Warfang was balmy with the heat of the newborn summer. The solid collar of the city walls and the skyscraping tops of massive towers did little to block out the breeze that rustled through the streets. Almost two years' time had passed since the last time the city was harmed by invasion, and with help from the neighboring Cheetahs, Dragons, Atlawas, and others who had come to rebuild, the city's former grandeur was restored.

In that time, a great amphitheatre had been built in the center of the city, opposite the city square. On this day, the tens of thousands of seats were all occupied by inhabitants of the city and people from across the continent. Even the city square was teeming with thousands more. All were anticipating an event that would surely go down in history.

In the center of the stadium, several dozen sat as a Dragon with scales of deep red stood tall on a podium and spoke to the crowd.

"It was two years ago, this very day, that our world was saved. A young Dragon, one whose destiny was foretold in prophecies, released the world from the grasp of the Dark Master, defended this city with his life, and saved the planet against all odds. Since that time, I've had the honor of becoming this Dragon's friend, and the honor of defending this city, as well as helping to rebuild it, and my friend has gone on to liberate another city, as well as undertaking diplomatic missions across the continent."

"This city was once the seat of power for a great empire, one that kept the continent in peace and order for a very long time. As history took its course, though, the empire waned, and where once stood the Emperor's throne and the Senate's chambers became the Mayor's office and the City Council. History has changed. From the ashes of chaos and fallen government, a great empire is again rising."

"It is with great honor that I, the Dragon Flame, accept the title of Duke of Warfang. My friends Kane, Duke of Tall Plains, Cyrillus, Duke of the North, Blaine, Duke of Boyzitbig, Hunter, Duke of Beauport, Prowlus, Duke of Avalar, Gaia, Duchess of the South, Amperion, Duke of Concurrent Skies, and Sparx, Duke of the Silver Valley, and I now form an order of governors that shall represent each province of the continent, acting as your representatives in the Imperial Court and working alongside your elected leaders in the Imperial Senate and Imperial Assembly."

"As the final Duke to ascend to his title, I hereby announce that the Court of Dukes unanimously approves the selection of the new emperor. Thank you."

Flame bowed his head, and took his seat at the table with the rest of the Court of Dukes and their spouses as applause filled the air. Beside him on one side was Sparx, on the other, Ember. In her lap, a baby dragon with scales of red and black smiled back at him, and Flame leaned over to kiss his son on the forehead. Terrador, looking only slightly more wrinkled and worn, rose slowly from one of the other tables, and began speaking in the center.

"The local governments, the Senate, the Assembly, and the Court of Dukes have now approved the selection of the new emperor. This selection is a young dragon who not only saved our lives, but became our student, our source of hope, and our friend."

"The Order of the Guardians is intrinsically linked with the monarchy. Since its beginning, it has served the continent by training Dragons to defend their home and expand their minds. Throughout its history, the Guardians have always been the King's closest advisors. Now, as a remnant of the last monarchy, it is our duty to crown this successor."

"As Guardians under the Empire, we will serve as military advisors and teachers once more. We will work closely with both the Imperial Court and the Armed Forces. It is a position that we accept with pride. We, the Guardians, unanimously approve the selection of Emperor." The other Guardians rose now, as applause filled the air again. Along with them, Spyro rose from the table. In Blaze's hands, a crown of gold shaped like a wreath of leaves sparkled in the sunlight. Gently, he passed it into Terrador's hands.

Spyro took his place on the podium at the center of the floor, in awe as the thousands around him stood to honor him. Now a maturing adolescent, the purple dragon stood heads higher than he did the years before, and a beard of gold spikes and red webbing began to grow around his jaw and chin. He smiled at the crowd humbly.

"Seven years ago, war reached my home. Seven years ago, I left home to fight. Seven years have passed, and I'm still fighting. Some of my enemies are now my friends. Others are dead. Still more are in hiding, somewhere, waiting to strike. Now, I'm fighting for unity. I'm fighting so there won't be more war, so that the people of Warfang and all the people in this land won't have to see bloodshed again. I'm fighting for security and order for everyone."

"Seven years ago, I couldn't imagine standing here, today, taking on all these responsibilities. I've been told about the things that an Emperor's supposed to do, but I won't lie and say that I think I'm fully prepared for the job. I'm still young. There's so much that I don't know, so much that you'll have to teach me. It'll be rough."

"But I stand before you with confidence. I believe that today marks the beginning of the rest of our lives. Today is the first day of a new era, an era of peace, justice, and prosperity. I'm honored that I've been selected to lead us all into this era. Thank you."

As his speech ended, the audience erupted with applause for one final time. Terrador stood before Spyro, the two sharing a smile before the purple dragon stooped his head. The golden wreath glinted with the summer sunlight as it touched Spyro's head.

The first epilogue! In terms of storyline, I hereby declare this story officially done!

When I started this, I had never written a story before. I had no idea where this would take me, and I'm honored that you all gave me your support and criticism as I made this.

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