A Wizard on the Dunes

A Harry Potter/Dune Fan Fiction

Written By: Drakonis Redwing

Disclaimer: I played the "what if" game and suddenly thought "what if Harry Potter had interacted with Paul Atreides?" The result is this fan fiction. I do not own, nor do I claim any rights to, the Harry Potter franchise or the Dune series. Both of these were original conceptions by brilliant writers. I only hope that this small piece of fiction will both do them justice, and bring a few moments of happiness to your otherwise dreary work day. With that being said….

To attempt to understand Muad'Dib, one must also take note of his companions. Though history will call them friends, it is important to note that very few truly knew Muad'Dib as he truly was. One such person, a boy just younger than Muad'Dib, is still considered to be somewhat of an enigma. This did not stop him from being a most crucial player in the life of Muad'Dib. Though his story is one of legend, the people that truly knew him will tell that Harry James Potter wanted nothing more than to lead a "normal" life…Fate, as it would seem, had other plans.

-from "Manual of Muad'Dib"

by the Princess Irulan

"So you see, Potter," Lucius said with a slight sneer, "Your efforts tonight have all been in vain. Hand over that prophecy now, and your little friends won't be hurt. Fail to do so, and the Dark Lord has given me a very broad measure in how to, persuade you, as it were."

Harry looked around. Every where he turned he saw the masked figure of a Death Eater with his or her wand, it was hard to tell with their masks on, pointed at one of his friends. The very friends who had believed him when he explained how he had seen visions of his god father, Sirius Black, being tortured by Voldemort, and how he had to go rescue him. The same friends who had come with him only to find it was all a clever rouse to draw Harry into the Department of Mysteries to retrieve the very prophecy that foretold how the end game would play out. And now here they all stood, quite possibly facing their own death, for this small glass orb with some old crack pots voice telling of how "Neither can live while the other survives." The Death Eaters could have it for all he cared. He had heard it himself when he took it off the shelf, and honestly didn't believe a word of it, and if it meant saving his friends…

Harry slowly began to hold out the hand that held the prophecy toward Lucius, all the while keeping his wand pointed directly at the now unmasked man. He didn't honestly believe that he would allow the Hogwarts group to simply walk out the door, but he had to try. He really didn't see any other way out of this situation…at least, not with everyone making it out of their own accord.

As Lucius reached out and grabbed the glass sphere from Harry's hand, a look of almost sickening joy spread over his face. He knew that his master would be pleased, and perhaps he would once again begin to trust him as he had before the unfortunate accident all those years ago that had lead most to believe that this child was more powerful than the Dark Lord himself. He approached Harry slowly, and when he was close enough to see that he did indeed have Lilly's eyes, he began to give the order to kill the others. No sooner than he opened his mouth there was a bright flash behind him. As he turned around to see what had caused this unexpected light to appear…

"Get away from my god son." Sirius delivered a solid right hook into Lucius's jaw that sent him flying down the stairs that lead to the giant veiled archway that stood in the center of the room. As he fell, the prophecy bounced out of his hands, and before he could react to what seemed to be happening in slow motion, the glass shattered against the stone floor, and a small blue mist escaped from it, with only the sound of a muffled conversation following. Lucius had now failed, and the Dark Lord did not tolerate failure.

At the same moment that Sirius was putting on his Ali impression, white flashes could be seen all around the chamber, each one revealing a different member of the Order of the Phoenix. As soon as they appeared and took stock of the situation, which took no more than a second or two, each was off to not only rescue a child, but also to engage and capture, or if need be, kill the Death Eater currently holding that child hostage.

Sirius rushed up to Harry to make sure he was all right. Harry rushed forward and a rather short family reunion ensued, consisting of a quick hug and looks of disbelief that each was still intact and in fact standing there before the other. "Harry," Sirius started, "Get the rest of your friends back up to the main floor. The other Aurors should be arriving there any moment." "But I want to stay and fight with you," came Harry's reply. A look of pride could be seen in Sirius's eyes, but he knew he couldn't allow Harry to stay and fight trained Death Eaters. While Harry might be able to hold his own, or at least defend himself, he was probably the best chance that the other Hogwarts children had of escaping to the floors above where reinforcements would be arriving.

He didn't have a chance to say this, however, as Lucius had now righted himself and was now pressing the attack on both Sirius and Harry. Similar scenes could be seen all throughout the chamber, as Death Eaters and Order members were locked in an all out wizard's battle. If it hadn't been for the small fact that this was truly a life and death battle between the forces of good and evil, it might have even looked beautiful with the colors of the spells and the almost choreographed moves.

As Sirius and Harry began to press their advantage against Lucius, sounds of battle could be heard throughout the room. While no one conversation could be discerned from the noise, it was apparent that the Death Eaters were falling, and falling fast. Lucius wasn't a fool and he knew all too well that while things may not be going well for his underlings, he himself was on the losing side of a battle against what was shaping up to be a wonderful pairing between Sirius and Harry. Not even the Dark Lord himself could have predicted that the two of them would be able to complement one another so easily in battle, both on attack and defense. It was as though they had done this all their lives, and they were acting as two people with one linked consciousness. This would need to be reported as soon as possible, so that it could be stopped before Potter gained even more power. Not that anyone truly believed that a child could defeat the Dark Lord.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" Harry cried out as soon as he noticed an opening in the elder Malfoy's defense, and no sooner than it had hit home and sent the man's wand across the room than Sirius connected with his own spell which mimicked his punch to the jaw not moments earlier. Only this time, Lucius didn't get up. Harry and Sirius turned to one another with a look of victory and pride in their faces, but it was short lived.

From across the room, a Death Eater, one Bellatrix Lestrange, had previously dispatched the Order member who had been unlucky enough to be paired against her, and had watched the fight between Lucius and Sirius and Harry. She watched, partly in horror and partly in glee, as Lucius was dealt with so swiftly and soundly. She then saw her chance. Without the hesitation that a newer Death Eater might have shown, she took aim with her wand. "AVADA KADAVRA!"

Harry noticed the spell as it was cast and reacted with lightening quick reflexes, pushing Sirius out of the way. The killing curse hit the floor just inches away from where he had landed, blasting a hole into the stone work. Sirius looked up to see what had happened to his god son after his act of heroics, only to see him starting to drift slowly back into the veil within the archway, a slightly euphoric grin on his face. He reached out to grab him and pull him back, but was restrained by Remus, who had only recently arrived on the scene with the reinforcements.

To Harry, this all felt like a dream. An oddly pleasant dream. He didn't feel the rush of adrenaline he had felt just moments before, nor did his arms ache from spinning and twisting them about while in combat. And everything looked slightly fuzzy as well. As thought he didn't have his glasses on anymore. He saw as his god father reached toward him, though it seemed to be happening in slow motion. He noticed the panicked look in his face, and he wanted to reassure Sirius that he was OK. He tried to reach out and grasp his hand, but just as their fingers would have touched, his hand slipped through that of his god father. The last thing Harry heard was someone screaming his name, though he wasn't quite sure who it was. He thought for a moment it was his mother, then the voice began to change to that of his friends, and then to his god father. Finally he realized, the screaming was his own.

Suddenly, without warning, Harry had a massive headache, and felt as though he had crashed into the Quidditch Pitch. He also heard the most peculiar sound. The sound of a vast amount of sand blowing through the air, and the sound of two people that seemed to be in trouble. And a mention of someone called a Harkonnen.