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Alice's face smoothed over and her eyes clouded. I recognised the expression immediately; she was having a vision. I glanced over at Edward questioningly; he was staring at Alice with a frown rippling his perfect forehead. I clutched the sleeping Renesmee to my chest.

What's wrong? I used my newly perfected skill of lifting my shield from my mind to communicate privately with Edward instead of speaking out loud – I didn't want to disturb Alice. Edward shook his head infinitesimally. I recognised that it wasn't a snub; he would tell me when he had gathered all the information he could.

Eventually, life returned to Alice's face. I was shocked, and unspeakably relieved to see that she didn't look worried. I allowed my hold on Renesmee to relax slightly…just slightly.

'Who was that? What were they talking about?' Edward asked Alice quickly in a low voice. He seemed to still be replaying the vision in his head; it didn't seem to be making much sense to him. By now, the attention of the only other Cullens in the house, Carlisle and Esme, was focused as much on Alice and Edward as mine.

'Is it Tanya? The Denalis? Is there something wrong?' Carlisle sounded anxious.

'It's nothing to do with Renesmee, right?' I asked Edward, almost pleadingly, though I knew that Edward would look a lot more than simply confused if it were. He shook his head slowly, distractedly, and squeezed my hand.

Esme flitted over to us and put a motherly arm around Alice, who was still absorbed in a partially silent conversation with her brother.

'They're all alright, aren't they? Emmett and Rose and Jasper? The wolves?' Esme's eyes were wide, she didn't seem to find the confusion on her adopted children's faces as comforting as I did for some reason.

Finally Alice and Edward seemed to register our pleas for information.

'No, no. It's nothing like that.' They glanced at each other.

'What, then?' I burst out. Being a vampire hadn't made me endlessly patient like Edward seemed to be. Now Alice spoke, her expression almost bemused. That, in itself, worried me.

'Humans. On their way here. They know what we are, well, I think they do; they were talking about you, Carlisle…and…they're looking for us.' Now that was confusing. What would humans want to find us for? Especially ones who knew what we are; surely that would deter them if anything would. My first thought was that the Volturi had somehow found a way to persuade humans to do their bidding…to confuse Alice so that they could come back for another go?

'But that's not all. They're not…normal humans.' Alice let out a puff of frustration. 'I don't understand.'

Carlisle, Esme and I looked worriedly at each other; it was never a good sign when Alice didn't understand one of her visions, especially when Edward didn't seem to either.

'They had these…kind of…wooden sticks…they were doing things that looked like…' She broke off and looked at Edward, who finished her sentence.


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