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The door finally opened and I was ready to scream and yell at the unwanted intruder but it was Alice looking down looking like she was busy. I couldn't speak, I still couldn't move. She looked up from the paperwork in her hands and her jaw dropped open as she stared at me. "Bella? Bella what happened?" she called out running over to me. Crouching she placed her hand on my stomach I flinched at her touch; feeling the blood she lifted the shirt off me looking at the wound "Death is my only escape?" Alice stated sounding pissed off, "why did you do this to yourself Bella?"

My eyes found themselves staring at my stomach, there right next to Edwards name was the words 'Death is my only escape.'

"I didn't do it... Jasper he-he... Edward is alive" I whispered looking away from Alice's serious face. "They're dead Bella..." She whispered getting up and walking away. She returned with her bag, crouching back down taking out a swab with this orange sap-looking stuff on it she said "hold still" before putting it all over the wounds. I flinched away from her squinting my eyes shut every time she touched me I couldn't help but to flinch, I felt her quick hands bandage me up. "'Bella what happened?" she asked as I felt her arms wrap themselves around me.

"Jasper... he-" I started sobbing holding Alice tightly "- he made me...he made me..." I couldn't say it. I pulled myself from her and turned away. "I want to see Charlie" I muttered. I hadn't seen him since that night, he found out about Alice's and I's relationship and he wasn't one bit supportive of it. I pulled away from her arms and got up. "Bella, please why did you do this to yourself? I couldn't live with myself if you were gone.." Alice looked down.

"You want to know what happened?! Jasper came in and told me Edward told him to come... he forced me to give him a blowjob, then he had a knife in his hands and I lunged at him. And then I woke up staring at the door terrified he would return!" I yelled at her. She looked shocked, her mouth open but no sound coming out. I pushed past her grabbing shirt throwing it on I picked up my mobile from the bench and jogged out the door down the street reaching the corner I called Jacob.

"Jake can you pick me up, I'm at the corner of my street. Please?" I asked knowing I sounded distressed.
"Bells it's 8 pm, what's wrong?"

"Can't you just pick me up?" I asked again.

"Sure" He replied hanging up.

It wasn't long for him to get here, he was more or less a maniac as Alice was when it came to driving. He pulled onto the curb next to me and I opened the door eager to get in. I turned to see Alice standing there looking worried. I just shook my head and got into the car. "Drive" I simply said without much emotion. I adverted my gaze from Alice as he sped past her.

"Can you drive me to my dad's?" I asked quietly.

He didn't reply with a yes instead "Why is their blood on your shirt?"

"I cut myself" I responded quickly, a bit too quickly which was due to how terrible I was at lying.

"Bella" he said grabbing the shirt. I almost growled. I hated anyone looking at my stomach, seeing the scars. "JACOB CAN'T YOU FUCKING JUST TAKE ME TO CHARLIES?!?" I screamed at him.

"Whoa... you have a scary bitch face Bell's. I'm sorry I'll just take you to-" He quickly grabbed my shirt and lifted it up.

"What the hell did you do to yourself?!" he asked sounding outraged. I punched him square in the face and pushed him up against the side of the door. With no one steering the car it started swerving across the road but I didn't care i punched him again and again but him being as big as he was pushed me back over to my side and regained control of the car. "What the fuck? You trying to kill us both?" Jacob laughed while I looked away out the window. "Can you just take me to Charlie's" I muttered not wanting to look at him. "Ahh okay, but you will tell me what happened" Jacob grinned and I began to think he had bi-polar or something. I began to wonder the same for me.

I looked behind us and saw a silver Volvo. I felt my breathing begin to hasten "I gotta' go take a leak I'll be back Bell's" he said pulling up next to the road. The Volvo came closer as he got out. "No don't go Jacob" I reached out to him. "Don't worry Bell's I won't be long" He winked walking into the trees watching him disappear I saw Jasper and Edward behind me getting out of the car. "Jacob! Jacob!" I screamed into the trees as Edward walked towards Jake followed by Jasper who winked at me. "Shit" I whispered out loud seeing no keys near or in the car. Jacob took them with him. I stayed there frozen waiting for them to return when I heard Jacob screaming. I couldn't stay and wait any longer.

I quickly leaped from the car and towards their Volvo. Grabbing the door handle I tried opening it but it was locked. I ran back to Jacob's car getting in and locking the doors. I searched the dashboard for anything to defend myself. Opening glove box I saw a set of keys. Quickly grabbing them I inserted them in the ignition and started the car driving off my heart in my throat. I had to get to Charlie's. As I drove away I took a frantic glance behind me seeing the pair covered in blood with knifes in their hands just standing there smiling at me.

I drove off away from them as fast as I could, looking behind me to make sure they weren't following every so often. When I got to my dad's about an hour later quickly running up to the door "Dad, Help me!" I cried out banging on the door until he opened it with a objectionable look on his face. He still didn't want to see me, I knew that. I saw his expression change to a shocked look, his mouth open. "Why are you covered in blood?" He asked immediately. "I need help... Jacob... Edward's Alive, why didn't you tell me, he... Jasper" I rushed out not making much sense. "Bella, calm down. Are you hurt?" I didn't focus on my father anymore, not when I saw Edward behind him with a gun. Seeing him bring it up pulling the trigger I pushed my father out of the way and put myself in the pathway of the bullet closing my eyes feeling it in my arm I gripped the wound tightly feeling Edward push me down tying my hands up together forcing me to keep my eyes open he shot Charlie.

Dragging me into the lounge he left me there disappearing from the room not leaving long enough for me to escape he came back with a power tool in his hand. "This, my dear is a nail gun, its much more fun than an ordinary gun don't you agree?" I did not agree at all quickly shaking my head.

He only laughed, "well at least it is for me why look at this" and before I could move away he fired it into my leg. Screaming in pain I immediately tried pulling it out but it was impale in my calf, in the bone. He shot again. And again. And again, all in my left leg. Then moved over to my other leg, shooting it in my thigh, and again and again making me unable to move. Hearing him panting heavily he fired one into my stomach repeatedly it twice and I started coughing up blood. Then he grabbed my head and pressed the nail gun up against my neck. "Well this has been really fun, but I'm getting tired so..." I felt the nails repeatedly puncture my neck, almost ten of them, the blood pouring down my neck my eyelids slowly closing...

Opening my eyes I found myself in my bed at home. Quickly feeling the sheets and scanning the room to make sure no one was here. I lifted up my shirt and saw no cuts saying 'Death is my only escape' I started freaking out. I didn't know what was dreams and what was reality anymore. I started feeling as if death was the only escape from these nightmares, the horror that faced me every day.

Hearing Alice call my name I shakily got up and walked out the door into her. Before she could get anything out I blurted out, "Jasper, was he here? When did I see you last? Is Edward Alive? Where's Jacob?" I had so many questions. "Hun, slow down" she whispered hugging me and rubbing my back. "It's okay. Bella, I went to work and just got back remember? We were going to.... and I got called in" She replied. I remembered that so I nodded against her shoulder. "Edward's dead, Jacob's as far as I know in his garage and Jasper..." I heard Alice struggling to get her favourite brothers name out.

"Bella... Jasper he died, he got attacked by a pack of wolves 5 years ago... And we got a cat and named it after him because when we saw it, it made us happy. Remember?" she asked soothingly and it all flooded back to me calming me down now I was calm enough to know what I needed, sighing heavily I whispered into Alice's shoulder "I need help."

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