No. Stop it. Sora will get his, but not right now and not by your untainted hands."


"Roxas, please let me go," Sora cried.

"No way, Sora. If I let you go, you will get hurt," Roxas said.

"Roxas, please."

"No. You can get Riku back later."

Sora relaxed into Roxas's arms as he looked at Riku. This was all turning into his worse nightmare. All that he wanted was for Riku to stay besides him as his best friend, lately all he wanted was for him to be his sweet boyfriend that would mean the entire world to him, and now he wanted him dead and he wanted to die right besides him like something out of a really sad romance novel. He really needed to find some kind of way to be with him the way that he really wanted.

"Roxas, take Sora and leave," Axel said. "All of you go. I can't let Sora continue to watch this."

"But Axel...what about you? I don't want to leave you," Roxas sniffed.

"I have to stay here. I really love you and all I want is for all of you to be safe. Please leave."


"Right. We'll leave," Tidus smiled.


"We need to. But we'll get Riku to come back to Sora some kind of way," Wakka wrapped an arm around Tidus.

"You guys..."

"Yeah. I'll be back for you, Riku. I promise you that," Sora gave his famous smile.

"Hmph," was all that was heard from Riku.

Roxas gave a small smile before opening up a portal for them all to just leave back to the islands. Wakka left first feeling like he was the only one that he really had no reason of being there with all of them. The next was Tidus because he really hated being away from Wakka too long and if he looked at Riku too long he would probably get mad and try to kill him once again. Then finally the two Others left together holding onto each other as they were the lifelines for each other. Well in a sense they were each other's lifelines because they were being seperated from the ones' that they loved more than anything else in the world.



Sora has found out the truth about how he felt about Riku and at the same time he found the horrible truth about how he really felt after two years of waiting. Riku is with the one person that loves him and he knows that he will never get hurt in his again in his life. Is their adventure over is there more to come?