Gold Wing

Sequel to "Death in the Heartland", this fic is a crossover with Smallville, featuring my own original character, Laura Lake aka Gold Wing. The young metahuman aspires to one day become a member of the Justice League of America. For now, though, she was simply a hyper speeding high school girl.

Laura Lake and her best friend, Tim Servo, were entering their senior year at Falcon Claw High School in central Nebraska. Laura had just learned that she was no longer unique. She'd run across a super powered young man in Kansas named Clark Kent.

She'd gone to visit the pleasant farm boy on a whim, only to learn that he'd had a live in, on again, off again girlfriend, and roommate named Lois Lane. Laura entertained the idea of challenging Miss Lane, a newly hired cub reporter for Metropolis's Daily Planet, for Clark's attentions.

Laura had backed off, knowing that Miss Lane was older and likely more experienced than she. It would have been exceedingly difficult for the schoolgirl to unseat the college age Lois, so she decided to simply remain friends with the unusually gifted, strong, and fast Clark Kent.

Today, Laura returned to her humdrum life in Falcon Claw, Nebraska, a rural, backwards leaning agricultural community. Despite the work Laura did in helping to run her Aunt Wanda's farm, and hardware store, the turbo-charged teen grew quickly bored.

Laura had opted to adopt an alter ego named Gold Wing, to add some excitement to her mediocre life. Also, Laura had excelled in any physical education classes for obvious reasons. She wanted more to challenge herself, so the teen took up martial arts classes.

One never knew when or if the Loracite power ramp up would peter out, she often thought. I'd better have a backup plan. So Laura registered and passed every martial arts class she could find. It also trained her to use a small percentage of her overall supernatural strength and speed, adding some gracefulness to her moves was also a challenge.

Laura had just completed her farm chores at her usual hyper speed, and ventured into her barn loft hideaway, and idea she'd since borrowed, when she noticed an unopened e mail on her laptop computer. It was from Clark Kent. Immediately, her heart jumped. Had Lois dumped her recently intended beau? It would be too much to hope for, she reasoned.

Laura flipped it open, and the message was short and simple: Hey Laura, how's that Gold Wing thing working for you? Clark had written. She quickly updated young Clark on her latest activities, including the proverbial leap over a tall building, in this case, a barn silo that she'd pulled off.

She sent the e mail on its way, but received no immediate reply, so Laura grudgingly finished her homework instead. Laura had opted to disengage from any further sports activities other than the required physical ed slash hygiene class she'd taken. Clark had convinced her that her 'talents' were unfair to other competitive athletes.

Out of sheer boredom, Laura went to visit her best friend and confident, Tim Servo.