Simply Business[00] - Prologue

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"Break her heart and give it up," he seethed, canines revealed to emphasize and enunciate while his face was so near the boy's that spit unpleasantly made contact with his skin. His grip on his collared chemise tightened on the crimson eyed whose appearance remained impassive, perceptibly reluctant. "Tonight, seven thirty, sharp."

"No," he growled with the same tone of force, jaws clenched, orbs burning with fury, knowing he'd pay the consequences from the damn twisted governess.

The person smirked in amusement and released his grasp, letting the boy stumble back, for he had lifted him off the ground. "Fine, then I'm sure you know what will happen to all of your dear friends, right?" he inquired, eyebrow raised behind the white mask that nearly covered most of his features as he turned away to leave.

"Tch," muttered the teen, hands jammed in his pockets, pupils locked on his target and a ring of fire immediately surrounded the man dressed in coal. "Question is," –he knew he was going to rue– asking was a sign of susceptibility and acquiescence when he firmly opposed, "why?"

"Why?" he echoed, feigning like he was trying not to laugh at such a preposterous question. "It's because you're not good enough, Kuro Neko."

His nonchalant façade immediately shattered by those acerbic words, fire dispersed and visage crumbled as if he had been punched and got ran over by a truck. The black cat recognized that – he was no good; he was the devil, never to be with an angel because it was forbidden – they didn't match. Dangerous, that's what he was, and he couldn't let anyone, especially her to be in such mess.

"So, what will it be?"

"Hn," he responded, trudging away with the assignment he now held that he didn't wish to complete.

The wind fiercely blew, tugging mercilessly at the trees, and the leaves struggled to cling on –most losing their will swirled freely. "Either way, she's going to be in dark with you too, no matter what you do, Natsume."

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