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This is my first Fanfiction so bear with me here. All British spelling so you Americans will just have to deal. This is set 10 years after BD.

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This part is in Neve's POV might do it in other POVs later


You're born. You live. You die.


Who came up with that?

Someone who has never met me, 'course.

'Cause I am special. More special than anyone in the world.

I was adopted by a Family of Vegetarian Vampires.

The Volturi despises me.

I am the next species of human.

This is my story.


There I was. Alone in the 'Salesroom'. Well that's what I call it. The social workers call it the 'Sunshine Room' because of the pasty yellow walls and because this room (quote) "is the beginning of many sunshine filled days!" (The biggest piece of shit I have ever heard in my life). Me, I call it the 'Salesroom'. This is where kids get to meet their new parents. The parents assess the kids and then take them away for a month to see if they suit their lifestyle. Basically the same thing they do with a fancy sports car.

I was sitting on the blue flowered, ugly, polystyrene, sofa. On the floor by my feet was a plastic box filled with scuffed and battered toys. On the walls were pictures meant to soothe. Across from me were a scruffy coffee table and two armchairs matching to the sofa. I listened to the screaming of the other children, the discussions of the social workers, and the argument of the neighbours next door. My eyes picked out the grain of the fake wood of the coffee table, the dust particles swirling in the air, each individual thread of the vial blue carpet. I smelled the plastic of just about everything on the room, the congealed sick on the patch of sofa next to me and the warm, sweet smell of the hot chocolate on the table in front of me. Waiting.

I remembered the day my social worker, Sheila, told me excitedly about the American couple that wanted to adopt me. "Adopt, Neve! Isn't that wonderful?" I had just nodded my head and listened to Sheila babbling on how they were coming over from America to see me. She explained that at first they will foster me until the adoption papers come through. She explained that they had adopted before but never from overseas. If they did adopt me I would be the youngest. The other kids ages all ranged from 17 to 19, while I was 16.

I finally managed to get her shut up long enough to ask what the new parent's names were. "Cullen," she said a little breathlessly, "Esme and Carlisle Cullen." Huh, weird names. They must be old grandparents or something. Like those couples who can't have kids. Whatever. I don't care. Its not like I will stay long. As soon as I get to America I can disappear. You can fit the U.K. 31 times into America. That's a big country to get lost in.

They are coming to visit today. Sheila had given me a pep talk before shoving me into the Salesroom. "And try to be nice!" she had pleaded before shutting the door in my face. Well that's going to be difficult. I am not known for being 'nice'. I am Nutty Neve the girl who supposedly murdered her family even though the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. All the kids here are terrified of me. No one crosses me which is what I want. Less people know about me, the better.

I heard voices coming from the hall outside coming closer. I heard the fluttering heartbeat of my stupid Social worker but could not hear the heartbeats of the Parents. Weird. Sheila was babbling on about how excited I was about meeting them (bullshit, I haven't been excited about anything, for 2 years. In fact, I haven't felt any good emotion at all, for 2 years). The door opened revealing the 3 people standing in the doorway. Sheila was at the back looking like she was about to piss herself with excitement. The two parents however were very composed. And stunningly beautiful. The woman was average height with caramel hair that flowed gently down to the middle of her back. Her facial features were all angular but her face seemed very caring. The man beside her was blonde and looked like he had just stepped out of a 1940's movie with flyaway hair. They had white skin and they had the same coloured eyes of gold. I still couldn't hear a heartbeat. They were NOT normal. They weren't human. Not even close. They were something I had never met before. I had no idea what they were. These were the parents who were going to be adopting me. My heart sped up but I wasn't afraid. For some sick reason, I was excited. Like how you are excited before you start playing in a match of a violent sport.

They both smiled at me. The woman walked forward holding her hand out saying "Hello Neve! It's lovely to finally meet you! I am Esme and this is my husband Carlisle," she said, with real warmth and sincerity, there was an American accent there but it didn't twang harshly. I shook her hand but it was ice cold, hard and smooth as polished rock. An electric current zipped through me, making my already pounding heart, pound faster. It wasn't painful. But Esme suddenly jerked her hand out of my grasp. "Oh!" she gasped, clutching her hand.

"Are you ok, sweetheart?" Carlisle asked concern sparking his voice.

"Yes, Neve here just gave me a little electric shock," she said, laughing it off. So she felt it to. Huh. Crazy shit. "Well Sheila has told me so much about you," Esme said, gesturing to Sheila who stood like an excited puppy in the doorway.

The man came over smiling as well as holding his hand out to shake, "Yes, she told us many interesting things about you," I shook his hand and got another electric shock which the zipped through my arm from his hand, which was ice cold, smooth and hard like his wife's. I still couldn't hear their heartbeats only their breathing.

And just like his wife he jerked his hand out of my grasp. I stared at him, while his wife said laughing, "She got you to huh, sweetheart?"

Carlisle smiled sheepishly rubbing his hand and saying, "Yeah, I guess it's all the plastic in here." But while they were sitting down I saw Carlisle give a meaningful look to Esme. Crazier Shit.

"Well I'll leave you 3 to get to know each other!" Sheila chirruped. She glanced at the adults and I recognized the fear in her eyes. What was there to be afraid of? Yes they weren't human but they weren't intimidating. At least to me they weren't. I then reminded myself that I wasn't entirely a normal human and therefore my reactions must be different to the ones of normal humans like Sheila. She turned, smiled at me encouragingly before quickly rushing out of the door and snapping it shut behind her. I listened as her footsteps and heartbeat quickly faded away.

It was eerie being in a room with 2 other people but only hearing my own heartbeat. Carlisle and Esme had already sat in the two armchairs and were staring at me, smiles still plastered across their faces.

"So Neve," Esme said clasping her hands in her lap, looking at me with a kind smile, "Tell us something about you. What is your favourite music? What do you like to do when you have free time?"

I licked my lips as I realised I hadn't uttered a word since meeting the Cullens. "Um… well I listen to a whole load of random shit. In my free time I just like to… read." That was more or less the truth apart from the last part. I used to read all the time but now I just sneak to the nearest scrap yard to 'work out' (basically tossing pieces of metal double the size of me about and making some serious damage to inanimate objects).

"Oh wow! Any books you particularly like?" she asked as if what I just said was the most fascinating thing in the universe.

"Err… well I like 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde' and 'Dracula'," I said looking down at my hands.

"Really? Dracula? Interesting…" Carlisle said. Something in his voice made me think that he was finding something funny.

I snapped my head up and found that they were hardly keeping the smirks off their faces. "What's so funny?" I snapped. I don't like to being laughed at. Kids had made that mistake before and they ended up having no teeth.

They both quickly straightened their faces and Carlisle said solemnly, "Absolutely nothing, Neve. Dracula is a very good novel. What got you into it?"

I narrowed my eyes but said "Curiosity."

"Oh," Esme said. There was a silence for a few moments before Esme began looking through her designer handbag. "I have a picture of the others here somewhere…" she mumbled. She finally pulled it out and set it on the table in front of me. My teenage heart squeezed painfully. They were all stunningly beautiful, all had pale skin and gold eyes. That was where the similarities ended. They ranged from a tiny pixie like black haired girl to a towering beast of a guy with curly brown hair. Only two of them didn't fit in to the whole freaky-pale-skin-gold-eyes thing. That was a girl with curly bronze hair that fell to her shoulders. Her cheeks had slight rosy tints to them that the others didn't have and her eyes were a chocolaty brown. There was a guy next to her who was at least 2 heads taller than her with russet skin, short jet black hair and eyes. I recognized Esme and Carlisle at the back of the group, big wide smiles plastered on their faces. They appeared to be in a field, a blonde haired guy was holding a baseball bat while tossing a ball in his other hand. They looked like the fucking perfect American dream. The picture should have been the promotional poster advert for the immigrants. I couldn't see where I would fit into that picture. I couldn't see a space for an emotionally unstable, 16 year old, brooding, freak. I suddenly snapped out of that thinking. Jesus, Neve, I thought, get a grip! You aren't going to be staying with them long anyway.

Esme was smiling down at the photo and she began pointing to the different people in the picture. "That's us, of course," she said pointing to herself and Carlisle, "and that's Emmet and Jasper next to us," she said pointing to the curly haired man and the blonde man. "The girl that Emmet has his arm around is Rosalie and the girl next to her is Renesme, or Nessie as we all call her with Jake," she said pointing to the bronze haired girl and the dark guy and a blonde girl who was so heart wrenchingly beautiful that I thought she should have been photographed on a catwalk rather than in a middle of field. "And finally that's Edward and Isabella or Bella, in front of me and Carlisle and the girl next to Jasper is Alice. They are all very excited about meeting you!"

As I stared at the picture I noticed that all of the people in the photograph were in couples. Happy couples. Oh God. "They all seem… together," I said tentatively, just to be sure, "I mean 'girlfriend/boyfriend together."

There was a pause and finally Carlisle said, "Ah, well you're very intuitive Neve." I looked up and he was smiling sheepishly as he said, "Well, it just sort of happened. Every one of our adopted children just seemed to click with one another. Alice, Edward, Nessie and Emmet are all nieces and nephews of mine but my brother and sister in law both died in a car crash a few years ago. Jasper and Rosalie are both Twins and Bella's their younger sister. They're known as the Hales, their parents were good friends of mine until they went missing when the children were young and Jake is just a good friend of ours. I assure you that everything that our family does is very legal." He smiled reassuringly at me. The whole story to me seemed a little to set up. As if he had just read some lines from a script.

"Oh," I murmured still staring at the picture, "So are you going to match-make me then?"

Carlisle laughed, "No, unless you want us to!"

"God no!" I almost yelled. They stared at me; I swallowed and said more quietly, "No, thank you."

There was an awkward pause before Esme asked, "What about your family? Did you have any siblings?"

I stiffened and my sister's faces flashed before my eyes; Aili and Cara. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my thudding heart.

Esme must have sensed my sudden unease because she said, "You don't have to answer that if you don't want to."

"I'd rather not," I murmured, my eyes still closed. To change the subject I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and asked, "So where are you staying?"

"The Witchery. You heard of it?" Esme asked her eyes kind but I could detect traces of sympathy. Oh Fuck off, I thought.

I stared at her. The Witchery was one of the swankiest hotels in Edinburgh. Celebrities were known for staying there. "Yeah I heard of it it's in the Old Town isn't it?"

"Yes, I do love the Old Town everything is just so authentic!" she said enthusiastically.

"Well, that's why it's called the Old Town," I muttered.

There was another awkward pause where we just sat there staring at each other. I wished that they would just get to the point of this whole parade and tell me the details of this adoption. Sheila had hardly told me anything useful. I just wanted to get through all of this crap.

As if he could read my thoughts Carlisle leaned forward and said "Well Neve, I am sure you want to know the details of your movement to America. We live in this town called Trinity which is quite close to Seattle. We will be leaving next Monday so you have a week to get ready and pack. During the week we will pick your things up and have them sent ahead. The others will put it into your room and sort it out for you so that when we get there you will be settled. When we get to Seattle Airport they will be waiting there to pick us up. But until then you are more than welcome to visit me or Esme at the hotel. Here," he said and began to look through his wallet, pulling out 2 cards. "That's the Hotel and this is my cell number," he said, sliding the two cards across the coffee table.

I picked them up and took a good look at them. "You're a Doctor," I murmured staring down at the second card.

"Yes, I work at Trinity Hospital. Are there any questions Neve?"

"Yeah, one," I said locking eyes with him.

"What is it?" he asked smiling.

"Why do you want to adopt me? I haven't had an offer for adoption ever. People are paranoid I might murder them in their sleep. The tabloids still wonder whether I was the one who murdered my parents and sisters. Nutty Neve, they called me. Everyone thinks I am insane, even Sheila and she's my social worker. Why me? There are plenty of kids who deserve an adoption instead of me. Why choose the possible psycho murderer?" I said twisting the sleeve of my hoodie.

Carlisle smiled reassuringly back at me, his face warm and understanding, "Neve, do you really think we believe the tabloids?" I shook my head, "so we are completely ignoring you past Neve. If there is one thing we believe in, it's second chances. This can be a fresh start for you. An entire country to make a first impression for. This will be good for you Neve and we will be there every step of the way." He stood up, "Well I hope to see you soon Neve," he said warmly shaking my hand again. Instead of the electric shock I just got a tingling sensation up my arm which wasn't really unpleasant.

"Yes me to!" Esme said enthusiastically, she got up and instead of shaking my hand she... hugged me. This time the tingling sensation rippled through my whole body. I smelt her musky perfume and wished that I could let myself like her. I wished I could let myself like him to and the family. But I couldn't. Not if I wanted people not to get hurt, for me to get hurt. She pulled away and smiled saying goodbye, before heading to the door.

After they had gone I still stayed in the same position. Sheila came in and ushered me out asking how it went. "Fine," I said and that was all she could get out of me. As I sat in my room, I went through the events of the meeting with the Cullens. I was determined to find out what they were. And nothing and no one is going to stop me.

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