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Chapter 5

A scowl was very clearly engraved on Cassie's features, as she hit my chest angrily. Obviously it wasn't too hard, and I winced letting her have her way with me. I knew she'd be angry, because I hadn't told her. I felt as though I had cheated on her, because in my mind, we had always been together. I sighed, looking down shamefully. She eventually sighed and took her place back on the bed, glumly.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me," she said, softly. It was barely above a whisper.

"I'm sorry, Cassie," I said, desperately.

She sighed, looking at me, clearly disappointed, with her arms across her chest. "It's alright. I just wish you'd told me earlier, and not like this."

I sighed, and nodded. "I promise, I won't hide anything from you – and it definitely won't be a girlfriend, because baby, I'm all yours. The whole time I was dating her, I felt guilty, because I felt as though I was cheating on you," I said, studying her carefully. "And I know we were never really together, but my mind thought otherwise. I tried to find you in her, but obviously that turned out very, very wrong. She's a liar, and I don't want anything to do with her."

Cassie seemed a bit taken aback, and all traces of disappointment and anger had disappeared. "Really?" she asked.

I nodded, bringing my hand to grab my Adam's apple in a vowing posture, "I swear."

A smile crept onto her face as leaned in to kiss me, "That's probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard," she said.

I chuckled, "I try."

She swatted at my shoulder playfully, a giggle escaping her lips. I laughed along with her, pulling her into my lap and kissing her merrily. It was a short kiss, but it held a clear message in it. I pulled away, kissing her cheek once before putting a reasonable amount of space between our faces.

"So, I finally picked up your student schedule. Let's compare," I told her.

She nodded excitedly. "Oh! This is like high school, before Momma Gray home schooled you guys," she said glumly.

"Sorry, babe," I apologized with a chuckle, reaching towards the table and pulling the papers to me.

I set the event list beside me, and looked through the schedules, handing Cassie – who was sitting in my lap – hers. I put my paper beside it as we skimmed across the classes.

"Yay! I'm in 3 of Shane Gray's classes," she giggled, grinning up at me.

I laughed and put an arm around her waist. "Vocals, Dance, and Guitar," I read off it, before scowling. "What did you take to separate yourself from me?"

"I took a song-writing class," she said, "I wanted to hopefully learn how to write songs like you guys."

"Aww, babe," I said, squeezing her to me as I planted a kiss to her cheek. "I wish I taught that course instead of piano, I'd be able to be with you than too."


The afternoon had passed quickly, and it was already evening. The bonfire looked absolutely extraordinary as I walked hand in hand with Cassie on the beach. We had another ten minutes until the bonfire event started officially. I knew people were giving us awkward glances, as were Tess and the rest of her stooges. Connect 3 was scheduled to perform tonight, after Mitchie, however, after her little stunt, I was set to get her back. I'd heard her writing a song last year, and she'd been singing about some teardrops on her guitar. It was obviously about a guy, and I had no trouble guessing her current obsession was me. After our break up, I'd poured some of those lines into a new song I'd started writing with Nate and Jason. She'd been attempting to trash my image as well, apparently. I'd heard that from Caitlyn before I'd left camp. Caitlyn and I had built a fair enough friendship, especially when Mitchie began accusing Caitlyn using her to get to me. Caitlyn had quite frankly had enough of Mitche, and left her. Mitchie went running back to Tess' group, and things began to snowball from there.

Now, the initial idea had been to perform 'Hold On' at the bonfire, but that was the last thing I was going to do. I had a feeling Mitchie was going to be playing that song, so I was going to give her a taste of her own medicine. For now, I needed to get Nate and Jason informed with the sudden change of mind, and not to mention, I had to look over the lyrics.

"I'll be right back! I forgot the song lyrics to the song I'm performing tonight in the cabin," I laughed, leaning down to give Cassie a peck on the lips. "If you want, join those people over there in that crowd," I said, pointing towards the bonfire, where Lola and the rest of her crowd sat. I heard that they were nice people from Caitlyn, so I guessed it was the best place she could go, and I figured they'd defend her from Mitchie, if she picked on Cassie.

I sprinted back towards Nate and Jason's cabin. Thankfully they were just leaving their cabins when I found them.

"Hey Shane," said Nate, as he pulled the cabin door shut behind him.

"Nate, Jason, we're not performing Hold On tonight," I said, matter-of-factly.

Jason and Nate exchanged a confused glance before looking back towards me. It was Jason's turn to speak.

"But why?" he asked.

That's when I told them of my run down with Mitchie earlier today.

"So, let me get this right. You want us to perform Much Better, even though we haven't technically perfected it, just to tick off Mitchie?" asked Jason, with a brow raised.

"As pathetic as this sounds, yes. It's almost done though you guys, we can pull it off. We can say it's just a sneak peek of our new album!" I said, desperately looking between my two siblings.

Nate sighed, "Fine. You have the lyrics right? Meet us on the beach, we'll practice there."

I nodded, gratefully. "I'll just run to my cabin and grab them."

With that, I sped off towards the cabin I shared with Cassie, and took out my lyrics notebook. I went back out to where I had left Cassie, and looked around. She wasn't where I left her. I looked back towards the bonfire, only to see Cassie sitting and talking with Caitlyn and Lola. She had a big smile on her face, as did Lola and Caitlyn. They seemed to be bonding. Cassie glanced back over towards me, and if possible, her grin widened. She waved over at me, and I waved back. I pointed over towards Nate and Jason's direction, and then looked back at her, showing her my thumb in an 'okay?' way. She looked over at them and back at me, before nodding and flashing me her own thumbs up with a grin. I chuckled, and ran over to my brothers. There wasn't much time left.

Thankfully, we were pretty good with this song, and it didn't take very long. We had been working on it throughout the tour to get it to where we had it now. In fact, we were debating on whether to start recording it when we got back. I heard Brown's voice boom from the speaker by the bonfire. Our heads turned in his direction, as we got up, heading towards the large crowd. My arms snaked around Cassie's waist as I pulled her with me towards the side to sit with me, Nate, and Jason.

"Hi, Nate!" grinned Cassie as she almost tackled him in a bear hug.

Nate laughed, hugging her back. "Hey, Cassie!"

Those two had been close since I could remember. Back when we had gone to school, Nate and Cassie had been in the same class. I'd met her through Nate, and we'd hit it off great. As much as I hated to say it, Cassie was technically, really, Nate's best friend. She and Nate even joked around about being twins, due to their same age. She turned from Nate and gave Jason a hug as well, before standing in the middle of us. I could feel Mitchie's eyes boring into us.

"Settle down, settle down!" chuckled Cesario Brown from the speaker.

Finally, we all took our seats, with Cassie in my lap. She blushed as I tried to kiss her in front of my brothers. They simply hid their smirks, trying to focus on the stage. After a few kisses I settled for just holding Cassie in my arms, as Brown announced none other than Mitchie on stage. I dramatically rolled her eyes as I saw her walk on stage with a guitar. I saw Cassie's eyes glue to her, but she had a blank expression, not an angry one. I pressed a kiss to her cheek, before I smirked over towards Mitchie's direction.

Brown smiled towards Mitchie, putting an arm around her casually, "Mitchie will be performing one of her new songs, Teardrops on my Guitar. Please give it up for her!"

A few claps echoed through the audience, and Tess let out a snarky laugh. I just continued smirking as I hugged Cassie tight to me. Brown sighed, clapping as he spoke up.

"Come on now, properly," he said, and a few more people began clapping, probably the new kids.

Her eyes fixed on Cassie as she threw her a glare, before she began strumming her guitar. She sang the intro of her song and I just rolled her eyes. She had changed my name to Drew – oh how amusing. When I'd heard it she'd been singing, 'Joe looks at me'. She began singing the chorus, finally.

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star," she sang, looking straight at me.

When our eyes locked, I snorted, looking away towards Nate, who was biting back laughter along with Jason. I smirked, exchanging a knowing glance with them. Ah, our song would be perfect. Soon enough, Mitchie's song came to an end. Of course, I didn't bother clapping for her, but I was beyond surprised when Cassie did, especially considering she was the only one doing so. She was always so genuine, and she never let her feelings for a certain person get to her. Of course, I could see the disappointment clearly on her face, even when she looked up at me. Mitchie looked at her - obviously her attention had been drawn to Cassie as she was the only one clapping – and snorted, stepping off the stage.

It was our turn, as I picked Cassie up bridal style, before setting her down on the bench as I made my way over to the stage. I took the mic from Brown as Nate and Jason made their way up the steps. Cheers were coming from the audience, and I heard some fawning from some of our fan girls. However, I only had eyes for Cassie, who sat there, grinning up at me, excitedly. Oh, she would get more than what she expected. I looked over at Mitchie, who was smirking at me, before I looked back at Nate and Jason, and laughed softly.

"Hey you guys!" started Jason, taking another mic from the back. I cut him off.

"We were originally going to play Hold On for you guys, but we decided to sing you a different song. It's a song we haven't released just yet, but it will definitely be on our new CD!" I said, grinning at the audience as I walked around the stage casually. "It's called Much Better, and we hope you like it."

With that, I turned to Nate and Jason who were ready with their guitars. "One, two, three, four!" I said, jumping up and landing back down on my heels as the music started.

"Get a rep for breaking hearts, now I'm done with 'superstars', and all the tears on her guitar. I'm not bitter," I said, looking directly at Mitchie.

Her expression was priceless. The rest of the audience was chuckling and a low murmur went through the crowd as they looked at Mitchie. It was a crystal clear message. My gaze shifted towards Cassie who sat shocked in the crowd. I threw her, her favourite grin as I sang the next line.

"Now I see everything I'd ever need, is the girl in front of me," I said, extending my hand to point clearly at Cassie. "She's much better."

A blush tainted her cheeks as I grinned widely. Nate sang the next part.

"You," he said, stressing his voice to hit just the right note. "I want to fight with you. Tear up the sky with you."

We all looked over towards Cassie as we sang the next part, "You're much better."

Nick resumed singing then, making the fan girls scream loudly. They always loved him – he was the looker in the group, not that I was far behind.

"You, I want to fight with you. Make up tonight with you," he sang.

I bit back a moan as I sang the next line with my brothers. "You're much better," I said, looking into Cassie's wide chocolate brown eyes.

That line made my mind go to hell and back. It made me want to do so many different things to Cassie, and have her scream my name all night.

"Now I've some enemies, and they're all friends suddenly. BFFS eternally, but I'm not bitter," I sang, glaring at Tess and Mitchie.

The rest of the song went on, and I couldn't get my eyes off of Cassie. She didn't seem as shocked anymore, but she blushed every time I sang 'you're much better' towards her. In the end, let's just say Brown didn't look so thrilled, he gave me a strict, scolding look as I headed off the stage. Mitchie had run off somewhere, probably to cry. Of course, Tess Tyler didn't move, she just smirked towards me the whole time. She always thought she could woo me over, didn't she ever get the message? Man, was I cocky or what?

"Thank you," I said, taking my brothers hands as we bowed.

Nate and Jason made their way down the stage and I followed. I walked back up to Cassie, who had a clear scowl on her face. "What?" I asked, sitting down next to her. I attempted to reach towards her, but she slapped my hands away.

Brown chose to dismiss us than, but he shot us a menacing look, that clearly said no more drama. I sighed, and turned my direction back to Cassie. Thankfully, Nate and Jason got up and left to give us some privacy. The rest of the audience was clearing out too, but Cassie and I sat there. I simply shook my head, not understanding how I'd upset her. It had been the last thing I'd wanted to do, I'd just wanted to get back at Mitchie.

"That was really mean, Shane," she said, the scowl still on her face. "She ran off crying."

"Cassie, babe. You don't know everything she's done. She's a freaking attention seeker. She's lied about all of us, and to all of us as well. We're so sick and tired of it, and she hides behind this veil all the time. I know that she'll be after you next, so I just want you to be careful, okay?" I sighed, looking into her eyes pleadingly.

Her scowl turned into a frown, but she nodded mutely. "Can we go back to the cabin now?" she asked.

The whole crowd had gone, and we were the only two left. I nodded, standing up as I reached for her hand. "Let's go."

She took my hand and we walked hand in hand back to our cabin in silence. Once inside, she went over to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and changed into her pajamas. I took the bathroom next, and followed her procedure somewhat, except all I wore to sleep were black sweatpants. I chose to sleep shirtless, besides, it was extremely hot here at camp anyways. I emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later to see Cassie already snuggled into the bed. Turning off the light, I made my way over beside her. We left one lamp on, near the far end of the cabin, just to provide us with enough light.

I made my way over to her in the bed, and pulled her underneath me. I kept my hands on either side of her head, and looked directly at her. For a moment, we didn't move and just made pure eye-contact. However, before I knew it, my lips crashed down on hers, and a small moan escaped her. We kissed desperately, and I eventually got her mouth open, as my tongue slid into it, exploring for the first time. Her jaw was relatively small, so it wasn't like I got very far. She gasped as our tongues touched, and I couldn't help the grin that tugged at the corners of my propped open lips. Soon enough, my lips trailed down her jaw-line, and towards her neck. She moaned, tangling her hands in my hair. With a small tweak of her skin between my teeth, I left my mark on her, before I kissed and licked over it to sooth it.

"There, now the world knows your mine," I said, kissing it.

Our heads jerked over towards the window of the cabin, and I groaned as I saw Mitchie. She must have been making her way back to her cabin after crying her eyes out – or she might have just tried snooping. I fixed my glare towards her widened eyes, giving her a clear message to go.

"Shane," said Cassie, from underneath me.

My attention immediately diverted towards the angel that lay underneath me, and my eyes widened as I looked at her. She basically looked naked to me, because the tank top of her pajama's was barely visible with the comforter across her chest. I looked in the mirror, only to see a bare-chested me staring back, with the comforter wrapped around my lower half. It clearly looked like we were naked. My eyes widened, alarmed as I jumped out of the bed, away from Cassie. I looked back at Mitchie, hoping she'd get the misconception out of her mind and give us some slack, but no. She was already gone, screaming as she ran towards the rest of the cabins.

"Shane and Cassie are having sex!" she screeched at the tip of her lungs, causing us to wince, even though we were inside the cabin that she was running farther and farther away from.

Great, just great. I sighed, looking back at Cassie. We'd have a lot of explaining to do – not only to Brown, Jason, and Nate, who would be more than ticked off – but to the media who would find out about this incident and try to defame me. Why couldn't Mitchie just mind her own business for once?!