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PLOT: It's been about two years after Bella's eighteenth birthday, and the Cullens are gone. Except for one: Jasper. He was banished from the Cullens, so now the poor baby is all alone. What if one day Jasper came along another supernatural being and this being told Jasper that she could make him....human? What would happen afterwards? Would he and Bella ever come across each other? Would the Cullens come back? DUN DUN DUN.

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The ground is uncomfortable. Twigs poke you everywhere you can imagine. Leaves cling to your hair, glued on by sticky mud.


Mud is a nuisance. It stains your clothes. Dirties your skin. Feels gooey. And worst of all…it's brown. No one I have ever met in my entire existence has ever liked the color brown. And if they did…well they sure as hell never told me.

Brown is a disgusting color.

Brown is the color of shit.

Brown is the eye color of the girl who ruined my life.


I closed my eyes shut and refused to think anymore of her. A lot of good that did. It just allowed me to picture the night of her eighteenth birthday party clearly in my head again….


"Give it to me," Bella sighed. I could feel her reluctance and annoyance. An eighteen year old girl who doesn't love presents and attention.

Only Bella.

I couldn't see why Edward was so infatuated with this girl. Sure. I felt his love for her and her feelings reflected the same back. It was touching, really. I just didn't understand it. She was an outsider. A human. He almost jeopardized our very existence by just trying to be with her. We wouldn't be able to leave her human. Maybe not now, but eventually he would have to turn her. Edward was dead-set against that idea, but deep down inside he must know that that would be the only way for them to ever be together. Forever anyway.

Then again…it wasn't my problem. He could do with her what he pleased. I really didn't care. She meant nothing to me. Shitty of me to say, but it's true. As nice as she was to me and everyone else included, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if she left town and never returned. I'd have to put up with Edward's whiny, depressed attitude again. I just wouldn't hang around him, then. It's not like he was ever fun to be around to begin with…

Emmett's chuckling interrupted my inner thinking and brought me back to reality.

I looked back over at Bella. She rolled her eyes at Edward and stuck her finger under the edge of the wrapping paper and yanked it.

"Shoot," Bella muttered.

And that's when I smelt it.

The aroma of Bella's blood surrounded the air. It smelt sweet. Sweeter than anything I had ever smelt or tasted in my existence. Venom pooled in my mouth.

I was no longer Jasper. I was the monster that Maria had created over a hundred years ago. I was the creature of the dark.

I was a vampire.

My eyes darkened considerably. I wanted her. I wanted to sink my teeth into her. I wanted her blood to fill my mouth. I wanted her blood to rush through my veins. I had to have her.

I lunged for her, only to encounter an obstacle. Edward. He slammed into me with a great deal of force. I shoved at him and snarled and snapped. I was acting like the animal I was.

Iron-wrought arms grabbed me from behind and gripped me from taking the life that was mine. Emmett wouldn't let go of me as I struggled against him. I stared at Bella. She wasn't scared. She was in shock. Glass shards had sliced her arm open. Blood was spilling out. It was calling my name.

Why was no one reacting the same way I was? Why was I being restrained by Emmett? Why wouldn't he let me go so I could finish her off.

What a shame. All of her spilt blood was going to go to waste.

I could vaguely remember what happened next. Carlisle told Rosalie and Emmett to take me outside. They wrestled me out the door and dragged me far away from the "crime scene". I don't know how far we were, but it was far enough where I couldn't hear what was going on inside the house.

Emmett still kept a steel grasp on me and waited for me to calm down. I could feel his infuriating anger and Rose's satisfaction mixed irritation and tinge of worry.

Minutes passed. Hell. Hours could have passed and I wouldn't have known.

I could feel myself coming back. I was no longer in predator mode. I was Jasper, again.

I took in a breath of fresh air and exhaled. It wasn't tainted with the sweet mixture of Bella's blood. It was pure, ole, good-fashioned air.

I took the opportunity to look at my surroundings. It was a small clearing with little bushes placed randomly everywhere. Funny. I'd never once seen it since we'd lived here. It was like it popped up out of nowhere. Like it was meant for this exact occasion.

My own little holding cell.

"If I let you go, you promise you won't take off running back towards the house?" Emmett gritted through clenched teeth.

I promised him I wouldn't. He released me and no sooner than he did, he slammed me upside a tree and thrashed my head against it. He then threw me on the ground. Hard.

I looked up at him with wide eyes. It wasn't that the beating hurt. I was more shocked than anything.

Before I could speak, Emmett yelled, "What the fuck, Jazz? What the fuck were you thinking?"

My anger bubble burst. "What was I thinking? What the fuck was I thinking? I tell you what I was thinking! Nothing! Nothing at all! I know for a goddamn fact that I wasn't the only one that wanted to suck the life out of her back there! I don't see why you're acting so fucking…weird." I yelled back.

Weird was the only word that could describe his behavior. I was always closest to Emmett after Alice. If anything I expected him to be on my side.

He stalked towards me and yanked me up by my shirt, ripping it. He pressed me up against the tree and yelled into my face, "Fuck, Jasper! You almost killed my baby sister!"

I heard Emmett's ragged breathing and Rosalie's sharp intake of breath. For a second, her face was blank. As was mine. I was just as surprised as she when I heard what Emmett said. He considered Bella his baby sister?

Rosalie's blank expression twisted back into its usual frown, but this time she was glaring at Emmett's back with a look of disdain as if it just slapped her pretty little face off.

No, but I had a feeling that if I said the wrong thing, Emmett was going to slap my pretty little face off.

"Your baby sister? When did she become that?" Had I missed Bella's transition from normal human girl all the way to vampire Emmy's baby sis?

"When did she…fuck, Jazz. Where have you been the last few months? Bella was already family once Edward decided to be with her."

Emmett released his hold from me and dropped me to the ground. He went and stood by Rose, who was still piercing daggers with her golden eyes. He shrugged and focused his attention back on me.

I was leaning against the tree that I was just pinned to. Everything was spinning by like a blur. If I had been human, I would have been nauseous and probably would have passed out. Something was wrong.

Something deep down inside me knew that in the past hour, I had lost everything.


And I did.

I lost everything that mattered to me.

After Edward took Bella home, Alice came to me in the clearing and told Emmett and Rosalie to leave. She was furious. She yelled at me; told me that I almost killed her sister. She said she couldn't take it anymore. She had spent too much of her life taking care and keeping an eye on me. I had been emotionally draining her for years. That's when it hit me, of course…

Alice didn't want me, anymore.

I knew she still loved me, cared for me, but I going down and dragging her along with me. Staying abstinent from human blood was difficult for me, yes. Without Alice to help me through all these years, there was no way I would even be where I am today.

Alice told me that they were leaving Forks and that it would be wise if I didn't go with them. She said it was for my own good; that if I even came near them, Edward would throw a bitch fit.

Okay. My words, not hers.

So I was banished from the Cullen coven. I had no one. Well, that wasn't particularly true. I could always go back to Maria.

No, I couldn't. That life was over for good. If there was any chance that Alice and the others would take me back, it would be diminished if they found me raising and destroying newborns down in Texas.

Who are you kidding, Jazzy-boy? They'll never want you back. Alice will never want you back.

Somewhere inside me knew that Alice could never accept me back. Especially after the incident at Bella's birthday party.


I had no idea what happened to Bella after that night. I knew the Cullens had left and hadn't taken Bella with them. I felt a twinge of sympathy for her. She thrived on Edward like plants did on water. He was her life support and he left her.

The situation was similar to Alice and I's. Alice was the light that illuminated my eternal darkness. Once she entered my life, I felt as though I could see clearly for the first time. Everything was brighter when she was around. When she left, the light was extinguished.

Forever gone.

Opening my eyes, I sat up and crossed my legs. I had thought about that night an endless amount of times; it seemed to never escape my thoughts.

I breathed an unnecessary sigh and stared up at the hovering trees.

It had been almost two years since they left and I had never gone back to the house. My home was now the clearing in which everyone left me. Before they did leave though, Emmett had brought me some things: clothes, money, some old personal treasures, and other shit. I don't know why he did. It's not like I'd be out adventuring in the 'exciting' town of Forks. The only time I ever retreated from my own little holding cell was when I had to hunt.

Hunt animals, of course.

Since I never ventured into town, I was never faced with the temptation of human blood. I was on the verge of actually liking animal blood. A part of me was hoping that Alice would come. She had to see the effort I was doing here, with her visions and all, right?

Alice isn't coming back. She doesn't want you. She doesn't love you…

"Shut up!" I yelled as I yanked my hair. My pessimistic side was slowly taking over, consuming me.

I needed a distraction. I needed to hunt.

I jumped up and raced into the neighboring woods…in the opposite direction of the empty Cullen house.

In a matter of two minutes, I halted to a stop and went rigid. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply. There was a different aroma mixing in the surrounding air. It was sweet fragrance, similar to the scent of fresh, newly bloomed gardenias. Venom pooled in my mouth. There was only one thing that could have triggered such a response.

Human blood.

I took an involuntary step forward and inhaled once more, only to scowl in return. The saccharine perfume no longer penetrated the atmosphere, but instead was replaced with a foul odor. It resembled the smell of rotten flesh and pure filth. I wriggled my nose and stopped breathing.

I took a few more steps toward the unpleasant smell and sniffed quickly. Narrowing my eyes, I treaded along a now visible path, almost impossible to detect underneath the rapid undergrowth.

The scent had now combined with the breathtaking bouquet of gardenias, creating something completely awful.

If I had to choose what death would smell like, this would be it.

Oh, I'm sorry. We're all out of Chanel No. 5, but we have Death's Alluring Parfum on sale for a measly $39.98.…

I kept walking at a slow, steady pace, when the warning sirens started going off inside my head, begging myself to go back to the clearing.

"One more minute…" I muttered. I only wanted to see where this trail led to. And what was causing "death's perfume".

A few more steps.

The scent was getting stronger. Almost unbearable.

A few more steps.

I could hear a heartbeat. A human heartbeat.

As I was edging closer to my destination, I suddenly doubled-over, collapsing onto the ground. I couldn't move; I couldn't feel my body. For the first time in over a century, I was paralyzed.

"Ah, Mr. Vitlock. I vaz vondering ven you'd find me," a smooth, French female voice purred behind me.

Then I blacked out.

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