Title: The Design

Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: None/ Professor G

Rating: K

Summary: Short piece on how Professor G came up with Deathscythe's design.

Warnings: Takes place about twenty to fifteen years before the show. I made up the scientists' last names. I picked them each with some deliberation.

Author's Notes: I'm back.... This is NOT like my other stories in the least, but I still think it's fun. I'm going to write a few short drabbles involving each scientists and then get back to writing Trowa Barton spy stories. I just felt like branching out a little. The quote is from Ray Bradbury's book "The October Country," one of my favorite books of all time.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is owned by Bandai Sunrise Entertainment. The Scythe is owned by Ray Bradbury.

Beta Reader: My husband, WingedPanther73!

Date Written: July 19, 2009 (5:57am)

Word Count: 651

"What are you doing, Professor Groeteschele?"

I looked over to the man addressing me. If it were one of the others, like Howard or Solzhenitsyn, I would have continued my task and not given them a second glance.

"I'm recording down my ideas for a design since Howard ignored them," I explained to Doctor Jiro, jerking my thumb towards that monstrosity called Talgeese. I rolled my chair away from my desk slightly and let the long-haired man glance at the drawing I had sketched out on a notepad. I watched his expression; his eyebrows shot up and he nodded.

"Howard did come around about the speed issue. If you ask me, it'll be too fast for most people to handle it."

"That's what the Alliance wanted. Something fast and powerful. There is a certain style to it, but if I had my way..."

"You'd make something like this? This..." He was at a loss for words; that was the effect I wanted any mobile suit I designed to have.

"Nightmare? Yes." I smiled at him and lofted the notepad that had a grim reaper sketched on the right side; the start of a mobile suit was on the left. "I think the intimidation factor can give the pilot an advantage too. Besides, I've always seen myself as an artist."

"You know, if the Alliance catches any of us plotting out new mobile suits, it'll mean trouble." I knew he was testing me with this statement. He wanted to know where my politics truly lay.

"So? It's not like you haven't had something rattling around in your brain for two weeks, Jiro. You've been feeling out Solzhenitsyn, Ow-Yang, and Hafez. I'm starting to feel left out."

Jiro chuckled and shook his head. "Not for long, my friend. After all, why do you think the Alliance wants something like this? Especially, when Heero Yuy is starting to make real headway with his peace talks on L-3. Something is going on."

"Something rotten. I can smell it all the way down here on Earth."

"With a nose like that, I'm not surprised." I gave the Japanese doctor a mock, dirty look. I really never cared about petty teasing. The man shook his head and looked back at the Talgeese. "You should keep designing your mobile suit. You never know when an opportunity will arise."

I smirked at and tossed aside the notepad. Doctor Jiro walked away and I grabbed the dog-eared book from my desk. This was the inspiration for my design. I propped my feet up and found my place near the beginning of my favorite Ray Bradbury short story: The Scythe.

I reread the passage that dominated my weapon design for my mobile suit idea. The man was definitely a poet.

He touched the scythe. It gleamed like a half-moon. Words were scratched on its blade: Who wields me- Wields the world! It didn't mean much to him, right at that moment.