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(A.N: I'm going to post a load of drabbles under this title. All of them will involve Ravenclaw!Scorpius, Ravenclaw!Albus and Ravenclaw!Rose during their time at Hogwarts.)

Tales of the Unexpected Ravenclaws
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I. On the Naming of Things

"We still need to come up with a name for ourselves, you know," Albus piped up out of the blue that evening.

Scorpius glared up at the other boy, wondering why he was so obsessed with naming everything; his broom had a name, his wand had a name – hell, Scorpius wouldn't have been surprised if every one of his quills had a name, too. He wished, however, that Albus could decide on a name by himself so he and Rose could get on with what they were supposed to be doing, i.e. working on their Transfiguration essays.

"A name for ourselves?" Rose asked him, perplexed. "What do you mean by that?"

Scorpius groaned and threw down his quill. Albus had caught Rose's attention now, which meant that there was no way he would be able to concentrate.

"I mean we need a name for ourselves," Albus replied, as though it was obvious what he was talking about. He had a tendency to do that: talk absolute nonsense and assume that everyone understood him. Indeed, he sounded rather like something from the Quibbler sometimes, Scorpius thought.

"In what sense?" Rose asked, still not quite comprehending what Albus meant.

"Well, my dad and your parents were the Golden Trio, so why don't we be the Bronze Trio?" Albus asked.

Rose sighed, shook her head and turned back to her work.

Scorpius shot Albus a scathing look. "We are not going to name ourselves anything, let alone that."

"Why not?" Albus asked.

Scorpius sighed. "Because, Potter, I don't want people to assume that you, Weasley and I come as a package."

"Yes we do."

"No we don't," Scorpius shot back. "And besides, even if we were to give ourselves a collective name, which we're not, it's not going to be that one. The 'Golden Trio' had a ring to it, but your idea doesn't sound anywhere near as good. Bronze Trio indeed... It makes us sound awfully third rate, doesn't it? You know you should have been a Gryffindor with stupid ideas like that!'"

He went to continue his work but five seconds later Albus spoke again.

"We still need a name, guys."

Scorpius shook his head. "It's times like these that make me wonder how on earth you got sorted into Ravenclaw."