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Harriet's first year at Hogwarts flew by. She was best friends with Ronnie, and even Herman Granger after a horrible encounter with a troll. (He had been sulking in the boy's lav after Ronnie had insulted him.) Harriet's classes were challenging, but much more exciting than those in Muggle schooling. She absolutely loved Transfiguration and Potions (besides the awful Potions Mistress who seemed to hate her from the start). This didn't matter so much, however, because Harriet seemed to have a knack for Potions, and Professor Snape could only insult her near perfect potions so much before there wasn't anything to insult.

Harriet had even made in onto the Gryffindor House team - as a first year! She loved the look on Drea Malfoy's face when she found out - she thought she was gonna get in trouble for flying during their lesson after Nelly had fallen off her broom.

Other than the regular school stuff that year, there was a mystery going on, and the trio of friends were trying to figure it out. Harriet believed that Lady Vanessamort was after the Philosopher's Stone so she could come back, and her and Ronnie were sure that Professor Snape was helping her do so.

The pieces started to come together. Ruby Hagrid's three headed dog Fluffy was guarding a trapdoor, and Harriet had a good idea of what was inside it. Also, Vanessamort was in the Forbidden Forest, feasting on the blood of unicorns, trying to stay alive.

Finally, near the of the year, something had to be done. Harriet suspected that Snape was going to go after the Stone because Dumbledore wasn't at Hogwarts. So Harriet, Ronnie and Herman went under the trap door. They were caught in Devil's Snare, then had to face flying keys, a giant chestboard (where Ronnie was knocked unconscious) and Herman figured out the potion that would let Harriet pass to the next room, and Herman turned back to go get Ronnie and alert Dumbledore.

When Harriet entered the room, the first thing she saw was the Mirror of Erised. She had seen it before, and Professor Dumbledore had warned her that it was danger. Harriet had spend many nights in front of it, looking at the face of her parents. There was her mother, who had messy black hair like her own and glasses, as well as her father, who was a red head and had her own brilliant green eyes.

The next thing she had noticed was Professor Quirrell. She was standing in front of the mirror, and muttering to herself. Harriet was shocked - where was Snape? Why wasn't she the one here, like she suspected? Quirrell noticed her then, and turned to face her. She revealed that it was not Snape after the stone for Vanessamort, but herself. And it had been her who had tried to kill her at her Quidditch match, and Snape who had been trying to save her.

Then Quirrell revealed Vanessamort - or what was left of her - on the back of her own head. She was grotesquely attached to the back of her head, and her features were very snakelike. She offered her power and glory, if only she would get her the stone from the mirror.

Then Harriet saw it - she was looking in the mirror, but she didn't see her parents. She saw herself, winking and then pulling the stone from her pocket. And suddenly, Harriet felt a weight in her pocket - she had the Stone! She had to get out, before Vanessamort could get it.

Harriet ran as fast as she could - she had to get out! Quirrell reached for her arm, but she suddenly let go with a cry of pain. Harriet could hear something that sounded like the sizzling of bacon, which was accompanied by the smell of burning.

Her touch burnt Quirrell!

When Quirrell tried to pin Harriet down, she reached her hands to her face and neck and that burnt as well! But it hurt Harriet too - there was pain in her hands and her head felt as if it would split open. Harriet was feeling dizzy, and collapsed. Everything went dark.

Dumbledore was in the Hospital wing with her when she woke up. She explained what had happened with the Stone, and with Quirrell and Vanessamort. It was so amazing that her father's love had created a sort of barrier against the likes of Vanessamort.

At the leaving feast, Dumbledore surprised the whole school and award more points to Gryffindor. Harriet, Ronnie and Herman all received points for their actions in securing the Stone - and even Nelly received ten points for standing up to them! This allowed Gryffindor to win over Slytherin!

It was bittersweet getting off the train at King's Cross station. Harriet was glad that the year was over, as it was very crazy, but when she saw her Aunt, Uncle and cousin, her stomach dropped. She had to spend all summer with the Dursleys.

"You have to come and stay with us over the holiday - both of you," said Ronnie.

Harriet grinned. It was like she read her mind. "I'd love to. Believe me."

Mr. Weasley walked over the three friends, holding the hand of Gino, who was pointing at Harriet and smiling. "I hope you all have a wonderful summer," said Mr. Weasley.

"Ready, are you," asked Aunt Verna. She and her Uncle Pete had come over to them, but Dee Dee was trying to hide. She probably still remembered her pig's tail Ruby had given her last summer.

"Yeah," said Harriet. She turned to Ronnie and Herman. "I'll miss you guys." She hugged Ronnie, and even Herman, who blushed a little.

"Call me if they treat you wrong," whispered Herman, motioning to the Dursleys.

"Oh, don't worry," grinned Harriet. "They don't know that I can't use magic outside of school. This summer might even be fun."


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