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Kenta Raikiri

Look around you, then you may realize, happiness lies trapped in misery. -Dreams of an Absolution

Hinata stared out the window of the transportation ship. Naruto had been gone for a month now, and she hadn't even heard a word from him or any of the other hunters. She hoped against hope that Naruto and the others were still alive, and that she would hear from them soon. She stopped as she heard her teacher call out for her class.

"Okay everyone, here we are in Giga city! The museum is up ahead, so please stay together."

Hinata got up and followed after her class. Thinking about Naruto, she remembered the dream she had when he first brought Hinata to her house, which she was happy he didn't mind her being of a rich family. It was like he knew she was a noble or something.

Along the way, Hinata heard something she didn't want to hear.

"Hey beautiful, how ya doin?"

"Go away Jake." Hinata replied to the voice without a care in the world.

Jake wrapped an arm around Hinata, to which she immediately threw off before glaring at him.

"You know you love me baby."

Jake was in her class and was the class, 'hunk'. She couldn't care less about him because he was nothing but a pervert. Jake had a silver hoodie on, and a little dog bot hidden in his it. he called the dog bot Aoimaru, and was constantly getting in trouble. But unlike Naruto, he only looked at her for...perverted reasons.

"Hey, why don't we skip this dorky field trip and go have us some real fun." He said in a husky voice.

The fact that he was treating her like an object infuriated Hinata, so she did what she did all the time. She stormed on up ahead of Jake and put herself in the middle of her class. Jake left her alone after that, knowing he couldn't try anything. So he went to find another girl to flirt with.

Hinata breathed a sigh of relief, and continued on the field trip. They got to the museum and Hinata couldn't believe what she was seeing. There were so many things here!

"Okay class! We're going to the ancient wars! Where supposedly, people called Ninja protected their leader, a Kage, or shadow."

The teacher led them into a room that had old maps, armor, swords, and all sorts of antiques. Hinata looked through it all in wonder. Then, something caught her eye. It was a little plate, and she walked over to it. She read the plate and gasped.

On the plate it read:

The Heroes of The Hidden Leaf Village.

Hiroshima Senju

Tobirama Senju

Sarutobi Hiruzen

Minato Namikaze

Senju Tsunade

Shizune -------- (The name was faded)

Nara Shikamaru

Haruno Sakura

Inuzuka Kiba

Hyuuga Hinata

Aburame Shino

Hyuuga Neji

Tenten --------

Sarutobi Konohamaru


and the greatest hero of all

Namikaze Naruto,

formerly known as Uzumaki Naruto,

most unpredictable ninja of Konohagakure no Sato

Hinata could barely think clearly. Her mind went into overdrive as she saw the same carved leaf that Naruto had on his jacket. At first it struck her that Naruto might be dead, but then she remembered this was a museum. This stuff was thousands of years old! She breathed a sigh of relief, when her head started resonating, her mind feeling like it was about to burst.

Hinata hit the ground and didn't wake up for another 20 minutes.

'I'm back again....' Hinata thought.

She looked around to find herself back in the laberynth of her memories. She looked forward to see the Golden door once more. She went into it without a moments hesitation. The same screen appeared before her, but this time it showed a different image. It was Naruto, in an orange and blue jumpsuit, and he was fighting....NEJI!? They were in a big stadium, and Hinata figured it must be a tornament of some sort.

Naruto suddenly took three kunai and threw them at Neji, who easily blocked them. Then, Naruto did something Hinata never thought possible.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted out as five solid clones appeared around him.

Naruto continued to fight Neji, but no matter what he threw at him, Neji just started spinning around in circles, creating a blue sphere and throwing away every attack Naruto sent at him. Finally, Neji lowered himself into a position that Hinata thought was familiar.

"You're in the range of my Haken, Juuryonshou." Neji said.

Neji rained blow after blow on Naruto, until Naruto flew back, his tenketsu closed. Hinata then started caughing badly, before she was pulled away by a doctor. R. Hinata suddenly felt as if her body was pulled from the Hinata, and she was standing where the other Hinata was sitting a moment ago. She turned back to the fight to see Naruto yelling furiously, before a red glow surrounded his bdoy.

'What....What's going on with Naruto!?' R. Hinata thought in horror.

Naruto now had nine orange glowing tails floating around him. He clenched his fist before starting to fight back against Neji with even more strength than he had before. R. Hinata just watched the battle in awe. Naruto showed the extent of this strange power he had somehow gained. Finally, Naruto came out the victor, when everyone thought he had lost to Neji.

'What did Naruto-kun do? What happened to him?'


Hinata jolted upright, scaring the crap out of everyone who had gathered around her.

"Wha-....what happened?"

"You suddenly passed out by the Leaf village exhibit. You scared everyone. You okay Hinata?" one of her friends asked.

Hinata nodded her head before standing up.

"I'm going to be right back. I need to use the restroom."

The teacher showed her where it was located before Hinata started heading that way. A few minutes later, Hinata was feeling refreshed. She walked out to find Jake standing across from her. She stopped for a moment, before walking off back to the group. Jake grabbed her arm and forced her against the wall.

"Hey Beautiful, you're goin the wrong way. I said we would have some fun, didn't I?" He said as he waggled his eyebrows suggestively. Hinata kicked him between the legs before running off in a random direction. She found herself being pursued by Jake, and wished Naruto were there.

"Don't think I'm letting you get away for that Hyuuga!" Jake said in a fit of rage.

Hinata ran outside of the Museum, Jake following her and quickly gaining on her, when she spun into an alley. She hid behind a dumpster, hoping she wouldn't be found. Jake ran right by her, and Hinata waited for a moment. After not hearing anything, she slowly got up and went deeper into the alley.

"Phew, looks like I lost him." Hinata said in relief.

Suddenly, she was thrust up against the wall she was leaning against.

"Guess again." Jake said, an evil gleem in his eye.

Hinata started shaking as Jake slowly began to unbotton his pants. She tried screaming out for help, when Jake slapped duck tape across her mouth. Her hands tied, Hinata never felt so helpless in her life, and started crying. Jake's pants hit the floor, and just as he was getting close to her, he suddenly went careening across the alley. Hinata slumped to the ground before turning to her savior.

It was a lady. She was tall, from Hinata's viewpoint, and was wearing alot of pink. She had a pink shirt, and blue jeans. She had a pink jacket, and pink hair. It wasn't short, but it wasn't long. It was about medium length. The lady currently had her leg outstretched to where Jake was a moment ago, and put it down before walking over to Hinata.

"This'll only hurt for a moment." She said before ripping the duck tape off of Hinata's mouth and then untie-ing her hands.

Hinata didn't know what to do, so she just hugged her savior and cried onto her shoulder. The lady felt sorry for Hinata, and helped her up before walking away from the alley, where Jake lay unconscious, without his pants on. Above him, a bird flew overhead and suddenly dropped its load, and it landed right on Jake's face. He would find out later what the stench was coming from.

The lady led Hinata to a nearby park before sitting her down on a bench.

"There there, it's all right. You're safe now." She said soothing the distressed teenager.

Hinata looked up and wiped her eyes.

"That's better. Tell me, what's your name?"

"H-h-hinata, Hyuuga H-hinata."

"Oh? That's a nice name. My name's Ferham. Nice to meet you!" Ferham said smiling.

"Nice to m-meet you t-to. E-excuse me miss,"

"Please, Ferham will do just fine." She smiled.

" did you do that? I've n-never seen a g-girl do t-that before." Hinata asked.

"Well, a girl's gotta be strong, right?" She said smiling.

Hinata looked down at her trembling hands and nodded. Ferham looked at her, before going deep into thought. She smiled and snapped her fingers.

"How about this, I'll train you!" Ferham said smiling. "That way you'll be able to protect yourself from creeps like him!"

Hinata looked at the lady in awe.

"R-really? Y-you m-mean it?"

"Yep! I even have a pervert for you to practice your attacks on! He's really annoying, but I'm sure you can beat him senseless after I'm done training you!"

Hinata smiled before nodding her head.

"Good. But it looks like you're still in school, so how about I train you after school?"

Hinata nodded her head.

"Then it's settled! We'll meet here tomorrow. Can you do that?" Hinata thought about it.

"I-i'm not s-sure. M-my class is o-only on a f-field trip here, I l-live in another d-district."

Ferham thought about it for awhile, before reaching into her purse and pulling out a device.

"Here, use this to come here after school. I'll be waiting around 4 o' clock! See ya then?"

Hinata smiled before hugging Ferham. "Y-yes!"

Hinata then went back to the museum and reported Jake for attempted rape. The rest of the day went perfectly for her, and she couldn't wait for her training tomorrow.