Chapter 7

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WARNINGS: This chapter has Yaoi\Shounen-ai, foul language, battle scenes, and other things you can find for yourself.

Couples: Roxas and Axel, Tidus and Wakka, Shuyin and Lenne, one-sided Sora and Cloud, Sora and Shuyin, Selphie and someone, Riku and Xemnas, Demyx and Zexion, Marluxia and Saix (hints)

Settings: Destiny Islands, The World That Never Was

(Riku's POV)

I woke up in Xemnas's lovely arms as he kissed my forehead as a signal to wake me up. Sephiroth hovered above us with a slight smile upon his beautiful face that looked way too similar to my own. No one else was around, so I'm guessing that I fell asleep after my examination with Vexen about the baby. I love saying those words; the words that I never thought that I would be able to say because well I'm gay and I knew that men couldn't have any kids. Wow, I'm an exception to the rule now, aren't I?

I moved out of his arms and tried to get into the arms of my tousan so that I could finally be held by my true father. He held me before, but I wanted to feel his embrace now that I knew he was my father so that I could feel what a true family would feel like. Xemnas gave me a soft smile, encouraging my movements and sudden interest of wanting to be close to him. I thought that he would be a little upset that I would want to be with my tousan instead of wanting to be held by him more. But as always, Xemnas surprised me with his ever patient kindness in allowing me to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have done.

Sephiroth sat down on the bed and held me tightly around my waist as I sat in his lap. I felt secure and safe, something that I had always wanted to feel especially as a young child on Destiny Islands. His left hand wandered up to the bulge of a stomach that was my child and I heard a slight coo come from him. It seemed as though he was going to treat me similar to a small child, not that I would mind it since I would honestly enjoy being treated a little younger than my age. I placed my hand over his and soon Xemnas placed his hand over mine. It was then that I could feel the completion that I had always wanted. Instead of feeling like I was only part of a person I became a whole being with the help of the two men I love and the child that was growing within me.

"A family moment? Well it needs to end quickly," Vexen said as he entered the room with Zexion.

"What is the problem with my son and grandchild?" Sephiroth grumbled.

"The only problem is that he won't take care of himself properly. If he continues to stress himself out, over things that I wish not to know about, then he will most likely end up having a miscarriage. Now, I've asked Zexion to come here to explain some of the things that may happen to you during this time, and what you should not do."

"And you could not explain this yourself?" Xemnas asked.

"Number IX has found a fish that can divide much like an amoeba and it can absorb that other fish to live longer. I find it highly fascinating and wish to see it and..."examine" what all it can do."

"You're just gonna' take it from him and experiment on it just to see how long it can withstand your relentless assault," I muttered.

"And there's the mood swing," Zexion snickered.

Vexen left out of the room complaining about something that I really wasn't straining to hear about. I was too busy holding onto my baby so I could feel the little life within me grow ever so slightly within me. Six months, I couldn't wait for those months to pass so that this little one could be born. It would have silver hair, and aqua eyes, and tan skin, and...and...ok maybe I should stop daydreaming. There would be a little more Xemnas in our baby, and of course Sephiroth's genes would shine in there too. I may look good, but it was mainly thanks to my father...even if I just found out who he was.

"I don't need to know all those things, go protect Demyx from Vexen's wrath," I said to Zexion.

"No. If it gets too bad Demyx will attack. He is very protective over "Sakana" or in our terms, the fish. I''m not exactly sure why he calls it Sakana either," Zexion smiled.

"I see he's been taking my lessons seriously then. Sakana means fish in Japanese."

It had gotten a little quiet after that, well asides from my snickering at what was to come of Vexen from Demyx trying to protect his beloved Sakana. Sephiroth held me gently and began to whisper words into my ears about how lucky my child will be to have to loving parents, a wonderful loving grandfather, and a lot of love from the members of the Organization. I could almost feel tears coming to my eyes thinking about how much love he would have, love that I never knew but could have if I had stayed with my father instead of my mother selfishly taking me away from him. Xemnas just gave a soft smile at us. He had no memories of his past life and watching us made him wonder what his own parents were like and if they loved him like my father loves me. Then there was Zexion, who looked as if he felt out place being in the room of the newly made family. He wasn't out of place, I liked having him around a lot. Not only could he cook, but he, unlike Vexen, would try to explain things to me in a manner that I would easily understand the first time he said something. Maybe he was thinking about what life would be like if he and Demyx were to have a child...hopefully a little girl that would turn out more like Zexion. That would be a sight to see.

"Speaking of Japanese, why did you leave Japan to go to Destiny Islands in the first place?"

"Something about Mother's reputation being destroyed and it had to do with me. Now I realized what she meant. It was discovered that I was not the child of her husband's but that of a man that wasn't even from Japan, a young teenage boy from The Planet...or did you say Gaia? So we moved to Destiny Islands with stolen technology from the place she worked at and settled there since no one knew who we were or anything. I was young, so I really didn't know the difference, but I heard my "parents" arguing over this plenty of times."

"And it was there that you had even more heartache, but it was because of those that we came to be," Xemnas smiled lightly.

Sephiroth just held me a little tighter around my waist than he was before and I let out a little wheezing noise to show that I could hardly breathe. I forgot that he hated my mother and everything that she had put him through. He released the death grip that he had on me, muttering an apology, and sighing deeply. He didn't feel anything when he told us the story and yet...was it because of all the things that she had put me through that upset him so deeply? That's right. He actually wanted to be in my life and yet she just ran away like she always did when she felt afraid for her reputation.

Zexion looked at us with eyes that showed his slight discomfort in seeing the sudden shift in Sephiroth's demeanor. Or maybe he could smell the Darkness that was now radiating off him the same way that I could. Well his sense of smell is way better than mine and he most likely picked up something that I couldn't have noticed. His Darkness did have the weirdest scent to it, something that I had never smelt before in my entire life. It was like he was forced into it, not like he was coaxed or even manipulated. I wished that I could comfort him in whatever way that would make him feel the most comfortable. Then again, maybe that wouldn't be right or necessary to do so.

"Sorry if I had Riku bring up terrible memories for you, Sephiroth," Zexion bowed.

"It is alright. I have to deal with the things that have been done in the past, after all, they have been already done and nothing that I will do would make it any better," Sephiroth said with his head down.

Overwhelming Darkness seemed to flow from him. I couldn't stand it as I was that close to him and I tried to break free from his embrace. Xemnas grabbed me by the waist and pulled me over to him, holding me close to his chest. Those eyes of my tousan's were crazed, similar to that of a rabid animal. I reached out for him, only for that blade of his to come at my throat. What the hell was wrong with him, seriously? Was it because of my mother and thoughts that plagued him on what happened with himself and me? Did I unconsciously bring up the memories he was trying his hardest not to bring back into his mind?

Zexion took out his lexicon, ready to defend me if need be. I didn't need anyone's help whatsoever. I would defend myself and my child from whatever was plaguing the mind of my tousan and I would snap him out of it, one way or another. Xemnas's face turned into a frown as the Darkness coming from Sephiroth seemed to be overwhelming to us. He looked ready to summon his weapons to fight him, but I couldn't allow him to do so. I summoned Way to the Dawn and hoped that the Twilight Keyblade would be able to stop the horrible Darkness and allow him to be back to normal.

"Anata no nani ga mondai ni natte imasu, tousan!" I shouted as I ran to him with my Keyblade in hand. (Translation: What's wrong with you, Father?)

That blade, it was a long katana that would have cut me if I didn't put up my shield when I did. So he was going to attack me, that confirmed that I needed to fight back just long enough to stop the flow of Darkness running through him. It sucked that I had to fight my tousan, but it was either the baby and me or him. There was no way in hell that I was going to let him kill my baby for some unknown reason!

"Riku!" Zexion ran over to me.

"Dame!" I looked over at him. (Translation: No)

"But Riku, I should protect you."

"Dame! Ore wa kono sōsa o okonau koto ga dekimasu!" (Translation: No! I can do this myself!)

"Riku, we want to help you to fight your father," Xemnas said.

"Yami wa chichi o seigyo shite iru. Ore wa kare o sukuu tame ni kare o tatakau hitsuyō ga arimasu." (Translation: The Darkness is controlling Father. I must fight him to save him.)

"Riku, calm down, you're speaking in Japanese. We do not understand what you are saying."

I paid them no heed as I ran towards Sephiroth with my Way to the Dawn out, ready to take him down. He withdrew his sword only to attack with it again and I used my Dark Aura to shoot around him, which he dodged oh so gracefully. I couldn't stay in one spot for too long, not with that long katana of his, so I started to move around him, hoping that I could use Way to the Dawn to take away whatever it was that was paining him at that very moment. I was the only person that could save him from this sudden infliction of Darkness and I would do it with the help of my Keyblade. Several orbs of Darkness surrounded me and I looked at them with my eyes narrowed, attempting to understand this tactic of his. They came at me, fast, and I used Dark Shield (something that I haven't used since I was fighting alongside Sora so long ago) to block them to the fullest.

He attacked using his katana and from one hit, my shield was destroyed, broken and shattered like it was made out of glass or precious crystal. His sword went after my stomach, my child, and I twisted my body in an awkward angle allowing my back to get slashed. I felt the blood starting to trickle down my back, but I couldn't stop trying to save my tousan. No matter what, I would save the man that helped to make me the person that I was.

I ran forward with Way to the Dawn out in front of me, dodging what I could of the attacks from his katana and getting hit by the others. I made it perfectly clear that I was protecting the child in my stomach as I would make sure to only have my sides and back hit as I twisted every way that I could to avoid being hit. A bright light shone from my Keyblade as I moved forward, screaming in my frustration, anger, and sadness at the situation at hand. I felt a power rush through me as I deflected his sword as I continued to run after him. I thrust my Keyblade, hoping to strike him if only once. Tousan was quick enough to move away from the blade, even at a close-blank range, and I had to figure out what I would do now. His katana was swung at me once again and I didn't have enough time to dodge it, so I use another Dark Shield...only to realize that I hadn't gained enough magic power to use another one after he broke the first one.

Way to the Dawn was out in front of me, protecting me from the attack that would have otherwise ended the life of my child and myself. My Keyblade was holding it's own as it continued blocking the pressure that was coming down on it. This was my chance, this was the only way that I could stop this battle, I would hate myself for this but I had no other choice. I summoned some of the Darkness within my heart, enough to create my Dark Mode which allowed me to use Soul Eater once again (a Keyblade I really didn't miss). Way to the Dawn disappeared, as if it disapproved of my choosing to use so much Darkness to restrain my father. However, what else is it that I could do? To fight Darkness with Darkness makes no sense, but I'm not strong enough to battle against my father long enough to restrain and hopefully purify him otherwise...

"Kore o toru!" I yelled as I leaped into the air. (Translation: Take this!)

I attacked tousan from the air, hitting his head or back with Soul Eater every time gravity decided to work on making me come down only to leap back into the air and do it again. When I was through with that, I used another Dark Firaga one that was a lot stronger than my last one and was able to use three fireballs instead of one huge dark flame. I knew that I had to keep attacking, long enough to keep him from going completely insane so I created several dark portals around the area we were fighting at and used them to teleport as I rapidly slashed at him with my Keyblade. At the last portal, I slammed my Keyblade down in the ground allowing a column of Light to come up and hit him.

I was tired, too tired, after using those Darkness attacks. I returned to my normal form, getting rid of that outfit that I hated because of the association with the Darkness that I had once came over me. I was breathing heavily, and holding onto my knees as I looked into the jade green eyes that were coming into focus, finally. Soul Eater was gone, neither of my Keyblades were by my side, but I had something better. I had my child safe inside me and my lover had ran over to me as soon as I returned to normal. I didn't want to be held by Xemnas just yet, I wanted to walk over to my tousan and make sure that he was alright. But as I moved my left foot forward, I found myself falling. I believed that I flailed around, to grab a hold of something that would keep me from hurting myself, but I don't think I did. So much Darkness. As I was firmly caught and held by someone, I fell into a sleep surrounded by nothing but the Darkness that I had used to stop Sephiroth's rampage.

Sora's POV

I moaned softly as I woke up to being on the cool sand that could only be brought about in the mornings around Destiny Islands. Sand? I was laying on sand? I remembered that it was because I had slept there after Shuyin and I kissed laying down on the sand. I was tangled in his arms as the sun started to come up and hit us on our lower bodies. I smiled gently and looked at his sleeping form, a form that looked so peaceful at the moment. If only...if only I had found this sooner, this other piece of me that brings so much happiness, I don't think that I would have ever gone through the depression I went through when Riku left the islands. But, if I didn't go through that...I wouldn't be able to appreciate Shuyin even more.

Shuyin's arms wrapped around me tightly as I tried to sit up. Only with him...then again, with how protective he is over Tidus, he may just think that I am his beloved little twin laying right besides him like the good old days. So I laid still in the sand and smiled thinking about how nice this day will turn out to be. Everything was going to be fine as long as I could keep my thoughts on happy things. That was exactly what I was going to do for now on...since I had Shuyin to keep me happy and protected. This was the feeling that I wanted so bad when I was going through my dark bouts of depression just a day ago. I was happy.

Roxas appeared next to me, his eyes wide open as if he was in worry about something. I couldn't move just yet, but I mouthed to him what was wrong hoping that he could read my lips. I'm not sure why I didn't just use our mindlink to talk, but hey this seemed more like an emergency than anything. He didn't say anything, only pointed towards the ocean...why there? I moved Shuyin's arms from around me to sit up and see what it was that my Other could see. He grumbled in his sleep and turned over with a soft sigh. Just like Tidus. Anyway, in the ocean was something that I have never seen before in my life. There were these things coming out of the water, blue things with red eyes and weird looking antenna. They looked as if they were ready to take the little play island by storm and Roxas and I were probably the only ones that could defeat whatever they were. We were the only Keyblade Wielders (aside from Kairi, who hasn't gotten any better) and those things did not look like a Heartless or a Nobody, but something else that only my Keyblade could destroy.

Roxas stood up with Oblivion in his hands, ready to attack those things. I tried waking up Shuyin, but he really wasn't trying to wake up for anything. So I started shouting his name into his ear and watched as those pretty blue eyes of his just started opening up with a look of pure malice within them. I had never seen anything like it and quite frankly, it frightened me to think that he could have such a look.

"Shuyin, you need to get away from here," I said.

"I'm not going anywhere, Sora. Why should I?" Shuyin sat up abruptly.

"Something is coming to take over the islands. I'm the only one who can..."

"I have my own sword. I can handle anything that comes our way. Your Keyblade thing isn't the only weapon that can be used here any more."

He stood up as Roxas looked back at us. He summoned to his hands a sword of blue and black in the same light that happens when I summon my Keyblade. The blade was long and had like two indentions in it close to the hilt while the hilt was made specifically for his hands and was brown with a little silver end. I nodded my head, acknowledging that he was going to fight with me whether I wanted him to do so or not so I had to get used to it. I summoned my Kingdom Key to my hands, ready to defeat whatever these things were as well.

I never thought that I would fight besides Roxas and Shuyin so soon. I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts so that I could save the islands from whatever these new creatures were. I wished that Cloud was around, but like usual my wishes weren't being heard for some reason that I had yet to answer.

Shuyin started slashing and hacking at those creatures first. He was so strong attacking them head on. Those things were trying to kill him and were swarming around him. I stopped my gawking and finally ran out there, ready to help him fight. I swung and slashed at my new foes trying to save my boyfriend. What were these things? They seemed to be able to withstand a few hits from the Keyblade, none of the enemies we fought before could do that.

Roxas looked as if he was getting frustrated trying to defeat the swarm around him. He growled and in his hands Bonds of Flame appeared. He went after them not even caring whether or not he got hit by them.

Soon the three of us were together, being swarmed in by our new foes. Roxas and Shuyin looked ready to continue this fight even without understanding why they were able to withstand all of our attacks until they finally were killed. I was confused about all of this and wanted to understand why we couldn't defeat them as quickly as we could a Heartless or a Nobody.

One jumped at me and I found myself quickly realizing that I wasn't ready for the attack. In front of me was a bandaged sword and I looked back to see that Cloud had made it to the party as well as Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, some really pretty girl with a staff of some sort, and some guy with a slingshot though he looked familiar. The five of them started their attacks on the things in the ocean as Cloud gave us all potions to heal up with.

"What the hell, Shuyin? How could you guys be fighting and not tell me?" Tidus yelled at us.

"Heh. I wasn't expecting it. I woke up to Sora trying to make me leave this place," Shuyin smirked.

"Well fine. But your girlfriend is here and wants to help out."

"How did you guys know that something was happening down here?" I asked.

"It started with me feeling something was off with Shuyin. Then Cloud comes to my door talking about he could feel a disturbance in the air. So we rounded everyone up to come down here."

"Well thanks. We need all the help we can get," Roxas said.

Other than Cloud, I doubt that anyone else heard him. We were back to our fighting once again. Shuyin and Tidus ended up working pretty close together, something that I had no problems with. Selphie and that girl, (I presume she is Shuyin's girlfriend) were together as well smacking them with a pretty looking stick and jump rope. Wakka and the slingshot guy were in the rear throwing balls and what looked like small rocks at the things. That left Roxas, Cloud, and I to fight off what we could with our blades, mine and Roxas being Keyblades while Cloud had that sword of his.

I looked over at Roxas hoping that he would give me the strength needed to try to go into Final Drive Form. We needed all the help we could get when it came down to defeating whatever these things were in front of us. And using Roxas's power seemed like it would be the best thing to do for the moment. When he looked back at me with a nod, I closed my eyes to focused every inch of my power into my heart...our heart. When I opened them, a rush of light was in front of me. I could feel myself floating and two Keyblades were being levitated behind me. My Keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion, felt as if they were one with me as I was in that form and I was going to kill as many of those things as possible.

With Roxas's power I was able to move around twice as fast as I would if it were just me. I attacked, more than just thrusts, slashes, and swinging, I was attacking with so much grace. Twirls and somersaults accompanied each attack that I delivered. I could feel Roxas's power surging through me as I was actually killing these things with one hit. I was at one with my Nobody if only for a short while, and it felt as if we were the most unstoppable duo to ever exist in all the Worlds.

I felt it, the power was waning down. Those creatures weren't as bad as before. From the looks of it we could handle the rest of them without me being in Final Drive Form which was a good thing. Yet, I would be weakened from using his power and so would he. Cloud and the others would be on their own for a short while.

We separated and I looked at him as he looked ready to pass out. He wasn't strong enough at the moment to be outside of me, so I pulled my Other back inside of me. I summoned the Kingdom Key back to my hands, ready to attack. My legs felt as if they would give out in any minute. I hadn't used that form in so long, I guess my body wasn't used to it, not just yet.

I wasn't even able to swing my Keyblade like I had hoped. I felt so weak trying to fight these things off on my own. The others, I hadn't paid any attention to them. As I tried to put up my Keyblade to guard myself from an attack, I saw the blue sword of Shuyin in front of me, blocking the creature for me. Tidus swung down, slicing the creature right through it's middle. I was glad but at the same time shocked that Tidus would save me. Wait, Shuyin was right there, so it had to be for his twin.

"Sora? Are you okay?" Shuyin asked me.

"Yeah. Just a little tired," I answered.

"Take a little rest then. We should be able to handle the rest of them."

"Shuyin. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'm not going to. I'm Shuyin, I can handle everything."

He gave me a smile and from there he started attacking all the creatures that had came after me, us. My body just felt so weak. How did it get to be that way?

"Don't tell me that you're giving up, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that," I heard Riku's voice taunting me.

"I'm stronger than you will ever be, Riku!" I shouted loudly.

I swung my Kingdom Key at the creatures, shocked at the light that I was producing. The light seemed to be strong enough to kill them in one hit. I was upset. I was angry. Riku. He went to the Darkness again. No matter how depressed I got, I could never allow myself to go the Dark. That proved that I was stronger than him.

The last one was destroyed and I lost all my animosity towards them, towards Riku. I sat down in the sand, breathing heavy. I wanted to hear from Roxas but I guess he was still resting. Shuyin planted a kiss on my forehead as he sat down as well. The others came closer to us. Tidus, Wakka, and that girl sat down closest to Shuyin. Cloud, Selphie, and that familiar looking boy were basically sitting down close to me.

"So, Selph, who's the guy?" Shuyin asked with a slight purr.

"Heehee. This is Irvine, my boyfriend," Selphie giggled.

Irvine. Irvine Kineas. He was in my History Class. In fact we sat right next to each other and talked a lot to one another. I didn't know that he knew Selphie or that they were even dating. They looked really cute together. The way that they were holding onto one another.

"How are you, Sora?" Cloud held my hand.

"I'm fine. A little tired. I used up a lot of my power as well as Roxas. I think he fell asleep within me," I answered.

"As long as you are unharmed. I shouldn't be caring so much. You can handle yourself."

I gave a soft smile after hearing that compliment from Cloud. I touched his hand lightly and I found him smiling too. There was nothing that meant more to the both of us than being this close to one another. I'm not sure why, but it felt like I was besides my long lost twin. Why was Cloud this comforting to be besides?

That girl held onto Shuyin's hand. I felt a tinge of jealousy come to me as I looked at them. I didn't even understand it. I didn't know this girl, this really pretty girl. Her brown eyes seemed to be locked within his blue ones. He touched her long brown hair as if he didn't know what else to do with his hands. I shouldn't be jealous. I couldn't be. that his girlfriend? I could feel how weak Roxas was at that moment.

I think so. I answered.

I felt the tears come to my eyes as I watched him talk sweetly to her as if I wasn't even right besides him. No. I could not cry. I would not show him how much he meant to me. I was stronger than that. I was a Keyblade Wielder. I was someone that could be strong when it really counted.

Cloud wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I was grateful for it. I watched as Tidus's eyes narrowed as he looked at his twin with distaste. Wakka held back his boyfriend, afraid at what might happen otherwise. Irvine looked upset yet a little confused. However, it was Selphie that surprised me the most with her reaction.

"How dare you, Shuyin!" she slapped him in the face.

"What the hell are you talking about, woman?" he yelled at her.

"You're hurting Sora. He's on the verge of crying because of the way that you're treating Lenne. If there is one thing that I don't tolerate, it's someone hurting my big brother, Sora."

"I'm not..."

Shuyin looked at me as Selphie wrapped her arms around me. He looked a little shocked at my reaction to what he was once doing. He tried to touch my face, but Selphie swatted his hand away. The look in her green eyes was enough to tell anyone to go away for the rest of their lives. He backed off, looking hurt.

I moved out of Cloud's and Selphie's embraces. I was glad for them wanting to comfort me, and the others concern. This was something that I had to talk to him about. Maybe not at the moment with everyone around.

"So you're the mysterious Sora," the girl, Lenne, said.

"What of it?" I snapped. I was becoming more like Roxas.

"Nothing. I was just curious on who it was that my boyfriend was in love with."

"I don't like you."

"Other than Selphie, I suspect that you don't like many girls. Not that I care. You aren't special enough for me to talk to or to be around Shuyin."

I'm sure that saying something like that was a good idea to say with Selphie around. She didn't take kindly to people saying things to me. She just didn't take too kindly to girls talking to me that wasn't her or my mom. She said something about "they just don't understand how special you really are" and I believe her.

I was ready to hit Lenne. Yet it was Tidus and Irvine that stood up for me. I almost expected it from Irvine, but Tidus...he was just surprising me a lot lately.

"I don't know what my twin sees in you, but you need to back off Sora!" Tidus placed his hands on his hips as he stood up.

"I haven't said anything rude to him. At least I don't believe so. Maybe it's just your bad upbringing that makes it seem that way."

"Or maybe you're just a snot-nosed bitch that can't except the fact that her boyfriend likes someone else. Someone much kinder and better looking than you," Irvine said with that strange accent of his.

"Back off of Lenne," Shuyin growled.

"She started it. The moment she held your hand she was hurting Sora. As such it is our duty to protect him at any cost," Tidus stood up to his twin.

Shuyin stood up and and got into Tidus's face. The two were glaring each other down. I had never seen Tidus look so upset at anyone or anything like he was at the moment. He just seemed like another person. I wasn't even sure if Shuyin could actually take on Tidus when he was filled with rage and sugar.,

As for Lenne, well she had Selphie to deal with. Irvine was too polite to hit a woman, as was I when it came down to it. Selphie was upset, she was ready to fight someone. It seemed as if Lenne was the person that was in her sights. She hadn't been this upset since Riku left and I went into that horrible depression of mine.

Then there was Cloud holding onto me and Wakka looking ready to fight Shuyin if he dared touched his boyfriend. This was just becoming hell. Why couldn't everything just be normal like I always wanted it to be? Was that just too hard to ask for?

Riku's POV

It had been hours since my fight with my tousan. I was in the infirmary looking after him with Demyx, Zexion, and Marluxia. Xemnas wanted to be there as well, but I was afraid that he would get upset seeing the man that almost killed me and our baby. The Darkness had subsided a bit and I felt relief as I don't know.

My hand was over my stomach as I forced myself to stay up. Marluxia had his arm wrapped around my shoulders to be a comfort. He was trying be completely supportive of me. I can't say that I blame him. I just thought that I possibly killed my tousan in the name of getting rid of the Darkness that was within him.

Demyx was snuggled up to Zexion, yawning. The poor kid was so tired and I wished that he could just fall asleep and have a good dream. He was wanting to stay up and make sure that tousan was okay as well. His fish, Sakana, was swimming around in his little bowl. It looked to be at unrest as well.

Zexion had already fallen asleep while holding onto his boyfriend. I gave a slight smile at how comforting that it really looked. He had to have been exhausted after helping Xemnas moved him. Or maybe he moved me instead.

"Riku?" Marluxia held me tighter.

"How is it with you and Saix?" I asked before he could say anything more.

"Nice try in trying to divert the conversation. There is nothing happening between the two of us. However, I'm more worried about you."

"Me too! Zexy said you got into a fight with Papa Seph. He wouldn't tell me anything else," Demyx gave a cute pout.

"I'm fine. I'm just a little tired," I answered them.

I felt a horrible pain run through my stomach. I clutched it and almost cried in the pain that I was feeling. Marluxia held me even tighter and was whispering sweet words to me. Demyx placed Sakana down on a nearby table and ran over to me. The two wrapped their arms tightly around me. I wished that the pain would just go away. When it was shown that it wasn't going anywhere, Marluxia left to find help. He opened up a portal and left.

I let out a scream, one that I wasn't sure if it was even mine. Why was my baby tormenting me like this? The smallest of beings and he was basically trying to kill me just for carrying him. I don't know how long I could deal with this. No. I could not get rid of my baby! This is my baby. I could never kill him or do anything that could harm him.

The portal opened up and Marluxia was back with Saix. The blue haired man moved Demyx and picked me up. He took me into the room where my tousan laid. He placed me on one of the examination tables on and called for Vexen.

Demyx and Marluxia walked in. They held my hands tightly as we waited for Vexen to appear. I'm not sure why this pain was so bad all of a sudden. I usually can tolerate pain, any pain that I could have. Well except for heartaches and this pain now. I was thankful for them being there with me. I don't know what I would have done any other time.

Vexen calmly walked in as Saix stroked my hair gently. He held a clipboard in his hands. I knew that the clipboard had all the reports about how my tousan was doing. I gave the weakest of smiles to the crazy scientist. He looked at me with those strange green eyes and placed his right hand on my stomach. I winced and let out a yell.

"So it's your stomach again, Riku?" Vexen asked.

"Of course it's his stomach! It's his freaking baby bothering him and it's giving him more pain than what anyone of us had freaking expected!" Demyx yelled.

Vexen took a step back after hearing the little water user yell. That was something different, but he was someone that was really protective when needed. I squeezed his hand to make him calm down a little. It wouldn't help, but it was worth a shot.

He looked down at me with the cutest of smiles. I couldn't help but smile back at him until the pain came back to me. I winced at it and fought back the scream that threatened to spill from my lips. This...this was unfair. I couldn't do this. I couldn't survive what was happening to me.

I saw through the curtain and there was my tousan. He was looking back at me with those overly beautiful eyes that showed his concern for me. That was it. I needed his strength and the strength of Xemnas in order to continue to be strong. I was strong, but I needed more strength. I had to be able to take this pain and live with my family.

"As of right now, there is still nothing that I can do. He is just going to have to endure it," Vexen walked out of the room.

"Remind me to drown some of his experiments later," Demyx huffed.

"Number IX, that is not something any of us are willing to allow happen," Saix shook his head.

"Fine. I'll just do it without your permission."

"You have got to be the most difficult person aside from Axel."

"That title still belongs to you, Saix-puppy."

"Call me that infernal nickname again and, so help me, I will rip out your throat!"

And then I was laughing. There was nothing at that moment that could make me upset, even the pain that I was feeling. Saix and Demyx usually didn't interact with one another, and even if they did it would always end with a blush from Demyx. So for an extensive period, I had a time to laugh at the two of them.

The fun and laughter was cut short as an alarm sounded. Marluxia, Demyx, and Saix all stood alert as if they were waiting for someone to burst through the door and do some kind of harm to us. Vexen even came around with his shield in hand. I sat up and summoned Way to the Dawn.

"Something is here," Saix growled.

"Well whatever they are, they sure as hell aren't getting to Riku," Marluxia swung his scythe.

"Of course not, we're here. So he doesn't have to worry about a thing," Demyx summoned his little water clones.

"Even though I highly doubt that you will be of any help to us, IX, we will take them down," Vexen opened the infirmary door.

Zexion was out there, fighting something that I wasn't sure of. They looked blue and similar to Shadow type of Heartless. Yet their movements reminded me of the Dusk type Nobodies. I tilted my head and was ready to jump out of my bed to help him out some. However, Demyx ran out first with his clones and his Sitar in hand. I almost yelled out to stop him, but Saix went after him. They would be alright. I knew that they would. They were Nobodies. They were a part of Organization XIII. It took both Sora and myself to defeat all of them.

Marluxia held me tightly by my shoulders. I stood up and held my stomach with my free hand. I was going to go out there and help them. I really wanted to help them, no matter what exactly happens to me in the long run. My friends, my family, my home. I would protect them all to the fullest. This was my life now and as such I would do everything in my and the Keyblade's power to do so.

Vexen protested as Marluxia led me out to the action of the battle. I only looked back to see Sephiroth and his nod of approval. I didn't understand if he meant that he thought that this was the only thing that made sense or if he wanted me away because of the Darkness that I smelled was coming from him. Well that was fine, either way. He gave me a sign of approval so I could do just about anything.

"We're here to help out!" I used Dark Firaga against one of those things.

Marluxia held me steady, sensing that I wasn't as strong as I most likely was acting. I nodded my thanks to him. I needed every bit of help standing up with the baby growing in me.

Zexion moved over to my side. He was better off using long ranged magic than being in the middle of a physical battle. Marluxia was better off up there with Demyx and Saix as they were attacking them simultaneously. Zexion and I could cover the rear with magic and defensive properties. Better yet, Zexion would stay in the rear as I went up to the front to help attack with my Keyblade.

Which was exactly what I did. I went to the front line and attacked one of the creatures with the help of Saix. I saw the look of disbelief he gave me, but I paid it no heed. I went after another one and attacked it. This one didn't die like I had hoped that it would have. These things were unnaturally strong to be able to withstand an attack by the Keyblade.

I jumped back as it swiped at me with its claws. One of Demyx's clones came over to take the hit for me. This really sucked. We weren't strong enough at the moment to kill these things with one hit, especially not me with my Keyblade. I was getting frustrated easily.

"Why are these things so damn hard?" I yelled in my frustration.

"The question is what are these things?" Demyx jumped to my side.

I moved to the side when I saw one come after us. Demyx swung his Sitar, effectively killing it and making one less creature around us. I wanted to jump for joy, but that would be the stupidest thing that I would have ever done.

It seemed like forever with the way that we were fighting these things. The numbers never seemed to be going down, in fact it looked like it was the same if not more than what we started with. Demyx was feeling tired, I could tell by the fact that his beloved smile was gone. Saix was...well Saix. Fighting was something that he never got tired of as long as the moon was shining down upon him. Marluxia was using his scythe to help him stand up while he cast magic to attempt to kill them. Zexion stood besides me, lazily swinging his book to attack as he used up his magic a while ago. As for me, this was the only thing keeping my mind off the pain that I was once feeling in my stomach.

"Why are they not dying?" Saix yelled as he jumped back to the rest of us.

"If we knew, then we'd tell you. However, there is no answer to that at the moment, so please refrain from yelling out questions that have no answers," Zexion shook his head with a sigh.

"Questions and answers...they have no place on a battlefield. Only keeping each other alive and killing these things should matter right about now," Marluxia swung his scythe.

"Well right now, just fighting is enough," I said.

"Fighting isn't getting us anywhere. They just keep coming back!" Demyx ducked behind me.

I was ready to block an upcoming attacking. Yet nothing had happened. The creature was gone. All of them that were in that room had disappeared. I fell to the ground, gripping my stomach from the pain again.

I stood up as quick as I had fell down. Way to the Dawn had fallen out of my hand and landed on the floor only to disappear. I narrowed my eyes looking around. They couldn't have just disappeared like that. It was impossible. Someone either destroyed them all or un-summoned them. With the five of us not being able to handle them, who could? No one was even half as strong as me.

The next thing I know I was being held within the arms of someone. Nice strong arms, much like those of my tousan. I looked up and there was the beautiful jade eyes with the warmest look in them. I gave a soft smile at him.

"You did well, Riku. You all did," he held me tighter.

"Papa Seph! You're okay," Demyx jumped up and down.

"Of course. I may hold a large part of the Darkness within me, but I am strong enough to hold it back when I need to."

I didn't say anything. What I would have said would have been some hurtful words. I loved my father, but he almost hurt me and my child. Well he did hurt us. I was lucky enough that there are potions in everyone's room or else I would be in serious pain. I was upset that he allowed the Darkness to take control of him.

"What is wrong, Riku?" tousan gave such a sad smile.

"Tousan..." I could only say that much.

I wanted to move myself out of his arms. Not for any specific reason, just so I could be out of them. The Darkness had subsided so much, the most I could smell was twilight. The twilight of the Nobodys that surrounded me.

He released me and I looked up at him. I summoned Way to the Dawn to my hand. I was a little too relaxed in his embrace. Who's to say that he wasn't sapping me of my strength or something equally as bad. Though the look in his eyes said otherwise. Maybe I was being a little paranoid because of our fight earlier, it isn't something that I'm not used to. I'm very paranoid.

Saix and Marluxia stood on my left. Marluxia had his hand on my shoulder as if he wanted me to be the support that his legs just couldn't be. Saix had his right arm wrapped around the pink-haired Nobody's shoulders.

Demyx and Zexion were standing to the right of me. Demyx was holding onto his smaller lover as if he was the last thing he could hold before death. Zexion was giving Tousan such a stern look. He just isn't going to let what happened go. Not that I blame him. He watched what happened, I was the one experiencing it.

"Xemnas," I said softly.

"Riku, I have never apologized for anything in my life. But to you, my musuko, I will apologize for the rest of my life. I never meant to harm you, and yet I did. I allowed my anger of your mother to cloud my thoughts, to full the fire that the Darkness within needs to make me succumb to it. Musuko, I only wish you forgive me for allowing this to happen," tousan touched my cheek.

"Xemnas, where are you?" I said louder

"Why...why am I so weak? Why is it that I want his help? I don't need Xemnas for everything. I can handle this myself."

I couldn't believe how I had come to rely on Xemnas for most of my problems. This was something that only I could handle. He was my father, my tousan. He had harmed me. It just seemed so hard. I just didn't know what to do. I was...I am so confused about everything. I need some help—some guidance—on what I should do!

Sora's POV

I sat with Irvine, Cloud, and Wakka as Selphie, Shuyin, Tidus, and Lenne were fighting. Something inside of me said to help out Shuyin, but Tidus and Selphie were right. His actions were not right. He claimed to love me, he said that he had always loved me and this is how he treats me. He acted as if I didn't exist. It wasn't like that before Lenne showed up.

Sora, you have to stop them. Roxas was better at least.

Why? They don't seem to want to stop. I answered him.

It isn't right to fight about nothing. Sure it's about how Shuyin is pretty much a jerk now that Lenne is around. I thought he said that she was a nice girl?

Rox, I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that Shuyin is in love with me and not her. I don't even care anymore.

Good. He'll just turn into another Riku.

Shut up! He won't leave! He won't go to the Darkness!

You think that now.

"Shuyin will not go to the Darkness!" I screamed aloud.

All eyes went on me. I looked at them with embarrassment written all across my face. I never thought that I could escalate a conversation with Roxas like that. I had yet to scream about any of our other conversations that involved Riku. Was it because this was Shuyin? Were there feelings that I had for Shuyin that I didn't have for Riku?

Cloud was the one that seemed to be the most worried about me. I just fell into his embrace, ready to just pass out. I wished that none of this had happened. I need to quit my self-bashings. Yet, it was just too hard to deal with.

"What are you talking about? All this going to the Darkness and stuff?" Shuyin walked closer to me.

"Sora has fears that you will leave him much like Riku has," Cloud answered for me.

"I wouldn't leave my precious Sora for anything in the world."

"So then why are you defending Lenne?" Tidus had this look that said he wanted to fight more.

"She is still someone I care for! I won't allow anyone to say something mean about or to her!"

"You said that you love me. So you would allow her to speak badly about me and my friends who are defending me are in the wrong to you," I said.

Shuyin's eyes grew wide. I stood up, Cloud's hand releasing me from his warm embrace. I was ready to go after him, to speak my mind about everything. I...I didn't want him to leave me all alone. I had already lost Riku, I couldn't lose Shuyin as well.

"Sora?" Shuyin reached out for my hand.

"Tell me something, Shuyin. Are you really wanting to be with me or was that just to get my hopes up," I said.

"Sora, I wouldn't lie to you. I mean it when I say I would do anything for you and that I love you."

"Really? I'm not sure. I think you are in love with Lenne and honestly don't know what you want."

I closed my eyes, feeling something strange surge through me. I could see Roxas. His face showed that he was proud of me. Proud that I was able to stand up for myself against this. I couldn't let all this go down and have my friends take up for me for the rest of my life, now could I. I am the only one who could stop this. This was my life, no one else's.

"Sora," Roxas said, softly.

"What is it, Roxas?" I asked.

"Shuyin...I don't know why, but I feel like he's supposed to be with you."

"What? No. No. We are not going through this again. I was supposed to be with Riku, remember, and you saw how that all played out for me. I'm not sure why I trust my heart to anyone. In the end all they will ever do is hurt it, break it into a million pieces. I...I..I'm so tired of the pain that I still feel from Riku. I just want to sleep, forever."

"Sora! You can't do that. You are the Keyblade Master of Light. Without you, everything will go into hell. Don't think about them—Shuyin and Riku—think of the others. They need you. Finding your Light...your source of Light can come later in life."

"I didn't mean literally. Just shut my heart down for a while. Let my feelings—all these emotions—take a nice long break. After all, it's only been three months since Riku left, I shouldn't be going after anyone else just yet."

"You can if that is what you wish. You have the right to pursue who you want whenever you want. Just don't give up on Shuyin so soon. And don't ashut down our heart. Our lives. And the lives of those around us, depend on our heart. Everyone's heart is connected to ours. With it shut down, everyone will live in complete misery, or maybe even disappear."

I reached out for him. I knew that everything he said was true, every little thing. Yet, I didn't want it to be. I wanted to shut down my heart, for us to live alone in a place where no one could reach us. Just the two of us. Away from our sorrow, away from our pain, away from everything.

He reached out for me, showing his sad little smile. I remember it. The first time that I remember seeing Roxas, not knowing who he was and before our battle, he gave that to me. He wanted me to wake up that time. Now, he just wanted me besides him. I wanted to be besides him as well.

I couldn't reach him. Something else had grabbed me, or more to the point, someone else had grabbed my hand. I looked at this person and found myself shocked. He looked just like Roxas and on the other side was a girl that looked much like Kairi, except her hair was black. I had never seen them before, yet I felt as if I had known them for all of my life.

Roxas moved closer to them. The three of them felt so warm, as if they were nothing but pure light coming to help me. It was strange. They were here, within me. I wondered if they all knew each other, conversed with one another like I do with Roxas or my friends.

"Not just yet, Sora. You can't give up yet, Sora," the girl said, giving off the same smile as Roxas.

"Who are you? Both of you?" I looked between the Roxas look alike and the girl.

"Sora, I'm afraid that we can't tell you. You have to remember us on your own time. As for now, I can't allow you to make any contact with Roxas. To do so will cause your heart to shut down and go into a comatose status," the Roxas look alike sighed sadly.

My eyes opened and there was everyone looking at me, everyone except Lenne looked worried. I felt confused and I wondered how long had I been out like that, It couldn't have been long as Cloud wasn't holding me like I had expect him to do. That means the last words I had said to Shuyin said was most likely the last thing said to me.

"Shuyin, I love you," I said to him.

"I love you too, Sora," Shuyin smiled, gently.

"Then dump Lenne, right here and now. Make her apologize for getting my friends angry. That is all I want as proof for you saying that you love me."


"If you can't do that, then you don't love me. Don't tell me false things. I will not and cannot have them."

A bright light engulfed my hand, forming my Keyblade, the Kingdom Key. I swung it before pointing ity at Shuyin. He backed away with his eyes wide in either fear or confusion. I meant what I said. I can't have false things coming around me. I will destroy it before it hurts me and that does include people.

Life has begun to go the other way for our heroes. Not only are they confused with their current lives, but there are mysterious creatures showing up in their respective worlds. Riku tries to deal with the situation with his father and yet is unsure on why he depends on other people for help. Sora is unsure on what to do with his relationship with Shuyin, or if he could even call it a relationship. Is it the Relam of Light that is playing tricks on them, to make them return to each other? Or is there something deeper happening? And who are the two people that are within Sora besides Roxas.