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My feet were killing me. As expected I was left walking back to town on my own. It was not Chromia's fault however, it had been my decision. With so much going through my head I figured it would do me some good.

I had miscalculated.

Having been bedridden for so long my legs were not used to walking several miles at once. I hate being out of shape. It made me feel so gross. I really couldn't wait for my ribs to heal so I could jog again.

The sky had begun to darken ever so slightly. Fluffy gray clouds were filing in and beginning to overtake the once blue hue. It would probably rain later, hopefully after I got back to Jessy's. The last thing I needed was to be caught up in a cold November rain storm.

Moving around a bend in the road I caught sight of the old church I used to attend. Its high bell tower reminded me of the olden days when my mother would drag me out of bed early on Sunday mornings to go to mass. Thankfully my father had decided at thirteen I was old enough to decide whether or not I wanted to go. It hadn't made my mum very happy but I had been content with sleeping in and then spending the rest of the day planning or building new trinkets.

As if hearing my thoughts the bells began to chime in a beautiful melody. "Must be noon," I murmured to myself. I didn't bother pulling out my phone to check.

Beyond the parking lot was an extensive cemetery dating as far back as the civil war. I used to be terrified of walking through it as a child, thinking some evil ghost was going to take me away forever.

How trivial those days all seemed now, especially since I knew aliens existed. Giant, heavily armed alien robots no less.

Crossing the street I headed up through the parking lot and in through the old metal gates where the black paint was peeling away and allowing the metal to rust. Tombstones long since worn brushed past in my vision only to be replaced by moderately legible ones. The further I went the crisper the writing became.

My feet eventually led me off the path and through the freshly cut grass. Names blurred together as I swept by them, not stopping until I came upon an ordinary gray-salmon headstone. It was frigid and smooth to the touch as I ran my finger over the letters spelling out 'Nathan and Alexandra Lennox'.

"Hey," I whispered softly. "It's been a while."

It was depressing being here. The last I had seen this place was the morning I had flown to Washington with Uncle. I had given a goodbye, not knowing when I would be able to visit again and yet here I was nearly three months later. I even felt the same as I had back them – emotionally and physically scarred.

"I wish you guys were here." A tear trickled down my cheek, but I quickly swept it away. My parents had always been good at giving advice. They would have known just want to say in order to help me.

The ground was cold as I sat. For a while I said nothing and only gathered clumps of chopped grass and threw them aside, trying to make the grave look neat. I even peeled away those that clung to the stone. A part of me was annoyed that my parents were resting in such a mess, but what could I do? I wasn't around to maintain it and I couldn't ask Jessy and them to do it for me.

Sighing I forced myself to be still. Grass was grass. It was going be cut again. Cleaning it was rather fruitless and it only hurt my heart.

"You'll never believe the trouble I've gotten myself into," I eventually said. Perhaps I was being silly, but I needed someone to talk to, someone who would not tell my secrets or get in trouble for knowing them. I trusted my parents. Loved them.

Maybe I was just speaking to a stone, but who knew. Maybe they were here, listening in silence, just happy to see me again. Either way it did not deter me from telling my tale, emotional and unaltered.

"I just don't know what to do anymore," I finished quite sometime later, throat dry from so much talking and my heart feeling heavy. "Chromia seems to think I should give it a chance and I'm sure Ron wants me to as well." I sighed and played with the loose blades of grass. "I get so confused thinking about it. Robot aside, how can I be sure in a month that Ron'll still be interested in me, it could just be some weird alien phase he's going through. Then there's the fact that he's a robot. It just makes everything feel so… wrong."

Perhaps that is what Chromia had meant when she had said I was being racy, but no matter how I thought about it I was reminded of a crazy science fiction novel.

"Sure he's intelligent, self motivated and emotional, but…" I fiddled with my coat zipper. "He acts so human, that's why I never thought to imagine him as anything else. He even understands me… better than most," my voice trailed off. He did, he really did know me well. All those times when I thought of my parents he always seemed know and would ruffle my hair or give me a hug, trying to cheer me up and distract my thoughts.

He had even saved my life after I had told him I hated him.

"I mean," I sighed, "as much as I want to hate him now, I can't. I want to be angry at him, want to forget him, but he's always in my head and I can't get him out." I tugged loosely on my hair, "I don't know if I'm being used or if what I'm feeling is right, but I'm still in love with him." I paused, bit my lip and nodded, "deeply in love with him."

I was. I couldn't deny it any longer. I wasn't just in love with him. It had hurt when I had found out the truth, but I had missed him every day since I had fled. I hadn't even been mad at him in the theater. Shocked and a little afraid of what he would do, but not angry.

"My head and my heart are battling so fiercely." I clutched the area of the jacket covering my heart. "I don't know which to listen to. My head is right, but so is my heart."And it ached terribly beneath my flesh and bone.

"What do I do?" I never expected an answer, yet when none did I could not help but feel lost. Everything was in a tangled mess. The only things I recognized were Jessy, Jeremy and Patrick, but even then it was far from perfect. Our lives had been altered because of the tornado. We didn't talk about it, but I knew we all felt it.

Sighing heavily I lay down on the grass. It smelled delightful and tickled my skin. I used to do this a lot when I was a child. Drove my mother nuts. She would complain incessantly about all the grass stains. Father would just laugh and tell her not to fuss because there were worse things I could have been doing – like shoving frogs into my pockets to surprise them with, as my father had done when he was a boy.

Oh how I missed them.

I missed how they would chastise me for tracking mud into the house. How they would always ask me if I had done my homework at night when I flopped down in front of the TV or why I insisted on staying up late to watch some cheesy chick flick that made my father pretend to be chocking on the sappiness.

I missed hearing my mother's tune-less voice singing from the kitchen as she cooked supper. I missed my father's fingers drumming against his work desk as he pondered a new toy design, even though the studio was closed for the night. I missed the days when the three of us would sit together and talk about fun toy ideas, some of which actually became products for the company he worked for.

But most of all, I missed their love and support. They had always been there for me. No matter what happened, regardless of whether it was my fault or not. They had always been there.

Hot tears poured down my cheeks. I didn't fight the sob as it came and wrack my body.


I don't really what had happened. Maybe I had died or something. It really would not have surprised me what with all the stress I had been enduring. All I knew was it was cold and I could hardly move. I was on my back though. Perhaps I had rolled over at some point.

Must have fallen asleep.

Through this somewhat disembodied sensation I could pick up the pattering of water. The tiny impacts sent small ripples of awareness through my body. Icy ripples.

Crap, it was raining wasn't it. I only had to open my eyes to confirm it for myself.

How in the blazes had I not woken before it started pouring? What happen to the days when I was a light sleeper? I really had to be dreaming. Or dead. Did you feel the rain when you were an apparition?

Well I suppose I couldn't have actually been dead since I could see a very fleshy nose when I crossed my eyes. So I had to be dreaming. There was no way I could have slept in the middle of a frigid rain storm. Not possible.

Definitely a dream.

All the same, this dream sucked. Who imagined junk like this? It was almost as if I were paralyzed, but only through movement, not sensation.

Well, they say dreams sometimes exist to tell you something. What exactly did this one mean? I was stuck? I sort of knew that one already. What else could this dratted thing mean?

Two figures appeared above me… or at least I think they did. It was hard to make out immediately. I blinked hard, perhaps there was just water marring my sights, but as I looked back up two faces remained in my sight.

One was male, middle aged with glasses and hollow cheeks. The other was a female who had shoulder length hair and dimples at the corners of her wide toothy smile.

My eyes widened to the size of saucers. My parents! Standing before me were my parents!

Now I really knew I was dreaming. Ghosts didn't exist, did they? I certainly had never thought so. They didn't look like the stereo typical ghost either. They looked normal. Alive.

This was weird.

"You're a mess," my father's voice sounded as if it were crossing a vast distance rather than a few feet.

"I think you would be too if you were in her shoes," mother commented.

Father thought a moment. "You're probably right. I never did think I was gay."

I would have laughed had I still not been in shock.

"I can't tell if I like this or not," mother frowned down at me.

"Somehow I don't think you would have felt any different if she said she were a lesbian."


He laughed as she glowered at him. "I'm just saying it could have been stranger. She could have claimed to in love with this Chromia girl. Then I would have had to scream something along the lines of 'at least find a human girl'. Then gotten over it."

"Nathan Lennox, really."

"Hey, I consider myself rather open. I might have smacked her good if Ron was a human crafted robot, considering such things hardly have any intelligence of their own. These alien ones on the other hand seem just as lucid as we are."

"But highly destructive."

"Nuclear bomb," was all my father responded with. Mum had no way of arguing. They had always been like this; Father more open to things than mother. It was not as if she was closed minded, she and father shared many of the same friends, some of whom were homosexual, but when it came to me she was adverse to anything but a guy. A human guy at that it seemed.

She was undoubtedly where I had gotten this sense of confusion from.

"I admit it's a strange subject, but that's only because he's robotic. If he were an organic humanoid it wouldn't be as strange."

"Yes it would."

Papa shook his head and smiled down at me. "You know your mother."

She didn't seem all that pleased with the sideward comment. "I am only saying we don't know how they're kind respond to any form of relationship. Melry said it herself. Who's to say what will happen in a month's time?"

"I don't see how that's any different from the standard human relationship. How many actually last a year, especially when involving a teenager? Whether it's normal or not for them Ron was in a relationship for at least a millennia. I think that alone show he is committed. Isn't that a basic requirement for any human relationship?"

Mum huffed.

"This doesn't seem to be a spur of the moment type of relationship either. It's been building since they first met."

"Three months ago."

"Would you have rather it been a one night stand?"

It was my turn to groan. I was almost surprised I could make a noise.

"Here you are asking for advice and we're just bickering," father stooped down. "You said you loved him didn't you?"

"Hm," I nodded lightly. My heart fluttered at the thought.

"But you're still confused?"

I bit my lip and nodded again.

Mother sighed and shook her head. "Techies and artists are the most bizarre people I have ever met."

"But you love us," father grinned up at her.

She smiled and rolled her eyes. "I only have one question for you Mel." She tilted her head to the side. "Can you live without him?"

Could I… A part of me thought the question over literally, but the other half kicked me for it. It wasn't meant to be taken literally. It was a question for the heart, not the head.

"If you can answer it you'll know what to do. We can't answer it for you." Mother stooped down and placed a warm hand on my forehead. "I don't really approve, but grandma Lennox didn't approve of me either in the beginning." I had heard that story many times. Papa would joke about it every time we had a family gathering, but I only ever remembered them getting along.

Father laughed. I must have been making a face. "Just remember, you're the one who's going to have to live with him, not us."

"Papa," I whined.

Both of them laughed. "We will always love you Mel," mum smiled.

"No matter what path you take," papa finished.

They hugged me tightly. Their embrace was so warm and comforting. My heart fluttered. I missed this and I didn't want to let go.

I felt safe in their embrace.


"How in the Well of All Sparks am I supposed to know!"

It was the first thing I awoke to. My head was foggy and joints stiff. My clothes were frigid and clung uncomfortably to my skin. Warmth was attempting to seep into my body through something or another, but it wasn't working all that well.

"She's delusional. She thought I was her father."

That voice… moaning weakly I forced my eyes open. Ron was kneeling in front of me with a hand pressed to the tip of his ear. Relief washed over him as he caught my gaze. He carefully took up my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. A sudden frown stole his face, "in common Cybertronian Ratchet."

I wasn't sure how he was talking to anyone. I certainly didn't hear any voices. Perhaps I would understand later, I was too taxed to worry about it now.

"I have to WHAT?" Ron looked positively aghast.

The sound of pounding rain met my ears. Where was it coming from? Sluggishly I cast my gaze beyond Ron's wide eyed expression and found the backside of a seat. It took my numb mind a moment to realize just what that meant. I was inside the truck – inside Ro - Ironhide. I was laying on the back seat, heat vents blasting on me.

"Slaggit," Ironhide cursed. His hand fell from his ear. "Mel I apologize for this."

Before I could even ask he was ripping my coat off. Cold water splattered my face and made me shiver. I groaned in protest as he lifted my back just enough to get it out from under me, but it was nothing compared to his next move.

He unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off in one fluid motion.

What was he doing! I whimpered helplessly.

"I'm not going to hurt you," his voice was almost pleading. His hands worked the buttons of my shirt.

Vainly I struggled against him, trying to push him away. I wanted my cloths on! Even though I was warming up with them gone, I felt exposed. I didn't like this at all!

"Doctors orders, not mine." He brushed my arms away and finished his work, pulling my shirt off as quickly as possible. I didn't know where he tossed my clothes and I couldn't look for them because he was holding me pinned.

I choked on a whimper.

"Stop that," Ron brushed my hands aside again and cupped my face. "Melry, listen to me."

I want my clothes, I pushed my hands against his chest, but he wouldn't budge.

"Listen," he shook my head side to side just enough to make me stop struggling. "You need to trust me. I'm not going to hurt you," his thumbs worked gentle circles into my cheek, "I swear on my spark."

I didn't even know what a spark was.

Ron's arms looped around me carefully and shifted me onto my side, my back pressed against the back panel of the seat. I did the only thing I could; I crossed my arms tightly over my chest. My undergarments were soaked and freezing, but they were all I had left.

Ron settled down on the seat and wrapped an arm around me. "I need to get you warm," he explained.

His body was hot against my shivering frame and I turned into him despite the cries my mind was making. My muscles tingled and my heart ached. I felt so comfortable in his embrace, yet ashamed at my exposure.

"Next time you want give yourself hypothermia," his fingers brushed my back, "make sure I'm dead first."

Hot stinging tears streaked down cheeks. I tried to hold them back, tried fighting them, but I couldn't. After everything I had put him through - telling him I hated him, running away and saying I didn't trust him – he had come for me. He still cared about me. Why was I such a fool? "I'm sorry." I knew it didn't cut it, but it was all I could say.

He hugged me closer and placed a kiss upon the crown of my head.

"I'm so sorry."


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"This sucks." I blew my nose into a tissue. I had only just gotten over a cold about a week and a half ago. How could I be sick again!

Ron sighed and held out that disgusting Echinacea tea I was being forced to drink. Curse Ratchet and his knowledge herbs. Curse Mother Nature too. Who asked her to rain on me?

"I'm sorry for everything I've put you through," he dropped his hand after I took the cup from him.

"Shut up already," Jessy said before I could. Ron had become a broken record again with his apologies. I didn't get him sometimes. He didn't want to tell me important things, but he had no problem apologizing me to death. I should have asked Chromia if he was usually like this or if it was simply because I was human. I seriously think he could have apologized a Decepticon into a stupor.

Never did I think I'd need to say this, "I need to toughen you up."