First Hibiki's Magic story! Woot! Ok short one-short, based on Hibiki liking a certain boy~

Hibiki's Poem.

Hibiki sighed out of boredom as she pulled out a piece of paper and her feather pen. She got so bored she started to write a poem as her students took a Magic test.

He was cute

He was strong

He was always mute

He had sunglasses and a gun

He rarely smiled,

But whenever I mentioned something about family or my master

A frown would appear upon his lips.

I never thought

I would love a 'student' of mine

But I never thought I would be able to use magic either.

I thought he would be tough went trying to teach class, ever since that duel.

But ever since we hung out more and more

He has showed me that he is really kind at heart.

So I think this random letter of mine.

I think I'll announce this here in now while my students take a test.

I Hibiki, 13 years old, must say that I love Akito, 16 or 17 years old.

Hibiki smiled as she finished her random note. She folded the paper and placed the feather pen back into it's ink jar. She watched as her Master in his squirrel form sat in front of the as if he was reading, which he probably was since he used to be human. When he finished he looked up at Hibiki and tilted his head as he heard the bell chime, meaning class was over. She walked over to the exit and gathered tests as the students walked out the door. When she thought every student left she sweetdropped.

"So many papers….I'll never finish. I still need to practice that magic circle…" She whined as she placed the papers on her desk. She gasped when she saw a shadow hovering over her. She lashed her head back and saw it was Akito, and he was reading her letter. She waved her arms back and forth in the air as she started to freak out. He just adjusted his sunglasses and laughed.

"I never thought someone would fall in love with someone with a life force disappearing." He said in an emotionless tone, Hibiki blushed.

"S-sorry then." She stuttered as she looked away, but Akito pulled her head to look at him.

"No need to be, because I feel the same." He whispered in her air, causing her to shiver. He pulled away and kissed her cheek. "Gotta go teach. See yea later." He said as he placed his hands in his pockets and walked out the door. Hibiki released the breath of air that was caught in her lungs and sighed.

"Bye…Akito. I…I love you." Hibiki mumbled with a smile. She couldn't wait to see him later.


YES IT'S AWESOME!!! In some parts. 