I walked Into the room knowing I was about to ask the most important question I would ever

ask in my entire life. I saw her sitting at a lovely table alone in the corner. With her dark brown hair

flowing nearly half way down her back. She was wearing a black halter dress that revealed too much of her skin. I assumed she did this on purpose because she knew how her bare skin drove me crazy. Seeing her like this made me remember the first day I laid eyes upon her.

Flashback three years earlier.

I noticed a woman that kept giving me flirtatious looks from across the bar. I had been dancing

for about an hour when I looked over to only see her flash a perfect smile in my direction. When she

smiled I stood froze on the dance floor. I seemed to forget who I was and where I was at. Nothing made

scene and time stood still. I realized about half a second had just passed but I thought It to be much

more than mearley seconds. I waved and gestured her to come dance with me. I was glad to see her walking in my direction. I was not quite sure why. I had

never felt like this for another woman before so all of these feelings were very new to me.

"Hello" she said almost drawing me in instantly.

"Hey. I noticed you were looking at me very flirtatiously. Normally I am not the person to do these things

but would you like to dance with me?" I tried to sound as casual as possible but I am sure she saw

through my calm face.

"I would love to" she sad smiling and giving me a wink.

The music changed and a currently popular rap song was booming through the loud speakers. She

began swaying her hips and dancing to the tune. Her teasing dance gave me the urge to pull her closer.

I grabber her by the waist and she started grinding on me. I believe she picked up on the urgency of my

grasp because she started to get closer as my arms wrapped around her she was rolling her body hips ways that sent an electric current through out my entire body. I knew at that point that she was feeling the

same thing I was feeling. Because she turned around and pressed her face close to mine. Her breathing

was rough against my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Would you like to go get coffee with me?" she asked looking nervous as she waited for my response.

"Yes. Where would you like to go?"

"Well there is a great coffee shop two streets down."

"Sounds good. Shall we walk?" I asked. I was hoping she would say yes because me and her walking

alone made my Imagination dance with fantasies about being alone with this beautiful woman. Not now I told myself.

"Sounds good to me. I am sorry I haven't caught your name yet?"

"I'm Bella." I cant believe I have not asked her name up to this point. Or, told her mine. I seem like such jerk im sure.

She must be thinking badly of me.

"I am Alice. Alice Cullen. Its very nice to meet you Bella"

She smiled once more and I felt my heart pound on the inside of my chest. Lucky me it was dark so she

couldn't see the rose color that now covered my cheeks. The walk lasted all of ten minitues and I was

sorry to see that ten minitues pass. I wanted them to last hours. But before I knew it, we were in the shop

and the man behind the counter was asking what I wanted. I told him to give me a water and let the lady

get what ever she wanted on me. I handed him a twenty and watched her face as she ordered when she

had realized I already paid for her drink. She smiled and thanked me. That smile was worth so much

more than any twenty doller bill on this planet. We sat down at a table and began talking about

everything and it took me about three hours of talking to realize I was wanting to know more. The sun

was pea King from the horizon and I was glad the shop was open twenty four hours. I was lost into

everything she was telling like every new detail made her more appealing. Which was of coarse an

outrageous comment because, her pale skin and her hazel eyes were to die for. She was without a

doubt the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Bella baby are you OK?"

"Yes sorry. I was just thinking of the first time we met and how beautiful you looked." I blushed as I

always did. She was just as beautiful now as she was the first night I layed eyes on her.

"Aw. Do you remember how nervous and cute you looked. while I was dancing all over you?"

"Yes I remember every detail. Down to color and times. Alice Cullen I love you." I said the words without hesitation trying to show her I was serious about her and I was serious about us. I did love Alice she had been my entire world for three years now and I wasn't letting her go now,

not ever.

"I love you too Bella. More than words can say."

She placed her hand on my cheek and kissed my lips so passionately I am sure she felt me shiver. She

pulled away only far enough to look in to my eyes.

"You look gorgeous tonight Bella. As you always do. you know how you flaunting your body kills me"

"Guilty" I giggled and remembered how a few minitues ago I was thinking she dressed to tease me but I dressed to tease her all the same. We were meant for each other and I knew now more than even. Maybe

by the way her soft finger tips glided across my cheek or the way her lips perfectly matched the shape

of mine. This was meant to be and I knew it.

We ate dinner at the candle lit table enjoying each others company as we had most ever night. I noticed something about tonight that was more special than usual. I knew why and she did not. She kept looking at me with hopeful eyes wondering if I would spill my guts as to why we had come to an expensive restaurant and why we were dresses so nicely. Not that Alice did not dress nicely. She always tried to look her best for me and please me. Little did she know I thought she was drop dead sexy no matter what she wore. But she still got up every morning and put on only the best of clothes and always fixed her hair to perfection. As I got up and looked my best for her. I loved this woman.

My heart was thundering inside my chest all throught dinner.

We got done eating and I payed for our dinner.

"Baby would you like to go somewhere with me?" I asked knowing she would say yes.

"yes where would you like to go. I will go anywhere as long as I get to be with you." she grabbed her purse and I grabbed her hand. Walked her out the door and kissed her forehead, nose, both cheeks, and finally her gorgeous lips.

"do you trust me?

"yes more than you could possibly guess.''

I always loved when she said things like this to me. She knew just what to say at all the right moments. She still amazed me standing there in the dark with the moon throwing dim light into her already beautiful hazel eyes. I dug into my purse and grabbed a blind fold. I placed it over her eyes.

"this is very kinky. Im aroused already"

the thought of her being aroused and wet waiting for me to please her drove me over the edge. I placed my hand on the back of her neck kissing along her jaw line and then her already to eager lips.

"baby this is not what you think it is. Its a surprise" I wisperd the words in her left ear as she let out a low whimper I assumed because she was hoping for a long night of passionate love making. Which still may be exactly what will happen. I took her hand once more and lead her down the busy street kissing her fingers along the way.

"where are you taking me Bella?" she giggled and she knew I wouldn't budge.

"you will see. We are very close now."

she sighed but knew it would be worth waiting for. I had never acted like this and honestly im surprised she hadn't figured it out yet.

"where here baby" I took the blindfold of of Alice and as soon as she saw where we were I thought I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

"you brought me here? To the coffee shop where we first talked and shared our first kiss?"

she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. She still didn't fully understand I was sure but I think I saw the hope in her eyes.

I had a back room in the shop reserved for just Alice and I. I had made sure to have over a thousand candles sitting around making the room glow. The walls were painted a gold and the light of the flames only made the wall glow more vibrantly. Roses were placed on the table me and her would be sitting at.

"what is all of this for Bella? You didn't have to do all of this for just me?

"why do you say things like that. You are amazing in every way I feel like I should do more of this. You deserve every bit of this and a thousand times more. I am madly in love with you Alice Cullen I cant live without you. We met and fell in love in this very room. We were meant to come here that night and we were meant to come here tonight. The two biggest nights in our relationship"

she looked at me as tears fell from her eyes again. I wiped them away with a kiss

"don't cry you sill beautiful girl."

"how could I not cry when you are the most amazing person anyone could ever ask to be with.

You complete me in every way possible. You fulfill my emotional needs as well as my physical I need you much more than you need me. Your my life now my life for always."

"im glad you said that"

I reached into my purse and pulled out a box. The box was black with light blue ribbon. Alice liked those colors. They were her favorite. I got down on one knee and held out the box.

"Alice Cullen will you marry me and make me the happiest woman alive?"

she burst into sobs as she opened the box and saw a two carrot diamond banded by smaller bands of diamonds


I got up relieved that she had said yes. She kissed me and these kisses were the most exotic feeling I had ever had. There in this room I had confessed my love and proposed. To my delight she said yes. I could really protect and provide for Alice now. She would be my wife one day. I liked the thought of that. I liked that thought way to much. I crushed her against me needing more. She seemed to have the same needs. I thought for a whole of two seconds before I got up and locked the door. Hey I had rented this place for four hours. Why not?

She placed the ring on her finger and I kissed it because it looked incredibly sexy on her finger.

"Bella please fuck me now."

I could not object. Before I had given it any thought my hand had slipped beneath her dress and starting rubbing small circles onto her already wet panties.

"baby please I am yours. Forever"

I kissed her urgently pulling her up to the top of the table. I slipped her undies off and tossed them aside. I kissed her neck and down to her chest she moaned and I unzipped her dress and began to rub her breast feeling her hard erect nipples in the palm of my hand. I sucked and licked on them paying attention to every crevice of her perfect body. I kissed down her flat stomach and let my hands open her legs. I saw her right there in front of me begging me to please herself. Her juices dripping from her core demanding my attention. I slid a finger inside making her let out a low whimper. I started working my tongue in circles around her clit. As she arched her back and grabbed the table she was placed on. We were in the back of a coffee shop and could be caught any moment. That sent me over the edge. I now had two fingers inside of her as come started running down my hand. I reached up to grab her breast while sliding my tongue in and out of her wet slit.

"mmm I taste so good."

I took me a minute to realize she was sucking on my fingers that had just been inside her. She had me ready to come just by pleasing her.

"eat me out from behind. I know how you like my ass being in the air for you to be able to see all of me."

she got her hands and knees on the table and begged for me to make her explode. I slapped her ass because it was so cute. She was so fuckable. She started to glisten with sweat.

I re united my mouth with her core and she moaned my name. I messaged her clit with my finger. She liked this. Soon I felt her body to begin shaking and she got louder and louder with ever movement

"i cant take this. Your too good baby. I cant moan anymore. Please stop."

and with that I licked faster. Within seconds she was coming. I would never get over this. She tasted so sweet and hot inside my mouth.

"kiss me. I wanna taste myself"

I kissed her and she grabbed my hair pulling me into her.

"Bella why are you wearing clothes. You know I want to please you. And where did you put that blind fold. Its your turn to be surprised

She put the blind fold on me and told me to lay down. She felt my wetness and giggled

"wow I get you wet without touching you."

I header her grab something and before I knew it. I felt hot liquid running over my nipples and now my stomach onto my inner thigh then dripping onto my clit. The heat hurt but I liked it.

"like the candle wax?"

she asked teasing me with a rose now letting it glide over my slit and around my thighs.

"more than you know baby"

"she opened my legs and wrapped then over her shoulders slid her fingers into me started working her tongue

I had chills all over my body and I knew I was fixing to burst at any moment. She straddled me backwards so I could feel her throbbing wet core was on my stomach as she continued to lick. I peaked out of the blind fold. Her ass was piratically in my face. It made me bust. I screamed her name and clutched at her hips scratching down her sides and grabbing more forcefully so I could flip her over and be on top

"do like it when I make you come?"

"dear god yes. Your so sexy I could come just thinking of it"

"your sexy too. When you come you shake and twitch and glisten. Its the hottest thing I have ever seen."

she kissed me once more then got up and started getting dressed. I didn't want to see her in clothes

"baby you can put that on now but as soon as we get home your taking them off. I love seeing you naked. I like seeing you drip and I like seeing your nipples becoming erect. How am I so lucky to have a girl like you.

"im the lucky one. Now get dressed so we can go home for round two."

I obeyed. We walked out of the room with messy hair and wrinkled cloths

"did you two have a lovely evening?"

I blushed "yes thank you"


"come on Bella we need to get home"

I reached for her hand and follower her into the dimly lit street as she headed home I only wish we could run. To bad we both had on heals. Or we could run. And god I needed to be home pleasing my finance right now. The thought got my panties wet for more.