Chapter One

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Plan: Run Afar.

S'pose 'home sweet home' isn't sweet after all.

Bang, slam, yell.

Her life constantly consisted of those three things, it was bloody annoying! Constantly, night after night her parents would bang things, and slam doors, yelling at eachother of how they hated one another and never wished to had fallen in love so young.

Blue eyes stared at the cieling, where a poster of Harry Potter layed, she enjoyed the books, and the movies so far..just even when she was having a good day she had to come home to listen to endless fights, that was until things got way to out of control and she stepped in.

Her auburn locks fell into her face, the bangs obscuring her view of the poster when she leaned sideways on her bed to hear her mother through the cracks in the wall, crying.

Her father was probably beating himself up.

One thing was for sure she guessed..her parents loved eachother but then at the same time couldn't tolerate eachothers presence.

She was forced to live in her attic, where the once bare dusty room was now the way she liked it, cozy and plastered on the walls were endless posters or painting of movies, books, people, friends.

Her lips pressed together as lowered the volume on her radio which was currently playing You're Not Alone.

Haha, sure.

She felt alone all the time. Her parents never spent time with her, her mother constantly worked day and night. Her father only stayed home to eat, sleep, drink and then go hang with his lazy disgusting people he called 'friends'.

She heared footsteps pounding slightly on the stairs upwards to her room, and there at the doorway appeared suddenly was her father who said "Get up, Kairi now!"

Kairi gently leaned up to have her father say "Shut that crap off and let me get through the window."

She sighed, lowering the volume of her radio on mute and opened her window where her father slipped down, and onto the ivory wall, which he lowered to the ground and said "Don't tell your mother where I am, ya' hear?"

Kairi waved her hand in acknowledgement and slammed her window shut.

Her father always snuck through the window after fights with her mother because he didn't want to be 'caught' Might as well, they fight all the time, what's another fight going to do?

She layed back on her bed, turning up the volume to feel her stomach rumble slightly. She glanced at her alarm clock which read '11:17 p.m.'

She had, had no dinner tonight since her parents were in the kitchen bickering over stupid things, like how they never had gotten a plumber, and the long staircases were always so dirty, blah, blah, blah.

She slipped off her bad, her black shorts catching the draft of the attic. She hated the attic..but she'd rather live up here than live downstairs and experience her parents bickering. A loose white T-shirt clung to her upper body. She opened the small brown door and walked silently down the stairs into her small, beautiful kitchen.

This room was what she loved the most..Her eyes glanced towards the fridge and she opened it, grabbed a container of milk. She reached into the cupboards, pulling out a light green bowl along with a spoon, and a cereal box named Berry Crunch. She filled the bowl, poured some milk and put the cerel box, and milk away.

Her legs dragged her upstairs onto her bed where she closed her door, locking it along with her window latch, and she ate her cereal silently.

The bowl was empty in merely minutes, and she placed it on the bedside table to clean tomorrow morning. She leaned over her bed to hear her mother taking a shower, finally.

She turned her radio off, and pulled out a small portable DVD player which her godfather, Cloud had given her for her birthday. She plopped the disk of Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince inside and began to watch. She honestly thought this was the best movie of the series so far.

As the movie droned on, she sighed and let the sounds fill her ears as she glanced out her window into the moon-lit sky.

Why, oh why did her life have to consist of bickering parents? Sure she was able to live her life, but she wanted parents who would actually care about her. Not parents who fought all hours of the day and ignored her.

Her eyes traced the moons structure and she glanced longinly into the sky. She loved the moon, it was just something about it that made it lovely.

Her eyes flickered back upon the DVD's screen where she watched a scene she loved the most, she smiled softly and then turned her player off, placing it back under her bed.

She suddenly though of her on-coming birthday where she would turn seventeen - the 'coming-of-age' well it was actually eighteen but she didn't care that much.

Than an idea struct her..she let her eyes close as she stared at her cieling once more and she whispered to herself "I'll run away..brilliant.."

She would devise a plan tomorrow when her father was at the bar, her mother at work to move to the place she dreamed of, Sunset Terrace where the legendary Sunset Hill was located and buy a house.

She had been saving money for years ever since she was little to live in Sunset Terrace located near Twilight Town. It was perfect! She would buy tickets..tonight and get them delivered in her friends mail, tomorrow and she would finally get out of the house she had been deprived in all her childhood years!

She jumped off her bed, and walked towards her computer which she booted on, and swung playfully in her wheely-chair while she waited. Her eyelashes rubbed faintly against her eye sockets as she closed her eyes.

The screen turned a light shade of pink, and her eyes opened. She clicked on her name and then went to the Internet, onto the website for tickets and bought one ticket for Sunset Terrace and asked for it to be delivered, tomorrow and to her friend, Riku's house.

Riku lived nearby, and was always willing to help her due to the fact that he knew her parents, and was always sympathetic. He would get packages and letters that she needed or wanted and gave them to her from his mailbox, since her parents had..well let's just say demolished their mailbox.

She shut off her computer, and walked towards her bookshelf where she picked out a random book she had already read a thousand times, and laid in a plush pink chair where she curled up and began to skim through the pages, desperately hoping it was one with a somewhat happy ending.

It wasn't.

She placed the book down into the chair and slipped into her bed where she contemplated how her life would be better without her parents rules and regulations.

She could eat whenever she wanted, go anywhere, finally get a job to provide for herself. She took care of herself anyway, her mother never cared for her much..since she wasn't exactly her parents showing of their unrequited passionful love for eachother.

Ha..if only she had siblings..than maybe just maybe her life wouldn't be so rough. She snorted, yeah, then again..probably not.

School in Little Hollow was..well actually boring. She was top of the school, with her brains. She thought for a second and figured she got them from her mother..her father was sort of..stupid.

Boys in Little Hollow, were shallow and utterly oblivious. She had never been in a relationship, only when she was little.

She had once met this little boy..but she couldn't actually remember his name anymore..just that he had brown spikey hair and beautiful cerulean eyes that glowed when he smiled.

His smile..she found that each day she couldn't remember what his smile was like. She never really knew how they had grown so distant..she just figured that he had grown up as had she..and that they no longer stayed in touch when she moved from Destiny Islands to Little Hollow the small, boring town.

Sure, boys in Little Academy swooned over her because she was most likely the only girl who was nice, and not stuck-up but she never paid much attention to guys.

Just on school work and getting older each minute..ah how life was so short.

She found herself growing tired, yet she couldn't fall asleep..she was to busy getting to over-excited on maybe just maybe living on her own.

Than again, she could get caught and then really not have any freedom, but since when did her parents even care one bit about her?

They just provided her food and money so she could get clothes, and things such as furniture and bathroom things, ah 'tis the life of a young teenager..or old teenager..her brain was starting to get confundled from the lack of sleep.

As she was about to close her eyes, and drift off to sleep she heared the front door to her home unlatch and hear her father stumbled into the house and into his room.

Yet, before he closed his door he said "Ey! Yo! Wife, go get me some dinner and we can gladly 'make-up'." She sighed at her fathers ignorance and she heard her mother getting up and heading into the kitchen where she forced herself to make something for her father.

She always felt pity or maybe it was sympathy for her mother..sure her mother was loud and sometimes ignorant..but she became that way because of her father who probably was once her mother's life and then turned out to be a living nightmare, that would never ever leave her alone..yet always threatened to leave their house.

Her eyes closed once more, and she drifted off to sleep but not before a small gray bird dropped a small, white piece of parchment on her windowsill.

The bird attached the note to the window, securing it, chirped in sucess and flew off.

She yawned, turning off her light on her nightstand and let the sounds of her mother frantically fixing something to please her ungrateful father let her mind rest at peace.

Unfortunate Events:

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