Chapter 29: The Last Reverie

Harley stared out into the sky, a dusty violet in the light before returning her eyes to the table before her. She wrung her hands, and glanced across the light table cloth. She blushed lightly when she met the stare across the table.

"This wasn't necessary, Bruce," she said demurely.

Bruce smiled softly, "It was no trouble, besides I wanted to do something special."

He had had the crew place a table on the lower deck, along with hanging low lights. A whole menu for dinner had even been created. Her fingers caressed a glass of white wine as she stared into the plate, which still had some food. "Are you doing this-"

"Because you deserve it," Bruce reached across the table and touched her hand on the glass. "I'm doing because I want to, not because I pity you. I really just want you to feel special." Harley smiled, "How come no other woman sees this side of you?"

"Not many can accept that I'm not just Bruce Wayne. I've only revealed that secret to one person before you." Harley's eyes fell, "I know...and she...I'm sorry."

His fingers intertwined with hers, reassuring her. She gazed back up. He pulled on her hand, "Come over here, I have something for you." Harley tilted her head, but nodded and stood up. She wore a mauve sun-dress which caught lightly in the wind as she moved to Bruce's side. He had reached into his own khaki shorts and pulled out a small velvet box. The orchid material massaged Harley's hand when she took it slowly from him.

"Go on," Bruce smiled and watched as she opened the small box. "An onyx necklace," she whispered. "I thought silver and black would be beautiful on you." He explained, grinning, obviously pleased she liked it. "You've spoiled me too much already, Bruce." Tears gathered in her eyes. Bruce shook his head, "No, I'm treating you the way should have been from the start. You ask me, Harley, how come no other woman has caught me yet. I ask you the same about a man, at least one who will treat you right."

Harley shook her head, "I don't know." Bruce grabbed her hands and took the box. He sat it on the table. "Then let me remedy that." Harley's heart stopped. "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" Bruce nodded, "Why not?" She smiled sadly, "I would like that, but I don't want you getting any looks when it's found that you're dating Harley Quinn."

"I don't care," he whispered pulling her closer. Harley laughed softly, "But I do. Bruce, when we get back to Gotham I'm turning myself into the GCP." She felt his hands stiffen on hers. She stared into his eyes, "I have a plan, though. I won't be sent to Arkham and once I'm out, maybe a kind-hearted Bruce Wayne, wanting to give back to society would offer to house a recovering criminal like me. I heard he has a large, giving heart. I want to do this right, Bruce. I want to try and fix all the wrong I've done."

Bruce pulled her into his lap, grinning at her gasp. "A large heart, huh?" He held her gently. "I believe Bruce Wayne would be happy to do that." Harley smiled and leaned down, her lips ghosting over his, "I would be honored to be your girlfriend." And she kissed him. They were found minutes later by the chef, who appeared rather awkward while asking if they were ready for dessert.

Prompt #63, Orchid

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