"I'm sorry, Akari..." Takaki lowered his head, the faint breeze rustling his hair. He knew that it was possible Akari had already married, but now, Akari's husband died...

"No, it's okay..." Akari replied weakly as she looked upon the moon's gentle glow. "It's a beautiful night." Akari said softly.

"Yeah…" Takaki looked into Akari's eyes, while Akari tried to avoid the gaze.

"You know..." Takaki started, gazing at the full moon. "I know it sounds strange, but...I just can't let you out of my mind. It's like," He paused, "I'm missing something from my life without you."

"Me too." Akari blurted out. She gasped, and Takaki turned to look at her, surprised. "Me too..." Akari whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Takaki's eyes softened, and, leaning towards Akari, kissed her again, after so many years, since the time when they were 13.

"Is it true that the sakura petals fall at a rate of 5 centimeters per second?" Manami turned to her father. "Do you know that, papa?"

"I know that...From a long long time ago." Takaki replied, and gazed at Akari lovingly. "Your mother told me when we were young..."