A Wizard on the Dunes

A Harry Potter/Dune Fan Fiction

Written By: Drakonis Redwing

Disclaimer: I played the "what if" game and suddenly thought "what if Harry Potter had interacted with Paul Atreides?" The result is this fan fiction. I do not own, nor do I claim any rights to, the Harry Potter franchise or the Dune series. Both of these were original conceptions by brilliant writers. I only hope that this small piece of fiction will both do them justice, and bring a few moments of happiness to your otherwise dreary work day. With that being said….

In time, many would recognize the seemingly miraculous events that always seemed to happen around Muad'Did. They simply accepted this as part of their legend; the legend of the Mahadi. Very few, however, made the connection that when these events occurred, Harry Potter was always close at hand, and often times would suddenly become very weak, as though struck with an unnatural exhaustion. And of those few who have seen this, only those trained in the ways of the Bene Gesserit would give pause to think on the events unfolding in front of them.

-from "The Magiks of Dune"

By the Princess Irulan

"We can't fly into that Paul! Nothing survives one of these storms!" Jessica pleaded as she gestured out the front window of their craft towards the huge wall of sand that they were flying towards. "Then they would be foolish to follow us, wouldn't they?" was Paul's only response. His attention was focused on the controls of their ship, and he seemed to be almost in a trance as his fingers flew over the instrument panel.

Harry looked on in both fear and awe. On the one hand, he had never seen such an odd looking storm, and he could only surmise that it was made up of sand being blown around, rather than the usual rain that often plagued the grounds of Hogwarts. On the other hand, even though he had no real experience in the place he now found himself in, he had quickly come to realize that when these two people were worried, it was usually with cause, and sometimes, worse than they made it out to be.

"Hang on!" Paul cried out, as they dove head first into the oncoming storm. The only remaining ship perusing them banked sharply in an attempt to dodge the storm, but to no avail. Paul could see the explosion on his screens and smiled slightly. His grin soon faded as lights started blinking on his panel. He was losing altitude and losing it fast. With the grace of one properly learned, his hands began dancing across his controls in an attempt to keep them aloft, and thus, alive. Only a small bead of sweat on his brow gave away his distress and concern.

Harry, on the other hand, felt something odd when they entered the storm. He suddenly felt as though he was surrounded by magic; like the first time he held his wand. He couldn't explain it, but he was relieved to feel magic in this strange new land. Perhaps then, he wasn't completely cut off from his world. In his relief, he looked at his two new travel companions. The woman in the back who had been identified as Jessica looked concerned, not at the storm, but at her son, Paul. Harry then turned his attention towards Paul. Harry's Seeker's eyes quickly spotted the sweat on Paul's brow, and could tell that he was having a problem with the storm.

Harry began to wonder if this were it. While he didn't know how well Paul could fly, he was able guess from his limited experience here that Paul was very skilled with this type of flying. Harry had to admit this was nothing like flying on his broom, and worlds away from flying on a hippogryph, but this was flying, and he had a natural feel for it. Harry was able to tell, based on the way the craft was shaking this way and that, Paul was trying to ride the currents, but he was slowly failing.

From watching Paul's movements, Harry was sure he had a basic understanding of how to fly the ship, and without hesitation, his hands started dancing across the control panel in front of him. At first Paul started to object, but decided against it when he found that he was able to pilot the craft easier. It seemed as though Harry was focusing on the maneuvering and altitude jets and was able to not only stabilize their decent, but was also able to slowly start bringing them higher and higher into the storm where the winds were less damaging. Paul decided that rather than trying to fight the small newcomer for flight control, he would instead focus on the more intricate and difficult issues of flying the 'thopter.

Jessica watched in awe from the back seat as his son and this unknown boy began working in tandem to tame one of Dune's most feared elements. Sure, the worms were to be feared, but even in her limited time on the planet, she had learned that you could avoid the fearsom beasts if you stayed out of the open desert, or if worst came to worst, traveled only on the rocks. She wanted to say something, to either of them, but found she could only open her mouth…no sound would pass her lips.

With Harry's help, Paul had not only stabilized their flight, but felt sure that they would survive this. He allowed himself a slight smile, thinking that his friend and mentor Duncan would be not only pleased, but slightly envious of him, if he were ever able to find out that he had safly flown in a storm. That smile quickly faded as he allowed himself the realization that his friend was probably dead. The explosion they had seen as they began to fled was only a few meters away from where he had been standing not seconds before. Paul filed this away, just one more person killed at the hands of Harkonen trechery.

Harry, meanwhile, was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on what he was doing. Sure he had figured out the basics of what he was doing, and his Seeker reflexes and training were a great help in navigating the currents as they shifted and changed this way and that. His problem was that he was starting to feel something building up inside of himself. At first, he couldn't quite put a finger on the feeling, believing it to be nothing more than nerves finally catching up with him, partly from the battle within the halls of the Department of Mysteries, but also from being flung into this new and unknown place. But as the feeling grew, he started to reckgonize a familiarity in it – it was his magic. He had felt a similar sensation the first time he was able to produce a full patronus. When he had asked Remus about it just before the old maruader had left Hogwarts, he theorized that it was mearly Harry's magic growing and adapting, much like the muscles in the body would after a prolonged work out. In order for his magical core to become stronger, he had to find the limits of his core, and then push those limits. If done gradually and repetavially over a prolonged time, the core would "flex" and become stronger.

What Harry was feeling right now felt similar to that, but much stronger. At first, it was nothing more than an annoyance, but as they continued through the storm, it became much more, eventually to the point of painful. Harry felt as though his chest was going to explode, like someone was trying to force more into him than he could possibally hold in. Just as he thought he would burst, the feeling stopped all together, and was replaced by something entirely different – a feeling he had come to hate.

His mind was being invaded. He could feel it, much as he could during his failed attempts at learning Occulamency. At first it was harsh, not quite on the same level as when Snape had done it though, then it eased off and took on a feeling of almost familiarity, like when the headmaster would look him in the eyes and the twinkling would begin.

As this was going on, Jessica noticed a few things. First off, their 'thopter seemed to be loosing altitude, ever so slowly. Secondly, Paul was once again struggling with the controls, as Harry had stopped what he was doing to help. This in turn lead her to look at the newcomer. He had indeed stopped helping at the controls, but what alarmed her more than that was a steadly increasing aura eminating from around his body. As it grew brighter and brighter, it slowly changed colors. It began as an almost pure white, then changed rapidly to a sickly bright green, which in turn faded to a rather omonus black shadowy color. That in turn took on the colors red and gold at almost the same time. Finally it shifted to a somewhat hazy orange mist-like color.

Her attention was pulled away from this sight as Paul spoke to her. "Hold on, we're going to crash and I can't do anything to prevent it." As the ship went down faster and faster, Harry suddenly arched his back in the chair, his eyes snapped open and shown only the color that now matched the glow around him, and a slight mist escaped his lips. He screamed at the top of his lungs "NO!" and suddenly the ship appeared if somehow they were now encased in the same orange glow that surrounded Harry.

And within Harry's mind, he could hear a small voice…

"fear not child of desteny WE have much to teach each other WE have waited many ages for you to arive and WE will do everything to prepair and protect you, Steward of the Sand"

There is a legend that the night House Atreides lost Arrakis a star exploded in the skys above their homeland on Caladan. Unknown to many, however, is that another star exploded at the same time, above the Ancient world of Earth. The centuars of that planet, long respected for their ability to divine the future from the stars, stood in shock, for that star was the very same that predicted the path of Harry Potter. They would debate as to its meaning, but would later say that had he died, as the human wizards truly thought, the star would have simply faded out. To have it explode could mean only one thing – "the power the Dark Lord knows not" was now in the hands of the only one able to weild it


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