A/N: Just so everyone knows, the title is from the song playing while Merrill is hacking at Christian's face.

Goodbye stranger, it's been nice

Hope you find your paradise

Tried to see your point of view

Hope your dreams will all come true

Merrill had been in jail for less than a week and he already hated it. The food was crap, the people that worked there were crap, the inmates were crap. If the inmates didn't kill him-because God forbid the people that worked at the prison stop to help him in a fight-the disgusting slop they called food would.

He would kill Christian if he ever got out of here...No. No, he wouldn't. It wasn't Christian's fault he was in here. It was his own. The drug induced haze he was in before had long faded and he was finally thinking strait-for the first time in days.

Christian had tried to save him-had tried pretty damn hard too. He had only missed one meeting in the very few that Merrill had went to, but Christian had something important to do and he had called ahead. It was more than most people would have done for Merrill-after all, he was a hack. He had been weak and could have killed his friend because he wasn't strong enough to not get high.

Merrill sighed lightly. If he made it out of here alive...he would buy Christian dinner and thank him for trying...Oh, and apologize for that whole face-cutting incident.

Merrill narrowed his eyes, noticing someone staring at him from the cell on the left to his.


Merrill knew he should try to chill out and not start any fights, but he hated being stared at by anyone that wasn't some babe.

"Nothing." Escobar Gallardo replied, deciding to leave Merrill alone...for now.

Merrill looked away, deciding he didn't want anything do to with the tattooed freak staring at him.