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To Love a King

Chapter Fifteen

For Remi, the two weeks passed agonizingly slow. Finally, she met her betrothed, a young knight named Eric Foreman, at her parent's home. Eric was a tall man with tan skin, dark hair and eyes, and a well muscled body. His deep voice gave him an aura of power that his age of twenty belayed. At first, Remi was intimidated and nervous, but he quickly put her at ease by speaking casually with her. "I am glad your parents have allowed us to meet, Lady Remi. It is an unexpected delight." Remi flushed at the compliment and thanked him.

"I asked that they let me meet you. I disliked the idea of marrying a man I knew nothing of."

"Indeed, it is a very unappealing concept. Tell me, what in particular do you wish to know about me?"

"Whatever you wish to tell me, My Lord." Eric smiled.

"Very well. As you know, I have no exceedingly prominent title. I am the son of a gentleman who has chosen to avoid court for the majority of his life. My mother died when I was a young boy, and my father sent me away for my education. For a while, I took up residence in the place of my studies, before my father's failing health bid me come home. Shortly after I had settled back in, my father died. Before he did, he told me of my betrothal, and commanded that I honor it, even in his absence. For the past three years, I have managed the estate, and, just as my father did, I have remained away from court. When I received the letter from your parents, I was eager to meet you and begin a new life with a family." During Eric's explanation, Remi had listened intently; stunned that he would reveal such personal information to someone who was practically a stranger to him.

Finally, she smiled, and said, "I am eager to begin a new life, as well. Am I the sort of wife you desire?" Remi asked boldly.

"Certainly. If I am the sort of husband you desire." Remi's smile widened.

"If my desires are important to you, than we shall have a happy life together." Eric laughed.

"Yes, Lady Remi, we shall."

Another two months passed, and Remi and Eric were married. The ceremony was small, attended only by their closest friends and family. Remi moved out of the palace into a house nearby, and though she was unable to serve as Allison's lady in waiting, she spent time with her friend each week. Remi would come to court, and Allison would speak with her in her presence chamber, while her ladies were allowed time to do as they pleased. Gregory was aware that these visits were atypical for women of Allison and Remi's standing, yet he allowed it, knowing that the women could hardly live without each other. Brenda, who was Allison's age, was betrothed to a friend of her family, and would not be married for at least one more year. Allison was glad to have a friend remain at court as her lady in waiting.

Genevieve's marriage with James was flourishing, and both hoped for a child in the near future. The morning after Gregory the Second's first birthday, four months after Remi and Eric's wedding, Genevieve and James announced that they were going to live outside of the palace, though they would visit as often as possible. While Allison was upset by Genevieve's leaving, and Gregory by James's, they found comfort in each other, and knew that soon, new courtiers would flood the elegant rooms of the palace. One week after Genevieve and James left, Allison and Gregory lay in his bed, speaking of all the changes the past two years had brought.

"I know you miss James, dear. Have you thought of a man to serve as your advisor?"

"I have no desire to replace James yet. Why must they all be gone? I would have allowed them chambers here. They could have stayed at court. Their positions certainly call for it."

"They want homes of their own, Gregory. Surely you understand that. They wish to start their own families. Of course you would have let them stay, and they know that. That is why they have not abandoned us completely. I know you cannot visit with James as I do with Remi, but he will return to court at times. You have not lost your friend." Allison consoled.

"I know we will see them, love. It seems as though my entire court has changed, though."

"It has. I made everything different."

"You made everything better." Gregory complimented. Allison smiled and looked into those blue eyes that had captivated her from the moment she saw them.

"One day I will make everything perfect." Allison said confidently.

"I know, love. I just hope that you realize you already are." Allison smiled again, a soft smile that she used when she didn't quite believe him.

"I will when you realize that you are."

"I have already, love. Allison, you have made me perfect."

"You were perfect before. All I wished for was to make you happy."

"You have, Allison. You always have." This time her smile was so bright it nearly blinded him.

"I love you, Gregory." She told him, because her feelings were all that were left to be said.

"I love you too, Allison. My queen." He kissed her gently.

"My king." She murmured.

"Yes. Yours forever, Allison. Only yours." Gregory said lovingly, and as they fell together upon the pillows Allison realized that once, Remi had been wrong. To have a king love you and to love a king were one in the same. It was not a game, but a life to live. Allison's life. Gregory's life. And they would live it together, as Gregory had said, forever.


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