It was another day back in the Feudal Era. Inuyasha lay back against a tree, his arms crossed behind his head. Everything was finally peaceful…although, he isn't quite used to it yet. Just thinking about it, there wasn't anything else left for him to do. There were no demons lurking around, no more fighting, no death, no more jewel pieces, no…


His eyes widened as his mouth opened ajar. He quickly sat up and scanned his surroundings. He gave a sigh of relief. There she was, playing with Shippo and the others. "She looks so happy to know it's finally over." He subconsciously smiled as he pictured her in his head. He always enjoyed her presence when they were still looking for the jewel shards. They did so many things together; and in those moments, he realized she was more than just a shard detector.

She was Kagome— and he loved her just as she is. He looked up again and saw her being playfully pounced by Kirara. "Everyone would miss her…" He gave a sigh of discontentment. "Why can't she just stay right here?" He growled lowly at the thought of her with that annoying Hojo guy or whatever his name was. Then he realized it. He was jealous of him. Why, he had never felt like this before.

He didn't want her to leave. He knew nothing would be the same if she left. After all this, everyone starts going on their separate ways. He didn't like that—not with Kagome being one of them. He didn't stay as a half-demon for this! Heck, he didn't want to stay half of anything.

He continued to stare at her from afar. Her world was completely different from his but she always knew how to adapt to his world. She tried her best to keep up by studying the history of the Feudal Era. She even tried to learn how to fight just to let them know that she wasn't so vulnerable and weak. He owed everything to her; and if she didn't want him as a full-demon then there was only one thing left to do.

"Kagome, I've decided to stay as a complete human and stay with you…"

Looks like he hasn't done everything yet…