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(Riku's PoV)

I remember waking up in a room of all white, a small glance around allowed me to see that it was a bedroom. My eyes teared up as I yawned, trying to remember what exactly had happened before I found myself opening my eyes. Kisses, light touches, tenderness, love. Before I fell asleep I had shared my body, I had lost my virginity, to Xemnas. I had never thought that I would be willing to do anything of the sort with someone other than Sora; I never thought it was possible for me to want to kiss someone else. Was love even a part of this? I couldn't have fallen in love with him within a matter of moments, especially for me to have sex with him. If somehow I did fall in love with him, then was love that easy to go about? Do you just find someone and instantly know that you want to be with them forever?

Where did this leave Sora? Was I still in love with him? He was my entire world for so long and now I have no idea where he stands with what all just happened. It still felt like he was the most important thing to me no matter the circumstance. What does one do in such a situation? We'll it's not like he paid that much attention to my feelings in the first place. This was how this whole thing started in the first place. My emotions, my love for him, were being ignored for his own for Kairi. Maybe I was being unreasonable, but the feeling of being ignored for another was painful.

I tried to sit up, to find something to do to occupy my thoughts with something other than my own emotions. Moving the blanket back some, I could see the tan hand of Xemnas on my stomach. I gave a small smile, glad to see that there was some affection from his side of things at the very least. He looked so serene as he slept. Relaxed face, full lips slightly parted with the slightest bit of a snore. It wasn't hard to feel the love that came off him, it was quite soothing. After all these years, I could finally feel the love that I had always wanted. Though I had to wonder if it was the same type of love that I should have gotten from my parents, or the love I wanted from Sora.

Since Sora and emotions were the one thing that was plaguing my mind in the first place, I tried to distract myself again. I grabbed Xemnas's hand and brought it to my lips for a soft kiss. The movement alone got him to groan and the kiss got his orange eyes to open. The sleepy look within them was quite adorable, something I don't think I would have thought a Nobody would be able to pull off. He was a mature sense of cute, a sexiness that was hard to describe, and he was all mine. That alone made me happy. The thought of having someone love me, and only me, that I didn't have to share with anyone else.

His eyes closed again and instantly his light snore came back. A small chuckle escaped from me, a chuckle that could have also been a snort. I held onto his hand so that I could sit up while humming a sweet tune in my head. When it became a conscious thought that I was humming, I bit down on my lip. This song, Hikari by Utada Hikaru, was a song I often sung to Sora when we were younger. I remember trying to teach him how to sing it and how frustrating he got when he could only remember very little lyrics. He was my Light, my everything. Now this song would be a part of another source of my Light. A Light that could become a new love, a future that I could walk hand-in-hand with someone who wanted to be there.

It was no longer just being hummed, the song was being sung out loud. Each and every syllable being pronounced almost as if not getting them right would kill me. Emotion after emotion being pounded out, tear after tear streaming down my cheeks. I went through so much for Sora, I did everything in my power to make the promise work. A song of a destined love being worked on could never understand what I went through to make my life the same. Love turned into anger, anger turned into sadness, sadness into desperation. I held in so many emotions that dealt with the situation for so long and now they decide to explode. There was nothing left to hold back and before I knew it, the song just became a choked mess of words.

Xemnas took that time to wake up, the sleepiness gone from his eyes entirely. He pulled me close to him and ran his fingers through my hair, making soft noises to calm me down. Soft kisses were planted on the top of my head occasionally and slowly I started to calm down. Choked up mess of whatever I was trying to say became hiccups and soon I was able to be silent.

"Are you alright, Riku?" Xemnas asked.

"I would want to say that I am because I'm with you. That would be a lie though," I answered.

"Will you tell me what is bothering you so?" Xemnas pressed another kiss to my head.

"My feelings for Sora..." I started.

"He will never harm you again. You will always be loved and will always know that you are loved," Xemnas interjected.

"As I was saying. My feelings for Sora and my feelings for you. I've been in love with Sora for as long as I could remember and no matter what he did, I highly doubt it will possible to just leave those feelings behind. Alternatively, I can tell you that I feel something for you, but I am unsure if it's love. It's too much for me to really handle right now," I muttered my explanation.

"You don't have to love me straight away, we can always take things slow," Xemnas continued to run his fingers through my hair.

Taking things slow. What could be considered slow after we had already had sex with one another? Do we not kiss as much, not touch as much? I can honestly say that I was confused on what it was that I was supposed to do about this. Is there even anything left beside marriage that we hadn't done yet? Well I guess I hadn't moved in yet, but it wasn't like I didn't want to do that either. I didn't want to return to the Islands just yet. I had so many things to work out and how could I do that when I would be horribly distracted by Sora and the emotions that came with just thinking of his name.

My stomach growled, interrupting me from my thoughts of how we were going to take things slow. I looked down at my stomach confused as to why it would even make a noise so soon after I had woke up. There was no way that I had been up for over two hours, the usual amount of time it took before my stomach realized it needed nutrition. Maybe the time was different being here and not Destiny Island. I also read once that sex was able to burn calories so that could be why I was hungry as well.

"I take it that you would like something to eat," Xemnas said, softly.

"Yes," I nodded with a blush of embarrassment.

"I'll send a Dusk to get you something to eat," Xemnas waved his left hand.

A number of Dusk and Sorcerer type Nobodies appeared. The weird jelly like body movements of the Sorcerer brought back memories of a time where I fought against them. Xemnas said some simple commands and the Nobodies were gone. It seemed that Dusk were easy to command and I wondered if I could do the same thing after being here a little longer. It would be an amazing feat, at least to me. It would be a level of Twilight that I never knew I could handle.

Xemnas pulled us both down to lay back on the bed again. The silk white sheets again seemed to form around us and the silver down blanket was placed over us. I could lie and say that I didn't enjoy being wrapped in his arms, but there would be no point in it. The scent of his bitter Darkness was almost comforting. It gave me something to remind me that I wasn't near Sora anymore. This wasn't Light, this was Darkness wrapped around Light. Twilight...the same as myself. If that wasn't a big enough difference then what else could there be?

(Sora's PoV)

This castle felt so familiar, well beside being surrounded by white walls and white flooring. It felt like I was here and did some type of amazing battle to save someone from disaster. I could almost picture some strange cards in my hands and only being able to use them to fight. That seemed quite silly, honestly. There was no time for me to have come to such a place. My memories say that after sealing the Door to Darkness, I woke up in a strange bubble a year later with only a note saying "Thank Namine." So I most likely fell asleep after making sure Kairi was safe on the islands.

My head started to hurt. Things started to feel out of place with each other, more so then usual. Memories were out of place or at least they seemed out of place now that I was thinking about them. Did I see Kairi off before closing the door? Did I meet Axel in Radiant Garden or was it here in one of these halls? Timeline for that seemed strange as well. Everything felt strange and none of it seemed to be making any sense to me. Why were my memories feeling so out of place? Why did I feel like I was here before? Even my childhood memories seemed to be messing up too.

One memory from when I was a kid was sticking out more than any of the others. It seemed to be from before Kairi came to Destiny Islands, well going from the outfit I was wearing anyway. I had outgrown my white t-shirt with blue stripes and bright red shorts when she arrived. Or at least I think so, I can't seem to get all my memories together. Riku was there in my memory and it seemed we were walking somewhere in town. That wasn't unusual; we use to stay out on the beach until it was dark and our parents came looking for us. He was hiding something from me, that was weird. Back then we hid nothing from each other and well we knew each other well enough that we could have passed as siblings. There was a Paopu Fruit...but the only time I truly remember him holding one was during the time we raced in order to share one with Kairi.

A flash of light interrupted the memory and I could feel another searing pain rushing through my skull. I put my hands on my head, not caring if the others were staring at me or not. This memory, there was something about it that just kept calling for me to remember it. It was important, but so were all the other memories piling up together. All of my friends from all the other Worlds out there, every battle I have ever went through, everything I've learned. Everything was coming at me full force and it was hard to straighten them out. This had never happened to me before, only in this strange, yet familiar, place.

Another strange memory from when I was a child came to me. There were two Tidus's there, so was Riku, Wakka, and Selphie. We were all playing hide-and-go-seek and I was "it" as normal. There was no possible way for there to be two Tidus's though. With how hyperactive one Tidus was, another one would just drive the entire population insane. That would mean this one was fake, right?

Another memory and this one had a meteor shower. I was with Riku and Namine? How...? Namine was Kairi's Nobody so there was no way I could have known her while we were kids. The meteor shower seemed to be the one that happened when we found Kairi in the first place. All of these memories were destroying me. Which were real and which were fake? Why would I have fake memories?

I had to wonder why it seemed like these memories were mainly of my childhood. Did something happen back then that I don't want to remember? That didn't make any sense. I had a great childhood with great friends, great parents, and some of the best experiences anyone could ever ask for. I couldn't even say that I really wanted to sort through these things as much as I just wanted them gone. My emotions were on a high and these memories weren't helping at all.

I slapped my face with both hands to remind myself of why I was there. I had to save Riku from the Organization and whatever plot they were going to use him for. Axel may say that Xemnas was thoroughly in love with him, but there was no way. Nobodies don't love and even Axel had to be close to Roxas to even get some semblance of emotions back. Xemnas was nothing of the sort and I refused to sit back to let him do whatever he pleased with my best friend. If that meant that I had to defeat him again, then so be it.

"Forgotten days, a fading memory-lost and no longer seeking one another. Desperately still, you're reaching toward him, hopelessly certain you can mend the broken longing for a light lost in time, so distant," I heard Roxas sing.

I turned to look over at my Nobody wondering if he knew the plight that I was going through. Those words, he had to know something. I could have been thinking too deep into it as Roxas would sing randomly at times. Though whatever he sung never hit home like this, it never was something that I could actively relate to.

"Legends say that when two people share one their destinies become intertwined for eternity," that was Riku when we were kids.

More pieces of that memory started to come back to me. There was rain, and people looked to be slowing down around us. Riku was blushing, I don't think I have ever seen him blush for any reason. I was excited, we had made a huge sand castle with Wakka and Tidus earlier. The castle was big enough for all of us to play in too. Those words from before, he said them when he gave me half of the Paopu. He was so embarrassed, so cute and little.

"You're the wife if we get married, ya' know," I grinned happily in his face.

"What...why?!" he yelled indignantly.

"Cuz' you look like a girl. You're only the wife if the legend is true though," I looked genuinely happy with the idea.

"Oh fine," Riku gave me a pretend pout.

I remember this...I remember eating the Paopu Fruit after dinner since Riku was staying with me for the weekend. We promised that we would get married in ten years. We had no idea how marriage laws worked so it was stupid. It was a child's promise wasn't it? Did Riku find it to be his truth all these years?

Was this why he so willingly left in the first place? If he held this true then that would mean he felt like I didn't care about our promise. Then this was all my fault. Why had that memory been forgotten out of everything? Riku was important to me, he was as important as Kairi. So why? What purpose would there be with forgetting this and having false memories in the first place?

"My life with you, Sora, is all I could ever want," that sounded like Riku when he was twelve.

"Sora, I love you," Riku when he was thirteen.

"I wonder if sharing another Paopu Fruit would make sure our destinies will be intertwined," age ten, Riku.

Where did all these other memories come from? I don't quite remember Riku saying any of those things, yet I don't feel like he never said anything of the sort to me.

"I love you, Riku. I wish our days together would never end," that was me at thirteen.

I told Riku that I loved him two years ago?! That memory...wait I did. We were on the beach, just the two of us together sitting on the Paopu Tree. The sun was setting and we were holding hands.

"Sora?" Axel looked over at me.

"Wh...what is this place?" I asked the tall Nobody.

"Castle Oblivion, one of the Organization's stronghold," Axel replied casually.

"Why are my memories acting funny?" I looked over at him.

"That I can't tell you. Well this place is known for messing with memories but it doesn't seem like your friends are bothered by it at all," he shrugged his shoulders.

I looked at Wakka and Tidus when he said that. They did look to be fine, Tidus even seemed confused at my actions more so than anyone else. Then why was this place targeting me? Was this all because of the way that I treated Riku? It's not like I even knew I had romantic feelings for him in the first place. He was my best friend and as far as I knew, I was straight. Though all these memories say otherwise about how I feel about him.

"Sora..." Roxas grabbed my hand.

"I'm alright, Roxas. We have to save Riku as fast as possible," I felt ready to go running down the halls to find him.

"What is there to save Riku from? He's with someone who loves him and will not treat him like he's anything less than the most important person in his world," Axel looked mildly annoyed.

"I'm with Sora on this. Riku needs to be saved and brought back to the island. Away from such places with overwhelming Darkness," Tidus looked around.

Well that was stunning to say the very least. Hopefully it wasn't Tidus being able to sense the Darkness of the World and more of the way it looked on the outside. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he had some latent ability, the same with Wakka. They were surviving this Darkness pretty well to be ordinary people. It could also be because of the power of the Keyblades.

"You aren't seeing the point here. Would you really want to throw away your friend's happiness so that you all can live on your little island together?" Axel looked between the three of us.

"You don't know Riku like we do, ya. Sora is where he's happiest and we'll keep him with Sora for eternity if we have to," Wakka placed a hand on my shoulder.

"If he was really all that happy, he wouldn't have left so quickly so he could be with Xemnas," Axel seemed way too persistent on keeping Riku here.

"If he's unhappy, then I want to hear it from him. Riku is the only person who can tell me how he feels about all this," I looked between Roxas, Wakka, and Tidus.

The three of them seemed to get where I was coming from. With a slight nod we all ran down the hallway. We were going to find Riku and take him back home no matter what. I would also tell him that I remembered feeling love for him, a love that only those wanting to be in a romantic relationship could want. If he returned with me, then I would spoil him and treat him right. It was the least that I could do for him after all the hardship I put him through.

Door after door we checked. Rooms came up empty or turning into dead end hallways that we had to trek backwards from. Though with each step that seemed like we were going in the right direction, I found myself getting anxious. I wondered what Riku would say, if Riku was safe. I didn't trust the Nobodies and I found it quite weird that we hadn't really run into any. Even the weaker ones seemed to be scarce in this place. While that might be seen as a good thing for most, it left me uneasy as to what their plans could be.

Thirteen floors we traversed until we stood in front of one door. So many dead ends, so many places that seemed like we could get lost. Yet there we were standing outside of this one door and even Axel had finally caught up to us. I took a deep breath and readied myself for whatever I was going to see. Riku had to be on the other side and more importantly, Xemnas was going to be there with him.

Tidus walked to the door and looked back at me. He had a carefree smile on his face but I knew better than to think that he wasn't worried as well. I gave him a thumbs up and summoned my Keyblade to my hand. I looked over to see Roxas was ready to fight as well, his own Keyblade, with the Bonds of Flame Keychain connected, was out. And thus Tidus opened the door.

(Normal PoV)

The door opened to the room that Xemnas and Riku were currently residing in. Xemnas furrowed his brow in confusion wondering if the Nobodies he sent for food had forgotten how to use the Corridor of Darkness once again. It was a tedious thing that they seemed to forget at times and he was not in the mood to attempt to teach them again. He looked over at his young lover, hoping that the boy had gotten comfortable with being around him. He had waited so long to have this boy at his side, it felt like over eleven years of waiting. And there was the object of his affection, laying in the same bed as he.

Riku sat up quickly and grabbed his white and yellow tank top from the floor. Something didn't feel right with the door opening the way that it did. His jeans were somewhere on the floor and he was not sure if he should get them or not. The scent coming from the door was nothing like the scent of the lesser Nobodies. If anything he could smell two members of Organization XIII that were not Xemnas and a scent of Light that could only belong to Sora. Aqua eyes went wide when he realized that it would have to be Sora. He grabbed his jeans and quickly put them on, unsure of what he should even do.

"Riku!" Sora called out before entering.

Xemnas heard the voice and got out of the bed. His cloak instantly materialized over his naked body as his orange eyes started to narrow at the blue eyed boy casually walking in. His hand itched to call forth Interdiction, his Ethereal Blades. It was obvious that Sora was only here to take Riku back and fill his love with more negative emotions. There was no chance that he would not fight to keep the boy he loved with him.

What was not expected by the two was that Sora was not alone with coming there. Roxas, Tidus, Wakka, and Axel followed after the brunet. Roxas stood proudly next to his Other, ready to do whatever was necessary to bring back Riku. Tidus and Wakka were hand-in-hand, but the ocean blue eyes of Tidus caught the aqua orbs of Riku instantly. Wakka's brown eyes scanned the white room that they were in, catching all hints of romantic innuendos like the roses and chocolates. Axel held a sheepish smile as if to say he had nothing to do with anything that had just happened.

"I found you, Riku," Sora smiled happily at his best friend.

"Found me?" Riku looked at Sora.

"I ran through so many floors looking for you. Tidus and Wakka and Roxas helped me, but it still took such a long time," Sora took one step closer.

"He's been adamant on getting to you since before we even left the island," Wakka said softly.

"You have Kairi. What's the point in coming to find me except to make my life miserable?" Riku shook his head.

"You're important to me, Riku. You are one of the most important people in my life," Sora's smile started to falter.

"I'm not important to you! I...I haven't been important for years," Riku backed away.

"Riku..." Tidus started to say something only for Wakka to gently touch his shoulder.

"Why are you even here? Tidus and Wakka are my friends, but what am I to you?" Riku fought to keep his hand from summoning his Keyblade.

"You're more to me than just my friend. You're someone I'm willing to give up so much for," Sora walked to Riku.

"Get away from me! You're lying to me again!" Riku shouted.

Sora touched Riku's face, enjoying the feel of the smooth, pale skin. This was something that could only be appreciated by touching someone you loved, and he understood it now. Whatever happened with his memories had his love for the boy in front of him transferred to Kairi. Yet to see him so willing to say that he was lying, to see Riku more willing to question him over Xemnas, it hurt. This pain was almost unbearable. He had to push through it, however. He needed to be able to bring back Riku, to show him how much his love was real.

He could see the pain in Riku's eyes. More than just pain, sadness, loneliness, and so many other emotions that it was like a parade. The hurt and betrayal seemed to be ones that outshone the other emotions. It was terrifying to think that he could cause such emotions in another person.

"I love you, Riku," Sora admitted.

"The last time you said those words, I was inclined to believe you. I was young and naive and filled with the hope that you felt the same way I did. I loved you for so long, I needed you for so long. I wanted to be the one that you would marry. When you said those words, I was happy. You finally said them, you told me that I wasn't the only one having those feelings. Your actions spoke something else entirely. Your love for me was nothing like the love I had for you. I gave you everything and yet I was treated like a normal friend. I was even content with being your best friend, but to be put on second burner for Kairi. That was a blow I couldn't handle. I think I could have been second place to anyone just not Kairi," Riku moved Sora's hands off his face.

"Then why did you never talk to me about any of this? I should never have to find out you're unhappy like this," Sora shook his head.

"What difference would it have made? It's not like you listened to me whenever I explained how I felt about you. I told Tidus and Wakka, but not even they know what the full extent of all of the pain I had to feel," Riku walked over to Xemnas.

"It's not that I never listened to you...I just..." Sora sighed.

He didn't know how to word how everything happened. He just regained most of these memories so he couldn't tell what he was feeling at the time that they happened. He wished that he had some inkling of a clue of what he felt. He could only tell that all the feelings of love that were targeted at Kairi were never meant for her. He had promised himself to Riku and the silver haired boy took that promise to heart. It would seem silly to anyone that this was the cause of all this, but if the Paopu Fruit's legend was true then it made so much sense.

Xemnas wrapped his arms around Riku's waist to keep his lover near. It seemed as if he didn't have much to do in order to keep the boy close to him. Sora had already ruined whatever relationship he hoped to accomplish from this. It would take a miracle for Sora and Riku to leave together. Being a man such as he, miracles didn't exist.

"Sora, do you remember our promise from all those years ago?" Riku asked.

"Which promise? The one for our destiny to be intertwined or the promise to get married with you as my wife?" Sora could feel tears starting to swell in his eyes.

"I loved you even before we made those promises. I didn't expect you to understand such an emotion back then, but I didn't think that you would just throw everything away for whatever reason," Riku wrapped his arms around himself.

"I didn't throw them away!" Sora shouted.

"You threw everything away for Kairi! I was thrown away for Kairi," Riku tried hard to keep himself composed.

"I wouldn't have went searching for you if that were the case. Riku, why can't you understand that you're important to me? I love you and I know I've probably been one of the worst people to deal with, but I have never thrown you away," Sora shook at all the raw emotions that he felt.

Roxas desummoned his Keyblade so that he could grab his Other. He could feel all the emotions that were running through Sora and as much as it hurt, he knew that Sora needed the support. He didn't think it would be hard to come in here, get Riku, and return home. Fate proved him wrong. This was so wrong on so many levels. It wasn't like Sora could just say something has been up with his memories for a while so he forgot.

He looked back at Axel, wanting support from his own boyfriend. Sora was on the verge of just crying and once that happened, he knew that he would be in tears as well. It wasn't often that he and his Other got along, because Roxas was jealous that he couldn't have his own body, but he knew better than to leave him in pain. Not even in a selfish way to save himself from pain, but to make sure the brunet enjoyed his life no matter what was happening to them.

"Wakka...this isn't anything like how we pictured it," Tidus sadly looked at his boyfriend.

"Not at all, I feel like we made things worse for both of them," Wakka squeezed Tidus's hand.

"I don't like them hurting...I hate seeing them fight even more," Tidus bit down on his lip. "I feel so helpless right now."

They both felt helpless. Ever since Riku started coming to them about how he felt, they had been waiting for the two to be able to talk things out. Right now, however, it seemed as if this talk had happened too late. Riku wasn't sure if he could trust Sora and well Sora was attempting to show that he could be. Here they were watching and unable to do anything. They had no place to say what either one of them should do.

"Riku, sorry doesn't heal anything that I've done to you. But please believe me when I say I never threw you away," Sora pleaded.

"You threw away everything that we were supposed to be. You threw away our future," Riku summoned Way to the Dawn.

"You're throwing away our future. I'm trying to fix all the wrongs that I have done," Sora moved out of Roxas's arms.

Riku pushed his way through Xemnas's embrace. This was all going wrong, no beyond wrong. He just wanted to sort out all of his emotions on his own and yet here was Sora making a mess of things. Why couldn't he have just left him alone? It wasn't like he actually cared anyway. This was just another way to get him to let down his guard only to be hurt again.

He couldn't believe that he actually thought that Sora would hurt him on purpose. It wasn't in the boy's nature to do anything of the sort or at least that was what he believed at one point. He wasn't sure what was real anymore or what he could believe. Was it possible for the one that he called his entire world to want him in such pain? It made no sense. He even said he never meant to do anything of the sort.

"You know I'm not lying to you. You're the one that told me that my face is a tell-tale sign whenever I lie," Sora wiped his eyes of the tears.

"You believing something that isn't true still makes it a lie. You can believe all you want that you've never thrown me away or never meant to hurt me, but if everyone else sees otherwise it means you're lying," Riku threw a Dark Aura at Sora.

"Reflega!" Sora summoned his barrier of light.

Dark Aura hit the barrier and was sent back at Riku. The silver haired boy used Dark Shield causing the attack to disappear. He hadn't counted Sora actually sending the attack back and thus lost the momentum he needed to get off a small attack. He was frustrated, he was angry. It was back to before when he wasn't too sure which emotion was turning into what, he just knew that they were quite unpleasant to be dealing with.

"Riku," Sora sighed.

"All the effort and love I gave to you, wasted. A promise to always be together, broken. Everything I've given you, thrown away," Riku quickly slashed at Sora.

"It's only wasted, broken, and thrown away if you let it be," Sora blocked the attack.

"You made it that way," Riku jumped back.

"I may have done some stupid things, but I want to fix them. I can't fix my mistakes if you won't let me," Sora readied himself for another attack.

"You would like for me to believe that. I'm not falling for that again," Riku clenched his left hand into a fist.

"Then don't fall for it, but don't act like everything is my fault. If you're not going to give me a chance, then it's you that is destroying all of this," the raw pain could be heard in Sora's voice.

"Shut up!" Riku threw a punch at him.

Sora hadn't expected for Riku to throw a punch and so took the hit to his chest. The physical pain was nothing, all of it was quite simple compared to the emotional pain. His heart was aching, something that had only happened when Roxas was reliving old memories. Yet, there he was feeling this hurt and emotions from something that dealt directly with him.

"Is that all you got, Riku? I thought I hurt you more than that," Sora gave a weak chuckle.

If it could distract him from the emotional pain, he would take all of Riku's hits. He would block all Keyblade and magic attacks, however. But punches, slaps, kicks, and anything else of that nature, were fair game. It was the least he could do for all the pain that he caused the other boy.

Riku could feel his body shake as he wanted to do so much more to the brunet boy. How could he say such a thing to him? It annoyed him and made him want to do so much more. But what could a punch do to him? It was nothing compared to the pain that he had felt for so long. Yet, he couldn't help himself when he decided to punch Sora again, and again, and again. Each punch allowing sets of tears to stream down his face.

"Can't we do anything, Axel?" Roxas grabbed onto the redhead's sleeve.

"No. Sora and Riku have to go through this. This is what will make or break their relationship with one another. From the way things are going, Sora's already lost," Axel gave a gentle pet to Roxas's head.

"T...this isn't fair!" Roxas tried hard not to cry.

"No, it's not. This is just a part of life," Axel rubbed his young lover's back.

Roxas could hear Sora's thoughts, could feel all of Sora's emotions. They were tearing him apart on the inside and he couldn't help at all. No, only Axel said that he couldn't help. That didn't mean that he couldn't do anything in the end. So he ran forward and shoved Riku away from his Somebody. The glare in his baby blue eyes was shot directly at the silver haired boy.

Riku looked at Roxas and could remember that glare from when they fought all those months ago. The gentleness of his face was a reminder of Sora, but seeing them both here like this showed a contrast that he never thought of. The anger within Roxas was something that Sora had never shown before. Was there another side of emotions that Sora wasn't showing him? Were these emotions coming out in the form of Roxas?

"Just when I thought you couldn't be worse, you do this to Sora," Roxas moved in front of the brunet.

"What are you even complaining about? You've heard everything that he's done to me. I have the right to make him feel pain too," Riku could feel the Darkness start to seep through his anger.

"You think he doesn't feel bad about it? It's not like he can show it, he's everyone's Light. Here he is doing everything in his power to get you back, saying he's sorry, and yet you're acting like it doesn't matter. It does matter! It matters the most to Sora that you're okay and happy," Roxas tried to keep his hands to himself. "You're a selfish bastard."

"Keep that up and you will find yourself in a similar position from the last time we fought," Riku growled.

"Oh you mean you losing and resorting to cheating in order to win. It's different this time, I can over power you," Roxas gave a cocky smirk.

"Roxas, it's okay. I can handle this," Sora spoke softly.

"Riku needs someone to knock him down a few pegs. You're hurting too, it's not fair that he thinks that only he can be allowed to do whatever he wants because he's hurting," Roxas looked back at Sora.

"It's not fair that I ignored his feelings either," Sora shook his head.

"Sora," all Roxas wanted to do was hug the brunet.

"I'm alright. Spend time with Axel, you two haven't been together in so long," Sora grinned.

"It's okay to show your true feelings. No one is going to blame you for being angry," Roxas smiled back, albeit sadly.

Sora nodded and watched as Roxas walked back over to Axel. This was his problem, he was the only one that Riku was upset at. No matter how much he wanted Riku to come home with him, he could already feel that it was futile attempt to do so. This was the least he could do. Give Riku the time needed to strike out as much pain on him as possible. It was probably a stupid way to make amends, but it was better than nothing he supposed.

"Riku, it is about time that the intruders either leave or die," Xemnas crossed his arms over his chest.

"Xemnas," Riku looked back at his older lover.

"Does he give you everything you want and need?" Sora asked.

"He's not you, Sora. I highly doubt that I will have to worry about anything with him," Riku turned back to throw a sharp glare at Sora.

"You're right, he's not me. He has no heart, no emotions, no true existence," Sora glanced over at the silver haired Nobody.

"You speak as if you have not done Riku so wrong," Xemnas scoffed.

"I may have done some stupid things in my life, and they have hurt Riku in the end, but at least I will always know that I love Riku, and that Riku loves me. I never have to second guess whatever it is that I am feeling, because I have a heart," those words were proudly spoken by Sora.

Interdiction was summoned to the hands of Xemnas. Before he could rush at the boy, however, Riku grabbed a hold of his waist. He looked down at the boy, confused on why he was being held back. He hadn't expected to be pulled down for a kiss in such a time. While it was unexpected, it was quite the enjoyable experience.

It was a sight that Sora truly wished that he didn't see. His heart dropped, already flared emotions ran rampant, blue eyes wide and once again swelling with tears. This whole thing felt as if it was an out of body experience. He could almost see the pain running through his body, the pain present on his face. And it was that pain that allowed him to finally release the tears and go into a crying fit.

He hadn't anticipated Roxas and Tidus to come to him. The two were holding him tightly in their arms with Roxas petting his hair gently. If there was anything he was sure of, this was the pain that silver haired boy felt every time he was with Kairi. It was unbearable, a feeling that he could not figure out how to get rid of. This wasn't a feeling of jealousy, no it was a feeling of betrayal. To make things worse, he only felt it this one time, Riku felt it a lot over a course of months, years even.

"Is this really your answer, Riku?" Tidus looked up at the older male.

"I want to stay here with Xemnas," Riku muttered after breaking the kiss.

"Are you done hurting Sora?" Roxas kept his eyes on his Somebody.

"That depends on how long he plans on staying here. I have no problem with making him feel the same as I did back on the islands," Riku said.

"You kids need to go," Axel said.

"I...I don't want to leave without Riku," Sora looked at the boy he called his best friend.

"He just said he has no problems with causing you more pain. Please, Roxas, take him and the others home," Axel hoped that his lover would listen to him.

"Sora, we need to go," Roxas whispered to Sora.

"But..." Sora was barely able to get it out.

"We'll come back for him at a later date. You're hurting and I can't let you continue to hurt," Roxas slowly started to wipe away some of his tears.

"O...okay," Sora nodded his head.

Roxas gave the softest of smiles before opening up a Corridor of Darkness to get them home. He nodded at Wakka to get Tidus and walk through first.

"Riku, you know we're always going to care for you," Wakka walked over to grab Tidus.

He held Tidus around his waist and walked to the dark portal. He could see that his small lover was feeling upset over this whole ordeal. He was upset himself, but to see Tidus so quiet, so unlike himself, it angered him. Riku was one of his best friends and to know that Riku was willing to get all of them upset was quite hurtful. He walked through the portal first, and was surprised that Tidus didn't walk through at the same time.

"Riku, when we come back, I want you to apologize to Sora," Tidus pointed at the silver haired male before entering the Corridor of Darkness.

Roxas looked over at Axel and tried to smile at him. It felt forced, much too forced and it was too much of a hassle to keep up. So he settled on just guiding Sora over to the portal he made. Sora was his main priority at the moment. He could only wish that he was a normal Nobody, unable to feel emotions whatsoever. Yet he did and they were quite painful.

Axel made his way over to the blond before the two left Castle Oblivion. He bent down and gave him a soft kiss, wishing it would last for an eternity. It was so depressing to know that he couldn't help get rid of the pain that they both felt. The most he could do was send them away so that they could heal.

"I'm going to stay here, Roxas," Axel said.

"What? Why?" Roxas's eyes grew wide.

"I'm needed here. I want to know why we're back, I want to be able to protect Riku, too," Axel ruffled the blond spikes.

"But...Axel..." Roxas tried to think of something to say.

"C'mon, get going. Don't make this harder than it needs to be. I'll see you whenever I can, so it's not like we'll never be together again," Axel pushed the two.

Roxas nodded, reluctant to leave the one he loved behind. There was probably something that wasn't being said as was always the case with Axel. However, he was right. They would be able to see each other again whenever he got the chance to. It was just that once he returned to Destiny Island, only Sora and Kairi would be able to see him. And well, it wasn't like he had much to talk about with Kairi and he wasn't sure how long Sora was going to be in pain.

"I'll be back for you, Riku," Sora smiled weakly.

The two walked through the Corridor of Darkness together. The portal slowly closed behind the two. Riku allowed himself to be held tightly by Xemnas, unsure if he did the right thing in the first place. Axel placed his hand where his heart should be, feeling a small thump as he was already missing Roxas. A painful ordeal for all involved and it made them all wonder where were they to go from here?