Chapter Six


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Trick or Treat?

We're airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars. She could really use a wish right now.

A cold rush of air swept into the room and her eyes widened as she leaned up. Glancing around her room, she noticed a vent adjacent to her, cold air gushing through. Shivering, she stumbled out of her bed and peered at the vent. Where was this air randomly coming from?

Heading downstairs, near the last step was a small square hanging on the wall that indicated the temperature of the house, what was turned on? Her eyes sought out the thermometer and she turned it to warm. When had she turned cold air on? Fumbling over her thoughts she sluggishly moved back up the stairs and towards her closet.

Rumbling through, she yanked out a simple white blouse, with a swirl of light pink cherry blossoms scattering around from the left sleeve to the end of the right side of her shirt. Dark blue jeans were also collected along with black converses, Riku had bought for her one Christmas.

Tossing her clothes on her unmade bed, she headed into the bathroom where she showered and freshened up. Wrapping a lavender towel around her frame, she headed to her bed, scooping her clothes up, and changing into them, tossing the towel on the ground.

Yawning gently, and kicking the towel towards the small dirty laundry basket near her bathroom, she went back into her bathroom and combed through her slightly wet auburn locks.

Finishing, she glanced around her room and stepped towards the boxes she had still yet to unpack and looked through it, scourging for the list of people in town.

Her eyes turned to her window and she noticed the wind was blowing hard…the clouds were dark and it looked like a miserable day. Good for a Halloween party.

Heading to her closet, she pulled out a lavender hoodie and slipped it on. She reached for her cell phone and shoved it in her pocket.

She picked up the small key that Sora had given her and placed it in her pocket, her fingers tingled as she touched the key.

Walking downstairs, she searched for some paper and a pencil and began to scribble a response to him.

Dear, Sora.

I can't seem to remember anything from our childhood past.

If you liked me, why didn't you tell me?

I can understand we were children but children have a lot more confidence to confess then people who are older it seems.

I'd like to know everything as possible.

Well, I went to a restaurant called Dash and I think I began to daydream about my past and that boy was waving his hand in front of my face.

He just mentioned he was worried and hoped to see me again, and then left after he smiled.

He reminded me of you.



She folded up the piece of paper, and placed it in an envelope sitting in the small living room. Opening her front door, she locked it behind her and went to place the letter in her mailbox. Once it was placed she raised the flag and headed to her car.

Sliding inside the drivers' seat she put her car keys in, pulling out of her driveway and towards the Ramen Shop. Once she arrived, she parked the car and walked inside.

Glancing around the small place she saw Olette sitting at a booth, her chin resting in her palm, and she was staring out the window.

Kairi headed towards her, and sat in the seat across. Olette was wearing an orange hoodie and blue jeans. She finally seemed to notice Kairi and said softly "Hello Kairi."

"Hello Olette, where is everyone?" Her eyes peered around the shop, noting the lack of people and the staff lounging about.

Olette's green eyes glanced in Kairi's direction and she replied "They're getting ready for the Halloween party, you're going right?"

Kairi placed her hands in her lap and fiddled with her fingers nervously, "Yep. I'm going."

Olette's face brightened as she smiled, "Great! It'll be alot of fun, I promise."

Time seemed to pass by slowly, and Olette's gaze never left the window, her eyes seemed transfixed upon something. "Olette, are you waiting for someone?"

Olette blinked slowly and she hesitated for a few moments "No…no, just daydreaming." She didn't seem to cheery so Kairi suggested gently "Could you help me get a costume? I want to pick out a good one…but I don't know the best places to go."

"I'd love to help you, let's go." Olette stood, grabbing her hand and leading her out of the small restaurant and down the cold streets of Twilight Town. They walked for what seemed like hours, finally reaching a small place called 'Magical Impressions.'

Staring at the sign, she laughed. "Sounds great."

Olette grinned and pulled her in, a small silver bell clinging at the door signaling customers.

A small pair of eyes peered over a fountain of boxes stacked onto the counter, a beautiful lady with long brown hair pinned back with a clip. "I'll be with you in a minute, ladies." She spoke.

Olette turned to Kairi and whispered "Her name is Aerith, she's just…awesome. If anything, don't mention a guy named Cloud."

"Cloud?" Kairi questioned "My godfather?"

Olette's eyes widened "He's your godfather? How awesome!"

Aerith chose the moment to walk over towards them, a bright smile on her lips "Hello, Olette! What can I help you with?"

Olette motioned towards Kairi and spoke "Aerith, this is Kairi." Aerith's eyes widened for a second but then softened as she replied "Pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." Kairi smiled in return.

"Alright! So, what kind of costume do you believe you are interested in?" Aerith asked.

Kairi moved through the columns of costumes, her eyes roaming over the different racks.

"Not really sure…beautiful ones." Olette's reply was heard from farther away.

Olette snickered and Kairi retreated backwards to see Aerith's beaming face as she pulled off a pink corset type dress, a white belt wrapped around it, black lace tying the front. Black gloves went from the crease in her arm, towards her hand, but left her fingers exposed. Black and white leggings accompanied the dress, along with pink converses, tied with orange pumpkins.

A gasp escaped her lips and she muttered "It's prefect.."

Aerith handed her the dress "Try it on, a mask accompanies it, if you'd like to wear it."

Sora's letter flashed through her head and she quickly nodded in approval.

Moving towards the dressing rooms, she entered the small changing room.

Her fingers removed the apparel she was currently wearing and she pulled the dress on, it fitted her in all the right places.

It was comfortable, it felt just perfect.

Opening the door, she was met with Olette's bright green eyes and she sighed "Kairi, you are so beautiful."

Kairi twirled in place and Aerith approached, carrying a lavender masquerade mask with a black laced trim around the outer edges. The mask covered her eyes, but exposed her nose and mouth.

Placing the mask on, Aerith's smile reached her eyes "You'll be so beautiful…Olette, there might be a similar costume in a variety of other colors."

Olette squealed in delight "Oh, if there is an orange one, I'd be in heaven. Kairi and I could be…the twin heart-stealers! Naminé, I'll force to join us."

A giggle escaped Kairi's lips. "Of course, she could wear a yellow one."

Kairi headed back into the dressing room, changing back and held the dress and mask in her arms. As she opened the door, voices ran past her ears and she blinked, they sounded slightly familiar.

Following the sound of voices she was met with two pairs of brown eyes. "Pence? Hayner? What are you two doing here?"

Hayner mumbled something like "What does it look like? Costumes…"

Pence elbowed him in the stomach "Hello Kairi! We're here to pick out a costume since this guy here wasn't smart enough to ask Olette to accompany him. She's all sour, thinking Hayner is blowing her off."

Realization sparked in her eyes "Ah, so that's why she looked so sad. She pulled me here, we're picking out our costumes."

Pence's eyes glanced at her dress "What'll you be?"

"A heart-stealer," Hayner snorted, and her hand rested on her hip. "What's wrong with that, Hayner?"

He coughed and replied "Nothing, nothing."

Pence smiled gently as she retaliated "I'll have you know, smart allic, your girlfriend is one to."

Hayner quieted immediately and Pence laughed, his hands clutching at his sides.

"What kind of costume are you two looking for?" Her voice pulled Pence out of his laughing fit. A light cough escaped his lips.

"Not sure yet, Kairi. I was thinking of being a wizard."

Hayner snorted with laughter again "He thinks they are so cool. I want to find a costume dealing with our Struggle tournaments. Aerith sometimes make hand-made costumes and imprints the tags with 'Magical Impressions.'"

Kairi peeled the tag outwards and was met with the name 'Magical Impressions' and her eyes widened "Wow…they are really beautiful."

Hayner nodded and Aerith called out "Hayner! Hello! Looking for a costume to, I see? Pence too!"

Pence grinned, his ears turning red. "Yup! Do you have a wizard costume for me?"


"Aerith…where is the mask for my costume? I feel ugly in this dress. Kairi? Where are you?" Olette's voice appeared and Hayner's jaw dropped when she came into view.

Her dress was similar to Kairi's except in orange and black, her mask also a black and orange.

Kairi laughed softly as Hayner continued to stare and Olette snapped "What are you staring at, imbecile?"

Hayner regained composure and his arms crossed against his chest "You, of course."

Aerith handed her over a mask, and Olette snapped it across her eyes, turning on her heels and walking away from Hayner.

Pence clamped him across the back and whispered "You'll need to do a lot more to make her happy at you again, sir."

"How about…saying sorry to her, telling her she is beautiful and kissing her?" Kairi suggested.

Aerith laughed gently, her hand against her mouth, and Hayner hurried after her, muttering under his breath.

"Now about your costume Pence, I believe I do have one." Pence followed Aerith through the racks.

Kairi placed her dress upon the counter, along with her mask. She pulled up a chair and sat upon it, waiting patiently. Her eyes drifted to where she heard Olette and Hayner conversing quietly.

Olette had her back towards Hayner, her arms crossed against her chest.

Hayner gazed at her back, his brown eyes soft and full of unspoken compassion. "Olette, would you stop, please?"

She turned, her brown braids swinging across her face. "Why! Why! Hayner…you blew me off!" Angry tears filled her eyes.

A sigh emitted through his lips, his hands clutching into fists. "I didn't blow you off! I figured you would want to pick out your own costume, instead of having to pick one out that would match mine, which you wouldn't enjoy! So I decided to come here with Pence! I did not blow you off!"

His eyes blazed and his hands pulled at his hair frustratingly.

Pence arrived mere minutes later, carrying his wizards costume and adding it to Kairi's costume. He beamed at her and pulled up a chair beside her.

"How are you Kairi?" He asked.

"I'm alright, excited for this party, does Hayner usually always have one?"

Pence's head inclined to the left as he tilted his chair "Yes, ever since Olette and him got together they throw a Halloween's their anniversary on that day."

Kairi's eyes sparkled "That is really romantic...but they're fighting. It must be pretty hard on Olette."

Pence grinned "Oh, it's alright. We make sure they aren't mad at each other by the end of the night."

Aerith soon arrived at the counter, a flushed Olette behind her, and a smug-looking Hayner trailing behind, carrying her and his costume, along with another one.

He placed them on the counter and slung his arm across Olette's shoulders.

Pence whispered to Kairi "See."

A small laugh escaped Kairi's lips and she turned her attention upon Aerith stared at the register for a few moments.

"Alright, kiddies. Since I feel so generous's on the house." Kairi's eyes widened.

"Aerith...I have to pay! I feel so intruding!" Aerith smiled, yet shook her head.

"Really, it's fine." Sighing, Kairi picked up her purchase and swung the bag back and forth "Atleast let me repay you somehow."

Aerith nodded and said "Meet me tomorrow, 9 o'clock am, here, please."

Kairi beamed "Absolutely!"

Once everything was collected, Hayner and Pence walked down the street, punching each other in the arm. Olette giggled with Kairi as they walked the other way back towards the Ramen Shop.

Olette began to skip down the street, and her hand gripped onto Kairi's. Kairi laughed as Olette pulled her down the street, her lips pulled into a huge grin. "The party, after awhile of dancing tends to become a drag. I mean, dancing, eating, and having small talk? Boring. So we rent a ton of movies, smoothies, and games. Smoothies...because we usually have a certain anniversary day of 'Movies and Smoothies' besides Hayner and mine."

Kairi looked intrigued "Why is it an anniversary?"

Olette swung her bag to and fro beside her "Our friend Sora...thought it would be fun."

As soon as she spoke his name she cursed under her breath and Kairi sighed "I'll pretend you never told me."

Olette frowned "I wish I could tell you about him...but ah I can't even tell you why we can't tell you! Oh crap, and I just told you his name.."

Kairi bit her lip, should she tell Olette that they've been sending letters to each other...when apparently she shouldn't be talking to him?

Her thoughts disappeared once Olette shook her head and mumbled "We're here."

Kairi's mood plummeted when she saw the crestfallen expression on Olette's face, "Hey…Olette, It's fine, I get it. You can't tell me, so I won't beat around the bush." Guilt churned from inside her stomach, the secret she was keeping was really serious.

Olette laughed softly "Who still uses that word?"

Kairi grinned "I do, of course!"

Olette belted out laughing, and together they hurried into the small shop fearing a storm would break out. The clouds were getting darker, the wind was picking up momentum.

A loud crowd was gathered around the center of the small restaurant, and Kairi's eyebrow raised in confusion. She could hear fragments of voices "Those two fighting?" "Fat chance-!" "Aha, what a wuss-"

She pushed people back and saw Roxas's eyes blazing with fury his glare directed at an obnoxious cocky Seifer, a smug look settled on his features.

Roxas snarled "Don't, Don't you say that about Naminé. You have no right."

Seifer leaned casually back "Oh, really? I don't really think a guy like you should be spending your time with a poverty stricken girl like her."


Kairi's hand swung across Seifer's cheek, her face flushed with anger. "You shut your mouth."

Seifer glowered and hurried out of the restaurant "You watch your back, gorgeous."

Her breathing came out raggedly and Roxas grinned from ear to ear "My god, Kairi. You sure beat the snot out of him."

Kairi sighed softly, placing her bag against her feet and wrapping her arms around Roxas's neck for a quick embrace "You stupid boy. Picking out fights, where is Naminé?"

Roxas pulled away from Kairi, his eyes widening "Crap." He mumbled and turned to run out of the store.

Olette appeared at Kairi's side and she squealed with delight "Oh, that was brilliant, slapping him like that! Every girl...well except maybe a few would've loved to do that!"

Kairi sighed exasperatedly and sunk into a nearby red-cushioned chair. Placing her bag in her lap, she tilted her head towards the ceiling and spoke to Olette "Do you think, I could go get ready at my house, and I could come over to your house for my hair? I have no idea how to wear this." Her fingers tugged disgustedly at her auburn locks.

Olette frowned disapprovingly "Kairi, your hair is gorgeous, but sure, sure. Well do you even know where my house is?"

"I'm sure I can find it."

"Alright, meet me there soon! I'll get Naminé to come too."

Kairi stood, embracing Olette gently, and swung her purchase tightly on her arm. Heading out of the shop, she made her way back home.

A few minutes passed, and her house came into view. Yawning slightly, she teetered towards her mailbox and opened the small flap. A letter sat prominently in the metal containment. Along with, a bag and another letter. Pulling out everything, she gathered them in her arms, closed the mailbox and headed inside her home.

Closing the door behind her, she made her way upstairs and placed everything onto her bed. Unwrapping the letter scribbled with her name she began to read the script:

Dear, Kairi.

Even so, confessing to someone you cherish deeply, is certainly a challenge no matter the age.

And you, you always made me tongue-tied. I couldn't possible confess to you when you wouldn't tell me who you liked.

What if it was someone else? That little boy, Tidus, who was a fantastic blitzball player, athletic, handsome, perfect for you?

Unlike me, lean but untidy brown hair, had some brains but not as prominent as yours, your best-friend...but from a not so perfect family status. I couldn't possibly hold your interest.

A boy that reminded you of me? How exhilarating!

Was he sexy?

If he looked like me, I'm sure he was just spiffy.

You want to know everything about me? I'm not sure that is a subject to discuss on mere paper.

I hope to be able to meet you.



P.S. I'm anticipating that annual Christmas dance. I'll also see you at the party.

Her eyes glanced towards a box in the corner which held that elegant red dress he had given her. She...just couldn't possibly wear that.

Folding up the letter, she placed it beside her and opened a small purple bag. Inside was a silver flower carnation, except it was real. A silver flower similar to the design of the charm he had given her, except it wasn't a person designed on it, littered with lavender jewels. A scrap of paper was taped to the back and it read,

'Wear this in your hair, tonight. I know it will match your outfit perfectly.'

Her hands dropped the carnation, how in the world did he know what her dress looked like?

Placing her hand back into the bag she pulled out the last occupant, a tiny note. Opening the small note it read,

To make sure the gang doesn't know your meeting me, wear your mask.

Kairi glanced back at her bed, and noticed another letter. Opening it, her heart almost stopped.

Dear, Ungrateful daughter.

How dare ya even think of running away from this house!

We provide for ya', feed ya', keep a roof over ya' head and this is how you repay me and your mother!

Kairi winced at his grammar.

Even though we don't know where ya' are, we will find ya' and bring you home.

Ya' can count on it.

If her father didn't know where she the heck was he able to send her this letter? Frowning gently, she pondered over who might've told her parents where she was.

Riku? But why would he rat her out…?

Tears spilled down her cheeks, but she wiped them off. Glancing at her cell, time was looming closer and closer towards the party.

Rushing, she quickly scrambled for some paper and a writing utensil. Picking up a pen, she scribbled out a letter.

Dear, Sora.

Ah, true as that may be, if you really do love or cherish that person, no matter the age, it would be easier.

You'd feel confident being able to express your feelings for the person who makes your heart feel aflutter, or keeps a bright smile upon your lips day after day.

Maybe it was possible that I liked you and I was too nervous to tell you, I find it sweet that I made you tongue-tied, usually I can't get people to stop talking even if it's a compliment or an insult.

Tidus? There's no such thing as a perfect guy. I probably, again liked you. Not a heart-throb. My bestfriend.

You're profile seems to hold all the interest to me, even if you think it didn't back then.


Exhilirating? I suppose...he was really cute. Sexy? Spiffy? Aren't you the cocky one.

I'll try to see you tonight, but, some complications could arrive. My father possibly knows where I am, and he's coming to get me.



P.S. I'm not. I'll cherish the moments we are in each others company.

She figured she should change and head over to Olette's quickly. She grabbed a hold of her dress from the bag and headed to her bathroom, changing quickly into her dress.

Running a comb through her locks she returned to her bed, and tied the carnation in her hair.

Placing the mask over her eyes, she smiled gently as she twirled around in her dress, yet feeling dizzy after a few moments, she gathered all the things from her bed and shoved them into a box nearby. She picked up a small bag and placed the key, Sora had given her inside, along with the other necklaces he had given her, and the charm. Hurrying down her stairs, she opened her door and closing it behind her, locked it.

She moved towards her mailbox, and placed the written letter to Sora inside, closing the lid gently.

She pulled the map up in her hand and stared at it for Olette's house. It was located nearby, so she began to run carefully down the street, wiping her eyes.

Arriving at a bright yellow house with gray stone, she knocked upon the door to see a beaming Olette pull her in but chiding her "Kairi! What took you so long?" Once she saw Kairi's reddened eyes she frowned.

"What's wrong?"

Kairi cleared her throat and answered "Nothing...nothing, let's get ready."

Olette led her into a large bathroom, pushing her into a chair, marveling at the carnation in her hair "This is beautiful, Kairi."

"It was a gift." Her eyes gazed at herself in the mirror, slightly red eyes, flushed cheeks, hair a wreck.

"Oh, sheesh, I look a mess."

"I'll fix that." Olette laughed as Kairi frowned.

"You're agreeing that I look like a mess."

"Yes Kairi because, you do."

"Aha - yes, very, very funny."

Olette stared at Kairi's hair for a moment, her fingers tugging through it gently.

"Let's see...we need a look that'll scream HOT."

"That's not necessary!" A laugh spilled from her lips.

"Is too!" Olette barked.

Olette went to work with Kairi's hair, considering it was already straight she began to form layers to add a somewhat choppy look. Her bangs were already swept to the side, so she pulled the carnation out and re-tied it to the top of her head where the bangs began to sweep down. Black mascara was placed upon her eyes, along with some black eyeliner with a twinge of dark purple. A dark purple eyeshadow dragged across her eyes, and wow.

"Perfect!" Olette smiled, her eyes roaming over Kairi completely.

Kairi stared at herself in the mirror and literally, squealed. Her fingers lightly touched her hair, and she glanced at the make-up.

"Really went all out, didn't you?" She asked softly.

"Of course, because you need to scream hot."

A light knock sounded on Olette's door, and her head turned to stare at the door.

"That must be Naminé, one second." Olette's orange flats padded against the bathroom tiles as she made her way towards the door.

Opening it, Naminé came into view wearing her similar costume. Resting at her knees was a light yellow corset dress, imbedded with white lace and white ribbons. A silver mask, rested at her side. Her leggings were white and yellow, her gloves silver, her converses black and white. She looked beautiful, her flaxen hair resting on her shoulders, her bangs swept into her eyes.

She smiled at Kairi and waved at Olette, who let her inside.

"It's really dark out there," Naminé whispered. "It all adds to the gloomy atmosphere of Halloween I suppose."

Olette winked at Kairi, who continued to sit in the bathroom chair. "I'll go change, be right back."

Naminé walked towards Kairi, and a smiled lit up on her face. "Roxas told me what you did, thank you."

Kairi shrugged "Seifer went too far."

Naminé leaned forward and embraced Kairi, sighing softly.

"I miss hanging out, all these boys, and trouble Seifer is stirring up, us two never spend time together anymore."

"I know," Kairi whispered. "Well how about later tomorrow, we hang out? I have to help Aerith with something but we can later?"

"Sure!" Naminé grinned, her blue eyes shining.

Olette came back in shortly, her costume on, and she laughed.

"We're going to break some serious hearts."

Naminé burst out giggling, and a small smile tugged at Kairi's lips. She felt a small pang of worry at the pit of her stomach...what was going to happen tonight?

"Let's go." Olette cheered, linking her arms with Kairi and Naminé. Together, they headed out the door and piled into Naminé's car.

"Why shouldn't we walk? Isn't the party at Hayners?" Kairi asked, her eyes narrowing.

"Ah, they moved it inside the clock tower, Hayner and the guys dressed it up as a surprise, Hayner said it took forever to clean up his house, and since we're going back there for the Movies and Smoothies he wants it too actually be clean." Olette answered, her eyes twinkling.

Naminé started the car, and pulled out of Olette's driveway, heading towards the Clock Tower. Kairi's eyes darkened, this was oh, so not good.

Naminé pulled to a stop, and climbed out of her car, Olette followed soon after. Kairi hesitated, her fingers clutched tightly on the door handle.

Olette glanced back, and started. "Are you all right, Kairi?" Her eyes sparked with...recognition?

Kairi smiled, dismissing her troubling thoughts and pulled out of the car, closing the door behind her. "Fine, fine, just nervous."

Olette smiled softly, and linked her arm through Kairi's. "It's alright, I'm here for you."

"Not for long." She whispered into Olette's ear as Hayner approached, his hands shoved casually in his pocket, his gaze directed at the ground. He wore dark green pants, straps casually hanging off the side from his back pockets too the front. His jacket was beige, and ran over a navy blue shirt designed with what looked like a blue sword. The blue sword also lay casually against one of the straps along his pants.

Olette's cheeks were brushed with crimson, as Hayner stopped in front of her. "Hi Kairi, to dance?" Olette nodded, and grabbed hold oh Hayners arm, dragging him inside.

Kairi glanced at the clock tower, the guys had really done a good job with the decorations. The outside clock tower was draped with toilet paper, plastic bats that really did look real, no strings attached. The dark sky added a gloomy atmosphere.

Walking towards the door, she stumbled into someone, and looked up. He was wearing a dark black cloak, it covered up his costume. But...his eyes were covered in dark black eyeshadow illuminating his alluring blue eyes, all around his eyes and towards his ears. He wore a pumpkin mask on the right side of his face, and a black hat disguised his hair.

"I'm so sorry!" She burst out, her fingers clutching the fabric of his cloak a little too tightly. Her cheeks flamed red, and she slowly pulled away.

"It's fine, people just love to bump into me. I'm guessing it's this sexy cloak." Wait...he sounded just like the guy from the restaurant.

Before she could utter another word, a voice cut through the awkward tension hanging around the two. "Kairi!"

She dragged her eyes towards the voice, and smiled brightly. "Hi Aqua!" Aqua was wearing an angel costume, the dress came to her thighs, and dragged out in ruffles, the color a light blue fading into dark blue. Her wings were silver, dabbed in blue glitter. Her eyes were covered with dark blue eyeshadow, her lips a glossy light pink. She had on a halo, and she looked beautiful.

Aqua caught up to her, her eyes bright, and she grinned. "Hello, want too go dance? Ven isn't here yet, and Marlene is at the babysitters, parties like these wouldn't be good for her." Kairi looked at the guy, and he smirked, nodding.

Kairi linked her arm with Aqua's and they headed into the tower, their faces being struck with awe.

The whole area was dimly lighted, the gears of the clock bell, hung above them and Hayner had obviously used that too his advantage, hanging things such as ghosts, vampires, bats, along with white lights to really expose the features. Chairs littered the sides, and tables were set up for punch, food, all the needed things. A small fog glazed the gray marble floor, making the room seem dark and mysterious.

Aqua tugged Kairi towards the dance floor, while an up-beat sung played and Kairi lost herself to the music, her body swaying in rhythm. She couldn't control herself and Aqua giggled softly, but, spotting Ven she left Kairi alone on the dance floor. Kairi blinked, confused, but continued to dance by herself.

She twirled, her fingers outstretched momentarily as she tried to stop herself from spinning too hard, and warm calloused hands replaced the empty space. Her eyes widened, and she stared, amazed. It was the guy from before, who wore the pumpkin mask and top hat.

His cloak was gone, being replaced with a black shirt underneath a black jacket the shoulders having a white fabric hanging loosely off them. His belt was black, along with his pants. His socks were a lighter gray, with red wrappings. His shoes silver with a black clasp running across them. He wore silver gloves, a key insignia stitched into the fabric. Key? He wore a necklace that resembled a crown, with white wings.

He took her breath away.

"Nice to see you're enjoying the festivities, even alone, Kairi." Her eyes widened. How did he know her name? He spun her around gently, his eyes never leaving her face. His eyes were such a brilliant blue...breathtaking. He smiled brightly as he saw her face dawn with recognition.

"Sor-" She was about to whisper, but her cut her off.

"Keyblader. Call me that, but in a whisper." His fingers tightened around hers, and he drew her close, startling her. His breath ran across her cheeks as he held her close to his chest. His right hand clasped hers, and he pulled it out, while his other hand attached itself to her waist, slowly. Her breath caught as he leaned close to her face, his breath tickled her cheeks as he whispered.

"It's fantastic too finally meet you, masked though we are, but when the gang is distracted, I'll whisk you away upstairs. We'll be back before Movies and Smoothies." His cologne was so strong, and she felt lightheaded. She breathed it in, and swore she would melt.

She wanted to ask him so many questions, and he knew, but it wasn't the right time, the right place.

"Keyblader." The name rolled off her tongue, sending shivers down her spine, and he glanced at her, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Kairi...ah, it feels so good to speak your name and see your beautiful eyes," She felt heat rush too her cheeks, and his gloved hand reached up, and gently, the pad of his thumb rubbed across her cheeks.

"That color looks so beautiful on you." He grinned, his lips tugging at the edges.

Her blush deepened, and her fingers began to become clammy, even with the gloves. She looked down towards the dance floor, hating that she tore her gaze from his. "I've waited years for you...years too long to endure, and we are. I happened by chance to find out that you were coming, and though it was dangerous to come, I did. For you." He lifted her chin, and his eyes burned with such passion, so much intensity.

"You shouldn't be here," She whispered, the words tumbling from her lips. "Nobody will ever tell me anything about you, though when I speak your name they know, they know all about you."

"I made them all promise, because, Kairi...well, you'll know soon enough, and I had too. Letters didn't do you justice, neither did childhood memories. Your beauty shocks me." His lips pulled into a soft smile, but, she was uncertain.

He made them all promise to keep him from her? What kind of stunt was he pulling?

She tore herself from him, and her eyes quickly darted towards the clock tower entrance. The entrance towards the rooftop. Quickly - his hesitation as she pulled away - was all she needed. She ran, as fast as she could, and slid through the door quietly. She closed it shut, tightly behind her. Hoping it would stall him for even a little bit. She couldn't believe she was running away from the guy that haunted her dreams, her days. But...they all were keeping things from her. He, the one who caused it all.

She hurried up the many steps, her eyes drinking in the dark surroundings well. As she reached a silver door, she creaked it open and was met with the chilling air. Inhaling, she moved out towards the wall, and her eyes widened. The view was so really didn't do the website any credit at all.

Stunned, she took it all in. Her thoughts roamed through her head, and her throat tightened. Slumping down on her knees, she pulled them towards her chest. Burying her face in her arms as she wrapped them around her legs, she began to sob. She had came here, hoping for it to be all easy...but she couldn't do it. She was constantly being pulled through an endless trail of clues with Sora, her heart strung along on a string, she was being lied to by her friends and she was doing the same in return, her parents were disappointed in her. That wasn't anything new...but it still hurt, when realizing it. She wanted things to go back to when she would spend those days in the sandbox with Sora as a child...but she really couldn't remember it at all. Why was it so hard?

Footsteps caught her attention, and she quieted down her sobs. She could feel the presence of someone near her, and she froze. Was it her father? Was it...Sora?

Fingers pulled her head away from her knees, and she tried to turn away as stunning blue eyes clashed with hers.

"I'm so sorry...please don't cry, please," He begged, his hand shaking. "You keep my heart aflutter, and when I receive your letters it keeps a bright smile upon my lips each day." He laughed, though it sounded strained.

Her lips parted, but no sound came out. She kept trying, but kept failing. Finally, as he smiled his breathtaking smile she gathered enough courage to speak.

"You're stringing me along on a thin strand of your lies, deception. Leading me through a useless game, making me lie to friends who actually appreciate me, and having them lie to me. Is your secret that important, Sora?" She spat.

His eyes darkened, and his hands slid down to her shoulders, tightening and she winced. "It is not a useless game, Kairi. I assure you that. This secret, oh, Kairi...I cannot tell you yet! You don't understand...not enough." He sighed, and slumped against her, his head resting against hers. Her cheeks turned a deep scarlet, and he exhaled sharply.

"But, I do need to protect you from your father." She stiffened.

"Why?" She whispered, her voice coming out faint, small. Oh. No.

"He'll take you away from me again...after I've finally found you." He breathed, his hands caressing her cheek softly, his thumb running over her nose, her cheeks, her lips.

"Sora, if he does...promise me, you'll still write. I will find a way out, I will...come back and demand to know what you're hiding from me." He laughed softly, and it struck through her heart. Beautiful. The laugh was soft, yet masculine, holding so many emotions.

"I promise, Kairi." He moved even closer towards her face, and she held her breath. His nose pressed against hers, and his lips collided with her cheek.

Voices flittered up, and Sora's eyes widened. He muttered to himself "They know I'm here..."

"I think Kairi ran up here-" "Oh, someone followed her-" "Yeah, Sora-" "Sora's here?" "Well yes, he does like-"

Swiftly, Sora removed himself from her, and he ran towards the other side of the clock tower. His eyes met with Kairi's and he spoke.

"Till the day we meet again, Kairi." He blew a kiss to her, and grinned cheesily. Kairi buried her face back into her arms, too make it seem like she was crying by herself. A chilling air swept through her, and she felt chilled to the bone.

The voices approached, and became more familiar as they came closer and closer. Olette was looking around worried, along with Roxas, Hayner, and Naminé.

"Oh, Kairi!" Olette exclaimed as she noticed her curled on the ground.

"What's wrong?" Naminé asked concerned.

"The stifling atmosphere was getting to me, good job though Hayner, Roxas." Kairi let a smile grace her lips, as she looked up.

"We came to get you, the party is dying down already, Seifer arrived so it's become a bit of a downer. We're heading over to Hayner's, if you still want to come." Roxas stated, his hands moving to rest behind his head, but his eyes darted around, as though he was looking for something or someone.

Roxas's costume consisted of black dress pants, a black dress shirt accompanied with a yellow tie. She grinned, he so was trying to match Naminé. He wore black gloves on his hands, and his shoes were black. He seemed to be dressed as some dark Prince Charming. Black really was hopping.

"Of course I want too!" Kairi exclaimed, shakily standing up, her fingers ran across the smooth wall behind her as she rose.

Naminé swung her arm around her shoulders, and Olette wrapped her arm around Kairi's waist. "You look a little pale, Kairi."

Kairi shook the comment away, and let them lead her downstairs, and through the main door. She looked around the clearing and saw Pence in his wizards costume, he was so adorable. She tried looking around for Ven, that was the only costume she hadn't seen!

Naminé and Olette directed Kairi towards Naminé's car where they pulled her in, and Roxas slid in along with her. Olette smiled and wrapped her arm around Hayner's waist. "I'll meet you there." Roxas made kissing faces at the two, and Olette's face burned red. Hayner attempted to slap Roxas across the head. Kairi giggled and Roxas slammed the door closed before he could.

"Babe! Hurry, go, before Hayner catches meeee!" Naminé smiled at Roxas through the rear-view mirror and pulled away from the clock tower.

Kairi pressed her head against the cold glass of the window, and her eyes watched the dark sky roaming by. Her heart began to pound heavily in her chest as Sora's voice lingered.

Roxas was conversing loudly with Naminé and her soft giggles filled the car, Roxas had a huge smile on his face. He made her so happy.

"Roxas." She spoke softly, hiding her hands in her lap, they were shaking to no end.

"Yes, Kairi?" He turned towards her, his eyes filled with curiosity.

"How long have you been in love with Naminé?" Her question startled Naminé who slammed hard on the brakes, and Roxas grinned sheepishly.

"Ever since I first laid my eyes on her, of course it wasn't exactly love, but you know, it felt like it." He murmured, staring at the back of Naminé's head.

Kairi smiled, and noticed they had stopped at Hayners, noting that it was good to get out of the car, she swung open the door and closed it gently behind her. Her shoes clanked against the stone sidewalk entrance as she knocked lightly on his door.

Turning her head, her eyes widened. Oh, lord, she was glad she got out of the car. Roxas had his arms wrapped around Naminé's neck, and their lips were pressed tightly together. Her face flushed and she returned her attention back to the door.

The door opened, and Pence beamed. How did Pence get their so fast? He pulled Kairi into an embrace and led her inside, closing the door behind him. "Hi Kairi! I see Roxas and Naminé are busy."

Kairi laughed, her hand raising to her lips. "Yes, yes, hi Pence, you look so cute." Pence's cheeks turned red, and he pulled her towards where everybody was sprawled.

Ven was sitting on a brown couch facing the right wall, with his arm around Aqua, Olette was lying on Hayner's carpet, on her stomach. Pence took a seat in a recliner facing the left wall, and Kairi took a seat on another couch which was a dark green, that faced the t.v.

"Where's Hayner?" She asked calmly, her eyes darting towards the open door that seemed to lead into a kitchen.

"Getting the smoothies and other snacks." Ven commented, and her eyes darted towards his costume. She had no idea what the heck he was supposed to be. He was wearing a black jacket, the shoulder cuffs looked like ruffles, but she couldn't quite tell. His shirt was a dark blue, and a light blue tie accompanied the shirt, which to be honest, didn't look so well. His pants were a light gray, and his shoes, they were hard to describe.

"Ven, what the heck is your costume?" Ven glared, and Aqua bursted out into a fit of giggles.

"It's supposed to be, superman."

"Superman?" Kairi asked, astonished, and busted out laughing.

Ven frowned and stared at the t.v, trying hard to ignore Aqua and Kairi's laughter, which kept getting louder. Hayner interrupted the laughter as he came in holding two trays. How he managed to balance all that, she had no idea.

He placed the two trays on a small coffee table that Olette had shoved off to the side, so she could lay on the carpet. Hayner stared at Olette. "Why did you just shove my coffee table?"

"It's in my way, Hayner." She smiled at him, and he muttered under his breath. The door opened, and Roxas came in, holding Naminé's hand close to his chest.

Ven glanced at the door and smirked. "Hey, little brother. Getting some action?" Roxas's neck turned red and he sat down on the couch, the farthest away from Ven, and Naminé sat in between Roxas and Kairi.

Kairi linked her fingers with Naminé's other hand, and Naminé smiled at her softly, Kairi smiled back, and stared at Pence. He looked peaceful, but again he was left alone. Pence looked at her, and noticing her thoughts grinned happily. She knew now, that Pence was fine not having someone to love. He was happy just being with his friends, spending time with them.

Hayner motioned towards the coffee table, a selection of smoothies lay there, along with different candies, snacks such as chips, sauce, and soda, even water. "Grab what you would like." He commented and sprawled on the floor next to Olette.

They all grabbed a smoothie, Kairi holding a strawberry one, Naminé holding banana, Pence held blueberry, as did Aqua. Ven held a grape one, Olette had snatched orange, and Hayner was sipping a yellow one that he claimed was mountain a slushie? She laughed at him.

Olette moved closer towards the t.v. and popped in a movie, the selection ranged from romance, to romantic comedy, horror, action, mystery, all kinds.

Hours seemed to tick by, and a large chunk of movies had already been viewed, and the snacks were dying down. Aqua was asleep, her head on Ven's lap and he was staring at the movie screen, his fingers running through her hair.

Pence was munching on some chips, intently watching the movie. Hayner had propped his head up with the palm of his hand, and Olette had her back lying against his chest. His other hand was twirling strands of her hair that she had taken out of braids.

Naminé and Roxas were cuddling closely, and Kairi's eyes darted around for a clock, the time read 11:45. Her eyes widened, and she paused to let out a soft yawn.

"Hayner," She whispered, grabbing his attention.

He turned towards her, with sleepy eyes and nodded.

"I'm going to head home, see you all later?" He nodded once more and returned back to the screen.

She gently stood, careful not to wake Aqua, and tiptoed towards the door. Opening it, she closed it gently behind her. As she gazed around the street, it was dark and she had no idea where Hayner's house was, or if it was even near hers, she had left her map at Olette's.

The streets were lit with dim lights, but it wasn't enough to walk around aimlessly, she sighed, but decided to take the chance anyway.

She could see the clocktower in the distance, and started making her way towards it. Once she would get to the clocktower, it'd be easier to find her way to Olette's and then home.

As she walked, she hummed softly to herself. Tonight had been well...she had finally met Sora, but her questions hadn't been answered. She still felt unsure about it all, the way he was keeping so much from her.

Her whistling died down, as she felt like someone was near her. Turning, she glanced into darkness. Oh god, she wasn't being followed was she? This wasn't good, it always ended up badly in the movies. Her feet began to pick up pace, and she ran down the street. Footsteps clashed hard against the pavement, and she knew. She was being followed.

Stumbling, her knees collided with the hard road, and she gritted her teeth in pain. Just minimal scrapes, nothing serious. The figure came out of the darkness, and she screamed. Oh, why her? This was so cliché.

As she braced herself for being grabbed, nothing came. Peering through her bangs, she nearly gasped. It was Sora. He was staring at her, amused, yet worried.

"Kairi? What're you doing out here this late?" He asked, his eyes running over her kneeling on the ground.

"What do you think! I'm trying to go home!" She exclaimed, her eyes wild.

He grinned "I know, I'm sorry for startling you. I wanted to make sure that..." He trailed off, glancing around him.

Kairi staggered to her feet, and Sora's eyes lowered to her knees. He walked closer to her, his footsteps hesitant. She stepped back, each moment he stood forward.

"Your father is coming...he's here." He whispered, and finally he reached her, pulling her into a tight embrace. Tears ran down her cheeks, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her face buried into his shoulder.

His fingers ran through her hair, and he moved his lips to hover over her ear, his voice trembled. "He's come to take you away from me." His fingers clutched her even closer, and suddenly Kairi felt a sharp pain as she was yanked away from him, and fell to the ground.

"What the-" She hissed, and Sora's eyes blazed.

"What do ya think ya are doing, boy? Stay away from ma daughter! Scum like ya' don't deserve her!" Her father growled, his receding hair was ruffled, and he seemed to have lost even more hair. Kairi's eyes widened as she saw her mother kneel down beside her.

"I'll explain everything to you sweetie...just please don't resist, please."

"Why! You two are ruining my life!" She yelled, her eyes locked onto Sora, who began to slowly back away from her father.

Her father turned towards her, and growled "Stupid girl, ya don't ever think do ya?"

"Don't treat her like trash." Sora whispered.

"Don't tell me what ta do! Ya are just like ya father! SCUM!" He hollered.

Her mother stood, helping Kairi to her feet gently, and her father smirked, backing up towards them.

"I'm taking ma daughter away from dis place, away from ya." He gripped Kairi's upper elbow and yanked her tightly towards a gleaming silver car in the distance.

Kairi desperately looked back, and her eyes locked with Sora's, he looked so crestfallen. Her voice slipped out, before she was forced into the car.



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