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Just to clear things up here are the character ages:

Emmett=18 Bella=17 Alice=17 Edward=17 Rosalie=18 Jasper=18 Tanya=17 Lauren=17 Mike=17 Eric=17


I couldn't believe it.

My big brother Emmett and I had been chosen to compete in the Big Brother house! It would start with 5 guys and 5 girls. I was so excited.

When Em had first entered our names I had been a little dubious but now…I just couldn't stop bouncing!

Plain old Bella Swan would be going to the BB house! On the TV, in front of millions of people all over Britain, everyone able to see me embarrass myself…What have I gotten myself into?

I held onto my brother's hand anxiously. What if no one likes me? What if the girls teased me for not being pretty enough? What if Emmy met someone? What if Em's someone didn't like me?

So many thoughts chased each other around in my head and I tried, unsuccessfully to push them to the back of my mind as we stepped away from the cheering crowd and into the house.

It was beautiful. The walls were painted white with portraits of flowers hanging from them. That was just the corridor.

As the doors slammed shut behind us everything went quiet. Must be sound-proofed. I squeezed Emmett's hand tightly and we proceeded through the double doors at the end of the hallway.

We walked straight into the lounge and I gasped as I looked around. The walls were white, again, but the sofas and rug were the exact shade of blood red.

The furniture wasn't what caught my eye though.

Sitting on those blood red couches were four of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.

There was a small, pixie like girl with short, spiky black hair; she was sitting on the lap of a blonde boy with stunning blue eyes, he was muscular, but not as much as Em. Then there was a long legged girl with exquisite features and flowing blond hair. Her beauty was intimidating. I saw Em gazing at her with misty eyes.

Then I saw him.

He had bronze, tousled hair, a straight, angular nose, full kissable lips and piercing green eyes.

He was absolutely gorgeous. My heart stuttered, shuddered to a halt, and then picked up again in double quick time.

When his eyes flashed over to mine I blushed and suddenly found the floor extremely interesting.

I finally tore my eyes away from the carpet and noticed the others. I had been so busy looking at the beautiful ones I hadn't seen the… slightly less beautiful people.

There was a boy with baby blue eyes and blonde hair, he was really scrawny and was practically drooling over the girls. The other guy had slick black hair and bad acne; he was just as skinny as the other one.

The girls were just like the ones at my high school. Barbies. Seriously, I'm surprised they weren't actually plastic. Well, most of them were real, it was just the fake hair and other stuff... *cough * Boobs*cough*

"Hi!" Boomed my giant oaf of a brother, "I'm Emmett and titch here is my little sister, Bella." I wasn't actually small at all. 5 foot 5 was a respectable height but as I was constantly being compared to my 6 foot 7 brother, I was deemed small.

Em had unbelievable muscles and had curly black hair. To the unwary outsider he looked like a grizzly bear but to me he was my giant teddy bear.

The plastics (I had deemed them) I noticed were staring hungrily at my bronze haired boy. Wait, did I way MY bronze haired boy?! It made me angry to see them assessing him like he was a piece of meat they wanted to buy.

"Hey," Said the beautiful blonde girl, "I'm Rosalie, the pixie is Alice, she's sitting on Jasper's lap; the two guys over there are Mike and Eric and the girls are Tanya and Lauren and this is my brother Edward." She pointed to everyone in turn. My eyes met Edward's once again when he was introduced.

Suddenly a voice came through the intercom.

"House mates, your bags are in the bedroom along with the five personal items you were allowed to bring. We have chosen where you will sleep, the beds are double, and you will find names on your pillows. A girl and a boy in each bed. But no funny business. There is food in the fridge; you will need to cook it. We will be setting tasks at random points throughout your time here so be prepared. Enjoy, and remember, we will be watching."

There was a scramble as everyone rushed to the bedroom. I followed behind at my own pace and was, therefore, last in.

I heard some 'Yes's and some groans. I wondered who I got; hopefully Em, it would be much less awkward if I was with my brother.

I looked around at each of the nametags. Mike and Tanya were together; neither looked very happy. Eric had got Lauren; they were wearing similar expressions to Mike and Tanya. Alice and Jasper were together, and making out heavily on the bed. Emmett had…Rose. Go get her, Em! At least he was happy. But that left me with… you guessed it…

Edward. *Swoons*

My lips unconsciously curled into a small smile as I started unpacking on my side of the bed. I had yet to talk to Edward but I wouldn't be the first to break the silence. I didn't want to force my company on him.

I pulled out my five personal items last. Panda (my bear), a picture of my family, my notebook, my favourite pen and a pack of fifty blue ink cartridges courtesy of Paperchase.

I smiled at them, plonked myself down on the bed and started writing a minute account of my day so far. I looked up when I felt eyes on me. The plastics were staring at me, looking positively revolted, but Edward, sitting beside me, looked merely surprised and curious.

"What are you doing?" asked Lauren AKA Blonde Bimbo no.1, the disgust showing prominently in her voice.

"Writing." I said simply, I bet she didn't even know how to spell writing.

"Well that's obvious! We're not dumb! But why?" asked Tanya (Blonde Bimbo no.2), sneering at me.

"Because I enjoy it and I want to write." I would not let them get to me, especially when I remembered that we were being watched. I smiled at the thought; their awful behaviour would be caught on camera.

I felt Edward shift on the bed beside me and grinned widely when I saw Edward with a pack of pens and a notebook. He had a copy of 'Pride and Prejudice', my favourite book, lying at his feet. Wow! A classics man! I thought, shocked. He saw me looking at the book.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged," he began before I continued for him.

"That a single man in possession of a good fortune," I said. He joined me for the last phrase.

"Must be in want of a wife." I smiled at him and he smiled at me while out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanya and Lauren narrowing their eyes at me. I ignored them completely.

We went back to writing but before long Mike came over and started trying to read over my shoulder. I had just written the description of Edward and how he looked like the Greek God Adonis. Unfortunately, Mike had seen.

"Greek God, eh?" he flexed his nonexistent muscles, "You're talking about me then." He stated while I repressed the strong urge to puke.

"Hmmm, let's see…No." I said.

"You want me really." He smirked.

"In your dreams." I snapped.

"They're very good dreams then, very realistic." He said, leaning closer to me. EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!

I heard a book being slammed shut beside me and I glanced over at Edward, he was glaring at Mike while Lauren was still giving me the 'evil eye' for being with Edward.

"I hope we can come to some arrangement, girls always say no at first," he just couldn't take a hint could he?

"Upon my word, Mike, your hope is rather an extraordinary one, after my declaration. I do assure you that I am not one of those young ladies, (if such young ladies there are) who are so daring as to risk their happiness on the chance of being asked a second time! I am perfectly serious in my refusal, you could not make me happy and I am convinced that I am the last woman in the world who could make you so. I am perfectly sure your dreams would find me ill qualified for the situation." I quoted Jane Austen, just altering the last line to make it work in the current situation. (a/n I'm sorry that sounds sooo cheesy and bad…I couldn't resist)

"Pride and Prejudice, when Elizabeth's refusing Mr Collins." I heard Edward say. I turned to him and shrugged.

"It seemed fitting." I explained.

"That's my girl!" I heard Emmett boom at me. He seemed extremely cheerful, but of course he's cheerful, deep in conversation with Rose. I listened into their conversation, it was like they were speaking a different language! They were talking about cars. Boring!!!

I turned back to Edward once Mike had left, dejected, and we were quickly engrossed in conversation. I found out so much about him. He shared the same interests as me! Alice came up and told us that we were going to do something as a group. I didn't argue but I was disappointed that I couldn't continue talking to Edward in private.