Bella has not met the Cullens, they have not moved to Forks. Alice never had a vision of Jasper and they are not together.

Alice's nose started to tingle like she needed to sneeze, she knew what was happening, a vision was coming on.

When she'd first been changed into a vampire she hadn't understood what was happening. Suddenly images would rapidly fire at her. She didn't know what they meant, it felt like something else was temporarily controlling her mind and she could no longer see, hear or smell what was really going. With time though, she'd learned she could control the images. Slow them down, analyse them in detail and it didn't take her long to figure out that the images often happened in real life some time in the future. Some of them happened straight away and some of them months or years down the track. Some had not happened yet and seemed like they never would. The tingling worsened, she readied herself mentally.

A girl with long chocolate brown hair and chestnut eyes. She's sitting in the woods, on a fallen log. It's covered in light green moss. She looks sad. She's picking at the moss next to her in a dejected way. She is beautiful.

Alice shook her head trying to clear her mind of the sudden wave of feelings and thoughts scrambling for attention.

Who was that girl. Why did seeing her unhappy make my stomach twist? Alice wasn't sure how or why but she felt a sudden need to be with this girl she had never even met. She wanted the girl to tell her everything that was upsetting her and try to make it all better. She wanted to touch the girls skin and hold her close and smell her hair and feel this strange wonderful, intense feeling envelope them as if taking them off into their own special world where they wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again.

Alice didn't know her but that one vision had been enough. She had to find out more, had to meet this beautiful human girl that could make her stomach flutter. Deep down though, she was full of dread as well, what if the girl didn't like her. What if she lost control of herself and bit her. She pushed the thoughts deeper down, she would worry about those things later. Right now she had to try and find those woods and see her pale face and chocolate hair with her own eyes.

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