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I woke up and looked in the mirror I saw me I was nothing but a pale broken girl with dark circles under her eyes, and bruises splattered all over her body. It was getting harder and harder to hide the bruises from Renee and Phil.

I'm Bella Swan and I am abused by my boyfriend James. He was so sweet at first but then he got really jealous and accused me of cheating on him which I didn't. One day I was at the movie theater with James and this guy started to flirt with me James got really mad and started to beat me once we got to his house and has continued ever since. I put on a long sleeve black shirt and light blue jeans, I straightened then re-curled my hair, and I put make-up over my bruises. I actually looked decent today I thought as I walked down the stairs.

"Hot date with James?" Renee asked

"Yea" I said depressed and I rode in my truck to James's house.

"Hey slut you're here took you long enough." James said as he dragged me to his room. He started to kiss me violently his eyes filled with lust and he started to lift my shirt up but I stopped him.

"No James" I said while I pointed to my purity ring but he just slapped me and I whimpered in pain but he continued.

"JAMES STOP" I screamed he stopped and I pulled my shirt down but then he grabbed me by the hair and flung me against the wall.

"AFTER ALL I DID FOR YOU, YOU WON'T?" James screamed then kicked me in my stomach then continued "You know what I'm starting to think that you're not a virgin anymore I'm starting to think you cheated on me you whore." He grabbed me and pinned me down to his bed while I struggled to get free of him but he pulled out a knife and held it to my throat while tears streamed down my face. While he was un-buttoning his pants I took the beer bottle on the counter and slammed on James's head.

"Bitch" James screamed in pain while I ran out to my truck and drove home. I knew that I had to end it one day I'm not going to get so lucky and get away from James. I knew what I had to do where I'm going James will never be able to go. I put on a fake smile and said goodnight to Renee and drifted off into a not so peaceful night. I woke up.

"Mom" I managed to say

"Yeah Bella?" Renee said

"Mom I'm moving out. I'm done with high school and Alice wanted me to move in with her and Emmett's apartment will be next door" I said

"Bella" Renee started

"I already sent my stuff to Alaska." I replied

The ride to the airport was silent. When it was time to board my plane that's when Renee broke down I said goodbye trying to hold back the tears.

On the plane I turned on my ipod full blast and got several dirty looks but just ignored them.

"We're a little ahead we will arrive in Alaska in about 5 minutes." The Pilot said over the loud speaker I got off of the plane and hailed a taxi and told the driver the address. I went to apartment # 17 and knocked on the door. Emmett answered he looked confused but then recognized me

"BELLS" someone boomed I turned around to see Emmett

"Emmy-bear" I said with less enthusiasm

"We're neighbors now." I exclaimed and heard Alice squeal

"I didn't think you would move in with us." Alice said

"BELLA" Alice screamed also when she hugged me I winced because she hit a bruise

"Bella you still have that abstinence ring?" Alice asked (AN: Bella's ring on profile)

"Yup" I said while showed her the ring on my finger

"Damn straight because if any guy even thinks of-" Emmett started but was cut off by Rose slapping him on the head.

"Babe" Emmett said

"Emmett you're such a hypocrite." Rosalie sighed

"Oh this is Rosalie. She's our other roommate and Emmett's girlfriend. I met her on black Friday we were both fighting over the same dress and I won." Alice said with a smile on her face

"Oh this is my gorgeous boyfriend Jasper who is Rosalie's twin brother." Alice said and I looked at Jasper and said hi.

"Oh this is Edward Emmett's roommate. He's dated so much girls I have no idea who he'd dating now." Alice said I looked at Edward and I swear my heart skipped a beat he was geourgous! And he had stunning green eyes that was the shade of emerald His looks put Greek gods to shame. I quickly looked down because, if James caught me looking at a guy besides him he would beat me.

"So Bella are you dating anyone?" Rosalie asked

"Yea I've been dating James for about 2 years now." I said then frowned two long years of being abused

"I think I'll go to sleep now." I yawned

"Night Bells." Emmett said as I walked to my room and drifted into a not so peaceful sleep I woke up screaming but put my hand over my mouth so no one would hear me.

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