I have other stories I should be working on but this little fellow bit me and wouldn't let go. The first part is short, but it's mostly to appease the bunny. OCs are used as I dislike villianizing actual characters


Optimus sat quietly in his brother's office, waiting for Ultra Magnus to finish his conversation. Grownups were so boring! They had been in here forever and all they had done was talk about stupid things like the e-con-o-mee and Mega-Mega- Megsy, the bad leader of the Decepteecons. He had wanted to show his brother the painting he had done in Sunstreaker's art class, but Magnus hadn't had time. Optimus understood that his brother was a Very Important Bot, but couldn't he take the time to just look so that he could go and play with his friends? 'Lita's creator had made energon cookies and if he didn't get there soon Sentinel would eat them all!

Pouting, the little mech started kicking his legs irritably. The chair he was seated on was much too big for him and his pedes didn't touch the ground. Magnus didn't like it when he jumped off the furniture though, so he was stuck there until his blue brother lifted him off.

"Optimus stop that!" Scowling, the youngling did as he was told. His brother was being such a meany! Well, now he didn't want to show his brother his drawing. He would go to 'Lita's house and show her creators. Bet they would like it. Atalia-Four was always nice to him. Decision made he jumped down from his chair despite knowing he was not allowed. Maybe if he was as quiet as a glitchmouse he'd be able to sneak out without Ultra seeing him. No such luck. Suddenly Ultra was there, grasping his hand tightly.

"If you would excuse me for a moment gentlebots, I must speak with my brother in private. I won't be but a moment."

"Of course, Ultra Magnus, take your time. It was nice to meet you, young Optimus." Even though he was irritated, Optimus remembered that he had to be polite. Executing a partial bow the child said,

"Nice to meet you." There were coos and titters from the gathered mechs and femmes. The little bot was undeniably adorable. One mech in the crowd said nothing; he merely watched from beneath hooded optics, silently alerting the other that it was time. Optimus did not struggle as he was escorted into the hallway. Instead, he glared up at his brother defiantly. The bigger bot sighed.

"I realize that you are bored, Optimus but this meeting is very important. If you cannot sit still and behave properly then you are going to have to go home."

"Don't wanna go home! Wanna go to 'Lita's. Atalia-Four's made cookies! I can show her my picture. Don't wanna show it to you anymore Ultraflash. 'Sides, you don't have time to look." Ultra Magnus heard the words, but was running close to the end of his patience. It had been a long day and his little brother wasn't helping. He didn't even realize that Optimus' petulance came from the belief that his brother no longer had time for him; he just heard the vorns old youngling being bratty.

"I cannot escort you over to Elita's right now, and your caretaker does not know the way there. You will have to go home for now. If I get off early enough I will take you to her home." Optimus' optics welled up with tears, but he did not let them fall.

"Meany! You promised!"

"I'm sorry Optimus. This meeting has gone on far longer than I thought it would. Please do not cause a scene now."

"Um, excuse me sir," a small beige mech with a black circle painted on his chassis approached the siblings, "I couldn't help but overhear. I live very close to Atalia-Four and Duskshot. If you want I can take your brother over there. I'm on my way home anyway." Optimus lit up.

"Yay! Please brother can I go? Pleeeeeaaaasse?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe we've met." The youngling didn't understand why his brother sounded so reluctant.

"Oh," the mech scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Blackdot. I work in Intel. I just transferred in from Cyber Four, so you probably don't recognize me." Optimus had heard that name before. He didn't know what C4 did, but his brother spoke of them with respect. If he was with one of them Ultraflash would have to let him go!

"I'm sorry; I just don't think it's a good idea."

"Ah, of course. Well, if you wish I can let Atalia know not to expect him then." By dropping the number the mech was saying that he was good friends with the femme. It was why Optimus didn't call 'Lita 'Lita-One. Optimus eyes 'Flash hopefully. If this nice mech was 'Lita's creator's friend then he had to let him go.

Ultra Magnus was running out of time. He had to get back to the delegates. He did not like leaving his little brother with a stranger, but he worked for one of Cybertron's most respected divisions and was a friend of Atalia and Duskshot. You didn't get to be either if you were of unsavory character. Making a split decision he nodded.

"You can go."

"Thank you Ultra Magnus! Thank you thank you thank you!" Optimus wrapped his tiny arms around the larger mech's knees. Blackdot laughed.

"Alright kiddo, let's get you to your friend's place shall we?" He took the small hand in his own and guided him down the corridor.

"Ultra Magnus to security."

"Go ahead sir."

"I want you to send whiplash to tail my brother. Make sure he gets to Duskshot's alright."

"Yes sir." With that done he returned to his meeting, unaware of the danger his naïve little brother was walking right into.


"Do you have the brat?"

"Yes sir! He is en route. Blackdot managed to ditch the tail, so we're in the clear."


The idea that Optimus is Ultra Magnus' little brother came from chibijaime over on deviant art. She kindly let me use it for this fic