The Pursuit of Happiness

Summary: Shane Gray seems to have it all - fame & even a new girlfriend. What does this summer have in store from him? Let's say a rather unpleasant confrontation with dear old Mitchie. Who knew masks were so conniving. Will he be able to fight to preserve his identity or will his ex-girlfriend try to pry it away with her lies?

Rated: M

Rated for: Sexual Content in future chapters

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Chapter 1

The summer at Camp Rock had allowed my brothers and I to actually do our tour. I was back in the regular routine of my life once again after spending the rest of summer touring with Mitchie and my brothers. After Camp Rock, I'd been hopelessly attracted to Mitchie, and in a desperate attempt to keep her with me, I begged my brothers and band mates to bring her on tour with me – however, it didn't end well. Mitchie was like a forbidden fruit, good to look at; but inside there was a sour taste that just wasn't worth it, yet the punishment would still be received. I had grown tired of her lies, and was sick of having to figure her out. Shaking my head, I threw my bag down on my bed. Girls - I'd had quite a few already. I was Shane Gray after all.

I quickly glanced at the clock, its red digits and letters jumped out at me. 4:30 AM. Damn it, that meant I couldn't call her. I sighed, longing to hear her energetic, little hyper voice. I'd known Cassie since we were young, and she was the closest person to me, even more so then my brothers and I honestly hated to admit that. Unlike most other guys, I loved my brothers, they were my best friends. Cassie was just a doe – or more likely a fawn. She was 16, but still an innocent child by heart. I wasn't too much older, just 18. With our new found fame, I really did regret not giving her frequent attention like I'd promised her I would.

I sighed, falling lazily onto my king sized bed as I pulled out my iPhone. Once I unlocked it, I was greeted by a familiar picture of me embracing Cassie. It was no surprise that I was head over heels for this girl, but I just didn't know how to tell her. Shane Gray was afraid to tell his feelings to a girl. I sighed, battling in my head on whether or not to not call Cassie. After about 5 good minutes, I finally decided to call her. I went to her phone number, and touched the call button. A silly picture I had snapped of her sticking her tongue out at me in a playful manner showed up as it began ringing. I brought my iPhone up to my ear. I imagined her phone ringing with our song. I had wrote 'I Gotta Find You' for Cassie, not Mitchie. I had simply tried to woo Mitchie over, and it had worked to some extent. I had recorded the song in our studio, but hadn't put it on the album, it was a secret between Cassie and I – and Connect 3 didn't share our personal lives.

"Shane?" her tiny voice squeaked into my ear. I felt a silly grin come onto my face. She sounded groggy, confused – and absolutely adorable.

"Hey honey," I murmured into the phone. I had all these little cute nicknames for her.

"Are you back?!" she asked.

"Yeah, I was wondering if I could come over and crash with you for the night. I wanna see my best friend again," I said.

"Yeah! Come over, you have my key already on your key chain," she said.

"Going back to sleep?" I teased.

"Mm-hmm," she yawned.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Okay honey, I'll see you soon, okay? Sleep tight."

"Night," she said before hanging up.

I got out, grabbing another bag from my closet and throwing a few pairs of clothes into there, as well as my toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and other necessities. I successfully crept out my door and started up my car. Pulling stealthily out of the house, I drove over to her apartment. Parking in the visitor parking, I hurried over to her apartment, which I unlocked with my set of her key. Setting my bag down in her room, I crept into the bed with her. We'd grown up together, and whenever she'd come over, we'd sleep in the same bed together. Others may look at it oddly, but it was normal for us.

I wrapped my arms around her slender waist, pulling her against my chest.

"I'm trying to sleep," she muttered, but her small hands gripped onto my arms to hold her tighter so I wouldn't get the wrong message.

I simply smirked, "I'm not stopping you," I said in her ear, as my head rested just above her chocolate brown hair that covered the pillow.

I was dying to see her face though. She must have heard my silent prayer as she turned around in my arms and looked over at me, smiling as her brown eyes practically glittered.

"I missed you, Shane," she said, hugging me. "Did you have to spazz at those people?"

I laughed and rubbed her back reassuringly. "Sorry honey, I promise, never again."

"You're staying with me for a few days. I hate that stupid label," she sighed, irritation and exhaustion clear in her eyes.

I felt guilt swell in my heart as I brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear. "I'm all yours for 4 days, than I need to spend the other 3 with my family before they kill me," I promised. "You're always welcome to come over though."

"You're only here for a week?" she asked in a small voice.

I sighed glumly. "Yes," I answered with a nod as an awkward pause came after. "I'm sorry, Cas."

She simply nodded and patted my face gently, as her chocolate brown eyes skimmed over mine briefly before trailing down the rest of my face. I pretended not to notice exactly how beautiful she was, exactly how much I wanted to kiss her right now.

"Will you marry me?" I said with a small smirk, awakening the old inside joke once again.

I always playfully struck up the question, in hopes of the fact that she might just say yes one day. The joke – however – just carried on.

She giggled, "Nope!"

"Come on, honey. Stop being such a tease," I said, flirting shamelessly. Why did she never catch on – or did she just not want me that way?

She smiled sweetly at me while running her hand along the side of my face. Down my cheekbone to my jaw, and then back up again to my curly brown locks. My breath hitched. She looked at me tiredly, but she blinked as minimally as possible. The attraction and chemistry between us was so evident. Sometimes I wondered if she felt the same way about me, but was like me – too afraid to reveal her feelings.

"Tired?" I asked, bringing my hand to grasp her small one as it trailed down the side of my face.

"So very," she said with a pout, and I could tell clearly now that she was struggling to keep her eyes open.

"Sleep honey, I'll be here when you wake up. I promise," I said, bringing her hand to my lips and kissing it.

She smiled, snuggling close to me as her arms wrapped around my neck, and her head rested in the crook of my neck. My arms wrapped instinctively around her waist.

"Thank you for coming, Shane," she whispered.

Little did she know that I leave part of me with her. It would be impossible to not come back. I, however, did not say that. I just ran my hand up and down her back as a silent response. Soon enough she was fast asleep and I followed her into dreamland.

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