OK, that's another cute song of mine. The 'story' it describes just hit my mind the day I told, as a new Amy, a guy that I like him. Phil Collins' style, isn't it? It's about Amy and the Way she feels when she is rejected. Yet again you don't know the music, but it's a rock Power Ballad. I hope you like it. Amy's blue hero makes her feel blue. Ironic, isn't it?

The rest is up to the audience^^

Rainy Day's Blues by Evangeline Archer

I'm walking on the empty street
Wondering what goes wrong with me
I just don't know
Why it always ends like this

A single tear runs down my cheek
I guess you just need to be free
You just don't know
That I would die for a single kiss

I try to remember your eyes (your deep green eyes)
as the rain's running on my face
You see, I wanted a place in your heart (open your heart)
But your heart told me that there was no space

R: But I love you, Blue Blur
(But here I go walking on my own)
Yes, I'm feeling blue
(as the rain keeps falling down)

As the rain keeps falling down (2)

As the rain keeps falling


I walk across the lonesome road
feeling numb and cold-I know
It was my fault
But you'll never know

I guess you like to run alone
to be the one to start and end the show
Why's your heart so cold?
Guess I'll never know

I see your face in every dark corner (You're in every corner)
You're the only one with whom I feel free
With you every hour seems to be shorter (time runs shorter)
But one withought you is eternity

R: Well, guess I 'll see ya again, Blue Blur
(Till then remember I will be around)
Remember of that rainy day
In my heart the rain's still fallin' down

In my heart the rain's still falling down

In my heart the rain's still falling

(guitar solo)


The rain is falling down

Still falling down

But I'll be around

When the rain is falling


Oh, that's my Rainy Day's Blues
It's me and a picture of your smiling face
Guess that's the game-you win or lose
In my Rainy Day's Blues

Tell me if you like it! As a girl, I want to use Amy's Piko Piko Hammer against the Blue Blur as I even hum that one^^