Escape from Darkfaire Isle

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The city of Darkfaire lay in ruins. Once a peaceful town, the small city was now to serve its final purpose, all for the sake of Umbrella. Darkfaire had at one point been a small island city five miles off from the mainland. Of course Umbrella had only founded the small city as cover to one of their labs. While mostly dominated by a large forest, the island proved to be an out of the way place where they wouldn't have much to worry about.

As the sun began to set, gunshots and screams now echoed through out the city. Those who were left unturned from the intentional release of the virus that morning were now forced into a fight against the nightmares that were created by Umbrella. With both docks and the only bridge connecting the island to the mainland gone, Umbrella had made sure to keep their test contained.

As the moon just started to surface, the clock tower in the center of this now forsaken city struck the nine o'clock hour alerting to those survivor who were left that the night had only began.


All was now quiet except for the sounds of tearing flesh and moans of the dead, the small alley way light only by the fires of a crashed car and a few near by garbage cans that also caught fire. The car had been flipped on it's side, its window's broken allowing the dead to easily eat away at the unconscious driver inside. While mostly made of bricks, both sides of the alley had a small number of doors and windows, many of which were broken. A single large steel doorway remained untouched within one of the walls. It heavy steel plates obviously meaning to hold something in or keep something out acting as a blast door.

A loud crash followed by the sounds of a muffled explosion rocked the door from the inside. Again a crash followed by a muffled struck the door, this time causing the slightest of dents to appear on the outside. Another crash and muffled explosion rocked the door causing the small dent to grow. Then there were just the sounds of the feasting again. Whatever had tried to get out had appeared to stop for now. A few unsuspecting undead zombies walked closer to the car hoping to get some of what was left.

As a final act, there was a much greater crash against the large steel door. The door flew from its place slamming into the opposing wall on the other side of the alleyway. What zombies had been standing before it were now no more then piles of twisted and smashed organs and blood leaking onto the paved alleyway. A few more zombies slowly rose to the sounds looking for their next meal. The first one to step into the path of the now opened door looked into darkness, the wolf's blank stare unaware of its fate. The sound of a gunshot accompanied by the flash of a muzzle came from deep within the dark hall. The shot hit the target dead on right between its eyes. The dead wolf stumbled back from the attack before falling over, this time permanently dead.

A few more of the zombies stepped into the way of the passage and all met with the same fate. At last, a figure began to emerge from the darkened passage.

"I can't believe it took three rockets and my only Tyrant Rocket to open that door." The taller of the two figures complained, his voice slightly deep. The jackal stood at tall, but not quite at six feet. His black fur matched the night and would have provided him with great cover in the shadows. He looked pretty normal at first glance, but by removing his lightly red tinted sunglasses, his eyes were revealed. Yellow with red trim, there no doubt that he was infected with some sort of virus. He wore a simple black shirt with a pair of black denim cargo shorts. "How you holding up, Luna?"

The jackal looked back to the passage as his partner came into the light.

The Gardevoir slowly exited the passage, taking the time to carefully pick her path not wanting to get even the tiniest stain of blood on her white dress. She was noticeably shorter then her partner, the top of her head barely even reaching his eyes. 'I am fine.' She replied, although her mouth did not move the words were crystal clear in his head. 'I think it was just luck that we made it out this far Eric.' Her green hair was a partial mess, but she knew that that could be fixed. Her body showed no signs of infection as she walked out and took a look around.

"Let's see if we can't find a way off of this backwater island." Eric said now looking over his gear. Looking to his belt, he over looked his entire arsenal. A pair of holsters held his pistols, a pair modified Blacktails at his sides, each one ready to fire at a seconds notice. A small pouch held his four extra clips for these two guns. Another small pouch held what was left of the combat knives he always carried. It was unfortunate that while he may have started with twelve of this when starting his escape, he had already lost or broken most of them. Now only three remained. Reaching behind his back along his waist, he pulled out his strongest weapon. His custom modified revolver designed to custom rounds at very high velocity and also, if needed to fire shotgun shells and slugs if no other ammo was present. Checking the chamber, he was glad to find that he had yet to use any of the only five rounds he had for it. The only other thing he carried was the bag on his back.

"We need to keep moving. While my pistols may be good against them." Eric nodded towards a few zombies a ways off that had yet to take notice of his presence. "I don't think they will do much against any of those larger B.O.W.s we saw that were in development." Eric reached into one of pockets and pulled a moderately sized medicine bottle. Opening it, he pulled out two small green gel caps and swallowed them before putting it way.

'I agree that we should work quickly to get off this island.' Luna replied.

"Let's hope that they left our vehicle alone. It may be our only way off this forsaken island at this point." Eric said taking a look around. "The question becomes where are we." Looking around provided two possible routes to follow at this point. The two of them looked to the left of the passage they had exited before looking to the right. While one direction provided more light thanks to the fires, it also appeared to carry more of the undead. While the opposite direction would provide just enough light to get by, the fact that there were still some deep shadows could lead to anything hiding in them.

'I would suggest heading left. At least we can see what he are going to have to fight before we get there.' Luna reasoned.

"I won't argue that." Eric started heading to the left pistols drawn ready to deal with the zombies in the alleyway. "With any luck, we'll be able to find our way back to the lab."


As the two of them started their way out of the alley, it was pretty quite. While only having to face the simple undead zombies, all of whom were easily dealt with, the two made it easily out of the alleyway.

Now free of the alley and into the streets, it was a start. While still lost as to where they were, they could at least tell that they had reached the residential rings of the city. Unlike many cities, Umbrella had designed the City of Darkfaire in a number of rings. While the center rings served as the downtown area and carried all of the businesses while the outer rings served as the residential areas with the smaller business. Looking around, Eric noticed a small diner down the street a small ways with a gas station next to it on the corner of the street.

'If we can make it to the center of the city, we should be able to find our way.' Luna said.

"The police station is no doubt going to be full of survivors. The majority of the gun shops will be in that area as well. However I doubt that I will be welcomed with open arms given my current condition." Eric replied. "I would suggest that we walk around the outer ring until we reach the lab. I expect while the survivors are at the center of the city, the majority of the B.O.W.s will be there as well."

'I guess that is true. Then what is our next move.' Luna asked, her mind stretching out trying to find another survivor near by.

"I was locked up in that containment unit for roughly fourteen hours if I had to guess before you saved me. When was the last time you had a chance to eat yourself?" Eric asked.

'I don't recall. But now that I think about it, I am hungry.' Luna replied placing a hand on her stomach while looking at the dinner.

The dinner appeared to be empty, with its mass of windows it was easy to look inside. There wasn't any noticeable damage, but the lights were on showing that someone had been there recently. Eric and Luna approached slowly keeping their ears open for any signs of survivors or B.O.W.s. The dinner was pretty basic, a number of tables seated to the windows, a large counter area with plenty of stools, and a few coin operated machines in the corner. Nothing seemed to be out of place, so Eric decided to take watch and look around the storeroom while leaving Luna to cook a meal.

With Eric gone from her side, Luna once again felt a bit lonely, but she knew that after being locked up like he was, he was probably hungry. Taking a quick glance around, Luna noted the various foods at her disposal. Heading to the largest fridge, Luna decided that a simple meal would be best. Grabbing a fresh package of ham and some eggs along with a few odds and ends with her psychic powers, Luna started for the large stove. Seeing a set of unused skillets, Luna picked out the largest one she saw and began to prepare their meal.

Just before she had a chance to start anything, she heard a quiet moan, but it was very soft. Not taking any chances, she turned her towards a knife rack. With a pink glow to her eyes, the knives slid out of their designated slots and floated over to Luna's side. Slowly taking a step into the back part of the kitchen Luna discovered an unlucky Lynx. The poor fellow was dressed up as a chef, but his blank eyes told her that he was no longer with the living.

Throwing her arm forward sent the knives she had gathered flying into the head, chest, and neck of her target. It fell over as a second moan sounded behind her. Using the same tactic, Luna threw her hand in the direction of the second moan. The knives from her previous target tore free of their fleshy bonds, some of which broke in the process. The knives now struck a second zombie, this one dressed as a waitress.

Eric walked in just in time to see the second zombie fall. He charged over, pistol drawn just in case there were more. "Forgive me, I should have checked in here before asking to make us something to eat." Eric bowed his head some.

'I can take care of myself. Besides, this was small and we all make mistakes.' Luna said attempting to ease his mind.

"But it's mistakes like these that are going to kill us." Eric countered.

'Neither one of us have been in this situation before. It's not everyday that we are forced into a city of the undead.' Luna objected hoping to keep Eric calm. Now was not the time to push one's self too hard over something simple.

While Luna cooked the meal, Eric kept watch. After a few minutes, Luna walked carried two plates with her hands while a pair of cups followed behind her. Both ate in silence taking in the fact of where they were now that had a chance to look around in peace. Aside from the moon, what fires had been started and the occasional functional street lamp, the night was dark.

Having finished their meals, the two of them now started for the gas station next door. Eric moved in first, slowly making sure to deal with all of the threats this time before Luna got in. Having only coming across a single foe, Eric fired a single shot downing the undead feline before it even took notice of his presence. Once giving the place the all clear, Luna walked in and began to look around.

Eric emptied the contents of his bag onto the counter, which wasn't much. A few flash drives storing a few key bits of data he found interesting back when he still working for Umbrella before they turned to use him as a test subject. There were also a nearly empty water bottle and a few ID cards he stole just incase he would need them.

Now looking around the small gas station, Eric and Luna set about gathering some items that would prove useful later. Luna had gathered a few unopened boxed of granola bars and some bottles of Gatorade. She picked out some chocolate bars for herself as well to snack on later. As for Eric, he went about and found a box of Swiss Army knives, which at the very least would serve as spare parts for later should he find a workshop to use. He also gathered a number of lighters and a few other times before properly organizing his bag this time.

Turning to leave the gas station after gathering all of their things, Eric heard the slightest of sounds. After a quick scan of the area, he exited the building dismissing it as just another imaged fear. Now that both of them were once again out in the open, Eric decided to take a good look around. "Let's see."

Before he had even a second to react, a long whip like tentacle wrapped around his waist. Before either Luna or Eric had a chance to find out what it was, Eric was forcefully thrown across the street landing hard on his back. A second tentacle like appendage darted for Luna, but she was too fast for it. She immediately teleported to Eric's side before anything else could happen.

Both looked toward the roof of the gas station were a pair of Lickers were now slowly climbing down the building. Each one was large, thick with muscles, but very skin to cover them. Their exposed brains pulsed with the blood that was left in their bodies as their tongues moved about sort of like snakes preparing to strike.

"Lickers." Eric said.

'People that were directly infected with a prototype virus. Blind, but with great senses of hearing and smell.' Luna said.

"Correct." Eric said drawing his pistols. He was quick to aim and fire the first two shots. The Licker he had targeted however was too fast and jumped out of sight. Now focusing on the second Licker. Eric readjusted his aim. Before he had the chance fire, the Licker lunged forward.

Luna took the offensive this time. She threw her hand towards a trash can that had been left on the street. Her eyes once again began to glow as the can was throw towards the Licker. Caught off guard by the attack, the creature was slow to get back up giving Eric all the time he needed to fire. The two bullets he fired connected forcefully with its exposed brain. The gray matter scatter as the bullets flew threw the organ disabling the creature for good.

Now with one threat down, both of them began to look for the next one. Looking all around however provided no clues as to where the creature was.

Up above slowly and silently climbing down the brick building, the remaining Licker now stalked its prey. On it's way down, the Licker knocked over a small box of nails from a small window ledge. With no signs of a struggle, it was obvious that who ever was using the nails was long gone leaving a half finished job of boarding up windows. As the nails fell, Luna looked up. The nails all stopped as her eyes showed the use of her psychic abilities. Like a shower of steel, the nails flew back up slicing throw the Licker.

It's dead body fell down on top of Eric, surprised and unknowing of the creatures fate, began to roll over. He slammed his elbow into the creatures head hoping that would buy it time before he rolled off it and fired four shots into the creature's head.

"This is the last time we work with Umbrella. I'll be demanding a full recall of my weapons as soon as this is over." Eric proclaimed, his voice heavy with shock from the dead Licker falling upon him.

'We could always do one better and assist the BSAA to help them shut Umbrella down.' Luna suggested.

"I never thought that I would hear you planning revenge." Eric said, starting to calm down. "You're always the kind and sweet one."

'They have pushed things a bit far with this. And after telling us that were we making weapons to prevent an incident such as thing from happening.' Luna said.

An unexpected scream from in the distance reminded them of just how dangerous staying in one place was. "We should get moving again." Eric said quickly getting back up checking how much ammo he still had in each gun before holstering them. Neither of them noticed the street camera that had had been watching the whole event.


Another small length of time had passed before anything new had happened. Unfortunately, without a watch of any kind made it hard to tell what time it was. The two were slowly making there way towards the outermost ring of the city knowing that if they traveled around it enough, then they would reach the Umbrella facility sooner or later.

As they continued to walk along the outer ring, things were mostly quite. Any real notable sound came from the direction of the city's center rings. A sudden scream close by changed matters however. Eric and Luna both ran towards the source thinking that they might be able to find a survivor. As the two of them came closer to corner of the section there were on, they heard a massive bang from a high-powered weapon followed by an unnatural wail.

Eric pushed Luna up against the side of the building they were walking next to as the sound of footsteps came into range. A scaled hand rounded the corner gripping the wall. Eric drew one of his pistols just in case. Slowly, a scaled head belonging to something looking like cross of an alligator and monkey. As the head rounded the corner, Eric was able to give his target its name before he pulled the trigger.

"They must have released the Hunters." Eric informed his partner taking a small step forward He quickly stopped upon hearing additional footsteps. Both of them backed up to door that had been behind them. As Eric drew his second pistol, he motioned for Luna to teleport inside. Grabbing one of his combat knives for her own safety, Luna's body began to glow a bright blue before she vanished. A few seconds as the footsteps drew closer, but Eric didn't hear any screaming. The door clicked behind him showing that Luna had unlocked it and he wasted no time getting inside. Now inside, he relocked the door before backing away slowly. There was no way to no whether it would hold up to a Hunter if they saw him enter the building.

After a minute had passed and nothing appeared to disturb the door, Eric began to relax. Now feeling some safety that he had not been discovered, he took the chance to look around.

The room appeared to be a pawnshop or something. All sorts of odds and ends were set up on display on one end of the room while a large glass counter filled with various smaller objects took up one wall with just enough space behind it to walk behind. There was a single door in the room aside from the entrance. A light from below the door hinted that someone had been in there recently. Eric looked to Luna who then looked at the door herself.

'I don't sense anything.' She informed Eric knowing all to well what he wanted to know. Eric drew one of pistols as he slowly approached the back door. While Luna may have been able to sense survivors, it appeared that the zombies and most of the other B.O.W.s for that matter did not produce enough brain waves for her to pick up on. Taking a quick breath, Eric gripped his gun in one hand and took the door handle in the other. He turned it slowly finding it unlocked.

Eric opened the door just enough so that he push it the rest of the way open with ease. He took a second to listen and see if he could hear anything on the other side before he pushed the door open the rest of the way. Devoid of any living or unloving creature, Eric holstered his weapon and took a look around the back room. There were several items back here, many of which appeared to have been collecting dust for some time. Aside from a small case of tools, there was nothing of interest in the back room.

Now returning to the main room, Eric took notice of a security camera mounted in the corner next to the door. He took a good look at it as he moved across the room. As he moved across the room the camera followed his movement. Walking directly under the camera didn't help matters as the camera was able to look straight down.

"Okay Eddie, what's your interest with me?" Eric asked looking straight up at the camera. He pulled a pistol from it holster and fired taking out the camera.

'Eddie?' Luna was a bit confused. 'Who is this Eddie?'

"The name the programmers the gave the AI in charge of the Umbrella lad." Eric explained. "It must be in charge of recording and gathering test data."

Finding nothing else of use, Eric smashed the glass over a collection of watches. Looking at the store clock and hoping it was correct, he picked out two watches and set them both match the clock.