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Naruto and the Sorcerer's Stone

Chapter one: The New World

Ever since the beginning of time all witches and wizards have all asked the same question. The magical world has all wondered where their magical powers came from. It didn't seem logical that they came from muggles could have evolved to have mystical powers. Wizards wouldn't even have considered it if there weren't muggleborn wizards around. There was always that uncertainty that maybe wizards never even belonged to this dimension but that idea was forgotten as quickly as it was brought up. Though Professor Dumbledore, (Headmaster of the magical school Hogwarts) always kept an open mind.

At the moment Albus Dumbledore was walking down a long empty corridor. The only sound was his foot making contact to the ground and the halls were light dimly by torches along the side of the brick wall. He was searching for a special department known by very few people outside the ministry. He was 9 levels underground of the Ministry of Magic on the floor was called "Department of Alterations of Space and Time" and the witches and wizards that worked here specialized in the theory and complications of time travel and magically bending space. This is also the section that created the time tuner and other basically illegal devices.

The reason that Dumbledore was on this unknown mission was on the cover story of the daily prophet. It reads

Truths Revealed?

No matter what the average wizard and witch has seen through out there lives, there will always be a strange event that no one can explain. Out in the Pacific Ocean a little bit south from Japan a large circular black indentation in the water. A strange aura is constantly pulsating from the indentation causing muggle equipment to go haywire. This random appearance of the unknown indentation is almost as confusing as the random wormhole in the Bermuda triangle. To help explain this unusual event the Minister of Magic has given a few words.

"At first this bizarre phenomenon has given the ministry of magic a hard time figuring it out. Our Department of Alterations of Space and Time has a theory that a passage way through dimensions has appeared due to the fluctuation of atoms at one side of the passage. They even suggest that this has happened before and maybe a part in the creation of the magical world. But there is still more studying to be done.

And with that I still await more answer from the Ministry of Magic in hopes to enlighten my dear readers to recent events and tell if everything thing we though we knew about our origins is a lie- read more at page 5 section g

After reading the article Dumbledore felt compelled to investigate the matter. There was no one more qualified to teleport through dimensions then him for he can defend himself easier than most. Dumbledore suddenly stopped halfway down the corridor and looked to the door on his left read the sign "Dimension Detectives". The door was dark ember wood with a large golden knob with silver initials around the base. Dumbledore quickly turned the knob and walked in. To the untrained eye this room would have seem to be total chaos. Random doodahs were whizzing around near the ceiling, egg like objects kept on teleporting to random locations. Large beakers were overflowing poring all over the desks. There was a small wizard on the floor staring at ceiling. If his always changing color lab coat wasn't strange to any sight the tin foil wrapped around his head and the lack of pupils in his eyes would give any body second thoughts on speaking to the man.

"AH Dumbledore, it's so good to see you!" the old man on the floor cried. He pressed a button on his hand and in an instant appeared in front Dumbledore looking very eager to shake his hand "How many years has it been?"

"About ten years it has been, and might I ask what new name you have adapted to?" Dumbledore asked his eyes looking around the room.

"Why it's Klystron now!" Confusion now was printed all over Dumbledore's face

"And that means?" Klystron eyes became so large they look like they would pop right out of his head at any time.

"A Klystron is microwave travelling wave tube power amplifier used in transmitters." Dumbledore was still confused and was about to ask for a simpler definition till he remember what he was here for. Shaking his head Dumbledore began to speak urgently to Klystron

"I hope you have read today's Daily Prophet?" Dumbledore asked finally looking in the smaller mans eyes.

"Why yes I have bu-"

"Do you know exactly what it is" Dumbledore interrupted

"No I didn't go investigate the situation, Robert did and im waiting for him right now." right at that moment the fire place burst into green flames and a man toppled out of it. The man stood up and tried to wipe off the soot that covered his white lab coat. Even though covered in dirt Robert looked like he was about to burst with excitement. Not even the presence of Dumbledore made his wide grin falter. Actually it seemed to grow several inches and he threw his hands in the air shout at the top of his voice" Blood hell they were right!!"

"Who was right?' Klystron snapped irritably

"The Ministry of Magic was right! The strange phenomenon is a portal to a different dimension!!" Robert exclaimed

"And how do you know?" asked Dumbledore

Robert started to lower his voice as if to tell them something top secret." Why I tested it myself you see. I took a magic carpet all the way to the sighting, and when I got there the minster's aurors were just floating around on there broomsticks not sure what to do. So I took a big risk and stuck my head in!"

"You did WHAT!!!" Screamed Klystron

"Shhh." Said Dumbledore who was staring intensely at Robert trying to catch every word he said.

"As I was saying, I stuck my head in not sure what to expect. I saw a large luscious forest filled with fruits and animals that I have never seen before, not even in the wizarding world. I popped my head out to tell everyone what I saw. I stuck my head back in a couple minutes later and I was no longer in a forest. I was in a large desert like I've never seen, and a city was far out in the distance that looked like it was completely made of sand." Robert eyes got big again and he stared pacing back and forth. "I decided to repeat my steps a few times and the scenery kept changing to somewhere new and beautiful. Do you know what this means?"

Dumbledore didn't notice Klystron had sat down during Robert's story. He looked around and saw him not too far away sitting at a desk which was surprisingly clean. He had distance look on his face and Dumbledore barely heard him whisper blimey underneath his breath. "Do you think it's safe to travel through Robert?" asked Dumbledore

"Why most certainly sir, as long as you don't turn up in a volcano or something." Robert said reassuringly

Dumbledore turned to face Klystron and Klystron though he saw worry flicker through his eyes but I could have bee the lights. Then Dumbledore asked "Can you make me something?" Klystron face lit up with joy.

"Any thing sir, just ask!"

"Can you make me a portkey… that can travel through dimensions?" both Robert and Klystron looked positively ecstatic

"Of course we can but we will need to study the portal to understand the science."

"Great Robert, you both can come with me. Make sure to bring your magic carpet I will be aparrating out of here." At that both men in the room jumped to there feet and ran around the room collect items they needed. About two minutes later the men stood in front of Dumbledore not sure what to do next. "Alright put your arms on my shoulders." They did as they were told then the room they were in started turning so fast all they saw were colors melding together resembling a large abstract painting. Seconds later they stopped spinning right over a vast ocean with no sighs of land anywhere. The only thing that made this scene strange was the 20 foot large portal floating a couple feet above the sea surface, and the 50 or so witches and wizards floating on broomstick whizzing around the gateway to the new world. Dumbledore landed on top of the water without breaking the surface. The other two however not knowing the range of magical spell to be able to do what Dumbledore could just used the magical carpet to hover over the ocean. Dumbledore walk slowly toward the portal scrutinizing it with a look of the up most curiosity. "This is the answer to so many questions." Dumbledore put his hand forward and right before he touched the portal he dropped his hand and swiftly turned around and looked at the company he brought." How long do you think it will take to make those portkeys?"

To Dumbledore's surprise Robert and Klystron had set up a mini laboratory on the magic carpet. There were large beakers half filled with florescent green and yellow liquid. There were also unusually shaped glowing objects vibrating on the red carpet. Dumbledore being an expert on unusual objects did not know what any of these objects were used for.

"Hmmmmm about an hour, ya that's about right." Nodding his head Dumbledore turned walked off to talk to the small group of aurors who were not to far from the gateway. There floating on there broomsticks were the infamous Alastor Moody, Kingsly Shacklebolt, and John Dawlish. There were a few new aurors that Dumbledore didn't so he suspected that they were new recruits. The hour passed by so fast that Albus couldn't talk to all the new recruits. There was even a shark attack, one of the recruits named Nymphadora Tonks was hovering so low the ocean surface that a shark jumped out and attached itself to her leg. In no time Kingsly jinxed the shark so it released Tonks and danced on top of the water then dived back under were it was never seen again. Everyone had a good laugh out of it except Tonks, of look was looking murderous while clutching her bleeding leg. Nothing much happened after Kingsly healed Tonks' leg. Dumbledore was surprised when he heard Robert yelling, he turned to see what the commotion was about and saw Klystron waving his hand towards them. Dumbledore rushed over to see if something had gone wrong.

"What happened, is something wrong?!?" asked Dumbledore with a sense of urgency in his voice. This sudden outburst made Klystron raise his eyebrow in confusion.

"What? Nothing, nothing happened we wanted to tell you that we're done."

"Really, that's great! Well where is it"

"Here they are." Robert held out two boxes. Both were onyx black and were about 5 inches length and width. And both had small red buttons on the top. The only difference is the number on the side, both had respectfully had one or two printed on the side. "Sorry there so simple we couldn't make them real fancy sense we are short on time and materials. So first off these portkeys are not active yet so no one can be teleported way just by touching it. The way to activate them is by pressing the red button here." Robert pointed at the red button on top. "And wait five second and the portkey will be ready for use. To make sure the portkeys makes it back to our dimension we made these." Robert set down the portkeys and held up two circular objects have the number one and two printed on them also. They were tiny, just about the size of a galleon. "These are what we call portfinders. Just place these anywhere and the portkeys will be able to find them." Dumbledore knew not to question the two detectives so he just took the two portkeys. He pulled out his wand and tapped each portkey muttering something underneath his breath. The boxes shrunk down to bite size squares and Dumbledore placed them in his front pocket.

"Can you do me a favor?" the two men stared at Dumbledore expectantly "Can you place portfinder number one in your office, and place portfinder two any where you can in diagon alley?"

"Sure no problem." Said Klystron nodding his head, and with a deep sigh Dumbledore turned and started walking towards the portal. Right before he touched it he turned to look back at his two friends.

"If the situation arises that I don't come back please…. Don't touch my stuff." And with that Dumbledore swiftly turned back to the portal and stepped through to the new world.

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