(Kevin and Joe are sitting in there room playing on the drums and guitar)

Kevin: (stops playing) Hey I wonder where Nicks at

Joe: I don't know he was just running to the hardware store to get something to fix his guitar

(They hear a crowd of fans screaming coming towards the apartment)

Nick: (from outside) ahhhhhhh…

Kevin: (concerned) Oh boy

(they run to the window)

Joe: He's gonna die

Kevin: Hey Nick watch out for the

Nick: (hit's the wall) Owwww…

Kevin: Wall

(Joe gives him a look)

Kevin: What

Joe: (looks out) Oh no he fell

Kevin: Man Down !!

(they run down the stairs)

(Scene changes to the boys down stairs Kevin is trying to pull in Nick who's clothes are just hanging off him and Joe is waving the fans away with a broom)

Joe: (waving the broom) back…back I say back (closes the door) you ok dude (looks at nick)

Nick: No I think they dislocated my shoulder and plus I got a stabing pain in my side (leaning his head back against the couch and runs his fingers through his hair)

(their mom and dad walks into the room)

Mom: Oh my gosh Nick are you ok ?

Dad: You look like you just got attacked by a wild animal

Nick: (still shaking) Fans did this

Dad: Ambush

Nick: Yea

Mom: Are you ok ? (walks over and sits down beside him Nick lays his head on her shoulder)

Nick: They ran me into a wall mommy

Mom: Awwww…well you better go upstairs and get out of those clothes

Joe: (lifting up a sleeve that the fans tore off) what's left of them that is

Nick: If I could move I would

Joe: Come on we'll help you get upstairs (him and Kevin grab nicks arms)

Nick: (as he's being lifted up) owwww…

(they walk back up the stairs)

(scene changes to about 2:00 in the morning Nick comes out of the bathroom the light shines into Joe's face)

Joe: (half asleep) turn off the light

Kevin: (waking up) Nick what's wrong this is the 4th time you've been to the bathroom tonight

Nick: I don't know I just can't get rid of this pain in my side and my head hurts and I think I've threw up everything I ate yesterday and (he falls to the floor)

Kevin: NICK !!

Joe: (jumps out of his bed) Nick wake up…Nick

(their mom, dad and Frankie run upstairs)

Dad: Guys what's going on it's 2:00 in the morning

Mom: (looks down and sees Nick laying on the ground) NICHOLAS !!

Dad: How long has he been out

Joe: Just a couple of minutes

Mom: (now holding Nicks head in her arm) he's burning up Tom go call an ambulance

Dad: I'm on it

(Scene changes to Stella and Macy who have had a sleepover Stella is asleep on the couch and Macy is asleep on the floor the phone rings)

Macy: (her hand comes up over the coffee table)(drowsy) Stella phone

Stella: (half asleep) I got it (turns on the lamp and reach's for the phone) Hello

What…when…ok were on our way bye (hangs up)

Macy: (sits up) what's wrong

Stella: Nick's in the emergency room

Macy: Oh my gosh what happened ??

Stella: They don't know yet he just passed out

Macy: let's go

(they get up and run out of the room)