Chapter Twelve:

Forever Will Our Souls Be One Part 2


Yes, there was thunder and rain and all of that but I knew that everything would work out in the end because they always seemed to work out. So, when I awoke this morning I was shocked to see that there was still a few rain clouds in the sky. Although I probably shouldn't have been surprised at all, I mean it's September for heaven's sake! So I went through all off the preparations that needed to be done so I could finally FINALLY marry Casey.

Everything was going smoothly until HE showed up. Everybody was hustling and bustling around putting everything in the places that they needed to be in and Casey was somewhere getting ready. I hadn't seen her since the night before, how they got her into the house with out me noticing. I will never know, but while everybody was doing what needed to be done and while guests were arriving thought the side gate, the doorbell rang. Now I was halfway dressed, well sort of. My pants were on and my shirt was buttoned minus the first few ones and so when the doorbell rang I went to answer it.

" Truman." I growled.

" Hey Derek! I knew Casey was getting married but I had no idea it was you! Small world." He greeted.

" What are you doing here?"

" I wanted to kiss the bride! I mean this is my last chance right, so why not take the opportunity while its still good." Truman stated.

" Get off my property." I snarled at him.

" Now, Derek. That's no way to talk about your bride." Truman smirked.

" Truman." Sam had stepped beside me, his hand on my shoulder holding me back.

" Sam! Good to see you. How's Kendra doing?" He still had a smirk.

" I don't think it's a good idea for you to be here." Sam was cool about it and I just walked away before I killed the guy.


" He what?!" I turned around to look at Sam receiving a good glare from Kendra and my Mom who were doing my hair and make up.

" Yea, good thing I came up when I did Derek looked like he was about to kill Truman." I turned back around shaking my head.

" You would think that guy could take a hint when I said no to him two years ago!" I yelled into the mirror, looking at Sam.

" Well could you blame him for trying I mean you are hot." Sam shrugged and Kendra glared at him.

" Thanks Sam but I do not need anybody ruining today. It almost rained and I just want this over and done with!" I was full of anxiety and about to burst into tears.

" I know, look we only have ten minutes before you walk down the isle." Mom soothed me, patting my shoulder.

" Okay, okay. Ten minutes...TEN MINUTES!!!" I was having second thoughts.

" It's will be fine, now all you have to do is put on your veil and shoes and you are good to go!" Marti said.

" Yea, okay I can do this. I mean it's only MY wedding, I'm not nervous...No, of course not." Everybody stared at me like I was crazy, and even looked a little concerned.

" Case, it's time to make your entrance." Sam had left and Kendra was pushing me out the door.

" I can't do this." I said, My Dad holding out his arm.

" Yes, you can sweetie. Just look at him, nobody else." He said as the music started and I headed down the isle.

I was so scared but excited at the same time. My heart was about to burst through my chest out unto the beautifully decorated backyard grass. I took a deep breath and looked at Derek, and I froze for just a moment. He was gorgeous, his tux looked amazing on him and his "naturally" messy hair was trimmed. It still looked as good but just different enough to have it make me wonder. As I continued walking I noticed all of the people there, looking back at me and then at him. Some people were crying, and other had disappointed looks on their faces. Why did we invite cousin Vicky again? The sky was a crystal blue and it went perfectly with my theme, and the arch was decorated with white lilies and blue ribbon. Which went unto the ground and flowed between the isles, and there was a white path way leading me to Derek.

" I can do this." I whispered to myself with a huge smile.

And he smiled back.


She was gorgeous, her hair was down and curly, the dress she wore... I don't think I have ever seen her glow so much, it was a modest dress, it looked so amazing. I could feel Kaylie there along with Dean....

As she walked towards me, her blue eyes looking right into mine, I couldn't help but smile. This was the happiest day of my life. When she was standing next to me at the altar, I took her hand. The priest started the ceremony, and I faced her.

" I love you." I whispered.

" I love you, too" She had tears in her eyes.

We stated our vows and the priest saying " until death you part", and someone in the audience burst out laughing and yelled " You think that after they die, they will split apart, come on! They are inseparable!" Everyone laughed at that moment.

" You're right, forever and all eternity will I be with you." I said loud enough for everybody to hear and she smiled squeezing my hand.

" I now pronounce you husband and wife...you may kiss the bride." I leaned in and kissed her lips softly at first and then it slowly turned more passionate. I think I heard someone whistle, but I can't be sure. Oh well.

After I pulled away we faced the audience....