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My life, no, more like my existence. I am not human and nor do I live the length of time of a human so existence is probably a better word.

I am different to others my kind, so I choose to stay alone, all alone. My kind just appears one day I guess, it's hard to tell since we have existed so long but we accept it.

I did not do quite that, though I do not know much about it. We are a small race of people. We are like my kind just the only difference is we once lived.

People like the high family, the Cullen's, are said to have been created by the higher power.

I was also given my ability by the higher power but it is more complicated.

There are many tiny races within our kind but ours is the most different, unique.

I, as the few in my race, as I have said before was once alive - breathing, in the flesh human beings. I do not know where from or who I really was, all I know is I have lived as I am now for many thousands of years.

I remember when I first became who I am, specifically. Our kind, all have titles that are their jobs but my races names are usually alike, just one word would differ them, the specific job.


I am in a room. This room is so different yet so similar to the rooms I remember but I don't remember any rooms. I don't remember anything. I panic but I feel calm, strange.

I don't know what to do, I then realise I am not alone in this mind boggling room.

"Where am I?" I don't even ask who I am talking to, I have this feeling that I am comfortable with them anyway

"You will find out"

I looked directly at the person whom I was speaking to. She looked fairly young, though older than me. She was indescribably beautiful. She was tall, pale and had beautiful, curly, raven locks. She looked all knowing, and instead of being scared of her, I looked her directly in the eyes.

and as I met her knowing gaze, I suddenly understood. I knew that I was dead and somehow, I was okay with that. I knew what I was and the small race in which I was alike. And I knew of titles.

"You, my child, are now one of us. We will ask the higher power what yopur title will be. Remember your race, we are all the same but have different types of titles."

"I understand but…what race are we?" unlike the other things I had found out my nerves stuck with me while I awaited my answer.

"We are the race of the Angels."

I thought about what I had learnt of my past life. It had not told me what time frame I was from, nor who my family were or the place I was from. But I did know this: my name was Isabella Marie Swan, I loved to listen to the stories people had – which I remembered, I kept to myself and I had no lover or husband.

One of the stories I remembered was of Angels. I could not remember the actual story but I knew what they were.

"You mean…real…angels?"

she chuckled slightly and gave me a warm smile. The look in her eyes was not patronising and neither was her tone yet I knew she knew a lot more than me.

"If you remember knowing of them, they are not the same thing but yes, we are the race of angels."

"Oh…" I was much too overwhelmed

"You will now be told what your title will be. Try to think of what you saw about your past life. That should help."

I thought about it. I definitely loved stories and I was always by myself. I did not like attention and wherever I cam from always felt the need to give it. I was plain and that was all I could think of. It would most likely be something about the stories.

She motioned for me to let her take my hand and I obliged. Her eyes closed and I suddenly felt something surge through me. It was getting bigger and bigger until my body exploded with light. There was light shooting from all caverns and contours of my body.

I thought this was normal for things like these until I saw her open her eyes and gasp and ultimately separating our hands.

"Oh my…" she says in awe.

I panic and this time there is no calm.

"What is it? Am I not an angel too, can I not stay here? What is it that you wish for me to do?"

Her eyes soften but the wonder did not cease.

"I have your title, young one."

I searched her eyes for the answer but this time it did not come.

"I am Adonael. You may recognise the word. It is what your people named the archangel. Your angels were messengers of God and an archangel was the chief messenger. Yes I am much like the chief but we are not involved in the theory of God."

"You amaze me child. You should know that the titles we have and the jobs we do sometimes inspire the humans we meet to create myths about us. Only I have been told to use the myth name as my own. I have been told you are special. I can see you are, in fact. I will now give you your title but in your case this will be one of your jobs."

"By the high power you, Isabella Marie Swan, will be the ANGEL OF LOVE."

Ok I was really confused already, I mean, I am not special. But, now they say I am the angel of love? Love, really?

"I know what you are feeling and yes, from what I know of your past life, it is a slight bit strange. You will be given a power because of this. The higher power has given you the normal love power which is that you can bring people together when you wish it. You can also block and control other powers. Be wise with this, do not get power hungry."

"also, when you are dealing with love, of they are not meant to be, then they are not meant to be."

I nodded and took all the information she was giving me. I thought she had finished when she spoke again.

"When I said you were special, the higher power saw it too. You have been given another job and a second title. The only other person other than the leaders of our kinds and races, is one of the children of the Cullen high family. Their family have strong powers, Carlisle Cullen keeps order between all races and his wife Esme is what we all know as mother nature."

"Your second title will be CREATOR OF STORIES. This, unlike your main title, has something to do with what you were like when you were human."

Wow. Again I thought she had finished as she spoke again.

"Amazingly the higher power has more for you. Remember when I said that humans created myths from us? Well first let me tell you that mostly it will have nothing similar to you what so ever, but might have a slight resemblance to your title or job. I inspired Adonael, the archangel. You my dear will inspire a good many. Af, the angle of light; Amitiel, the angel of truth and Anael - angel influencing love. Of course you would influence the last but you will now have to remember, you stand for light and truth also. You have to be good."

Way too much information.

End Flashback

I have been doing my job for thousands of years. I don't quite know how I feel about it. Since that day, I have met many of my kind but I have kept the trait of my human life in that I really do prefer to keep to myself.

Because of the spark she saw in me, Adonael stuck by me. Because she is our connection to the high power she gives me the extra tasks I have to do, that are to do with the truth and light and also gives me places to create my stories. I love spreading stories to all the people who need them or just should have them. Seeing people captured by good stories makes me happy and, even though I don't remember my life, it reminds me of it.

Angel of Love is what I do, but somehow I cannot make it what I am. Love, I will admit, is the strongest power in the world. Or that is what I have been told many times. It's just I never thought it suited me, love.

I had never been in love and from what I had been told; I had never even had what this time period would call a boyfriend. It just gets a slight bit lonely sometimes.

I agree with nearly everything love stands for and I guess I am proud to stand for it and give it, I just don't think I am the right person to give the love. I think I should have at least experienced it first.

Even though I feel this way, I always do my jobs to the best of my ability and frankly I do it well. Adonael has called me to her office and even though I am worried I am calm it reminded me of what I first felt here.

I walked into her office and quickly caught a worried expression but on my entry it quickly faded.

"Hello Isabella."

"Adonael, you know I hate being called Isabella."

She chucked slightly. Of course she knew this; she just preferred to go against it.

"Well Bella, I have called you here to day to offer a task."

"Oh, and which job would this be in?"

"Well mainly, my love, it would be love. But this task will ask for all of your abilities."

Now I was intrigued. I motioned for her to go on with a friendly smile.

"You know of the Cullen family, do you not?"

"Yes, of course Adonael."

"Well one of the members is special like you too, remember me telling you when we first me?" I nodded in response.

"His name is Edward Cullen. He looks the same age as you. I can only say to you what the high power is willing to let me share. He is also like you in the way he feels that he doesn't quite fit his title. He is God of Love. Like you, he has more than one job and as you are like what they used to call Af the angle of light and Amitiel, the angel of truth he is also like somebody."

"Do you remember the ancient Greek mythology?"

"Yes, of course"

"Well do you remember a certain myth named the Adonis?"

Oh my. I did remember, the Gods gift to women. This was something to do with the person that created so many fantasies for women and girls. The supposed most beautiful man in existence.

I had never met the Cullen's but I had heard of them. Everybody had, they were indeed important.

"You mean he…inspired…Adonis?" I was probably about to hyperventilate, calm down!

"Well yes. And because of this he has problems with his work."

"Like what, Adonael?"

"Well being the God of Love, he has to bring lovers together, as do you. Well because of his obvious…attraction, sometimes he is not careful enough and the female would fall in love with him."

"What do you mean 'if he is not careful enough'?"

"His power is to read minds. It helps him a lot. Your task is to help him regain control and help with his love work. If he can tell that she will fall in love, take over the female or you do the female and he male."

"Okay." One word and I am in this.

"Remember, he is like you in that he doesn't quite match his title so…don't expect it. Also you should know that he has another title like you, Spreader of Music. So you will both have other duties."

"So I will be helping the most beautiful man in existence, whom many fall in love with, while I am staying with the closest thing we have to a royal family, who include mother nature, somebody who leads war and the most beautiful woman in existence!"


Yes! Yes! What in Gods name was she making me do, I would be okay of it if I knew that if I saw Rosalie Cullen, the most beautiful woman ever, the blow to my ego would kill me. Emmett Cullen, the commander of war…well that just says it all and then the parents, who are probably have the closest contact with the higher power and one of them is Mother Nature while the other pretty much rules every being in existence!

"Oh, okay." What are you saying!?

"Well I would advise you copy his power, with permission of course, so you know what your charges think. Have a wonderful time and I will keep you posted."

"Okay, I will speak to you soon." And with that I left. What the hell?!

We used to be worried that when I copied a power, I may take it all and that I might take their title and job. But after a lot of research and tests, it turns out that even if I have copied or controlled or even taken a power I cannot have their title.

The power is not the job or title, it merely helps. It's the true essence of the person which holds the title and job and it can never be taken. Unless of course by the higher power.

The place where the Cullen's lived was a fair travel from the race of angels but we had every type of transport possible. I somehow did not prefer any type, which most angels do because it connects the to their human lives, which means that I must have come from a time with no known transport apart from walking maybe. Which was a slight bit obvious seeing as I had been an angel for many thousands of years before even the ancient Greeks.

I decided just to transport myself there, it was less time consuming. So in a flash I was there.

The outside of the building was beautiful. It really did look like a palace. All around it were many gardens, which didn't surprise me seeing as it was the home of Mother Nature.

I was let through by security; I had to stifle a giggle because they had it. I knew all sorts could happen but our kind was chosen for a reason and I didn't really think that any of those reasons needed security.

The door automatically opened and I walked inside. It was truly beautiful. I had never before seen such a place. The walls here high and the hall wide. It was immaculately decorated. I was stunned.

Somebody appeared out of nowhere and I instinctively knew which race they were. A no-race. They were like the Cullen's. When I said there were many races within our kind, I meant it, but most of the population were like the Cullen's and were not angels or any other specific race.

She was very pretty, as our most, and she motioned for me to follow her. I, of course, obliged. We walked the beautiful halls until we stopped right outside a door. I heard voices from the inside.

"You will be given somebody to do your job with you. They will take over for the woman if you think she is falling for you or she can take over for the women from now on." the voice was calm and extremely smooth.

"Well who is she?" I could tell he was trying to be calm. If I thought the last speakers' voice was nice, I was way not expecting this. It was beautifully smooth and reminded me of velvet or honey.

"Well Edward, I would like you to meet the Angel of Love."

And at that the woman swung the door open leaving me before two men.


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