" MAMA! PAPA! WHERE ARE YOU?" Fivel yelled as the room was shaking violently and things were falling off the walls and onto the floor and smoke filled the house."

"HERE!" Papa yelled as he ran into the room and grabbed Fivel by the hand and ran back into the front room with the rest of the family.

"The cats are back and we need to get out of here!" Papa yelled as the family ran through the door and stood by the wall to stay out of sight.

When the family got outside it was frantic cats and mice were running everywhere things were falling or crumbling down.

QUICKLY NOW!" Papa yelled as they ran along the side of the wall.

The were just about to reach safety when a shadow fell on them. The family looked up to find a cat about to pounce on them.

"RUN!" Pappa yelled as he pulled his family to safety.

The family ran as fast as they could with the cat snapping at their feet.

When they spotted a safe place to run into they dove for it but slipped on an ice patch and went sliding across the ice and crashed through a weak spot in the wall. The family got up and saw the cat still coming for them. They started running through the inside of wall of the house. Fivel looked back and saw the cat growling and trying to paw its way through the wall. The sound began to fade as they got further and further away from the cat.

Eventually when they thought they were safe, they stopped running to catch their breaths.

"Is everybody ok?" Papa asked

" Yea, I think so." everybody said

"You guys stay here I'm going to find us something to eat." Papa said.

He walked down the hall a few feet and came to a hole in the wall and disappeared through it.

A few minutes later papa came back carrying a piece of bread and the family chowed down on breakfast.

"So what are we going to do now?" Tanya asked

"We'll wait here for a while until the cats are gone." Papa said

"But Papa, that could be for weeks." Tanya said "We can't live here forever."

"What else are we going to do?" he asked

Tanya let out a sigh and than sat down


The family was awoken by the sounds of gunshots and than silence.

"What was that!" Fivel asked

"Never mind, that lets just get out of here." Papa said as he led the way to the outside.

Outside the streets were littered with rubble and the bodies of the dead.

"Those animals did this." Papa said mostly to himself

"So what now?" Tonya asked

"What about all our friends?" Fivel asked

"And what about survivors?" Mama asked

Sigh "We have to find the survivors and shelter." was the answer

The family walked a little further down the road, looking through any rubble for survivors. They were just about to give up when they heard a weak tiny voice coming from one of the human houses. They looked over to find Bridget crawling from the house carrying a baby in her arms.

Papa ran to her and helped her

"What happened?" he asked and he noticed the blood running down her side.

"Gunshots…..To…Tony." she whispered "They…..got….

Tony." and than she passed out…


Bridget woke up to a doctor tending to her wounds and

Papa Mouskowitz standing by her bed.

"Where am I?" she asked

"Bridget your safe." Papa assured her

"Where's Alicia?" she asked worried


"My baby." she answered

"She's sleeping, she safe, Mama is taking care of her." Papa said "You've been out for a week, tell me what happened and where's Tony?"

Bridgett looked down at the blanket "I….don't know." she said

"Well tell me what happened." Papa asked

"Well….. When the cats attacked we ran outside to the nearest house to safety, and we stayed there for a while and than Tony…. He….. Went to go find food for us." she stopped

"And than what happened?" he tried to get her to go on

"Well, a human caught us…. Well I mean I put the baby in a safe place and went with him to find food." And than a human caught us and he told me to run…."

She wiped away a tear "I thought he was right behind me." So I just ran thinking like I said before that he was right behind me and than I heard a gunshot and I felt something hit me." I fell to the ground but I was close to the mouse hole so I dragged myself towards it and with luck I made it. " I grabbed my daughter and made my way outside and that's when I found you guyes."

She put her face on her paws and tried not to cry

"So you don't know what happened to Tony?" Papa asked

"I…think he's…dead." Bridget said with a few more tears to wiped away.

"I want to go back to sleep now." Bridgett said

"You should eat something." the doctor said "And than you can go back to sleep."

"I'll be right back." Papa said as he and the doctor got up to leave the room. Bridgett laid back down and watched them leave.

Papa closed the door to Bridgett's room and looked at his family

"So is she ok?" Mama asked

"Yes, but….Fivel I need to talk to you." he said "I know that you and Tony were friends but….."

"But what?" the young mouse asked "What happened to Tony?"

Papa walked over to his son and put his hand on his shoulder

"Tony…..died when the cats attacked." papa said

"No, he didn't, he couldn't have." Fivel said "I can get Tiger and we can go find him." Fivel said

"You found Tiger?" Papa asked

"Yea, he wanted to find us to make sure we were ok." Fivel said

"I can go get Tiger and we can go find Tony." Fivel said as he turned to leave and ran out the door

"FIVEL!" Mama called as she chased him out the door

She turned towards papa "Your not going to stop him?" she cried

Papa just stared at the ground "No" he said sadly

"But there could still be cats out there." she cried

"He will have Tiger and eventually he'll realize that Tony is dead." Papa said as he still stared at the ground.

Mama just looked at him with a shocked look on her face

"IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO MY BABY, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" she shouted as she put her hands on her hips and than left the room

Papa shook head…


Tony just stared at the ground in disbelief as the three of them walked down the sewer

"They survived….." Tony said under his breath but just loud enough for Fivel to hear " And I had thought that I had lost them."

"Well we thought the same about you." Fivel said " And here you are."

"Yea, I know." Tony said

"The only question is, is how are you going to explain all this to Bridget?" Fivel asked

Tony let out a sigh " I'll find a way ok." was the answer

"How are you going to tell her when you won't even tell us what happened?" Fivel asked

Sigh….."Philly, don't worry about it." Tony said trying to change the subject " I'll find a way to explain."


"I'll fi-" Tony started to say '

"Hey do you guys hear music?" Tiger asked

Both mice stood still and listened to where the sound was coming from

"Yea, that's where the cats must be." Fivel said " LET'S GO! Fivel said excitedly and started running towards the sound

"Hey wait!" Tony called after him and started running after him until Fivel stopped short causing Tony to run into Fivel making him fall over the edge. Fivel tried to grab the ledge but instead grabbed Tony;s arm and they both fell and landed with a thud

The cats looked at their new snacks

"Well, well, well lookie who we have here." one of them said as he got closer and closer to them "A couple of snacks."

Both mice got up and backed up against the wall both looking for a way out

"Gee got anymore good ideas?" Tony said under his breath but made sure that Fivel could hear

Fivel gulped "Uh….how about this one?" he asked RUN!

And he took off running along the side of the wall

"FIVEL!" Tony yelled after him

"After him!" the leader yelled "I'll deal with this mouse."

He watched the others chase after Fivel and than turned his attention back towards Tony

"Now, lets get back to my snack." he said as he inches closer and closer towards Tony with an evil smile and teeth.

Tony gulped and inched towards the right making the cat move to the right. Tony moved back to where he was and the cat did the same

"HEY YOU WITH THE FUR!" yelled a voice

Both Tony and the cat looked up to find Tiger

"Tiger?" the cat asked

"Tony run!" Tiger yelled

Tony ran towards the cat between his legs, the cat watched as his snack got away

"HEY!" he yelled "Get back here!" and started running after Tony

He looked back at the cat who was getting closer and closer

He needed a place to hide and quick he looked back again and than looked forward he was running out of space he stopped at a wall and looked around than suddenly he felt the floor crack Tony quickly looked around and started to get off that area but it was too late the flood gave way and Tony felt himself falling into blackness…