SUMMARY...Naruto is suddenly thrown into the world of Reploids! All of his friends gone, he must now find a new life to live. But how will that work when you still have the will to fight? You become a hunter of course! And why does this one reploid keep reminding him of someone from his past? Naru/Hina. Rated T for foul language.




Kenta: "Hello? Is this thing on?" *looks into the screen* "Oh! The red light's blinking, so it must be on...geuss it worked after all...huh, geuss the guys owe me now." *smiles before sitting back in a small chair* "Hi there! My names Kenta Raikiri, Though my friends call me Kenta...or sticks....but I prefer Kenta. I've found an archive of amazing stories, and there's one in particular that stood out to me. The title is called 'Weapon-N'. It tells the tale of a small boy whose world is completely flipped around. Now, most of you have probably read dozens of stories that say that, and most likely, they didn't hold the excitement that you were expecting....well, I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, 'Weapon-N' was found in this." *holds up a disk that has, 'XXX-RANKED INFORMATION. CLASSIFIED!!' printed on it* "Apparently, this is a strange world where Humans are scarce, and most have become creatures called Reploids. Reploids are half-human, half-robots. Most reploids can't really do anything, but there was one that earned a world-wide famous name. Some people may have heard tales of the blue Maverick Hunter. That's right, the Reploids name was X. No, not 'zzzz' like xylaphone or something like that. It's pronounced 'Ex'. X was an S-class Maverick Hunter, and had two partners, Zero and Axel. They were all good friends, but at some point, they seperated. X became a commander, Axel went to search for clues to his past, and Zero? Well, Zero just kinda disappeared."

"That was their status, until the commander called all three in for a XX-Ranked Mission. (pronounced, Double Ex)............you don't get what I'm saying when I say the ranks of the missions, do you?" *sigh* "Oh well, I guess I could explain..."

"Okay, The Mission rankings go like this:"

-Lowest level mission any hunter or scout can get. They tend to be extremely boring, and would probably destroy a persons sanity. There have been rumors of Sergents sending troublesome soldiers/hunters on millions of these. Reason why? It's a FAAR worse punishment than ANY time in a prison cell. Seriously, would YOU like to pluck weeds, do heavy lifting AND a bunch of other mindless crap for the rest of eternity, and get paid craptacularly cheap? Not me...

-Slightly more challenging missions. These tend to be guard missions. All you really do is stand around and watch the peace. Kinda like one of the olden days' Forest Rangers, except you tend to be in a city...

-More difficult than guard duty. C-Ranked missions tend to have more than the average D-Ranked missions, and are based around bodyguards. You'd be surprised how many of these are out there these days, considering all the threats people have to worry about...

The Missions below are for HUNTERS ONLY

-Much more difficult than ANY mission below it. These missions are for Hunters only, and tend to be missions where the odds are 20-on-5, the hunters being the five. These missions tend to be used in a regard to helping the city grow, and are always done OUTSIDE the village. If you are given a B-Ranked mission, you are deemed a Hunter of level 2 or 3. The hunter levels being:

1.) Novice.

2.) Rookie.

3.) Standard.

4.) Elite.

5.) Master.

6.) Legend. (NOTE: Only 2 people in existance have EVER made it to this level! Their true names have been erased from history, but we know that they were known as 'The Yellow Flash' and 'The Blood-thirsty Bat'.)

-Higher Difficulty and Responsibility level than B-ranked misisons. (seeing a bit of a pattern yet?) A-Ranked missions are much more difficult than B-Ranked missions in the fact that A-Ranked missions are Big-Time capture and/or destroy missions. They tend to have a MUCH more unstable disadvantage, in the view as 1-30 or more. The S-Class Maverick Hunter Zero loved going on these missions, and almost every one he's been on was completed and more.

S-Ranked to SSS-Ranked.
-Top secret missions that only the heads of the Hunter comittee know about, and the people in the mission. The chance of at least ONE Hunter dying is a terrifying 40% chance, and goes up 10% for each letter added to the mission. IN existance, The only Maverick Hunters who have EVER survived these kinds of missions are The Three Legendary S-Class Reploids, X, Zero and Axel, and even THEY had suffered casualties from the mission.

X-Ranked to XXX-Ranked.
-There are NO records at all of a single X-ranked mission in existance. The reason being is because the only ones who EVER hear this is the HEAD Commander and The members in the mission. These missions have never been heard of, so It's EXTREMELY possible that all the members of the mission were killed. No one knows if they exist or not, most people saying it's a myth and that the hardest mission would have to be A-Ranked. NO ONE is allowed to know of this.

"Now, as I was saying. The three S-Class Meverick Hunters were called in for a special retrieval mission. The mission took place far to the east, on a small uncharted Island in the Grand Ocean. Here's the story that goes along with it. Remember, this is a story that has never been revealed to the public, and must stay secretive. So....try not to tell anyone."


LOADING STORY........................................................................................................LOADING.........................................................................................................ERROR.


Prologue part 1 - The Artifact

The stormy skies gave a gloomy feeling to the surrounding area, but the raging lightning also gave the area a fearsome look. While the lightning flashed across the sky, three choppers closed in to the island. As they neared the island, red and yellow beams of light suddenly started blasting towards the ships. The ships, not having anything to counter the incoming fire, could only maneuver until they got close enough to the island. The lasers continued to blast all around them, until finally one of the lasers hit a ship, completely obliterating it in a blaze of smoke and fire, as the debri fell towards the island. The other two ships, realizing that they could not get closer, decided to release their cargo.


Three capsules started glowing, each one with a different symbol on it. One capsule had a storm grey 'A' on it, and a bunch of readings next to it. Above the 'A', a green bar was spliced into 10 different bars. 8 bars were currently lit. Another capsule had a red 'Z' on it. It also had some readings around it, and the 8 green bars above it. The last Capsule had a blue 'X' on it. All three capsules now had 9 green bars blinking. All at once, all three green bars turned blue as the whole bar was filled. A hole appeared underneath each of the capsules and dropped them towards the island.

As the capsules fell to the earth, the rest of the capsules in the other ship dropped along with the first three capsules. The turrents did not pick up the capsules, and continued to shoot at the ships as they retreated. The 13 capsules finally imploded into the island in different areas. The door of the capsule with the blue 'X' on it suddenly flew off it's hinges, and a figure walked out into the landing area.

The figure stood at 5'4", had emerald green eyes, and a face that showed age and wisdom. Unfortunately, the only skin that could be seen was on his face. The rest of the figure's body was covered in armor. He had mostly a light blue plating around his body, but there were areas, like the chest, Head, wrist and thigh areas, where it was a bulkier plating that had a much darker blue color to it. His helmet was the dark blue, but had some areas where it was the lighter blue. In the center of the helmet, there was a red jewel. The man looked around the area before his eyes showed some data and a radar on it. The radar in his eye picked up two other signals, one was a red 'Z' while the other was a grey 'A'. The two were currently heading towards his position, so he decided to wait for them. The first to arrive was the signal that was marked 'Z'. The man turned towards some russling in the bushes, and saw another figure step into the clearing.

The newcomer had a face that had olive eyes that looked completely psyched and ready for battle. He stood 5'8", wore a red chestplate with white areas in it, and a green orb-like jewel was placed on each side of the armor. Behind the chest-plate was a sword handle that seemed almost like the light-based saber one might see in an old movie. He had a red helmet that had a V shape in the middle of the helmet, which broke off into a lowere plate that was white. He had a black plating in the stomach area and wore what seemed like a white daiper. He had the same color legging as the stomach area, but once it got to just below the knee, there was another piece of armor. The man's feet had more pieces of armor, that had the same color scheme as the helmet. His long blonde hair was tied up at the base, but flowed in a big fluff behind him. He looked towards the Blue armored man and grinned.

"Hey X! You ready to get this party started?" The red armored man said as he shook in anticipation. 'X', as he was called, sighed and shook his head no. "We've still got to wait for Axel, Zero." X said as he heard another bush russle. Out popped another reploid. "Speak of the devil." Zero said grinning. Axel looked at the two confused when he looked at X for an answer. X just shook his head and looked once more at Axel.

Axel was a hunter that hadn't been around as long as X and Zero, the two having about a years worth of experience more than him. Axels stood 4'7" and had blue eyes that were kindled with excitement at the imortance of their mission. Axel had a deep blue, almost black, helmet color with red trimming. The rest of his outfit was pretty much the same color, except for the light blue jewel on his chest. He had two long white spear-like object coming from his back, and stopping just above his upper thighs. He had two gun-holsters on his hips as they each held his favorite pistols.

(If any of you have played Megamand X Command Mission, you'll know who I'm talking about here. Also, if you want an idea about HOW they look like, just go to like, google, click 'pictures' and type in 'Axel' or 'Megaman X command Mission')

X, Zero and Axel looked at each other before X turned towards the factory. "Let's Go!" He ordered. "RIGHT!" The others replied as they nodded their heads.


The three Hunters hugged the wall as they neared an opening in the old factory. It looked more like Ruins than a factory, and the island was so strange. There were so many strange creatures. Even stranger, they weren't even mechanical! They seemed to be, almost natural. They came across a large valley, that had what looked to be two people staring each other down. Problem was, they were both stone carvings! It must have taken years to create them, but all they saw were the tattered remains. X signaled for Axel to check the area out. Axel nodded before pulling out his pistols and peeking around the corner. The place was deserted. Weren't there, like, turrets attacking their ships earlier!? Where were all the guards and such!? Axel's left eye twitched as he realized he wouldn't be able to shoot anything. Dang....and he was so excited to blast holes into something....

X and the others cautiously walked into the factory, watching out for anything. The island had jammed X's radar, so THAT was useless...but he could tell something was up. They continued on for a few floors when their inner battle-ready sides were rewarded. Just as they turned down a hallway, twelve red and yellow rabbids jumped out from seemingly out of nowhere and blockaded the area in front of them. The robots were about 2' tall, but that was only with their ears pointed straight up. The yellow color took the form of rings around the joints and the middle and top of the ears. (basically little rabbits that are robots, kay?) X, Zero and Axel all grinned. 'This'll be quick' they all thought. In mere moments, the blockade was destroyed, and the rabbids were in pieces on the ground, sparks could be seen coming from them as the three walked past them. "This is too easy, why in the world would the commander call such a thing an S-ranked mission? THIS IS PATHETIC!" Zero complained as they continued walking down the hall. X sighed, but knew he was right. Why would the commander send them on such an easy mission? Was it to get their teamwork back up to par again or something?

X continued to wonder this when they entered a large room. A VERY large room to be exact. There were computers everywhere! Not even the researchers back in Giga City had this many computers in their main lab! Axel walked over to one of the terminals and activated it. The middle of the room, which all the computers were circled around, started glowing a yellow color. The floor started moving before a capsule was raised out of the ground. X and Zero got in front of it as they readied for a fight. However, nothing happened. X and Zero turned towards Axel who was practically swearing right now. "I can't get the stupid terminal to unlock! I've got to try and by-pass the security." He said as he tried to work his way through the network. Just to make sure they didn't get away easily, the alarm suddenly went off.

"CRAP! DAMMIT AXEL, WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?" Zero roared out as creatures started pouring in. X gasped as he recognized them. "THOSE ARE IRREGULARS!" "What?" Zero asked. "They were some of the first types of reploids to have defected and were thought to be destroyed." "So you mean we're fighting antiques? You gotta be kidding me, this'll be a cynch!" Zero said as he leaped at the closest enemy while reaching for his saber. "WAIT, ZERO!" X called out in vain. Zero slashed at the closest enemy and grinned as it fell to pieces. The moment the thing exploded, all the other irregulars that looked like it suddenly had a green light surrounding their eyes. When the light vanished, they all attacked Zero. Zero grinned as he swung at the next enemy in his path, only to gasp as it was blocked by a replica of his blade. "WHAT!?" Zero roared out in rage. "I've been trying to tell you! If you attack with a weapon, they'll make a copy of it and use it against you! The only way to beat them is by not using your weapons! Only your hands!" X explained as he dodged a saber slash and sent an uppercut into the jaw of the irregular, sending it flying back to a group of them, knocking them over as a result.

Zero jumped over to Axel and landed a kick to an irregular just as he was about to hit Axel. "Get moving and crack that code!" Zero roared out before going back into the fray. Axel was sweating as he tried to undo the lock of the capsule, get the artifact and get the heck out of there! 'No wonder they sent us, this really IS an S-Ranked mission!' Thought Axel as he continued to break the code.

Zero and X were now standing back to back as they were surrounded by all sorts of the reploids. They kinda looked like the ninja's that they had heard about in some history lesson. They had the headband, kunai pouch, throwing star pouch, some even had a metal sword! They were already exhausted, considering that they hadn't done hand-to-hand combat for some time now. Damn it stunk being out of shape...

Just as they were about to defend from the enemies second wave of attacks, Axel suddenly shouted out, "GOT IT!" before the capsule door opened up. The three Hunters ran to the capsule to grab the artifact and return back to Giga City, but stopped as they saw what was inside. "Wh-What is...." Zero gasped out. "Isn't that...." Axel stared in awe. "A human?" X finished.

Floating in front of the three Hunters was, in fact, a human. It was a young boy, seemingly about thirteen years old. He had golden blonde hair, a blue headband that had a metal plate on it with a leaf-like symbol engraved into it. The boy had three whisker marks on each of his cheeks, and was wearing an orange colored jacket with blue at the top, and orange pants, along with blue sandals. The orange jacket have a hole right where his heart should be, and his clothes looked burnt. The boy slowly opened his eyes blinking rapidly to reveal two Ocean-blue orbs that possesed the emotions of pain, misery and sorrow. The emotions were gone as he blinked once more before they were suddenly filled with rage. The boy's eyes suddenly went blood red and gained cat-like slits to them as his whiskers grew more defined and his hair grew wilder. They boy's finger-nails suddenly became claw like, and a red aura appeared around him. He started growling like an animal and showed his teeth, that now had enlarged canines. With a roar he jumped out at the beings in front of him.

"SAAAAASUKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" The boy roared out.

Kenta: WAHAHAHAHAHAA!! While I'm sick and tired of all the evil plot bunnies that are bouncing around in my head, they do have SOME use.....like this one!

anyway, hope you people don't mind this too much. I've been watching a youtube video titled 'Megaman Tribute - Dreams of an Absolution' and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Kick in the fact that I was attacked by over forty different plot bunnies, well.....you get the idea.

Most people will be extremely confused by this fic, seeing as I don't plan to go along with 100% of Megaman X Command Mission's story-line. Instead, I'm going to be screwing around with an idea I got while watching the video. I think the game was Megaman Zero Advent, where the boy.....Never mind....I've never played the game before, So I'm just going to play around with an Idea I got. Anyway, Like I said, if you try to follow too closely with the story, your brain WILL explode. Not a gaurentee, but close enough.

This story is the result of too many plot bunnies and not enough room to kill them all off!!

Special mention and/or one-shot to whoever can guess who the two Legendaries are! If you get them right, I'll give you a special mention in the chapter after you get it right! and if you want, I'll do a one-shot about either Naruto or Megaman and their friends.

Note, I've played maybe three Megaman games. 'Command Mission', 'MegamanZero3', and 'Megaman Battle Network 4-Red Sun'. I've beaten all three games, so I know them pretty well. Naruto I seem to be the most endowed in though....anyway that's that.

and remember kids, HAAAAVE FUN WITH IT!

Kenta Raikiri