Oh ho ho sarah, you my dear are going down. This story will be more violent, gory and everything *Evil laughter* I will win.

***This fanfiction was Made purely to make a story more violent than my friends :D***

RATED R... hmm... torture, rape, ect.....

All human

Sadistic Edward.


I stuffed my gym bag full of things for Bella when Alice approached me just as I was leaving the door . "I haven't seen Bella for a while... is she okay?" Alice asked seeming genuinely worried. I smirked she would never know how much help her girlfriend needed. "Alice stop worrying, she's fine. Me and her are just camping for a bit" I said patting her head and continuing out the door. "Stupid bitch" I muttered to myself. It took everything I had not to grab the scalpel from my bag and gut that whore. I wanted to rip her stomach out and feed it to Jasper, that cat of hers. I trekked through the forest taking about half an hour to get to the cottage I had left Bella in. I put on a big grin as I opened the door singing "Honey, I'm home."

My reply was her muffled screams, muffled by the duck tape I taped over her mouth. She was on her back her ankles and wrist bound with more duck tape but now the real fun would begin. I took the hand cuffs out of my bag and calmly walked over to her and ripped the tape from her wrists replacing it with a pair of handcuffs on both of her wrists tying her up to the bedposts. Next were her feet, I put a pair of handcuffs on each of her ankles the other end of them connected to the bedpost. Naked and tied to the bed, it couldn't get any better than this.

I leant down to her ear and whispered, "If I take this tape off and you don't scream it won't hurt as much." My hands ripped the tape of her mouth hearing her inhale sharply in pain. I groaned but then she started screaming, and what was worse she was screaming Alice's name. "YOU FUCKING BITCH I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING SCREAM YOU DEAF CUNT" I yelled at her bringing my fist crashing down on her head grabbing the duck tape from my bag and covering her mouth again. "I told you Bella, I told you, now It will hurt more. I took my lighter and packet of cigarettes out of my pocket lighting it and taking a drag. "you know Bella, cigarettes are bad for you" I said pressing the end of it down on her chest putting it out. Her muffled screamed and her body wriggling in pain made me stop for a moment and kiss her cheek. "You're so sexy Bella" I smiled. "Scalpel time!" I said searching through my bag like a excited kid in a candy shop. I heard her whimpering as I brought it out seeing it glisten.

I brought it close to her thigh seeing her try to squirm away from it. "Stay still!" I said getting frustrated, she didn't listen only moving even more. I had enough. I dug the scalpel into her calf. "BELLA YOU MUTE SLUT, LET ME DO WHAT I WANT AND IT WON'T HURT AS MUCH....please don't make me repeat that again" I saw the tears running down her face. Oh god, I was getting hard. I needed a little bit more. I needed to tell everyone I owned her, and did this to her. I started carving my name with the scalpel on her stomach. E D W A R D C U L L E N. There much better. Bella was sobbing only adding to my pleasure. I saw the blood from my carving drip down onto the mattress.

I unbuckled my belt and tore off my boxers and jeans grabbing her hair in my hands as I forced myself into her pulling out chunks of her hair hearing her scream getting me harder and rougher before releasing in her. I decided to finish my carving writing underneath my name O W N S M E. I brought the scalpel up to her face slicing it down her cheeks . I then sliced it making patterns all over her chest. I still had alot of things to do, but I wanted to hear her scream. I took the tape off and reached into my bag finding the tool I needed.

"Shh Bella, its nearly over" I promised seeing her look down at me terrified. I found the mallet. I grunted and brought it down smashing it onto her knee hearing her howl and scream in pain. "ALICE, ALICE, CHARLIE , HELP ME" she shrieked I just brought the mallet down again hearing her howl again.

"Bella!" Alice's voice called out behind me. I turned around to see Charlie and Alice standing there looking shocked. Charlie too hi gun out and I wasn't quick enough to move before he shot it.


Oh god. I saw my Bella on the bed looking more than half dead. I ran over to her. "Bella, Bella, I'm so sorry" I said kissing her forehead. "Charlie, help me" I urged. He came over undoing the hand cuffs with his key. I helped him carry Bella out and back through the woods holding her hand and not letting go until l we reached the hospital and they forced me too.

.... okay... did I win?

The things I do to win... -.- Okay well there we are. I scared myself