While he opened the door, all I could think was how she ruined my shawl. Although I got many, well.. several points to ponder in on Debbie prior to the woman's hasty retreat, I was miserable about the entire ruined night, and I was no closer to finding Bill, either. The night with Alcide had been such a nice distraction. I knew he liked me and although I also knew I shouldn't be thinking such things at a time like this, it made me feel nice. I needed, and deserved, a nice ego boost after Bill abandoned me for his maker.

Alcide unlocked the door and let us in. He turned on the lights and turned to me. His face read apology, but his body language was confusing. Not wanting to drag on the night's misery any further, I told him "Alcide, thank you for tonight. It was... eventful." His posture changed. He had a spark to his eyes, and `Jesus Christ of Judea, he thought he could salvage the evening'. "Well, I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Goodnight!" Without allowing a word of response, I took my leave. I could hear him smirk to himself as he went to his room. The least he could do was apologize.

I took off my dress and put the ruined shawl in my suitcase. I had really liked it. I had picked it out myself at Tara's Togs and had gotten a great deal on it. I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on my sheep printed pajama pants with their matching long sleeved shirt. I flung back the comforter on the borrowed bed, climbed in and began going through the hate filled images of Debbie Pelt's face falling off. That would make a nice ending to the evening, I think with a smirk.

I said my prayers and drifted off to sleep despite my unchristian like mood. What seemed like moments later, I woke up. The room is dark and is unfamiliar. I glanced around, and through the scant moonlight drifting into the windows, I saw the outline of the furniture. I realized I wasn't at home and it startled me until I remembered I was on a mission to save Bill. I am here with Alcide. I got up to fetch a drink of water from the kitchen and shivered. It is absolutely freezing in the little apartment. I checked the thermostat on the hall wall and saw that it is 68 degrees. Debating on whether it would be okay to kick on the heat, I decided to go check on Alcide. I kept shivering and wrapped my arms around myself, and used my hand to feel my way down the dark hallway.

I suddenly felt remorseful for how terse I had been at the end of the evening. He was a nice guy after all, and it wasn't his fault. His door was slightly open so I stuck my head in and smelled the exotic aroma. Incense. He uses incense? He is still in his clothing, lying on one side of the queen sized bed in the room. He is sound asleep. I enjoyed the warmth of the room and took in the furniture: dresser, bureau and nightstands all have glass holders with lit candles in them. The warmth is inviting and the scent is mesmerizing. I remembered him in my kitchen, cleaning up after himself in the early morning hours. This is a man who could give me the closest thing to a normal life that have always dreamed of. He looks so.. peaceful.

I stepped back out into the hall way and the cooler temperature sobered me. It wasn't my house so I didn't want to muck with his thermostat and I didn't want to sweat him out since it was actually warm in his room. Earlier I had heard in his mind that he liked me. In fact, I knew that he wanted me, but we both knew I was faithful to Bill. Bill, the bastard that abandoned me, wanted to pension me off so he could reunite with Lorena. Damn him. It was Bill's fault I was here, in this mess. Bill. I would find him, but for one night sharing a room with a man who could make me warm was so appealing. Afterall, it was cold in the apartment and if I accomplished my goal, I would wake up before dawn and be back in my own bed. No one would be any the wiser. Besides, Alcide would never know I used him to make the lonely feeling subside for one night. At least that's what the devil side of my conscience was saying. I was inclined to listen for once.

I carefully walked into the room. The smell was amazing. An herbal fragrance, not one of those cheap packets you found at the local Walmart. This was exotic. The smell made me think of shrines in the mountains in Asia, had I known what those smelled like. You didn't get alot of culture in Bon Temps. Tip-toeing to the bed, I watched Alcide and he didn't move. His chest made a low rumble and it sent shivers up my spine. Snoring didn't do that to me, but the low rumble in his chest sure did. What in the heck am I doing? It reminded me of how Tina would purr when she was happy. He sounds so.. alive. I let out a quiet sigh, mulled up my courage and laid down on the bed on the edge furthest away from him. I wrapped herself in the downy comforter that hung down the side. It barely covered me, but it was warm and that was close enough. I wrapped my arms around my chest and thought of how nice it would be to fall asleep like this every night, except with someone else's warm arms wrapped around me. Even if Alcide was oblivious, he was still near. I can pretend, right? I imagined waking to his warm body, watching him make breakfast, watching him help clean up like he did at the house. Mmmm. This was a consolation prize, and I enjoyed the warmth as it soaked in. I hunkered down, enjoyed the quietness that was his mind and dozed off.

Something was tickling my neck. I began to wake up, and thought I just had the nicest dream ever. I stretched a bit and let out a satisfied moan. Whatever was tickling me moved to my ear. Huh? Wha? Oh no. I remembered where the hell I was and this was not supposed to be happening. Alcide was pressed against me, pressed right behind me actually. He had his arms wrapped around me and I was surrounded in him. His arms, his heat. It was nice until I realized his need was presently pushing into my back. My eyes popped open and I leaned back, trying to see through the dim candle light what exactly was going on. I had an idea, and I was apparently right. Alcide must have woken up and found me in his bed. Boy did he have the wrong impression because as I leaned back he pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me lightly and then increased the pressure. Involuntarily, I moaned. Apparently, he took that as a signal to start the races because he grabbed ahold of me and yanked me further into him. Dear Jesus he was hot. His body heat was radiating through me and it was almost too much. For a moment, I forgot what I was supposed to be doing and I kissed him right on back.

Oh shit, this has to stop. I broke off the kiss and hissed, "Alcide!". I rolled onto my back so I could look directly at him. He leaned back and propped himself up with one elbow, his other arm still slung over my waist. He smiled. Well, a slight smirk really, and looked down at me.

"Alcide, I'm sorry. I was cold and... I know this isn't right, I'm sorry."

"Uh huh," came his rumbling response and he began kissing my throat. He licked my ear lobes and bit down on the nape of my neck, letting his teeth lightly scrape against my skin. Shivers raked through my body, and they sent him all of the wrong signals. My body has gone traitor on me! Oh Great!

"Alcide, this is wrong. I'm sorry, and I shouldn't have come in here," I said as I tried to sit up. He pushed me back down on the bed and put one of his legs between mine. I clamped my legs shut and crossed my ankles, hoping for dear life they obeyed and didn't betray me too. Nope! Not going to happen. He began slowly rotating his hips, pushing his pelvis against mine. I was having a good argument with my libido in my head. Nope! Not.. going.. to... oh my god. What was he doing? Dear God! He was rubbing all the right places and if he didn't cut it out I was going to float into the golden light.

"Alcide, we can't do this. I'm here to rescue Bill!"

"Rescue who?" Oh hell.

I uncrossed my ankles so I could try to get some leverage while I was pinned underneath him. Next thing I know, he's got both of his legs between min and his pelvis is still doing that amazing "come for me" maneuver. This is like sex with clothes! Dear God where did he learn this!? I wrapped my thighs around his hips and squeezed, trying to hold him still. I arched my back a bit to push him off of me enough to gather my thoughts. He is presently holding himself above me, propped up by a hand on either side of me and he's looking down with a crooked, half smile. I took the moment to gather my thoughts.

"Alcide, you're great and all, but I shouldn't be doing this. I can't do this! It's all wrong!"

He was not listening because he had lowered himself to my ear lobe and was licking it slightly. He exhaled with a whisper against my ear, "You know, when you arch up like this, it's alot easier." I gasped as he began rubbing against me again, circling his hips and thrusting against me in alternating movements. An "oh my God," slipped from my lips in betrayal. He smiled at me and I could hear this thoughts, "Mission accomplished." Oh he was broadcasting, loud and clear. Oh hell.

I was trying to wriggle out from under him and it only seemed to increase his body's temp. It increased the flush in my cheeks too, but I wasn't going to admit that right now. I was busy seeing stars and was well on my way to heaven when logic tried to make it's appearance. "Alcide... wait... please don't... stop."

"Please don't stop?" The smirk returns as he lifts up to stare at me.

Oh hell, hell, hell. My back arched up off the bed, my body was trying to maintain the contact with me. I could feel his warm hand, warm? No, he's downright hot, slip under the hem of my shirt. I found my stomach and was slowly rubbing his hand over it. Just as slowly he found my waist and began ministering to that too. His hand slid up my back and before I could anticipate his next move, he's at my bra clasp undoes it with two fingers in one fluid motion. How the hell did he do that?

"Okay! Okay!" I protested. We'd gone this far, but I was insisting, damn it. "Alcide, now you listen to me, we can't do this!"

"Do what?" he whispered against my lips.

"Do.. uhm.. uhhhhhh" Oh shoot. His kisses resume and he begins sucking my lower lip into his mouth while his tongue is teasing it. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I found myself sucking on it, stroking it with mine. He growled and I writhed against him. He was back to rubbing against me, teasing me. He'd get me to the point of wanting to scream and then he'd back down. I was panting, and panting hard.


"Yes?" He was good. His nose was lifting up my shirt trying to get to my bra. He found it. He slid it up and over my breasts, apparently the whole panting thing didn't make it any more difficult than I'd thought. He sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and began flicking it with his tongue. I gasped. He sucked it in long and hard and I was going to shout his name, but he slowly let it out of his grasp while still flicking at it. I was near tears from the torture of him teasing my body. He switched to my other nipple and lavished the same attention on it and I was shivering from want. I wished I could say I was just cold, but I was close to ecstasy and I guess there's no turning back from that. He looked up at me at that moment and our eyes met. Jesus, Shepherd of Judea he is gorgeous. He wasn't smirking anymore, looking like he was in the same combination of ecstasy and pain from our activities, but I could tell he was awful proud to have gotten this far. I ran my fingers through his hair and he went back to my nipples. Then he kissed my sternum, my stomach, my navel. He stopped at the waist of my pants. Aha! Redemption. I have my pants on and his hands are occupied. I might get out of this as a good christian girl after all!

He balanced on one hand and slid he free one along my hips and worked my pants down. There goes my dignity! Gran is rolling in her grave now! I couldn't help myself. There I laid under him, shirt up to my neck, bra with it, nipples exposed and erect. Now I was down to my cotton panties and he was trying to work those down with my pants. Renewed strength made it's appearance and I was thankful. I sat up, scooted back and held up my hand. "No! No, no no. We can't do this". His smirk is back. It catches me, hypnotizes me and he leaned in to kiss me. I was not falling for that one again. I used my strength and summoned up all of my resistance. He sensed this too. He grabbed me behind my knees, yanked me down and under him and the next thing I knew I was on my back with his mouth on mine and I was moaning. I wanted to scratch his back, run my fingers through his hair, but at that moment my once experienced hands now possessed all of the sexual prowess and skill of silly putty. He slid my panties down my legs and I was still not giving in. "Alcide, please.. don't... stop... no..."

"Please don't stop again?" I looked up to give him a very stern look but I failed as he face bent down and his tongue begin licking between my legs. Rapture. This is the resurrection, the coming of... wait. not Christ. He wouldn't do this! Oh wait, it's the coming of... I lasted all of thirty seconds of his licking my nub and I was throwing my head back, arching off of the bed and screaming. I was screaming his name as wave after wave rocked through me. My fingers knotted themselves into his hair and I was using that hair to hold on for dear life. He slid a finger into me and I was coming again. I was writhing, bucking myself against his hand and mouth. He slid a second one in and he found my special spot. He stroked it on every pass. I was on fire and I pressed myself against him.

He looked up and chuckled at me. "What were you saying? No, don't, stop?" My chest rose and fell and I was on the brink of insanity. Less than a minute.. LESS than a MINUTE??!! I had no idea that was even possible. He laughed as if he could read my thoughts. I tried to compose myself so I could spout off at the mouth, but then he was in me. "You were saying?"

"Unphm," Was about all that I could manage.

"That's what I thought." and in the same circular, movements as he before, he moved into me. It took all of my effort to stop my eyes rolling into the bad of my head as I became unhinged. His warmth radiated throughout my body and the way his was rubbing against my nub had me holding onto his shoulders for dear life. On each upstroke he would flex against me and hit my special spot as he proceeded to enter me fully. I opened my eyes to look at him and we both looked down and watched him enter and leave me. Oh yea, he knew what he was doing. This was not a "gift", this was a skill. A finely tuned skill and he was using it on me in like a professional. I could feel my walls begin to quiver and his eyes got brighter as they looked into mine. Once more, twice more, three times and a I was moaning, "Oh my God," into his shoulder as I gripped on for deal life and rode out my moment. I could feel the rumble in his chest and I felt him swell inside of me. He was having his moment too. I gripped him with my thighs and as I dug my nails into his shoulders, he came, thrusting against my spot. I was coming all over again, right along with him.

He stayed above me, propped up on his arms, still shivering in aftershocks and stirring within me. We were both covered in a fine mist of sweat and I knew my hair was a mess. He bent over to me and kissed me on my lips, sweetly. I was panting like I'd just run a marathon and I needed to figure out a way to get more air. He shifted onto his side and wrapped an arm around my wait, and pulled me into him. "That was amazing," he whispered in my her ear and I was putty again. Another aftershock hit me and he said, "I thought so." I figured I could let him be smug. I smiled to myself and drifted off to sleep.